Giddy Up


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Scene Title Giddy Up
Synopsis After too long apart, good friends meet up to blow off some steam together.
Date December 27, 2020

It started with a voice mail…

“Hey, Godfrey?
"Yeah it’s Kay. Damaris? I just thought I’d leave you a message I know you’re… preoccupied?”
“We should catch up when you’re not. Drinks, maybe find somewhere that isn’t trash to dance?”
“Anyway, I’m going out tonight. I figure you’ll be busy but… hit me up if you’re not?”
“Talk to you soon, sugar.”

And it ended up being forgotten… for reasons.

Let’s be fair, we all know what those are… probably named Brittney or Brad… or both.

Still he remembers… eventually.

”Kay, luv. I only just realized I forgot to call you once I got out.”
”I would most certainly like to catch up with you. I’ll text you an address.”
“Don’t worry you won’t have to go far.”
“Make sure you dress for a wild ride.”

City Slickers

December 27, 2020


The sound of cheers swell to a fevered pitch as Kay Damaris approached the doors of City Slickers, a rather popular destination for Yamagato employees and foregin nationals there on travel. The signs outside declare it as a one stop spot for all things American.

The bright neon cowboy on a bucking bronco, flickers above her as reaches for the door. Opening it, she’s just in time to hear voices rise in another roar from a crowd that was gathered around one end of the bar.

Was that a mechanical bull?

It sure was.

It only takes a moment longer to see that it is Godfrey Wells that everyone was cheering on as he rides on the back of it. Arm in the air, the bull bucks around while the tall, rather out-of-place dapper man clings to it with a big grin.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Kay mutters as she approaches the business she was directed to. She triple-checks the address then breathes out a heavy sigh, shaking her head. She had been expecting maybe a warehouse party. Not this sacrilege.

When she steps inside her eyes naturally gravitate to what’s got the crowd fixated. That had better not be the wild ride he promised her tonight. For one thing, her dress is far too short for that. Deep wine red-purple sequins cover the upper portion of the dress. The plunging neckline, the narrow waist. Over the swell of her hips, the wine seems to trickle out in favor of transitioning to champagne gold for the skirt that falls several inches above her knees. Apart from being too short, it’s too tight for her to be stradling anything that she doesn’t want seeing what’s under that skirt, so that bull is right out.

…Wait a second.

Kay’s eyes get wide and one hand comes up to press the side of her loosely curled fist against her mouth as she observes this spectacle. If he’s got the balance and strength to keep on top of that thing — to say nothing of the stamina required… Biting the inside of her lip, Kay lowers her hand again and steps closer to the circle of watchers so she can have a better look.

The ride doesn’t last too much longer. A sudden jerk to the right catches the former business liaison off guard and he tumbles off. There is a small roll across the inflatable safety flooring, before Godfrey’s up with arms raised in triumph. He was much like a cat, he made it look like he meant to do that.

Most of the crowd cheers, while others look disappointed and money changes hands.

Godfrey makes his way off the mat, while the next contestant hops and and prepares. He spots Kay, almost as soon as his foot leaves the mat, and his face lights up.


Brows lift as he starts to say something, but people are suddenly approaching him.

“A moment,” he says as an older Japanese gentleman in a cowboy outfit hands him his jacket. “Thank you… and…” Godfrey pulls some money out of wallet, ”Seems I lost the wager.” The money in question is placed in the older man’s hand.

“Next time, you’ll beat it, Mr. Wells.” The old man seems confident of that, giving a quick respectful dip of his head. “Sure missed you, though. Don’t be a stranger.”

While Godfrey shrugs his dark gray jacket on to complete the three piece look with it’s garnet undershirt, an elderly woman steps up to him. Folding his tall frame down, he dips his head down so that she can stick a cowboy hat on his head. Godfrey gives the woman a grin and a wink, before finally reaching Kay.

“Well, nothing quite as exhilarating to start the evening,” Godfrey comments, buttoning his coat, “Well, not completely true, I could think of a few other things,” he comments when a server in Daisy Dukes and a crop top passes by with a drink tray. There is a sigh of appreciation before he focuses on Kay again.

Godfrey motions over his shoulder at the bull, which is starting up again with a new rider. “I went ahead and signed… you… up,“ He notices what she’s wearing. Brows pop-up with surprise at the ensemble she has chosen for herself. “Ooooh.” The word escapes, drawn out in appreciation, and the hands drops.

