Getting A Team Together


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Scene Title Getting A Team Together
Synopsis Richard first stops by Benchmark as he begins putting together a team to save Odessa's life.
Date August 18, 2018


It isn’t the first time that Richard’s shown up at the Benchmark Center, and it probably won’t be the last. He stands out in his suit, black on black with just a dash of red to match his company’s colors. Brand is important, he was once told, and if there’s nothing else that he took away from Remi’s lessons on marketing — it’s that.

An easy smile curves to his lips as he walks along into the lobby, heading for the front desk at an unhurried walk; there’s something more serious to his eyes despite the smile, a determination behind his movements.

“Hi,” he greets the person behind the desk, “I’m here to see Lynette, if she’s free.”

"She's not in today," the receptionist says, then looks up from her work with an easy smile. And then— recognition. "Oh, Mister Ray," she says, quickly amending her previous statement, "give me one second." She picks up a phone rather than using the intercom that goes to Lynette's office, because Lynette isn't in her office. As Richard finds out once the receptionist bundles him into a back elevator and pushes a seemingly random series of floor numbers before she pops back out and leaves him to ride up to the top floor.

Lynette is there in the hall with her arm in a sling, but she still manages a friendly smile. "Richard," she greets, before gesturing him (with her good arm) into the large common room. One end has a small kitchen, the other a large entertainment center that seems to be meant for anyone who lives here to make use of. In between are couches and tables and one very nice piano. Anyone who knows them can probably guess that's for Mateo's benefit, not Lynette's. Except the part where she gets to listen.

"Have a seat wherever you like."

“Hey,” Richard spreads his hands a bit in greeting at the sight of her, and then he stops in his tracks, concern washing over his face, “Whoa, what happened? Are you alright?”

At the invitation, he steps into the room, still looking at her arm with worry— moving over in the direction of one of the tables and easing himself down into a chair, leaning back, “It wasn’t Eileen again, or one of the Horsemen, was it..?”

"No, ironically— Eileen saved my life. It was a complicated night." Lynette doesn't seem… happy about it. That her life was saved, yes. That it was Eileen and complicated, no. "But this will be fine as long as I rest," she adds with a crooked smile. They both know how likely rest is. She picks a chair for herself, moving carefully— so at least there's some consideration given to the healing process. "I got shot. Oh, and thrown into a glass display case. But reversed. How has your week been?"

That's a joke. But also a request, to move off her complicated night for the moment.

"If you want anything," she says, waving a hand toward the kitchenette, "make yourself at home. You'll have to forgive me for not being the best hostess just now."

“Christ.” Richard’s brows lift a little as he stares at her, “Sorry to hear that, but… hey, any shooting you can walk away from, I suppose.” Still, he frowns all the same, settling into the chair and bringing a hand up to adjust his collar. It’s always a bit tight - all these years and he’s still not used to a suit.

“It’s been… productive,” he admits, “I needed to talk to you about something, though. Des.”

"Life motto, right?" Walking away from bullets, it's a trend among a certain crowd. Probably speaks to poor life choices. Or amazing ones. Lynette's smile turns warmer as he adjusts his suit, recognizing the move but being too polite to point it out. Directly, anyway. Maybe when they know each other better.

"Productive," she repeats, perking up some, "that is good to hear." And that it's about Des has a hopeful look coming over her. She can't help it. She's been grasping for any help there. "Alright. Des. Is she okay still? Does she need anything?"

“She’s… surviving,” says Richard with a slight grimace, “She actually— she actually briefly switched bodies with one of the other versions of her. Her ability’s going a little weird. She’s miserable over where she is, too…” He doesn’t specify where. Just in case.

A hand rakes back through his hair, “So. She’s going to have to go to trial. It’s the only way we can get her good and legal again.”

"Well, let me know if I can get her anything that would help her. Or anything. I could get her some great shoes, that always works for me; do you know her size?" Lynette is rambling. Because she worries. And because there isn't much she can do for Des other than keeping clear of her so as not to bring attention her way. And that lacks a certain amount of satisfaction. Plus, shoes are everything and new shoes are even better.

But when he explains, a frown comes to Lynette's face. "I thought it might have to come to that. We have to get her through it and prove her lack of agency. Ugh, poor Des, what an awful thing to have to sit through." She rubs at her face for a moment before refocusing back on Richard. "I had a thought I might have to make a run at. To go see if we can find some remnant of Humanis First or the Institute or someone who she can offer information on in exchange. Just in case we can't prove anything. Or in the interest of skipping the trial." That's a kind of trauma she doesn't wish on anyone, let alone someone she considers family.

“We just need as much information as we have, so we can make a case… “ Richard rubs a hand over his face, “I know a lot about her history. More than most of the official records have. And— I have her record from Raytech since the war — all above board, all good work. If you or Ruiz have anything, we can toss it on the pile. We’ve got Jared Harrison for a lawyer, and— “ A wry twitch of his lips, “I don’t suppose you know Tasha Lazzaro? She was with the Ferry, I think. Works as a prosecutor, these days.”

“I’ll get together everything. And pull on a few more threads. The main issue I’m running into is actual evidence. But I think with Bishop and Suresh’s trial transcripts, that handles the Company and Vanguard, at least. If we can at least cast some doubt on the rest, we might be able to pull this off.” Lynette goes back and forth on whether or not she’s hopeful about all this. She hasn’t been hopeful enough to actually advise Des to go turn herself in, but with an actual legal team on it, it might go better.

Her eyebrows lift when he mentions just who he has his eyes on for that team, though. “I and familiar with her, yes. Are you hoping Vincent has some sort of breakdown in the middle of court and the case gets thrown out?”

“Not that,” Richard chuckles, “But… she knows how he works, and can probably work a case around that, if we can convince her. She was— suggested by someone whose judgement I place a great deal of value on.”

“If there isn’t much evidence we can find, there’s probably not a lot of evidence period,” he says then, “Just… word of mouth. We can get Elle down here to testify on her behalf, I’m pretty sure, and— I can talk to Mohinder, see if he’d be willing to.” He’s in prison himself, but his word might still have weight. “I have some people in the background who I’m hoping can put a bit of pressure on things, too…” A pause, “Do you have anyone here at Benchmark who could work up a psych profile on her? Something like that might help, given her tendency to impressionability.”

“Alright, I’ll make an introduction, get us all a meeting together. I can’t promise she’ll agree— opinions about Odessa around the Ferry were… mixed.” To say the least. “Not to mention her father.” His involvement, his opinions. But Lynette knows that Tasha has done as she likes and her father has learned to accept her choices. So they may get lucky.

“Yes, of course. I even have a few with court experience. Treating addicts, sometimes you get called upon. If you think it will help. If she’s willing. They’ll do what they can to counter a move like that. She’ll have to be ready for that.”

“Just a bit,” admits Richard in wry tones, and then his hands drop down to his knees, “Let’s hope that she was on the side that had less… negative opinions. We can talk to Des about the profiling— once we have a team together I think we should all meet with her, hash out an overall case…”

“…and try and keep her off the gibbet and out of prison.”

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