Getting Mom's Support


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Scene Title Getting Mom's Support
Synopsis Claire goes to see her mom and ends up getting her support in looking for Magnes.
Date November 21, 2009

The Hanger

Between nursing sick children back to health night and day, getting caught between two fighting sides on Staten Island, and attempting to establish her life herein New York City, it's amazing that Sandra has kept as good composure as she has. There's no doubt about it, this is no Costa Verde and this is not a dog show she can easily win. More and more she has found herself wondering how Noah has done stuff similar to this for so long. Today, she and Mr. Muggles have found themselves having a break from everything. From sick children, from fighting, and from cooking. She is sitting on the couch, reading a book, with Mr. Muggles next to her napping.

There is a soft knock at the door, announcing the arrival of Claire, though she never did warn her mom she was coming. When one of the other people staying there opens the door, the ex-cheerleader offers a small nervous smile. She didn't dress up today, she's been too worried to care. So she's in her black hoodie, and blue jeans. She looks like a hoodlum in some ways. "Hi.. Looking for Sandra?" She glances past the person to see the woman in question on the couch. "Mom!" She calls to get her attention.

Sandra doesn't bother to pay much mind to the door today. Not when there's someone else willing to worry about it. It's only when that familiar voice calls out 'mom' that she opted to look in the general direction. It isn't often that you hear that word thrown around these places. "Claire!" She says happily, nodding to the other person at the door, indicating that it's all right for Claire to come in. When she enters, that person closes the door and starts upstairs. As Sandra stands up, Mr. Muggles groans in his sleep as if he was almost about to wake up, but not quite. Sandra makes her way over to Claire and gives her a great big hug.

Her mother would notice that the hug isn't a nervous one, she holds her mother tight for a long moment. No matter how old you are, a hug from your mother can be the most comforting thing. "Things are so weird, mom." Her voice soft and strained. "So many of my friends have been taken recently… Magnes was taken." She sighs softly and pulls away from Sandra, her face looking just as stressed. "I needed to get out…. Only place I could think is here." She gives her mom an uncertain smile.

Sandra rests her head against Claire's. "What isn't weird around here?" She says softly, her own voice equally as strained, though she is attempting to hide it. As the hug is ended, Sandra gently lays her hands on Claire's shoulders. "I'm sorry to hear that." And she means it, too! "Is there anything I can do to help? Go looking for him with you? See what I can't find out in where he's gone missing to?" She asks, starting to usher Claire into the house further, indicating for her to sit on the couch, near the sleeping Mr. Muggles. "How about something to eat in the meantime? A sandwich maybe? Or some soup?"

"Not sure I feel up to eating.." Claire admits ruefully as she settles on the couch with a sigh. Her fingers move to brush through that familiar fluffy coat. "And… I'm not sure what to do.. It's not just Magnes… We have this one girl.. She can see through peoples eyes. She said he's locked up somewhere." She sounds a touch defeated. "I just don't even know where to start looking for him… and I don't really don't know if I've got many people to turn to for help…. cause not make people think to highly of him." Head turning so that she can look at her mother out of the corner of her eye. "And not just Magnes is gone.. my boss.. Richard, his girlfriend Liz was kidnapped… the clairvoyant found her in Russia with two other people I know. Something it up.. and I don't know what."

Sandra puts her hands on her hips. "Not up to eating?" She shakes her head and tsks. "Well, I suppose I won't make my special three layer ham and cheese sandwiches then." She states, taking the seat on the other side of Mr. Muggles. "Oh Claire…" is said with a small sigh, while Mr. Muggles slowly awakens from his slumber. "You know you can always turn to your father and I whenever you need help. Now, I may not be as well connected, personally, as your father might be, but if there's ever anyway I can help you, you should know you can come to me." She says with a firm nod. "We'll be on the look out for any information we can gather as to the whereabouts of Magnes." Mr. Muggles looks up at Claire and then to Sandra confused, and then he barks. Sandra smiles at Mr. Muggles. "Yes, I know you want to help to. Yes you do. Yes you do." She says, giving him a little scratch on the nose.