“Sooo… I’m guessing that’s a no on the wild ride?” He turns his torso slightly to point at the bull with fingers on both hands, just in time for the man to get bucked off.

“Only to that one.” His date chuckles with a casual point of her finger to indicate the mechanical bull. “But I’m keeping my options open. Next time y’all are gonna have to be a bit more specific when you’re suggesting what I should wear,” Kay responds with a warm smirk, her voice tinged with a southerly accent that’s hard to place geographically.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes,” she compliments, taking him in with the same appreciation he gave her. Gently placing one hand on his shoulder, she leans in to drop a peck on his cheek that doesn’t transfer her rose gold lipstick. “Why don’t we grab ourselves a booth and get some drinks, huh? Catch up?”

“Pity,” Godfrey says without any remorse and a lot of mischief. Bending so she can place that peck, he adds “These chaps would probably enjoy the show.” Chances are he purposely didn’t specify to see what she did.

Godfrey turns to give a cutting motion with his hand at the operator. The man lifts a hand and nods. Turning back to Kay, he motions her to proceed with him. “Another time perhaps.”

As they make their way through the bar, Godfrey pulls the cowboy hat off his head and tosses it on one of the tables. “I do apologize for the setting,” he might not be totally sorry, “but it seems that there are no places to dance that aren't total trash.” Motioning to an empty booth, a cowhide lamp hanging above it. “Something that I may very well have to rectify in the near future.”

“Oh, of that I have no doubt,” Kay responds with a cheeky grin. “But then it’d hit social media and I’d never heard the end of it from my mortified teenager. And that’s even before whatever Mrs. Nakamura would do. You know what she’s like.” There’s a tip of her head and a shift of her gaze that conveys oh boy, but otherwise she doesn’t disparage her employer’s temperament. All bosses are the same anyway, right?

The apology for the choice of venue is waved off. “Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s almost kind of nostalgic in a way. Makes a southern girl think of home.” Kay settles into the empty booth and tries to keep from casting a baleful look at the lamp overhead… and nearly succeeds.

“I hope you don’t expect me to line dance, sugar.” The R on the end is very clearly enunciated, like she’s trying to make sure she’s seized his attention. Her head tilts inquisitively, brown eyes narrowing faintly with a warm curiosity. “How do you mean, rectify?”

“Why… open a nightclub, of course.”

Is his answer, as Godfrey settles into the seat across from her. Looking for a server, he holds a hand up. “And have no fear, I am not so sadistic as to force you to participate in such a barbaric display.” After a moment thought, he adds, “Maybe after we’ve been thoroughly sloshed.”

If Godfrey had hoped for one of the scantily clad women, he’s sorely disappointed when the older woman from earlier shows up with a bright smile, not that he shows it. “What can I get you to drink, Mr. Wells.”

“Ah, yes… One Giddy-up, por favor,” Godfrey says without missing a beat, rubbing his hands together. “And you, Kaydence? My treat this time,” he says with quite the cheeky grin.

Kay’s eyes widen with mild surprise. “Well, now that sounds like a good time. And what a solution it is. It’d be nice if someone with some taste filled that void around here.” In an expression that would be just as at home on his own face, she briefly quirks one brow as she gives him a quick glance up and down.

Well, if we’re going to get sloshed…” At least he still has one scantily clad woman sitting across the booth from him? Turning her grin from Godfrey to their server, Kay shrugs her slim shoulders. “If the gentleman is buying, then something that’ll make me say yeehaw.” A flirtatious look is slanted back to her companion from the corner of her eye.

That flirtation look gets an arch of Godfrey’s brow, like he might have heard something odd.


The excited sound is a distraction from any suspicion that might tickle at the back of his mind, effectively pulling Godfrey's attention back to the server. Who in turn says with a knowing look to Kaydence. “I know just the one. Our very own drink. Sex in the Saddle.” Which sounds weird coming from a woman who could easily be the age of their grandmother, but she sounds very proud of it. “Its secret ingredient?” She leans forward and says, “Soju.”

She looks so excited to share that detail with them, too.

“Oooh, I always wondered.” Godfrey sounds like he’s rather familiar with the drink. “I would have never guessed.” He motions to the woman, with an impish grin, “Jade and her husband Cowboy Tom are quite proud of their house specialty.”

