Get To Work, Hanson


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Scene Title Get To Work, Hanson
Synopsis Parkman lifts Audrey's suspension and sets her back on the Sylar/Copy cat case.
Date October 4, 2010

Department of Homeland Security Facility

This government facility was opened by the Department of Homeland Security in the fall of 2009. As a thirty-story building it rises high over the landscape of Battery Park City, a monochromatic monolith of gray and black set amidst manicured trees and a concrete plaza where several flagpoles rise and a granite slab sign displays the building number 663 in serif font face.

Inside, this facility houses department executive offices, holding facilities, interrogation rooms and an armory to supply a standing security force with the necessary firepower to defend the building against terrorist threats on home soil. The lobby of the building features a large seal of the Department of Homeland Security at the center of the ground floor in plain view of balcony tiers of the second and third floor, accessible by stairs flanking the glass facade entrance and security checkpoint.

"Your coffee, sir," Miriam says as she bustles into Matt Parkman's office, her arms already loaded with files and a white ceramic mug gripped tightly in one hand. She sets the mug down first, and Parkman, sitting somewhat bleary-eyed in his chair, is quick to pick it up and take a life-preserving sip. Miriam then unloads the stack of files onto the corner of his desk until she is finally left only with her leather-bound portfolio folder. Such is the tool of an administrative assistant who works on a no-tech floor of the Department of Homeland Security.

Parkman lets out a soft sigh when the coffee starts it's magic after about his fourth sip, and he leans back in his chair, bringing up his other hand to curl around the bottom of the mug as he rests it against his abdomen. "Thank you, Miriam."

Miriam's acknowledgment of the appreciation is a short-lived smile and a glance over her thick frames to her boss. "Your eight is Audrey Hanson. Shall I check to see if she's arrived?"

Hanson. Parkman had almost forgotten he'd slated the woman so early. Best to get her back on the job as soon as possible, of course, given what was happening. "Yeah," Parkman says as he straightens his posture. "If she's here, send her in."

Audrey's present. Jeans, button down, ladies blazer, she was ten minutes early. her phone dropped off in her office, checking for messages that might have not been forwarded that weren't work sensitive, the brunette had parked in the waiting area allotted for waiting to be summoned into the offices of the upper echelon. Pinched lips, frown lines, newly blonde hair still in it's jaw length severe cut. Parkman called, she came, much like the dogs that she alluded so long ago to Matthew that they all were.

Miriam nods and treks back out of Parkman's office, crossing the floor full of desks and whiteboards until she reaches the waiting area. She doesn't have to look twice to see Audrey waiting there, but she does raise a well-kept eyebrow at her. "He's ready for you," is all she says before she turns on her hell and starts back toward Parkman's office. It's not like Hanson doesn't know the way, but Miriam leads all the same, leaning to open the door for the other woman and staying to shut it firmly behind her.

Parkman has, in this span of time, gotten to his feet and pulled the copy-cat casefile out of the stack Miriam brought. He thumbs through the contents as he sits on the corner of the desk. When Audrey enters, he looks up.

But he doesn't smile.

Some things, you don't question. If the secretary wants to walk you to the office and make sure that you enter, then you enter. It's fine that Parkman doesn't smile, it's not like she does either. There's a rumor that long ago, in a cop care far far away, she once smiled over take out. Long ago. "Sir" Adurey comes to stand inside the office, jaw tight and hands behind her back, the leo way of at ease.

Parkman shuts the file, his eyes narrowing beneath furrowing brows as he folds his arms across his chest, the file pinned against his suit. "I take it that in your leave of absence you've done what I've asked? Reviewed our policies? Because if in a week you pull the same kind of shit you pulled with Strauss all over again, you'll be forcing my hand."

His voice is clipped, and his expression is like a disapproving parent speaking with a child who has just been removed from time-out. The condescension is important though, as far as he's aware. "I can't have it happen again. With Strauss, or with anyone. We have to do things by the book, Hanson. And I need to be able to rely on you." Now more than ever.

"The requisite reviews were fulfilled Secretary Parkman" Audrey answers. "If you're unsatisfied I will of course go over it again." NO remark about having been by the book since as long as she can remember, Audrey remains for the most part verbally and mentally silent through the dressing down and condescension.

Parkman regards Audrey for the space of several heartbeats before he speaks again, stepping toward her and un-folding his arms so that he can hold the file out to her. "There's another copycat out there. Could be the Locos gang, but who knows. Get back on the Sylar case. That's your territory." And only that, as far as Parkman is concerned right now. "Do it proud."

He stands there staring at her for another moment before he backs up and turns to go behind his desk again, sitting down in his chair with a soft thump. "Do you have any questions?" he asks, lifting his coffee mug to take another sip.

Loco's gang? She'd have to look them up and see who they were, gang related crimes were not normally her purview. But surely someone could fill her in. Audrey's hand comes out, the file taken in palm so she can turn it around flip it open and look. Back on the job, puzzle case on the back burner. She had seen the news though, of individuals with their heads cut off but quite obviously not sylar. "None sir. Thank you for lifting the suspension." The dogs will be unhappy. "Is this effective immediately or tomorrow?"

"Get to work, Hanson."

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