There is an amused smile on Claire's lips at her mom, even if it doesn't quite reach her eyes. "Thanks mom. Not sure I want dad to know about Magnes yet… " She narrows her eyes at her mom suspiciously, "You haven't told him right? Cuase, you remember how he reacted to West. Or really any boy that I like." That does get a real smile out of the young regenerator. "Though.. I guess if I'm going to find it…" She trails off and sighs.

Sandra shakes her head, smiling ever so slightly, though her eyes look tired. "I haven't told him. No. But believe me, he's not going to like the idea one way or another whether he finds out this way or another way." She states. There's a soft sigh as she says, "Well, I suppose I can see what I can find out without informing your father. I'm not exactly alone in my contacts in the Ferrymen. Believe it or not I know more people than your father." She attempts to smile at this. "Would you like me to do this, Claire?" She wants to make sure her daughter would like her to, after all she does hate to keep secrets in this family, having been a strong advocate for them all to be open and truthful with each other.

"Yeah.. I need it mom.. And…." Claire sighs heavily, reaching over to drag Mr. Muggles into her lap so that she can lavish attention on his royal self. "You should tell dad. Might as well get that over with. Maybe by time we find Magnes, his urge to strangle him will have subsided enough to be manageable." Her lips tug into a small smirk.

Mr. Muggles is as happy as always to be the be given attention, snuggling in for maximum attention. Sandra nods a little. "Okay. I'll do it. I'll help you. What of your friends in Russia? If we're going search for one person who's location we don't know, we might as well see what our contacts over there can discover, shouldn't we?" She says with a supportive smile. "You never know, we may get them all back."

"No.. there is a purpose where they are. Richard told me that there was a group going to Russia to look for a nuclear weapon that an old group called the Vangaurd?" Claire narrows her eyes a bit as she explains, judging her mothers reaction. "Not sure if dad ever mention them.. but there are prophecies that state they are going to use them. So this group is looking in Russia for the nuke." Fingers scratch along the ruff of Mr. Muggle's neck, the action having a relaxing effect on Claire. "But Magnes… I guess is in a different sort of trouble."

Sandra tilts her head, thinking. "Well, I've certainly heard of Vanguard. Nothing good. Not a group of people I'd want to have a run in with…much like those people on Staten Island." She shudders at the thought of what happened the other day. "Magnes…we'll find him, dear. We will. I have faith. Plenty of it." She reaches out and brushes a bit of hair from Claire's forehead. "I know how much you must care about him."

"I really do.. but I'm always afraid to really… open up to him." Claire admits sounding a bit embarrassed. "He thinks I'm this great person… like how I was in high school. He's got all those comics. The 9th Wonders ones?" Her head shakes slowly as she leans back on the couch and pulls a leg up on the couch and tugs the foot under her other knee. "He wants to do so much good, but he's such a clutz about it." Her voice sounds rather amused. "But yeah.. I do care."

As Claire moves her one leg, Mr. Muggles is forced to change his position as well, giving her a little 'Was that necessary?' look. "You are a good person, Claire." Sandra responds. "Just like you were back in high school. You may not be the same as how you were then but you are still good." She places a gentle hand on Claire's arm. "We all have moments we are not proud of, but it is not those moments that make us who we are. It is how we act in the face of adversity and what we do in response to those moments that are not our proudest."

"What I do is necessary… I know that… Richard follows the words of a dead man, but it is to save us from a really bad future." Claire lightly bops the tiny dog with a nose to say, 'Don't complain.' "Someone has to do the dirty work." She states that with a grin, then she turns thoughtful. "I should bring Richard to meet you sometime. So he can tell you about the future my grandfather, Arthur Petrelli almost ruled. Of course, while they stopped that I was busy dying from Arthur taking my ability."

Claire suddenly stifles a yawn, giving Sandra an apologetic look, "Anyhow, I have kinda come to realize why dad did what he did.. And all.. I don't completely forgive him, but I understand."

Mr. Muggles just gives Claire a small bark before settling down again. "He…follows the words of a dead man?" Sandra says, raising an eyebrow. That doesn't sound crazy to her. Not at all. She furrows her brow at the mention of 'dying', everything else falling at the wayside. "You almost died?" She says, worried. "How is that even possible? People can't just take your ability!" She frowns. "You're staying here, tonight, young lady. Until I know you're safe!"