He turns a knowing look to his friend, “It will quite literally knock your panties off. I woke up after trying it and had no clue where m’pants were. Quite the awkward situation, especially for the gentleman I ended up with as he was quite married.”

Jade gives a small nod of her head in agreement. ”I’ll go get it.”

Godfrey watches her leave with a small wave, before focusing on Kaydence again, “I’m glad you left that message, I feel like ages since the last time we were together.” His eyes narrow some, searching. “However, something seems different, but I can’t quite put m’finger on it.”

“Ooh,” Kay coos for the intrigue of it, echoing the secret ingredient back to Jade. “Soju sounds great. I will definitely be having one of those.” Everyone’s grandmother was young once. There’s a certain appreciation to be found for the fact that older isn’t synonymous with forgotten how to have fun.

And speaking of fun. Godfrey’s story sees a look of further appreciative surprise. The candor is delightful, for starters. The implication is the cherry on top of that particular sundae. “Thanks,” she murmurs as the older woman departs. She only has eyes for Gofrey by the time he’s returned his attention to her.

“I know it’s been too long.” Kay shakes her head regretfully. “I should’ve called you sooner, but…” Her head tilts when he says something seems different. One hand comes up to touch at her blonde hair. “I mean, my roots might be showing a little…” They aren’t. With Kay, they never are. “I took a little vacation back at the beginning of last month.” Shrugging quickly, she smiles coyly to him. “I feel like a whole new person. I guess I’d just been working too hard.”

“Mmm. You know, you do seem more relaxed,” Godfrey says, giving a small nod of agreement. Though he might not be fully convinced… he’ll take it anyhow. “M’own vacation was far less stimulatin’, more… borin’ and my wardrobe choices were atrocious. The food even worse.”

He waves it all off though, like it was nothing big. “But let's hear about yours,” Godfrey says, motioning for her to take the floor on that subject.

Godfrey grins at her cheekily, leaning elbows on the table, brows lifted in interest. “Tell me all the juicy details, luv. Where’d you go and what did you do. Most importantly, who did you do?”

“I can imagine.” There’s a note of sympathy given for Godfrey’s less than stellar get-away. “But you’re back now.” Kay smirks as she gestures across the table to him with an open palm. See? Things are better already. “And I’m so glad for that.”

When he gives her his attention, she lifts her brows as if to say Me? “Oh, nothing exciting,” Kay waves the notion away with her hand. “I just went up to Niagara and enjoyed some quiet time away from all of this.” A flippant gesture to encompass Yamagato Park, the Fellowship, her stressful as hell job. “Really thought about myself and where I really want to be.”

Now she leans forward, her forearms folded together in front of her on the table, eyes narrowed faintly, that playful smile on her lips again. “So, I got back, and I called you.

There is a curious look on the man’s face, until she mentions him. His brows twitch upwards with interest and a soft ‘oh’ escapes as he leans back. “Little ‘ol me?” Godfrey says, preening just a bit. “Why, I must admit, I’m flattered.”

Movement out of the corner of his eye, pulls his attention away from the woman across from him to Jade. The older woman doesn’t say anything, only sets a pair of kitschy novelty cups between them. Godfrey gets a horse head, while Kay gets a ceramic barrel with a cowboy clinging to it as the handle.

Godfrey gives a small bow of his head to the older woman, “Thank you, Jade.”

Turning back to Kay, Godfrey lifts his horse head mug in a toast. “Here’s to a good evening with a good friend. I have missed that smile of yours, Kaydence. Can you believe I even missed that little matchmaking spawn of yours?” He sounds amazed that he felt that way about Ella.

“It’s not flattery when it’s true. And I doubt there’s nothing so li—” Kay claps up and leans back quickly when the drinks arrive so as not to obstruct the landing pad for them. “Thank ya kindly!” she chimes in her best southern belle accented voice. When in Rome(, Georgia)…

When they’re left to just the two of them again, she laughs at the sight of her drink vessel. “Oh my god, they’re like tiki mugs for rednecks,” she gasps appreciatively. Kay seems for a moment uncertain as to whether she should actually grasp hers by the cowboy, but eventually just goes for it, lifting her cup to answer Godfrey’s toast. She smiles a little brighter, pleased to hear him speak so well of her, and for him to ask after her daughter.

