Get Through It Together


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Scene Title Get Through It Together
Synopsis Two freinds reuinite and discuss visions of the future.
Date March 29, 2011

Pollepel Island

It's a bit colder out on Pollepel Island than Quinn had expected. Or maybe she's still chilled from the boat ride out here. Either way, the single black jacket she had brought with her wasn't cutting it. Toughing out is her only real option, though, particularly if she's going to spend the night here. So it goes, sometimes.

But Quinn doesn't come out to the secluded Ferry Island without purpose. One of which - more an excuse, really - is a box of used books picked up before she left that night, just like Lynette had requested. She thinks they're for the infirmary, but she's dropped them off with someone who'll know better what to do with the, for the moment, and headed off on her own to handle what she needs to. There's several things on her agenda - with any luck, she can cover them all in one day, while managing to avoid getting infected with the flu that's going around. The first item on har agenda: Find Nadira Karim. Really, because she wants to see her friend first and foremost.

But there is also much to talk about between them, after the other night's dreams.

Hands slipped into her pockets and dressed in long, dark blue jeans, she shivers as she spies her friend off in teh distance. A smile crossing her face, her pace speeds up as she moves towards Nadira, one hand moving to wave at the other woman. "Nadira!" she shouts, hoping to get her attention. "Nadiiiii~"

The Egyptian woman is making the most of still being able to wear her own clothes. Jeans and a snug-fitting shirt under a long coat, Nadira seems surprised to hear a familiar voice. She looks up, eyes widening as she hurries towards the other woman. "Quinn! I did not know you'd be coming here… it is very good to see a familiar face." Really, for as short a time as she's been on the island, she's dying to get off it already, and this is the best she can do.

Rather than answer immediately, Quinn simply opens her arms, throwing them around Nadira when she reaches her, hugging the other woman tightly. "Heeey. Long time no see. How;re you holdin' up? Everything, you know. Fine?" QHich is Quinn's awkward way of saying nothing wrong because your preggers, right? "I wasn't plannin' on bein' here, but… there's a few things I need t' see people about, so I figured I'd come by. Plus, you know. Nice t' see a friend."

"Things are going well. Griffin wanted me on Pollepel, in spite of the disease… he thought I'd be safe here. He's gotten all protective of me now. In some ways, it is endearing, in others…" Nadira sighs heavily, then hugs Quinn tightly, letting the hug linger a bit. She's needed a hug. "It is very good to see you, Quinn, I'm glad you are here."

"Yeah…" Quinn looks off in the vauge general direction of teh infirmiry. She kind of wants to stop by and see how people are doing, but she knows better than to walk into an infection hotbed. "I'm only here until tomorrow night, but it's good t' know that the trip out was worth it. I'll have t' come by more often, if you guys are plannin' on stayin' here much longer. Hope you an' Griff aren't havin' trouble, though. Am I going t' have t' swoop in an' steal you off to the mainland?" She can't help but grin when she says that, a moment longer passing before she releases Nadi from the hug. "I did have somethin' I wanted t' talk t' you about, though."

Nadira gives a small nod. "We aren't having problems… I'm just feeling restless. I'm here because he wants Owain to be safe, he wants me to be safe and…" She shrugs. "I feel a little trapped here, to be honest. It is not really my environment, especially not with everyone being sick. It is somewhat depressing." As Quinn mentions wanting to talk about something, though, she nods. "I had something I would like to ask you about as well…"

"Everyone bein' sick… I'd heard about it, from Lynette. But if I'd known just how bad it was… no, I still woulda come. I just owuldn've brought some of those handy face masks that they wear in hospitals." Quinn rolls her shoulders a bit, leaning back a bit on her heels as she eyes Nadira for a moment. "…what is it you wanted t' talk about." A pause. "I think I know what it is. I just want t' make sure I do first, so I don't look like a total ass."

"We have some of those," Nadira points out. "If you are feeling particularly uncomfortable or you are visiting those who are sick…" She blinks as she notes Quinn thinks she knows. "Then… you had the same dream? I have had two… the first was affirmed because it was Griffin and I… and we both woke up. The second was… well, you were there." She looks over. "Am I correct in assuming you had a dream?"

Quinn's eyes narrow a bit. Suspicion confirmed, target acquired! "Two. Well, three. But… so, you've heard about the dreams goin' around?" QUinn quirks her eyebrow, hands slipping back into her pockets as she looks intently at the Egyptian. "Yeah. I had… that one. Some one else in the dream did too. It's not the first one, by a long shot. There seem t' be a few of them goin' around now… have you talked t' Kaylee about it yet?"

"Not yet, though Griffin suggested I did," Nadira looks at Quinn. "I saw our son in those dreams… first when he was young, perhaps ten or eleven, and then again when he had become a man. You saw him the second time." She smiles, a little proudly. "If… if these dreams are true, than at least I have a glimpse of the kind of person he turns into."

