Ghost Of The Montauk Monster

(This article appears in a bi-monthly tabloid magazine that circulates around the New York area.)

A visible and moving specimen of the "Montauk Monster" attacked a small gathering and vanished into thin air.

This is one of multiple sightings of a creature fitting the description of the Montauk Monster in various locations in and around New York since July 2008. All previous sightings had been of corpses, washed up on the shores, while this one appeared and disappeared like a ghost.

"It appeared out of nowhere. Jumped close to us, lashed out with claws and snaped at with it's beak. No one was injured, thank god," says the eye witness.

In an effort to defend themselves and scare off the creature a member of the gathering threw a rock at it.

"The rock went right through it. It jumped away a few more feet into the fire we'd set up, and just vanished! I've never seen anything like that."

The witnessed describes the creature as almost dog-like, but with a beak, hairless bloated skin, claws and a tail, just like the corpses that washed ashore in various locations.

While general consensus claims the original creature to be a partially decomposed raccoon, more with similar descriptions have been found in various locations around the area. There has been rampant speculation that these bodies are the result of experiments at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. Other people believe it is a mutation as a result of nuclear contamination from the 2006 explosion in Manhattan. Thousands of dogs and cats were abandoned in the evacuation of the city in the days following the bomb.

The following images provided by an eye witness verify a mobile creature could be the source of the Montauk Monster rumors, giving the theorists who claim the beast is not a decomposed raccoon more leverage.

(The article includes two black and white images of a creature fitting that description with signs of possible movement.)

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