A drink from her glass sees those brown eyes of hers widen for a moment. “Oh, that goes down smooth,” Kay laughs, setting the mug down carefully. “That’s going to be dangerous.” There’s no sign that she’s at all bothered or put off by that in the least. “Well!” she begins after dabbing her mouth delicately with a napkin. “My baby girl just turned eighteen ten days ago. Can you believe it? I’m not okay with this.” Again, she laughs, shaking her head. “She’s kicking ass in school, so she’s going to have no problem getting into whatever college she wants. If she can even decide what she wants to do.”

Sighing, Kay shrugs her shoulders. “She’s got plenty of time to figure that out. I’m in no rush to kick my baby bird out of the nest.” Her gaze shifts off and to one side for a moment before coming back to Godfrey, her mouth kicking up into a one-sided smirk. “Except tonight. She’s staying with a friend.”

He listens and he may actually look interested in what she’s saying about Ella… or at least he appears to. He even manages to give the appropriate head bobs when it's appropriate. There is one thing Godfrey reacts to though…

“Oooh,” Godfrey croons out cheekily, brows lifting in a knowing way at the mention of Ella staying with a friend. “Mums got the place all to herself.” After taking a drink from the horse's head, he adds, “Sounds like you're all set for a fun night, shoulda guess with that fun little ensemble you're wearing. Like a shimmering candy wrapper.”

He motions to her mug with a chuckle. “Well, drink up, luv.” He grins wickedly over the edge of his own ridiculous cup, “If it is conquest you desire, the night is still young and there are many more where these come from.” Meaning the drinks of course.

Kay’s brows tick up over the view of her mug as she takes another long drink. His grin is returned in kind. “If you set ‘em up, I’ll drink ‘em down,” she teases. Even if he decides to go dutch on the rounds, she’ll almost certainly keep on with this merry chase.

“I do look a bit like a tourist, don’t I?” the blonde jokes at her own expense, light-hearted rather than embarrassed. “Should’ve known to wear Daisy Dukes and a cowboy hat.” A sweep of her hand indicates the attire she did settle on. “This isn’t bad as far as candy wrappers go though, yeah?”

“Not bad at all, Luv.” Godfrey smiles wickedly. “Well, let the good times roll.”


“No,” Godfrey drops a hand on Kaydence’s shoulder, from where he straddles one of the many saddles at the bar. A few shots are lined up in front of them, though he’s currently pushing one of his towards her. She might have more empty shots in front of him than her. “You are very beautiful and have a lovely… If morally gray… soul. So do I.”

She’s playing it cool, counting her empties on the bar quietly until he tacks on morally gray as a qualifier. That gets her head to turn quickly, and just like that she’s lost count. So she’ll be taking that offered glass, thank you so kindly. Starting to lift it, it barely leaves the bartop before he captures her interest.

Leaning towards her, Godfrey says, “We are both sexy and prettier than anyone one in here.” He’s just within kissing range.

Like it’s been caught on a hook, one corner of Kay’s mouth lifts in a lopsided grin. “Well, when you put it that way…” Brown eyes half-lid and she leans closer to him as well, seeming ready to close the distance.

“Oh… Hello,” Godfrey says brightly, turning to look behind them swiftly enough that Kay nearly staggers a step when there’s nothing there to meet her, the two just avoiding a potential lip lock… What appeared to be an attempted lip lock. He grabs the tie of a rather dashing business man walking by, halting the man’s progress. “Tell me… This vision sitting here… Is she beautiful? Yes or no.”

Smoothly, Kay picks up her shot and gives a simultaneous lift of her eyebrows along with her shoulders just before she knocks the liquor back.

The man looks at Godfrey like he’s crazy, though the Brit looks at him like he’s curious. “Ooohkay,” The business man turns a look to Kaydence, looks her over and gives an affirmative nod.

The empty glass thunks down alongside her others and she rewards the avowal of her beauty with a wink.

See?” Godfrey says triumphantly. “Beautiful.” Turning a brilliant smile back to his victim, “What about me? Do me now… Come, come don’t be shy.” The man looks confused before his arm is snagged by a very pretty petite thing who glares daggers at the Heliokinetic.

Godfrey lets go of the tie and holds his hands up, giving up man to his girlfriend.

