Getting The Message Through


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Scene Title Getting The Message Through
Synopsis Alia gets a hit through Twitter and while it's not K.Apila herself, it's another route to the woman and a message is left and warning offered.
Date February 7, 2010

Old Lucy's

Abigail opened the bar, Brenda loading alcohol up from the side door, music just turned on and the jukebox playing some persons monetary choice. There will likely be karaoke later tonight for patrons, but right now, just past noon, it's some bon jovi. Abby's behind the bar, setting out glasses, popping open new bottles of spirits and otherwise getting things in order.

Alia walks up to the bar after a few moments of indecision, and looking to see who, if anyone, is around. The fact she's nervous about something, however, is obvious, in her posture, which is tense, and her movement, which is also awkward.

It's the nervousness that draws Abigail's attention, dressed in her church clothes of a white knee length dress and a pale pink cardigan. Black bar apron the contrast to it all. "Hey, welcome to Old Lucy's" She offers, wiping her hand on a rag and watching the other woman. "Promise, this isn't a strip club. Sit down, have a drink. We don't bite here" Hoping that it's just nerves of maybe being in a bar that's setting off the woman and not that she's about to pull a gun and put a bullet in her forehead.

Please don't be about to do that cause she's having a good day.

Alia sighs as she smiles, and asks a single word question, which is very like her, for those who know her. "Nun?"

A slightly used rag is plucked up by Abigail, a tilt of her head across the bar top. Alia's looked at pretty closely now since the only reason a stranger would pop in and inquire about that name would be possibly the person from the twitter.


"I'm the Nun. Abigail. Own the place and work here. Though, I could ask who you are, and I will ask who you are" Brown hair in waves pulled back from her face. she taps the counter top. "Tell me what you want and what you want to drink, you found me"

Alia shrugs. "Coca-cola." She says, her drink of choice for the hour likely very normal, given it was a bit early to be drinking alcohol. The fact she has trouble, in general, with words is not helping this at all. "Need to learn. About things past. and how someones fit into them."

Which in and of itself is fairly cryptic. "You remind me of a girl I know named Tamara" She talks in riddles. But Cola is not a very common thing ordered in the bar when it's open unless it's a designated driver or it's an accompaniment to rum. But a high ball glass is taken, scooped through ice and the soda fountain head for cola is grabbed and Alia's words mulled over. "How'd you find out about Kayapila?" She would tell Teo about this all and the ferryman for sure. A cherry is speared with a green plastic sword and balanced across the top of the glass before it's presented to Alia. "For that matter, i'd love to know your name"

Alia grins, and is paying, it seems, in cash as she digs out her wallet, careful to keep her ID out of sight. "De-crypt. Information gathering… something interesting to me, caught her attention." She knows it's possible that K.Aplia knows her real name, but she's not about to get sloppy with it without knowing who, or why, or what she's talking to. There's just too much risk.

Not that Abby's looking for ID or proof. De-Crypt. Right. "I'm not her. If you're wondering. But I know someone who does know her" Though if Wireless were going to talk to this woman, then, frankly, she would have spoken up. "Listen, you're being pretty much like your name right now, and I appreciate the necessity for being like that. Is it super important that you talk to her, or… can it wait? Because right now she's… a little out of contact last I knew. " Teo would know better than her. Teo would know where to shunt someone looking for Wireless to.

Alia shakes her head. "not… super important. And sorry. Not… trying to be hard… to understand." She sighed, and took the cherry off the top of the glass, eating it separately, before drinking two large gulps of soda.

"Keep calling out there. She'll notice. At some point, she'll notice Ms. De-Crypt and you'll get your answers to whatever it is that you're looking for. Sorry I can't help you more" She'll really be sure to tell Teo about this. "You want anything else? I have to head into the back, but Brenda's here if you need anything after i'm gone"

Alia considers something.. she has been, honestly, since before walking in the door. "… if… possible. Pass a message to…her?" That was actually news to Alia. Should tell you about how they met. "'Think I know what Adam wanted. Willing to trade.'" She eyes the glass up, and downs the rest of it. The words she said were brief, all too brief, yet still she has the starting of a headache from the work it took to formulate them. Some things never change."

Know what Adam wanted, willing to trade. Abigail's writing it down, pen and pad in hand when Alia asks to leave a message. Proper cursive writing, exaggerated loops, her scribbling falter just a fraction at the name of Adam and she shoots a look up to Alia then back to the pad. "Adam Monroe?" It's offered casually, seeing if the world is really that small.

Alia frowns. "… small world." She says, in a hushed voice, even as she tenses again. Adam likely would be PISSED with her if he found out that she wasn't exactly above using what she knew of him as she saw fit.

"Walk away from him while you can miss" The pen is put on the pad, palms resting one atop the other on it as she fully focuses on Alia in front of her. "You do not want to deal with that man. He's sweet, and he'll offer and give you the world, but that man is not what he seems, and…" Dirty blonde brows furrow, lips pursing. "You don't want to get into bed with him and I don't mean his actual bed. The man had been around a long time and his intentions are less that forthright"

Alia gives a bitter laugh. "two months late." She sighs and shakes her head, eyeing the soda. "And not the first warning. But you… far clearer then cards." She smirks a little. "He hates Linderman." She states this as a fact. To her, it is. Given what she's already been paid to do, there's no reason for her to doubt it.

"Adam hates a lot of things. It's not healthy to be what Adam hates." Abigail counters. Hooo boy, something to tell Caliban, though at the rate of conversation the other night, she didn't know whether the man would care or not. "Just pay your debt to him and walk away. He'll probably come back to you again, because you can obviously do something he wants. I'm still in debt to him. But you walk away. You'll be the better for it. Trust me"

Alia nods a little, considering, then she sighs as she looks at a pocket where her mobile phone makes some noises… it shuts up after a minute as if someone had silenced it.

Or as if someone had had a second thought about calling Alia and hung up. Ringing cellphones, cellphones making noises are not uncommon and gold standard. "I should go. I'll pass the message along and I'll let you know through, the twoot err Twitter thing, if you like" She's got place to go though, the bar is opened and she wanted to start arranging stuff. "I'm serious about Monroe"

Alia smiles as she finishes her drink. "Right now, owe him nothing." She smiles a little. "I believe you." She nods. "Be in touch… one way or another." She stands up and walks out, leaving a tip on the bar however before she departs.

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