Girl Talk With A Lesbian


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Scene Title Girl Talk With a Lesbian
Synopsis It isn't as awkward as Tess thought it might be.
Date November 26, 2010

Dorchester Towers: Penthouse

Though it was the previous evening that Tess send out urgent calls to one of her BFFs, needing her to visit nooooooow. But since it was Thanksgiving and Quinn was doing Thanksgiving-y things, Tess had to wait until today to get a knock on her door. It's opened quickly, Tess in her pajamas still, and hair a mess. Someone hasn't been awake long. "Oh god, Quinn! Good! I need girl talk! I know you like girls and all, but heeeeeelp!" she says, all but dragging the other woman into the apartment.

Quinn didn't even have time to say "Hello" before Tess took it upon herself to pull her into the apartment. With a bit of fumbling, the door is shut behind her with a bit of an awkward slam, a grin on her face as she hears Tess' predicament. "Oh god. If this is about boys, it's not like me liking girls matters! Sex is sex. Or is this romance? Still the same thing!" When them come to a stop, the Irishwoman lets out a held breath of air and looks at Tess. "What's up?"

"I don't know. I think it's both. I mean, I've kissed both guys, and one of 'em is all tellin' me I gotta stay away for my own good and the other is bein' sweet'n tryin' to get in my pants but they're both ohmigawd cute and good kissers and the sweet one I think is sort of a lech and I don't know what to doooooooo!" Tess says, back to her normal rapidfire sort of speaking as she half-drags Quinn further into the apartment and towards the one remaining couch.

"Okay, okay. Slow down Tess!" Quinn says with a bit of a laugh, shaking her head. "So, one is tellin' you t' stay away, an' one is bein' pretty up front about wantin' t' fuck you?" She smirks, a hand rubbing her chin as she pretends t' think. "Doesn't sounds too hard t' me, though it depends on what you want. People who say shit like "stay away" are usually a gamble, an' rarely actually worth it."

"Well, the guy who's tellin' me to stay away saved me from gettin' my ass beat, or worse, on Staten. Twice. And he helped me move my shit outta my old place. And yesterday? He brought over food so I didn't spend Thanksgivin' by myself. So it's sorta…mixed signals," Tess admits as she sits down. "And the other one, he bought me candy'n took me to an indoor pool that we had all to ourselves'n said that he wanted me to see his face every day and to distract me from the whole my dad's dead thing'n said he could wait before we got to rod polishin'. But you're right about the other guy bein' a gamble but damn if he could loosen up he'd be so worth it."

Quinn wrinkles ner nose a bit at that, shaking her ehad. "Anything that involves Staten kinda inherantly sucks. He sounds like a nice guy but that… that could be kinda a dealbreaker." She nods, plopping down on the couch next to Tess. "The other guys sounds like he's trying way to hard, though. He may just be looking for a quick lay. They both kinda sound problematic t' me."

"Well…he's not a…He's done some bad things, the Staten Island guy. But then, my dad apparently did bad things, and he's always been nice to me." Tess pauses, considering. "The other guy made no secret that he wants to get me in bed, but he's waitin' and he is helpin' me out'n all, so that is a plus. And yeah, sorta worried I'd just be another quick lay, what if I'm not? Should I just go for it and see what happens?"

"Well… I can't say I'm not guilty a' bein' involved with someone that some people might say's done bad thing," QUinn remarks, scratching at her neck, "But, I dunno. If he's really involved in dangerous stuff right now… unless you want t' get involved too, my might be ebst t; hold off on too much. The city's still a shithole an' if someone's tellin' you t' stay away for your own good, it might be a good idea for the moment." Quinn gives a shallow nod, thinking to herself as she speaks. The "unless you don't want to be involved part" was an important one, given her current status. "Doesn't mean there can't be somethin' there, you just might have t' wait t' go for it, you know?"

She nods again, leaning back a bit. "For the other guy, wait an' see could work. Just… don't get too attached for the moment, you know? Not until you get an' idea more of what he's like an' wants."

Tess is quiet for a long moment, then she looks a bit sad. "Are you tellin' me I shouldn't bang either of 'em?" she asks, sounding like a kid who just got told Santa isn't real.

THere's a sigh and a laugh, a good natured one, as Quinn grins at Tess. "Trust me, I am the last person who shuold be telling you not t' bang anyone. But sex isn;t the same as romance or any of that stuff. At least, it doesn't have t' be! So, you can bang either of them if they're willing. I'm just willin' t' bet Staten Boy won't let it be much else for the moment, an' Obvious Boy may not want much more. So… don't let yourself get too swept up in anythin' yet, basically."

"Oh, I won't. I'm not lookin' for a boyfriend, Quinn. I mean, I won't run away if someone wants to start datin' me, or if it just turns out that way, I just don't wanna be leadin' both these guys on. They're both cute, they both clearly like me at least a lil', and they both got their issues," Tess says, shrugging.

"We don't always go lookin'," Quinn replies with a wink. "I'm just sayin', be careful if it starts t' become more than sex on your end, okay." She nods, tapping her foot on the carpet. "Particularly if they both ahve their share of issues. I mean, we all do, but… particularly Staten Boy."

"Staten Boy's been shot," Tess muses. "In the shoulder. Found out when he was askin' how mine was. Sucks that his hair's all shaved off. He looked really hot with longer hair." She grins and shrugs. "Ah well. It's clearly time for Tess to thoroughly enjoy both guys. Nick and Bob, you've got no chance!"