Whereas Quinn frowns, looking a little unhappy. "And I have a glimpse of what kind of person I turn into," she says quietly, eyes angling down at the ground. hand back on the flats of her feet. "I've never even held a gun in my life. I shot a guy in the head. I had a good reason, but the rage I felt then… that's not me. I didn't even blind him. That's what I'd do. I just fucking shot him." She takes a deep breath, shaking her head. "THere's enough of them… I think they're true. Or could be. So far… I've seen a funeral, an' seen one of my friends die. In seperate dreams. It has me a little… scared."

"I'm not sure that the world he grows up in is the world I want him to," Nadira frowns. "But I have seen what happens when one doesn't fight. Griffin's son dies. He does because he goes off to fight and be the hero they said Griffin gave up being." She looks to Quinn. "I do not like the idea of you changing like that, but if things are indeed that bad… then we must prepare."

"I know," Quinn remarks quietly, still looking downwards. "I don't- wait. Griffin's son dies? I'm… so sorry." Nicole was right. It is weird to say things like that, for things that haven't been said yet. Her eyes raise up, her hand placed on Nadira's arm gently. "I'm hoping it's not. That things'll never get that bad… an' I don't want t' admit it, but you're probably right. I was going t' see someone in special activities about teachin' me how t' shoot, at least." She closes her eyes, taking a deep breath. "I just… I don't like it. I could handle it when it was jsut a funeral. But all the rest of it…"

"Owain joins Messiah. He's killed during a mission…" Nadira shakes her head. "Griffin did not take it well. I think that is why he brought Owain back here." She looks at Quinn intently. "Whatever it is that is going on, I do not like it. If someone is playing a practical joke in our dreams, they will have to face my fury personally. If it is truth? Then I fear the worst. If it is the truth, then we must prepare as best we can for the chaos that will be that day. If things are bad enough to drive Griffin and I into hiding? That is saying something."

"I… these things are dreams, so… I know a dreamwalker. I had been hopin' t' speak with her, but then I get word when I get here that she's cut off from teh Ferry, so… I dunno." Quinn's head dips again, this time looking off to the side. "Kaylee looked at the dream Delilah an' I had. I'm thinkin' you should go do the same. I ahve two t' share with her now, so… " She exhales shlowly nodding. "I've… heard talks of stuff like robots, which I've already heard are in midtown. An' a woman bein' hunted because she's an evo an' pregnant, because it's illegal." A careful eye is cast over to Nadira when she says that. "In these dreams, that is."

"Dal's already born by then, so… in any case, I should be fine," Nadira scratches her head. "So long as Griffin doesn't get me knocked up again, that is." She smirks at the idea, but looks back to Quinn. "I will see her about my dreams, yes. She's seen the first one, but… the second, I've only shared with Griffin. The second really confirms that this is something out of the ordinary."

There's a bit of a chuckle from Quinn, but it's a rather dark one. "I've known these things were out of the orginary the moment I heard my wouldn't-hurt-a-fly unless i really did her wrong girlfriend had a hand in killing soldiers and deciding if a woman lived or died. I just don't like the picture this is paintin', for any of us. I don't like that it comes that for ehr. FOr me. For you. I've always tired t' remain so sure that things would get better. I've tried so hard t' stay positive." Her shoulders slump, looking down at her shoes for a moment before her eyes slide closed. "This is making it so hard. And that scares me."

There's a wince at that. Nadira looks back towards Quinn. "If the future turns the both of you into that, I think it's a grim future. And it is hard to stay positive, but you know we have things to fight for." She pats her stomach lightly. "I have a child to worry for, and you've got a girlfriend to take care of. You have people who care, and so do I, and if things are going to be hard, we have to do our best to care for them. It's what strong, independent women do, right?"

And there's something that worries Quinn. "I… haven't actually seen her in any of the dreams. An' she didn't say anything about me in hers. It… I'm tryin' not t' think about it too much. But it worries me. Because I already saw one friend a' mine die in one a' them." She shakes her head. "Hopefully it's nothing. Hopefully she… just hasn't been around when those things happen. I can only hope."

"Then you do your best, Quinn," Nadira murmurs. "I was lucky enough to see Griffin and my son both… and you, as well, so the people I hold dearest are safe, at least. And close. If you haven't seen her… then keep her close. Do your best to make sure you are still there. That it doesn't end up like that. I will do everything in my power to keep things as I want them. If it is important to you, Quinn, do not let it just go…"

"Trsut me," another dark chuckle comes from Quinn, "i have no intention of letting her go. At all. I fought t' get her. An' after everythin' that happened t' get where we are now, there is no way in hell I'd step aside an' let a silly thing like this fate bullshit take her away. I don't buy it, anyway. We make out own futures, you know? I hate all this time stuff. How the last year has been full of it, I'll never understand. Did this always happen? Did I just… not pay enough attention t' this city?"

