Getting A Jump On The Day


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Scene Title Getting a Jump on the Day
Synopsis James makes that phone call, and he and Liz have time to chat some.
Date December 31, 2008

The Nite Owl

In a booth at the Nite Owl, James has proped himself up in a reasonably civilian outfit, jeans, leatherjacket and what one could consider to be his trademark (by now, hello, New York here) beige cowboyhat on top, pushed back a little as he dials a number into his cellphone. Reading it from a card makes it all the more interesting, mind you, but he's quite capable of doing at least three things at the same time - he gets a lot of practice with that sort of thing at work, after all.

Being a new arrival, he hasn't had a chance to catch the eye of the waitress yet, but that's surely a question of moments. Still, he'll attempt to get a call away to Elisabeth before, as he barely sat himself down before remembering his promise to her. He owes her a coffee, should make good on that.

Funny he should think of that. Elisabeth's cell phone rings just as she's walking down the street outside. And since she's in the neighborhood anyway, of course she'll meet him. She sounds like the invitation was a welcome one. When she steps through the door, she's dressed in semi-casual clothes. Sort of what one might call 'cop chic' or something — a pair of black jeans, black boots with a couple inches in the heel to give her a bit of added height, a V-necked blouse in a deep cranberry color, and a warmly lined leather jacket. Her blond hair is loose and she's pushing it back off her face when she blows in the door on a gust of wind. Witha glance around, she waves to Natasha and gestures toward the table James is sitting at with a grin. Coffee will be forthcoming pretty fast; Liz has been becoming a fixture again. "Hey," she greets as she drops into the seat across from James. Though the cold morning has put color in her face, she looks tired. "I was glad to hear from you," she adds with a small smile.

James offers up a warm, welcoming smile in return to Elisabeth, as she comes on over to join him. Quite happy to find that he didn't wake her up or anything thusly impropriate, but also willing to take him up on his offer of hot caffeine. "Good morning, Liz." he replies, removing his hat and sliding it off to the side, now that he's got a lady for company and all. "I'm just happy I didn't wake you, I was calling before I realised that my day/night rythm might be slightly… off, from the rest of the world. Figured it'd be worse to just hang up, tho, so… here we are." He makes a small gesture with his hands, towards her and her rather fancy outfit in general, "You're on your way to work?"

Elisabeth smiles at him, amusement lightening her weary expression. "Yeah, sort of. It's not like it's terribly regular hours. I'm starting to see why you wanted a GPS locator on your brother," she comments easily. "I got a call at about 3:30 about a possible jumper … and since she was Evo, they wanted someone on-site." She shakes her head, sliding off her coat (which exposes that she's wearing her weapon at the side of her belt) and glancing up as coffee arrives. "How're you?" she asks him as the brunette waitress puts coffee in both their cups. (Cuz Natasha is smart and sent the waitress who has a clue — two people = tow coffees!)

James chuckles a little, nodding. "Yeah, sometimes, it would just make life a little… easier." he murmurs, in regards to the GPS, then wincing a little at the mention of a jumper. Evolved or not, those could get messy. "I hope everything went alright." He's not asking for details, mind you, very aware that people in his brother's line of work, just like himself, can't always talk about what happened at work. Just a general sort of question. The coffee is welcommed with a thankful nod to the waitress, and he sits up a little straighter, resting his elbows on the table, "I'm doing alright. A little tired, but who ain't, these days? Having a couple of days off now, in preparation for New Year's, which would be dark and quiet and everyone in bed by nine o'clock if I had any say.." He grins, offering a wink her way as he lifts his cup for a sip. Black, hot, strong coffee… just the way we like it, keeps us alive and awake.

Elisabeth laughs at him. "Yeah…. no joke. I hate the holidays. This is the worst time of year to come back out of retirement.. or in my case, off hiatus." She shakes her head, sipping the coffee. "It went all right. As well as things ever go with a jumper. She was just… alone. Lonely. Just lost her job because someone figured out her status." She grimaces. And people wonder why she thinks registration is a bad thing. "But you don't want to talk politics with me this morning, I'm quite sure," she offers with a smile. "I didn't honestly think you'd call."

James nods, putting down his cup after a slow drink of the hot brew. "They're the worst time of year for a lot of people, just about anyone you talk to, and still, people celebrate their holidays every year.. it's a strange thing. I guess people like to think there's some joy in there." Then, an eyebrow arches slightly, and he looks just a touch surprised. "Why wouldn't I call? I -did- offer, and got your number, so… was just a question of timing it with not being at work, on my way there or home and not, you know… scatterbrained enough to give the cats my cereal and have myself some nummy kibbels with milk for breakfast. I don't make much of company at all, those mornings."

Elisabeth shrugs slowly, her blue eyes on James while she sips the steaming brew from her cup with an expression of 'oh thank God, caffeine.' "Call it an underestimation of you," she finally replies. "I kind of figured you'd assume I'd be pissed about the thing that happened with my friend." She quirks a wry grin. "By the way, the one you got to ride in the squad car with? She's the one I mentioned who was interested in being a paramedic." She slants him an amused look. "Don't get me wrong… I'm pissed. And I ripped your brother up one side and down the other. But I realize you probably just sort of got stuck in the middle." Maybe James would have even been amused at the way Elisabeth tore strips off Will's hide — for all the good it does. He's thick as a brick sometimes. "So… I'm just really glad you called. I liked meeting you." Setting her cup down and propping her elbows on the table, she says, "So tell me, James Harvard…. what does a paramedic do for fun?"

