Getting Nowhere Fast


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Scene Title Getting Nowhere Fast
Synopsis Once more Ethan is asked for intel and refuses.
Date Dec 2, 2009 (Evening local time)

Ivan and Katarina Spektor's Home

With everyone out of the hospital and mostly recovering from being shot at, Elisabeth finally catches up with one Ethan Holden and corners him before he can leave Ivan and Katarina's house to do whatever he's been doing the past days. "Hey…. before you disappear, do you mind if I ask you a few things?" Because they have at their disposal certain intel — and though Liz doesn't much like Ethan on general principles, his intel in this matter could be extremely important. "I won't keep you terribly long." It's a sincere, if guarded, request; she's not just yanking his chain or looking to piss him off.

"If I say yes, will you leave me alone?" Ethan asks, to the minding of questions. The problem with putting Ethan on a team, and not putting him in charge, and putting him with relatively untrained individuals is— well. There's a lot of problems with that. "Or I can just quickly answer them for you. Missionary position, no you can't give me a 'andjob, and against the wall." Ethan smiles lightly. "Those are your questions, right?"

Abigail's lurking, cup of tea in both hand, now brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. "Oh Ethan, the sooner you say it all and brain storm, the sooner we can do our end of the hunt for nuclear missiles and back with the others" Abigail points out. "It's not like the rest of us really enjoy being here and risking our necks as well and I know Cat doesn't right particularly care for you" Both feet planted on the ground and leaning against the wall, she watches. "It won't kill you"

Rolling her eyes, Elisabeth doesn't deign to bother to respond to the latter half of everything he just said, merely replying, "If you say no, I'll just nag the hell out of you all night anyway." And she grins cheekily though her blue eyes watch the man carefully. She moves to sit down in a chair and says, "The woman who had the gift of turning people to stone. Had you ever heard of her before? Francois indicated that she was a long-term member of the Vanguard."

"But it might kill you, if you keep talkin' to me, you retarded oo-rango-tang." Ethan snaps, glaring over at Abigal."Do you idiots forget that it was me tryin to kill you all in the first place? Do you think I care if millions die in a nuclear attack?" His serious face hints at, no, he doesn't. "They put me in cuffs and expect me to 'elp their insane plan of having the deranged baptist and the slut cop save the world?" He pauses. "Oh and the gay, 'I-can't-live-without-being-injured FBI Agent." Ethan gives Elisabeth a very plain look. "I'm not 'ere to 'elp you sweet'eart. So until these fuckers agree to my end of the deal. What I was sayin' before they shot me… I aint sayin a fuckin' word."

"Oh, right, you didn't have a broomstick shoved through your lower colon that day huh? Mr. save me, I'm a Russian Janitor?" Abigail smiles at that. "Save me I'm dying, let me hold you while I slip a GPS into your purse. Liz, he's being a jerk. You'll never get anything because he doesn't understand and like he just said, he doesn't care. He's more likely to get us killed, than us him"

Elisabeth nods slightly. "Well, seems to me that events will proceed apace whether you help out or not — the interesting part of all this, to my mind, is that…. well, if you don't help and we fail, MAYBE you survive, maybe you don't. I'd give you maybe a 10 percent shot at surviving an actual nuke. But you know, my specialty's not statistics. If you don't help and we succeed, though… your deal goes in the shitter cuz every damn one of us will make certain you don't get any credit for actually doing the shit they sent you here to do. So… no pardon." She shrugs mildly. "Either way, I just thought I'd ask."

"Actually fucker. You're the one that will get everyone killed." Ethan growls Abby-wards. "Per'aps if you grew a brain, the team would be safe. But I ain't takin a step close, lest your good friends the Russian Mob show up." He takes on a feminine, high pitched voice. "I invited some friends over, they're real nice." One finger sticks out. "Bang bang bang. Everyone's dead. How many people 'ave been 'urt or killed because of you?" He glares at Abby. "I'm willin' to bet the 'ouse a lot. Because you can't keep your mouth shut, am I right?"

Looking back over to Elisabeth, he simply smirks. "You think I'm someone you can manipulate? The only thing I care less about than myself, is you." He jerks his thumb at Abby, as an afterthought. "And 'er." He shakes his head. "So either one of these fuckin' idiots we're working for talks to me about Eileen's fucking deal, or like your special education reject said, I just won't care."

"I should take him home to my momma Liz, she's loooove him" Is all Abigail has to say in reply as she sips at her tea.

"I don't care enough about your help to actually manipulate you, Ethan. Can't tell you which group Eileen wound up in, but this much I can tell you… there are people on both of the other teams who'll look out for her and get her the hell out as best they can." She moves to get up and pour herself a cup of tea. "Why would you think she was offered anything different than the rest of us?"

Elisabeth merely slants a glance at Abby and hides a smirk at that comment, though.

"Was trying to negotiate a deal for 'er, that I was going to take. And the geniuses running this outfit decided to tranq me." Ethan spreads his hands out, palms up. "They 'ave about as much sense as our friend the blow-up-doll 'ere. So I talk to those fuckers again about 'er deal. Or.. Fuck you people. You'll 'ave a 'ard time findin' anything in this town." Town being Russia, obviously. With that, he's shouldering past Elisabeth.

Elisabeth looks at the ceiling and murmurs under her breath, "Well… that was useful." She looks at Abby. "You sure I can't just shoot him?"

"Why ask me, I'm just the blow up doll" Abigail shrugs, watching Ethan force his way past liz when he didn't have to. "I dunno, report him to Katarina and Ivan? Not like we can do anything with him. And if he's going to keep skulking around the place like a stranded doberman" Abigail shrugs.

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