When the pair have gone, Kay laughs, mirroring Godfrey’s earlier gesture by laying her hand on his shoulder now. “That’s all the answer you needed, really. You are so incredibly sexy that she thought you might steal her date right out from under her.”

Her hand claps his arm once before she turns back to the task at hand. “Now come on!” She picks up another shot. “You’re going to fall behind again if you aren’t careful!”


“So you rub this onto the tip just like this… And then you blow.”

Godfrey gives a small nod like he’s truly fascinated with what she’s telling him, his cue held delicately between his hands, as if foreign to him.

A puff of air sends a fine dust of blue chalk into the air. Kay grins cheekily and drops the cube on a string to let it swing back beneath the pool table again. She rounds the corner to stand at the far end of the table holding her stick in one hand and reaching out to grasp the white cue ball in the other, pulling it off to one side. “Since you say you’re new to this, I’ll go ahead and start us off with the break.” She bends forward, lining her sights up with the rack of fifteen on the opposite end of the orange felted table.

Others stop to watch her plan out her strategy, but not because they care at all about the game. Godfrey offers them a wicked grin and a shot of tequila. Making it seem like he’s slowly draining the bottle. Meanwhile, his own shot glass remains untouched, not that she’d know. He only manages it when her back is to him. Cheeky bastard.

This isn’t to say he isn’t nicely sauced, there is a slur to his words.

“Oh, completely new. Never played a game in my life, luv,” Godfrey claims without skipping a beat, giving a wink to a regular who knows better. He’s been in now and then to learn from Cowboy Tom.

The white ball is pulled back to the table in front of her only once she’s convinced there’s no debris in her field of play. Kay straightens up to survey the lay of the land for a moment, then dances her fingers along the side edge of the table, stopping to tap one of the diamond shapes set into its surface. “This is called the head string. I can place this,” she holds up the ball in her hand demonstratively, “anywhere I like to set up my break, so long as it’s behind that line.”

Deciding that the best placement for her is slightly off to the right side of things, Kay bends forward again, leaving one heeled foot planted firmly in front of her, the other slid back. Resting her left hand on the table and steadying the end of her cue stick with the circle of her first finger against her thumb, she then engages in a short, slow series of push and pull movements as she envisions how the ball is going to move once it’s struck. The motion when she finally does take her shot is almost startlingly fast.


And they’re off. The cue ball strikes the One squarely in all its sunny yellow glory, sending the rest of the rack scattering, though nothing drops into any of the pockets. Kay shrugs, unbothered. So it goes! “Looks like I set you up with some good pick-ups. Now, since you’re a beginner and this is just for fun, I’m not going to make you call stripes or solids. Whatever you manage to sink first, that’s yours. But once you’ve done it, you’ve got to stick to it.”

With a little shove, Kay pushes away from the table. The rosiness of her cheeks and the extra swagger in her step gives away her level of intoxication in a way her billiards stance did not. Which suggests she’s very good at this game.

Once she pushes away from the table, Godfrey leans away from the half wall he was leaning on, with their glasses and a bottle of tequila. “Well, you certainly know how to handle that billiards stick,” he gives her a wag of nicely groomed brows, “Makes one wonder what other skills might be hidden under all that corporate polish.” Moving around the table, he grabs the chalk and duplicates what she did. Making sure there is a through coating of blue on the tip. He even blows the chalk seductively.

Kay bites her lip and leans toward Godfrey as they pass one another to switch places, nearly clipping him with her shoulder, but instead it’s only a faint brush. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” she teases in a way that sounds a bit more like you know how you can find out.

Letting it fall to swing, Godfrey looks over the table thoughtfully. While he dithers over what’s before him he asks with total innocence. “So.. if I understand correctly…. The point is to use the white ball to try and put all the balls of one type into the holes….” A smile curls at one side of his mouth. “Well, if there is one thing I know…”

He doesn’t finish that thought, only leaning down over the table, Godfrey lines up the shot. After a moment to ensure he has the angle he wants, he gives an elegant flick of his wrist…

The innuendo brings Kay to giggle. She’s been doing more and more of that as the night goes on. “Just be careful,” she warns as she begins pouring herself another shot. “You don’t want to scratch the—”


The white cue ball shoots across the side swiping one solid red ball - POCK - pushing it into one of the corners, before it bounces off the wall - THUMP - and - POCK - ricochets off the solid green one popping it into one of the side pockets before it rolls to a stop at the opposite edge of the table.