"I'm safe.. That was a few months ago.. I got it back." Claire explains quickly, holding up a hand. "That's what Arthur did.. he would take your ability as his, and leave you normal." Her hand drops again so that she can gently rubs one of Mr. Muggles' ears. "When I didn't have my ability, my body had not defenses against illness. It was bad, but.. .I'm good now." Sandra gets an amused smile and a chuckle. "I was hoping I could at least stay here tonight.. Tomorrow I gotta go back home and apologize to my boss.. I left in a huff after finding out about Magnes in jail.."

Sandra shakes her head. "I never liked you putting yourself in any kind of danger. That's why your father's parents and my parents are always a safe bet for you. They'd never steal your ability from you!" She nods firmly. "It's not exactly a bad thing to be a bit normal." She says with a firm nod. "You can stay here as long as you want. Besides, if you stay here, no chance of getting in a huff with anyone but me. And you know I'd just make you some apple pie if that happened!"

"Maybe it's not bad to be normal, but it about killed me." Claire tries to say it lightly enough. "I need my ability.. it does what one of those plastic bubbles down. Keeps me alive and illness fear." Another yawn sneaks in there, Claire lifts a hand to stifle it. "And I don't like you putting yourself in danger either, so we're even there." A pointed look is given to her mother, "I'm learning to deal with the fact."

Sandra pats Claire on the knee. "Well, I'd try to ground you and send you to your room in order to keep you safe, but something tells me that that wouldn't work, would it?" She asks of her daughter. "What exactly did you and your boss argue about?" She furrows her brow at the yawn. "You're tired. Maybe I should go find you a free bed."

"I haven't been sleeping all that well since Magnes disappeared." Claire admits, lifting Mr Muggles so she can rest her cheek on the top of his head. "I'm starting to feel all those sleepless nights catching up." Finger sccritch lightly under the puffy dogs chin as she contines. "But anyhow.. Richard doesn't think much of Magnes. Dislikes him really. He just said some things that rubbed me wrong so I left and came here." There is a slow shrug of a single shoulder. "With his Liz missing and my boyfriend… I guess tension is unavoidable."

Mr. Muggles licks Claire's cheek as he's lifted up. Sandra shakes her head. "Well, if this Richard fellow doesn't see that you care about Magnes and that regardless of how he feels, that that is what is important, then he's not a very good boss. In fact, bosses don't have much of a right going into a person's personal life anyway." And that's that!

Claire can't help but chuckle, Mr Muggles lowered to be held against her chest as she continues all that attention giving. "He does when we're roommates, mom. I call him my boss, but really he's just a good friend. Kinda like having a big brother around." She shrugs a bit. "I think he knows I care, even if he doesn't like it much. It's only cause Magnes is kinda new to all this and doesn't seem to understand how it all works… or how to keep his head down and all that."

Sandra looks at Claire with tired yet caring eyes. "But a person's character is best reflected in how they treat others when times are bad. Not just when times are good." She takes a deep breath in and lets it out slowly. "I just care about you Claire, that's all. I don't want to see anyone hurt you. Physically or emotionally." Is said softly. "I love you too much to see you hurt."

She looks away from her mom and down at the dog with a shy little smile. "I love you too mom and I don't want you to end up hurt either.. I'll be fine. I really will." Planting a kiss on the top of the dogs head Claire asks, "Is there any spare beds? I feel ready to fall flat on my face right here." Her eyes also have that tired look.

Sandra nods a little. "I'll see if I can find one. If worse comes to worse, you can share my room with me. Goodness knows you probably don't want to share one with Lyle." She says with a soft little chuckle. "But I think there's a free one." She stands, holding a hand out for her daughter. "Come on, we'll go find you a space to sleep for the night.

Shifting the puffy ball in her arms, Claire frees up a hand for her mothers and pushes up onto her feet. "Thanks mom. And thank you for your help. With hope we find him, before something bad happens." That said she lets her mom drag her to a nice comfy bed in a warm house.. The library stays so cold, so it'll be a nice change for one night.

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