Giovanna Civella
Portrayed By Claire Forlani
Sex Female
Status Non-Evolved
Age A lady never tells
Occupation Heiress to The Family throne
Family Frankie Civella
Significant Other(s) Flavour of the Week
First Appearance All of this... Misunderstanding

Giovanna Civella is the eldest daughter of Mob Don Frankie Civella. She's a mafia princess and semi-locally-famous socialite. If the club is hot, she's there.

Character History:



September 3: All of this... Misunderstanding - Gigi hires Jessica Sanders to kidnap her father's latest headache. Threats to The Family must be dealt with.

Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

  • Gigi appears - even to the police - to have her hands clean. She is, however, a true heiress to the Family business.
  • Despite dancing with whoever's buying the drinks, Gigi Civella has never been romantically linked to anyone definitively - male or female.
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