Tequila is pouring over the side of the glass, spilling out onto her hand, dribbling down her arm and onto the floor below while Kay stands there gaping.

Godfrey straightens and looks at her quite cheekily; practically posing with his cue stick held like a staff and a hand on his waist. “How was that, Ms. Damaris? Did I do that correctly?”

Incredulous laughter bubbles up and the state of the tequila is finally noted, the bottle righted and set down again, the shot is brought to her lips to at least sip enough off the top to make it safe to transfer to the top of the half-wall. “Mr. Wells,” Kay shakes off the excess liquor from her arm, trying to keep the droplets of it from scattering over her dress, stepping back from the puddle too-near her shoes, “I think you tricked me.”

One of the kinder onlookers has brought the pool shark’s victim a damp towel to wipe herself down with. “Thanks,” she offers sheepishly, scrubbing the terry cloth over her palm and clear down to her elbow. She licks some of the tequila off her fingers though, while making eye contact with that dirty cheat. “What am I losing in this bet again?”

There is a wicked smile that touches Godfrey’s lips and Kay knows she’s in trouble.


“Come now, hold still.”

A bright pink cowboy hat is dropped on her head, with a long train of white fabric tied around it and draping down her back and a bright mess of flowers pinned around the brim. On her sparkly hips is a holster with a fake gun too. “You agreed, remember.” He chides, with the biggest and cockiest smile. “If you lost you would do this. I could have made you ride the bull, but I decided to be kind.”

Almost as if on cue there a shout from that direction.

Instead of making her get on the bull in a short ass skirt, Godfrey had pulled her over to the selfie wall. Which looks like the front of a barn, including hay bales and wagon wheels. There is even a steer skull hanging from a wood plank wall.

He had donned a rather fitting black hat with silver conches around it. His jacket’s been dropped on the back of a nearby chair. He holds his phone up to see himself in the camera, tilting the hat rather Wild West style. After a moment his sighs heavily, unsatisfied, looking for some help with the pictures.

Spotting Jade, Godfrey waves at her to come on over. “Jade, luv, take pictures for us?” Something that the elderly woman agrees to readily.

“Why d’you getta look like the mysterious stranger that jus’ rode into town to save us all and I look like Yeehaw Barbie?” Kay frowns, blinking rapidly. She’s been doing more and more of that since they polished off the tequila during that round of pool that he soundly thumped her at. “I think ev’rybody in this bar wants to see me try an’ ride that thing.” A dubious glance is slanted to the bull. Untoward thoughts of some aside, it’d have to be great for a laugh to see her get thrown after what would certainly be about 0.8 seconds.

For all that her words are slurring together, her accent doesn’t seem to get any thicker for it.

While he tries to finagle the camera, she squints at the screen. “I don’ think my hat’s gonna fit,” she points out, reaching out to touch at the edges of its wide brim gingerly with pats of her palms. “Ah well! Guess we’ll have to think of somethin’ eeeel— Fuck.” Kay’s attempt at suggesting an escape turns to a whispered curse when Jade begins to come over. “Oh, good,” she enthuses with approximately zero authentic enthusiasm, “you found a solution.”

Well, if it’s going to be like this, then he’s going to have to reap what he sows. “Get the camera ready!” she tells Jade. Waiting until the proprietress has it held up and is nodding her head enthusiastically, Kay then slings an arm around Godfrey’s shoulders. “Y’know what?” she asks idly while he’s adjusting his hat just so for the picture. “This place may not be what I had in mind, but I’ve had a lot of fun tonight.”

With a twinkle in her eye, Kay’s hand comes up to rest against Godfrey’s artfully stubbled face. “An’ it’s not over yet.” Leaning in, she plants a big kiss on his other cheek.

That’ll be one for the scrapbooks.

Or something far more devious… like future blackmail.


“Iss this ooone… here.” Kay points to an apartment door as though he might not have any clue which one belongs to her. Fortunately for everyone involved, she only has to swipe a card to get her door to unlock. If she had to try and fit a key into a tumbler lock, they might be here for a bit. As it stands, she makes a waving motion with her hand just as the door to the apartment begins to open. There’s a fit of giggles from the very inebriated blonde. “It’s like I’m a Jedi,” she tells him, shifting herself away from her lean against Godfrey to head inside. It’s not a stumble or a stagger, but more of a sway.

