Girls Reunited



Guest Starring:

brenda_icon.gif and Becky

Scene Title Girls Reunited
Synopsis Thalia meets with Brenda and Becky to catch up on old times. Some things never change. Except for the gender Brenda's interested in.
Date June 14, 2010

Rick's Diner

The mid-afternoon shone down on the New Yorkers head as people made their way around the city, conducting business as usual. Some people have returned to work, others are still in the hospital but the city is returning to normal. Or as normal as you can say New York City has been since the Bomb.

Sitting in a booth at the diner Rick’s on the corner is Brenda, ruffling her red hair, which has grown longer over the past few months and Becky. The blonde slowly drinking some coffee, it doesn’t look like Becky’s been getting sleep lately.

“So, she just called you? Where the hell has she been? I mean I know she opened a Lucy’s in Europe..” Becky says softly as she looks towards the door, waiting for the woman in question to walk in.

The senior bartender and Isabelle’s former right hand nods her head as she stirs her own cup of coffee. “Sweetie, Thalia couldn’t handle the city when she first got here. She wanted answers but when it proved to hard.. she up and left. Good thing she’s back, I say. She’s got a strong head on her shoulders and I quite like her.” Becky only nods her head and smiles softly, “Think she brought back any hot European boys. I really want to check off having fucked one of those before the year is up.

Both women explode into laughter and as they are doing so Thalia Ashford enters the place. Dressed in a pair of long black shorts, a dark red tank top and some fingerless gloves. Her black boots clunk on the diner floor as she enters and quickly spots the two bartenders, smiling faintly she hurries over to the women. Who grin widely and jump to their feet to embrace the woman as she gets to them.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Your hair is longer, is that a weave?” Thalia teases Brenda as they embrace for a few seconds longer then she did with Becky. Brenda took Thalia in, meaning she believed she was Isabelle’s sister from the start. For that, Thalia counts Brenda as a close friend indeed. The three women take their seats again and Thalia crosses her feet at her ankles. Placing her messenger bag on the seat next to her.

“You are truly a sight for sore eyes sugar. I must tell you the truth.” Brenda lights a cancer stick and looks around, it doesn’t say no smoking and so she’s gonna smoke until someone asks her to stop. And then maybe she’ll stop.

“I’ve told you a million times, stop smoking that shit. You want to live to have kids don’t you ginger?” Becky asks with a roll of her eyes to which Brenda winks at the blonde and gives her the finger.

“You know she’s right Bren, you should stop one of these days.” Thalia chimes in as the waitress comes over and asks if they want anything else. Thalia and the rest decline and Brenda blows a ring or two out of her mouth as the waitress walks away. “How much you wanna bet she’s a lesbian?” she asks the girls and then to Thalia directly, “I’ve been.. experimenting more lately. Men just aren’t doing it for me at the moment. Me and Tony finally broke up. I beat him over the head with a pot.” To which Becky howls and gives Brenda a high five. “About fucking time.” The younger blonde says with a grin.

“Wow, I’m proud of you.” Thalia says with a warm smile as she rakes her fingers through her hair. “So what the fuck has been going on? I call you when I get back and you say.. Lucy’s is burned down?”

The two B’s look at each other with sad looks on their faces. “It was awful. The bar was closed when it burned down. Someone broke in, I think it was Lewis. He loved the bar so much and then the heater caused it.” Becky explains to Thalia and looks to Brenda who nods her head at Thalia.

“You guys remember that priest that came in one night? He said that Lucy’s would burn in a fiery blaze and follow that bitch Isabelle to hell.” Brenda looks at Thalia’s shocked expression. “I think your sis banged him a few times and he was starting to feel guilty over it.” All three girls but then Becky’s expression becomes pensive.

“What if he was a precog or something like that? We should turn his ass in! What the fuck is wrong with him? If he saw that in a vision or something!” Becky says with anger on her face. Thalia places a hand on top of the blondes and smiles. “I doubt that he was a precog, just a crazy priest.. who apparently couldn’t keep his vows of celibacy.” Thal states and then she’s tugging on her gloves.

“Well, I haven’t spoken to Abby. I hope she’s alright.” Thalia says softly to which both women nod their heads. “She’s alright. Just shaken up I think.” Brenda says to the dark haired woman. “What else is new with you sugar?” Brenda asks the aerokinetic, who shrugs and leans back in the booth comfortably.

“I’ve gotten some new leads on what happened to Isabelle, on what really happened to her. You guys know a Richard Cardinal? I think I met him a few times but I don’t know much about him.” Thalia asks the women who snicker and then Thalia grins. “I mean, Isabelle’s diary talks about him often, I think she loved the guy or something.” The younger sister points out.

“He’s a hottie and more than half of the girls have tried to fuck him. But Isabelle placed her claim on him and once Isabelle places a claim on something, dead or alive you obey that.” Brenda says to Thalia to which Becky nods and puts her chin in her hands to watch both ladies.

“But he’s a gentlemen, the real nice kind. Isabelle fancied him a lot, he took it pretty hard when she was killed.” This is only the second time that Brenda has been able to talk about Isabelle’s death without crying. Becky puts a comforting hand on the woman’s arm.

“He doesn’t really have a day job, criminal kind of guy. The dark and mysterious type, word is though that he has his hand in all manner of things going around in the city. If you want information. He’s the one to go to, I’ve heard.” Becky comments and then Brenda asks Thalia a question. “Why you asking hun?”

The mechanic ruffles her hair a bit and looks at both women closely. “It’s been made known to me that Cardinal might have been the last person to see her alive. I want him to tell me what happened between them. Maybe he knows the real story.” Thalia sighs and puts her face in her hands. “I’m just ready for all the answers and I’m not going anywhere until I’ve had them all.”

She stretches her arms out and looks at the window at people passing by, all have destinations, destinies. Thalia is trying to figure out her own, especially after her frightening flashforward into the future. “I’m opening a tea shop. It’s called Mama’s Hot Pot.” She grins at both women. “If you guys want, you can visit anytime. Maybe even work if you haven’t found a job yet.” Thalia shrugs and Brenda nods her head with a grin, taking a long drag from her cigarette and then blowing it out. “I think we’re okay but I will definitely visit.. daily.” She warns Thalia who snickers at Brenda.

“We should get all the girls together, have some fun. Go to a club, dancing, bowling or something!” Becky says with enthusiasm and the two older women nod their heads at the other bartender.

“I’ll talk to Abby,” Thalia says as she steals a sip of Becky’s coffee. “I think it’s time for a reunion guys.” But when they reunited.. would things be the same?

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