Girl, Interrupted


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Scene Title Girl, Interrupted
Synopsis The aftermath of a faulty excursion into dreams…
Date November 14, 2010

Pollepel Island — Jaiden's Room

The cold air inside the castle makes for horrible mornings. Though the sparse light through the dusky panes casts a beautiful orange silhouette on the wall, it does nothing to illuminate the room properly. Small rooms that are cramped with three to four people sharing a couple of small beds.

Sometime in the night a warm but shivering body slipped in beside Jaiden's. Finally freed from her work, Delia curled up beside him and shuddered violently until he was able to warm her sufficiently to get her to sleep. She thought she could sleep anywhere.

Perhaps she could.

Most people in the castle don't get out of bed until the sun has risen simply to have that little tidbit of light before descending into the darkness that keeps their days. The surface is taboo during daylight hours, for safety's sake. The redhead's breathing is strong and steady, still curled into a spooned position with her giant, her expression is peaceful.

There were a few envious stares at Jaiden when he unpacked his sleeping bag from his backpack, along with a few other necessities, like soap and a towel. Hot water was a distant memory for most, but being clean and taking a quick, icy bath in the stream of a water hose was uncomfortable, but worthwhile in the end. Sleeping comfortably, too, is a bit difficult in a castle on an island, but with his backpack of things and a blanket above, the cocoon that Delia slipped into was sufficiently warm to send her off fairly quickly.

At a bit after six, Jaiden's eyes flutter open, the man arching his back slightly, his stocking-covered feet stretching out as he yawns, his embrace around the warm, dozing body of Delia. He remains where he is, cradling her against him, feeling the slight, slow intake of breath as she sleeps. "I love you." he whispers softly, a light kiss resting on her head, just behind her ear as he sinks back into the too-hard mattress.

He's not trying to wake her. Not just yet.

There's no response to the whisper, no usual murmur of reply, no slight smile inside of the throes of sleep. Nothing. The steady breathing in and out, the heartbeat that doesn't quicken at his touch, not any of the usual reactions to his morning greeting.

Outside a fat chickadee clings to a bare branch and peeps its morning song to the wintry air. It's nothing more than a shadow on the wall of their room. A tiny dark ball bouncing up and down in the light, something for the cats to try to catch. But they won't. Shadows are intangible.

Where there would normally be a groan and a whimpered beg for five more minutes as a pillow is wrenched over her head, she is silent.

When you sleep next to someone for weeks on end, one notices little things. Smiles, whimpers, groans, sighs. All paint a tableau of the personality of the person next to you. When you meet someone that has just woken up, you see the real them, unvarnished, missing the masks that everyone wears when they meet other people. He shakes her gently. "Del? C'mon…time to get up. We need to get some breakfast into us and start the day." She must just be in REM sleep.

The woman's body reacts something akin to what a ragdoll would. The slight jolting back and forth does nothing to rouse her from her stupor. There's no change in the rate of her breathing or any of her other autonomous functions, slow and steady as though nothing has happened at all.

The final roll of her form, lands her on her back beside him, her face pointed toward the ceiling with her eyes closed.

Okay….Creepy. Jaiden sits up slightly, giving her another shake. "Del?"

There is no response.

There's a feeling in the pit of Jaiden's stomach that settles in, a knot of worry that grows tighter and tighter as he looks down at Delia, unmoving, quiet. Alive but not. Here, but not here. "Del…I'…I'll get help…" He slips out of bed in his nightclothes and darts out of the room, heading for the clinic…heading for someone. "Someone! Delia won't wake up!"

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