Nadira shrugs. "I cannot say one way or the other if this always happens to New York. We've had a great number of strange things, but… the future may change everywhere, Quinn. Running may not help. Just remember that." She looks to her. "I agree. You can make your own future, but… just be prepared for what may happen. I know I am going to be. Things will be different."

"I never planned on running," Quinn remarks, pointing at Nadira. "I don't run. Not unless I have t'." Being chased by FRONTLINE qualifies, for the record. "I'll help my friends as long as I can. No worries about that, not at all."

Nadira nods, leaning in to press a kiss to Quinn's cheek. "You are my dearest friend, Quinn. Remember that you are not alone in this. We need to stick together, all of us, and I will do everything I can to help you, if there is a way for me to. I wish the best for you."

Quinn tries not to, and she really shouldn't, but that doesn't stop her from blushing a little when Nadira kisses her cheek. But she still smiles, offering a hand out to the other woman. "You're one of my best friends too, Nadira. Hell, you're right there with the band. Let's stick t'gether sounds great. Make sure neither of us have t' face this alone." She smirks, nodding. "Shake on it?" A pause. "I mean, unless you'd rather kiss on it," she adds with a laugh. After all, gotta keep the mood high, with the nature of the discussion.

"Oh my, Quinn," Nadira says with a laugh. "You are a devil, aren't you?" Perhaps Quinn was joking, but the Egyptian leans in and brushes a light kiss across Quinn's lips. "What's a kiss between friends?" She teases. "I promise I won't tell Griffin so he won't get all jealous and hunt you down." She winks slyly.

Oh. Okay. Their history thankfully keeps that from being weird, but it doesn't stop Quinn's blush from deepning considering she was in no way expecting Nadira to actually take that option. So, when the light kiss comes, she's caught off guard, but not enough offer a light kiss back. They are kissing on it, after all! She has to give her part. But with that unexpected and a little awkward feeling moment passing, Quinn laughs a little and shakes her head.

"I've been told that before. Aaah, sometimes I think it's a shame that you're engaged now, an' I'm tryin' t' stick t' one woman," she offers with a grin. "Though yes, I would rather avoid being smacked upside the head by your fiancee. I'll just be sure to tell him you're the one who kissed me! Blackmail~" There's a sing songy quality to Quinn's voice at that, ther ed starting to elave her voice as she giggles. "But it's settled. We'll make sure we stick together through this, so that if this bullshit comes? We can take it t'gether."

There's another laugh from Nadira. "Sometimes I will agree that it is a shame. I love Griffin, and I am glad that we are having a child, I am just… I am not sure this is the life I would have expected for myself. It scares me, at times, wondering about it. If Griffin were not such a good man I do not think it would have gotten to this point. I am just not used to… well, to not flirting. To not being so alluring and social and it is a little difficult I must admit."

"Well!" Quinn's hands slip out of her pocket and she steps towards nadira, grinning as she places a hand on her side. "You can always get it out of your system on me!" she continues cheerily, winking as she steps back, laughing. "We'll just be sure t' kiss when Griffin's not around."

She lets out a sigh, an amused one. "It's great t' have you around. Helps keep my mood up. If you ever come back t' the mainland an' need a place t' stay, let me know. Elaine an' I usually have a spare bed." And this time, she thinks better of adding the joke that comes to mind. Robyn Quinn does actually have a limit. I get what you mean, though. About it bein' hard. How I've lived my life the last few years… it's odd goin' back. But I'll do it, for her. She's worth it."

"Sounds like you are in love, Quinn," Nadira says with a smile. A genuinely happy one. "It is hard… there are times I wish things were different, but then I wake up with someone I care about next to me and I realize why it is all worth it." She looks to Quinn. "I will certainly take you up on that if it is necessary. I am hoping, at the least, Griffin will be appeased by me staying here for a short time and then perhaps we will go back to the mainland."

"Once the flu passes… the folks here are capable. Owain'll be fine while you're in town. Though Is till think you're a little crazy t' bring him here while the flu's going around t' begin with." A pause. "No offence t' you or him," she adds sheepishly. There's another moment before Quinn steps back to Nadira, but this time it's a more chaste hug that she gives the other woman. Well, and another peck on the, but also chaste. "I have to go talk to a few other people, but I'll at least find you before I leave tomorrow, okay?"

Nadira nods. "I warned Griffin against bringing Owain in the first place… but he feels it is safer here." She can't help but smile, just a touch. "He proposed to me here, so I suppose there is some sentimental value here as well. Either way, he thought it would be alright, with the vaccines and all. I still get uncomfortable. I'd prefer to be back on the mainland, with at least a little freedom. Well, freedom while there still is some."

"They're moving people off Roosevelt Island t' Staten Island now." Quinn replies quietly. "One prison to another, an' it has me worried because they're taking my friends there." She lets out a long sigh, shaking her head. "But… it'll be alright. We'll work through it, right?" She smirks at Nadira, stepping back and offering a thumbs up. "Hopefully, it'll work out to you to. DOn't be stranger on the mainland, though."

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