“Yes, quite very… Luke of you,” Godfrey comments, trying to keep a straight face, as he follows her with shoes in one hand and the others held out ready to catch her should she stumble. “And, I am quite aware of where you live, luv,” Godfrey informs her with a chuckle, since they had once been neighbors. “Good thing, too, cause you tried to get off on Marlowe’s floor.”

A few feet inside, Kay looks down at her bare feet on the floor and then looks up again confused. “Jiba, where are my shoes?”

{It appears Mr. Wells is carrying them for you, Ms. Damaris.}

Kay lifts her head to look toward the ceiling where she imagines the AI to be. “Huh.” Slowly, she turns to look over her shoulder. When she can’t turn her head far enough to see in her peripheral vision — and it has narrowed significantly over the course of the evening — she bodily turns to face her escort. “So he is! Thanks, Jiba!”

{You’re welcome, ma’am.}

“Yes, thank you, Jiba. And I must say, I have missed your voice,” Godfrey comments, while the shoes he’s holding are held up for her to see. His eyes show he’s barely holding onto his mirth. Of course, that means it’s apparent in his tone.

Moving to guide her towards her bedroom, after dropping the shoes on the ground next to her couch, Godfrey declares, “I believe it’s time to get you into bed, before you collapse, Ms. Damaris. I do not envy you the hangover you are going to have tomorrow.”

While he guides her down the hall, she manages a turn once inside the familiar room so she can grasp Godfrey by the front of his jacket, walking backward with him toward the bed. “It’s not tomorrow yet, is it?” Kay may be too drunk to remember she kicked her shoes off in the foyer, but it seems she’s not too drunk to remember why she wanted to go out with him in the first place.

“Don’t you want to take the wrapper off and find out how sweet this candy is?” she asks him, gaze dark and half-lidded, drawing herself closer to him. Kay tilts her head to one side, apparently hopeful that he’ll finally put an end to the tease he’s been employing all night. Maybe now that it’s just the two of them…

“Now now.” Godfrey reaches up to grab her wrists, finger and thumb looped gently around her narrow wrist. “I think that soju has truly gotten to your pretty little head. We’ve talked about this, Kaydence.” He’s obviously amused and flattered by her behaviour. Well, and a bit perplexed by her continued pursuit. “Besides, it’s practically morning and m’ batteries are running a wee bit low.”

He wasn’t lying, Godfrey could feel his body dragging. There was a sort of…high when he had a full charge and that has faded after a wild night at the bar.

“I wouldn’t dare try to keep up with a wild woman as yourself,” Godfrey says, using flattery to try and ease the sting of rejection, while he unhooks her from his jacket. “I think a nice long rest is in order, you played hard tonight and gave quite a show when you sang that lovely duet with Cowboy Tom of ‘Islands in the Stream’. I must say that Jade was quite impressed and a little bit jealous.”

Godfrey grins cheekily as he quickly scoops her up and tosses her on the bed, with a quick step back away from reaching hands. “Of course, I think she was placated when I serenaded her with ‘Achy Breaky Heart.” Which was odd in its own way.

“Now sleep, luv,” Godfrey insists, “and dream of scantily clad cowboys.”

There’s a token struggle given when he takes her wrists, like she’s checking to see if this is some little game he’s playing with her. Finding that it isn’t, she stills quickly, tsking gently. “You could stay the night and we can give it a go when those batteries are recharged,” she suggests. When it’s clear he’s not going for that either, she pouts, but only for a moment.

Especially when he mentions something she has only the fuzziest, vaguest recollection of. She did karaoke?

There’s no time to dwell on that before Godfrey’s sweeping her off her feet and tossing her onto the bed the way she’s been hoping he would ever since they set this date up. She laughs excitedly and lays back, waiting for him to join her.

Which, of course, doesn’t happen.

But she does discover how soft and comfortable her pillow is right now. Kay yawns wide. “Hey now. I…” Her eyes close heavily. “Don’t need any…” Without thought, she’s nudging her way under the covers. It’s so much warmer there. Nicer. Calming. What was she saying again?

Sleep drags her down swiftly. No lasso-wielding cowboys necessary.

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