"Nick and Bob? Well, it sounds like you picked the most generic guys off the street you could. Glad that's not the case!" Quinn teases, leaning back into the couch a bit. "Getting shot's kinda not an uncommon thing theres days. I've been shot at, an' had the window of a truck Iw as drivin' blown out in process. I would't hold that against him at all."

"Well, Bob's name isn't actually Bob, it's something kinda funky soundin'. So I call him Bob," Tess says, shrugging. "And yeah, I don't hold it against him. I mean, I've been shot too, so I can't hold it against anyone without me bein' a hypocrite. And he's protective of me, so he's got that goin' for him too." She grins. "But I'll just see where it goes. If it starts goin' funky, you better believe I'll be callin' you."

"Well, I think it's a bad sign if you can't even call a guy by his real name, Tess," Quinn teases, playfully pushing at her friend. "That's right. I kinda forgot about all that, not sure how." THe musician gives a bit of a shrug, crossing her arms. "Yeah. I think waut and see seems like the best idea. Just be careful, mmkay? I don't need another friend gettin' hurt because of some jackass boy." A pause, and Quinn smirks. "Not that girls are anybetter, we are such bitches."

"Oh, we totally are. But we're hot bitches," Tess says with a grin. "And I could call him his real name, but Tahir? Really? And he's a white guy. Who names a white guy Tahir? That's like…what…Indian? Maybe? I don't even know. It's a cool name but doesn't suit him."

"Tahir isn't that bad a name, really," Quinn says with a shrug. "Is kinda weird, though. I wonder if he has a sister named, like, Indira or somethin'." She can't help but chuckle, looking over at Tess. "Still, Tahir is better than Bob. Bob is a boring office manager in the financal distict, or the guy givin' you a burger at Wendy's. Tahir? Tahir's the cool guy."

Tess laughs. "He is pretty cool. He painted my nails for me the other night, after the pool," she says, offering up nails painted deep burgundy. "I don't know. What've you been up to though? I didn't ask much the other night. Was in pity me mode."

"He painted you nails? And you're sure he wants t' take you t' bed?" Quinn replies with a grin. "Not the weirdest thing in the world. I know a guy who cooks, cleans, and is a tailor, and he totally likes women. Bizarre." She shrugs in reutns, smiling. "Not much. Working on music, mostly. Hoping everything goes good on the radio show I'm supposed t' do this weekend. It's going t; be a lot of fun."

"Oh, he totally wants to get me in bed. I said somethin' about I'd be sunk if I found a guy who'd do all these things, and the nails was one of 'em," Tess explains with a grin. "And that's awesome. A radio show? I'll be sure to listen. And I really do wanna hit the studio with you guys. It'll be fun."

"It's at, like, five am. You're welcome t' listen if you want, but… yeah." She chuckle. "I'm going up to the studio today to do some cleaning up on the two tracks we have, finish a bassline because our bassit sucks and has barely been around this week. But first, I need some lunch. What do you say about gettin' on my scooter an' headin' off t' get somethin'?"

"Hey, anything to support my best bud!" Tess says, smiling. "And if the bassist sucks, why not…ditch 'em and get someone who doesn't suck? And I'd love lunch, but I gotta get back to the whole photography thing. We'll totally hook up sometime though!"

"Definitely," Quinn says, before looking down at her stomach. "Alright, well, I need t' get some food, so… I think I'm going t' run off an' get some. I can come back, though, if you really don't want t' come!" She reaches over, ruffling Tess' hair. "If not, I'll call you the next time we're recording. Hopefully we won't ahve too many visitors and you can come on in."

Tess grins and nods. "You go get some food in ya, and you damn well better call me next time you're recordin'. Otherwise I'll have to pout and not speak to you for, like, a whole hour. And that'd just suck balls!"

"I'll at least call you, yeah. I know we have a lot of people itnerested in coming t' recording sessions. My girlfriend. …my ex -girlfriend. Sable's sort of girlfriend. Friends of teh bassist's. Bunches of people in and out. But you'll definitely get t' come by, thiss is going t' take a while." Quinn grins wide, pushing herself up from her seat. "So, what kind of photography stuff ar eyou doing today? We still need t' go camera shoppin'."

"Okay, now you just totally got me confused. Too many girlfriends. Gimme names!" Tess says, grinning and nudging Quinn lightly with a foot. "And we do! Today I think I'm gonna hit the places that the riots got. Some really stark sorta shots."

"I'm sure you'll meet some of them eventually," Quinn remarks as she reaches over and ruffles Tess' hair, rather than sending time explaining who's who and meeting names. "You should take the best camera you have with you. Those are the kinds of pictures that get in papers and win awards. Just be cause of the cops. Military an' FRONTLINE's still out, so… be careful."

"I've only got the one camera," Tess says with a wry smile. "But still, if I find the perfect shot, I might be able to tweak it out. And I'll totally be careful. I got shot once, I don't wanna make it twice!"

"Well then, we'll have t' get you a good one soon, so you can go back out and take an award winner, hmm?" Quinn grins, zipping up her hoodie and turning around. "Just don't argue with anyone. They probably won't be too mad as long as you cooperate, and don't go anywhere you obviously shouldn't be." THere's a look towards the door, and Quinn gives a bit of a wave back. "I'm going t' head on now, though."

Tess stands and gives Quinn a quick hug and a grin. "Alright. You take it easy, Quinn. Think up some absolutely awesome songs, alright?"

"Six steps ahead of you," Quinn replies a bit egotistically as she opens the door, one more look back over her shoulder and grinning. "See you later, Tess!"

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