James nods a little, "I sort of figured she was, she mentioned she knew you, was looking into becoming a paramedic, and that she has friends looking into helping her getting that done.." Didn't take many lines to connect the dots, there, not even for a Harvard. "And I did apologize to her, wether either of you think it'd be my blame or not." He doesn't look all that thrilled by the notion of his brother having a new one ripped for any reason, but that might just be him having lots of practice with keeping his younger-brother-genes in check - a tug at the corner of his lips, but that's all. "Paramedics can do all sorts of things for fun. I enjoy the simpler things, tho. Coffee, a quiet beer somewhere, studying, I don't fall on my ass all the time if I manage to get onto a pair of skates, and I do like being somewhat of a homebody, every once in a while. The cats like that…." He lifts a shoulder slightly, picking up his coffee for a sip. "What about you? You have any time for fun, working with SCOUT and all?"

Cathing the barest quirk of his lips, Elisabeth doesn't comment on it. Instead, she watches him while he talks and seems to give him her full attention. "I only just started back on the force," she replies quietly. "I was on a leave of absence for a couple of years. Lost my mom in the Bomb and …. well, to be honest, I was pretty terrified about what was going to happen if my captain found out that I was one of the Evolved." She shrugs just a hint. "Enough people are registered now that I'm a tiny tiny bit less apprehensive, so… I ran into Will at a time when I was already thinking about registering and coming back. I was a teacher at Washington Irving and it wasn't fulfilling the need to serve in my soul, if you know what I mean… and then the school blew up around me, and I had a new direction. Or an old one returned to, depending on which way you look at it." She shrugs a little. "So I only came back on the force a few weeks ago. I still seem to have plenty of time for fun, I guess. Depends on your definition. I haven't made it skating this year yet, though I'm passable at it. I go for drinks at the pubs and clubs once in a blue moon. I cook a lot when I'm stressed; it relaxes me. Hang out for coffee or beers with friends — what few I have left these days. Sing."

James's expression goes a touch more somber at the mention of the Bomb, nodding a little. "Can't imagine what that'd be like.. We lost Paul, but our parents live far from here." he murmurs, an unspoken 'thank God' in there, and then listens on. Teacher, interesting. An attempt to pull his own mood back from the temporary and slight dip, he offers a bit of a smile, "Well, I think everyone serves, but our need for how much can be different. But it sounds like you chose an interesting time to return, and meeting William and all. And be careful with admitting you like cooking, I might try to get myself invited for a taste. I'm an avid and seasoned eater." He motions towards his waistline, which isn't exactly slim and youthfully lean, anymore. The mention of singing, however, prompts a bit of a face, and he straightens up, shuddering slightly. "I have one word of advice for you, if we ever meet up in a karaoke bar - run. I'll crack mirrors with my voice, and not in the fancy, good way."

Elisabeth laughs softly at him, unable to really help herself. "I like avid and seasoned eaters." It's been a rough week; if he could see the goodies in her apartment this week, he'd be far far less slim. "I'd love to cook dinner for you sometime, James." Clearing her throat, she comments mildly, "Well, I'll take your word for the singing part. I do it for fun… occasionally even play the piano. I actually had a post that was supposed to finally start after the new year teaching music at Irving." She shrugs a little. "Guess I won't be doing that. So now… I'll just do what I always have done. Sing for my own pleasure…" And then she grins wickedly. "Or to shatter glass."

Once upon a time, James perhaps would have minded the notion of being less slim, but really, these days he's more bothered with eating enough to sustain what he already gathered. "And I'd love to take you up on that invitation sometime, Liz." he offers, with a bit of a grin, well aware that he did invite himself mostly, there. "And I think I'd like to hear you sing and play, sometime, too. Ever thought about finding a piano here in town? You could do a great career, in your free fun-time, of course. Not a lot of good old-fashioned entertainment around, if you can't afford the more pricey alternatives."

Elisabeth snickers. "Oh, yeah, that's all I want… jerks throwing rotten tomatoes at me when they decide that they don't like my singing." Not that it would ever happen… without being vain, she's actually pretty decent. She shrugs though. "Nah… I like being a cop." She says it with a simplicity that gives away she really believes it to be a calling. "I like protecting people who can't protect themselves. And I like knowing that I'm making a difference, however small, in the world." She picks up her cup and sips from it.

James chuckles, shaking his head. "I doubt they throw any kind of food, however rotten, anymore. You'd probably have to settle for old boots, or something, like all other starving artists." He's kidding, mind you, his cup moving up again for a sip before he continues. "But I can understand that you'd prefer your day-job. I wouldn't trade mine, for all the free holidays and what not you could come up with. You got a gift, you're supposed to use it, and…" His shoulder moves upwards again, part of a shrug as he glances around the Nite Owl momentarily. "..I guess this is the best thing I can do, doing what I'm good at and can do. People need whatever help we can offer eachother, I think."

Elisabeth smiles a little. "I'd forgotten what it was like to hang out with people who just plain get it," she admits softly as she sips her coffee. "Two years out of the blues, and it's… been kind of rough. It's sort of like coming home, as stupid as it sounds." She grimaces a bit and then laughs. "Are you heading on or off duty today?"

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