Giving A Hoot


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Scene Title Giving A Hoot
Synopsis Meredith and Kaylee come to the Filatov Clinic to pick up some medication to help fight an outbreak of scarlet fever and associated illnesses at a Ferryhouse on Staten Island.
Date November 15, 2009

Filatov Clinic

The morning has dawned grey and drizzly, not any sort of weather that rational people would choose to be out in. Especially when those people would be out on Staten Island. It's already unwelcoming without adding inclement weather to it. Without an umbrella, Meredith is stalking down the broken sidewalks not caring about where she is or how rainy it is out. Obviously upset, she's keeping her hands tucked into her elbows, still running warm from her run in with Doyle. An aura of heat radiates off of her, making her look as if she's not wet at all. In fact, she's not. The rain is evaporating off of her as soon as it settles - a small amount of steam rising off her shoulders a perfect visual cue as to how she feels at the moment. She's, quite literally, steaming. Though Kaylee is supposed to be finding out what happened, the blonde woman has been remarkably close lipped about it, glad to see the Rookery looming up in front of them and from there find their way to the Clinic. All she wants to do is get some supplies and get out of here. In her first words since leaving the safehouse, she asks the other woman, "So what're we supposed to be gettin' here, anyway?"

Kaylee hasn't pressed the issue yet, but she intends too, but for the moment she let's the mission at hand be the focus. Eileen has alredy shared the information with her Telepathically, so the younger blond offers up the list of medication. "Orelox and Cefzil. Eileen also asked we ask him to come take a look at them." Her mood is fairly subdued for the normally grinning girl, the tension between Doyle and Meredith bothered her a bit.

The door of the clinic comes into view and Kaylee picks up the pace a bit, anxious to get what they need and get back to the kids. She might be an only child, but she's got plenty of little cousins that she helped with when they stayed with their granma. She hated seeing them suffer. Kaylee checks the door and finding it unlocked, she pulls it open and holds it for the older woman.

When the duo arrives, it is on the tail-end of Dr. Filatov seeing another patient, an unremarkable, middle-aged man with his arm braced and in a sling. When they enter, the patient, near the door, doesn't pay them any mind, while Constantine turns away from one of his many cabinets long enough to acknowledge their presence, and then turns back to finish what he was doing. With a small paper bag containing some medication or another in hand, he treks over to the other man and completes whatever transaction they were in the middle of. "One a day," he says, "Any more than that, and your next appointment will be with a mortician." Business done, the man nods, shakes Constantine's hand, and then leaves, leaving the doctor to focus on the new arrivals.

"From the church, am I correct?"

Maybe Kaylee will want to talk about it later, but the last thing that Meredith wants to do is think about Doyle. Instead, she focuses on the task put in front of her, which is dealing with Constantine in a manner to get medicine for sick kids. Sure, she can handle that, right? "Gotcha." The door is held open for her and she steps inside, glancing about the room arbitrarily. It's more of a second nature thing, as her mind is clearly elsewhere at the moment. She steps out of the way of the man leaving the clinic before fixing Constantine with a confused look. "What?" She obviously isn't remembering that they had met before outside a church. Studying the doctor, she realizes that he's familiar but can't exactly place him. "No, we're here for some medicine." Gesturing with a quick jerk of her head toward him, she tells Kaylee, "Tell 'im what we need." The other woman knows more about it than she does, obviously.

"Outside the church…. you had the dog." Of course Kaylee remembers, she moves past the patient to offer a hand to the man. "I'm Kaylee.. this is Meredith. Like she said we're here for medicine. But not for us." She offers the paper with the medication listed on it. "We've got a lot of sick kids on the island, possibly Scarlet Fever from the looks of it, and our organization doesn't have the medication to help them." She smiles a bit. "We're hoping you might have what we need.. and maybe.. just maybe we're hoping we can convince you to come have a look at the children and make sure it isn't something worse." There is a slightly pleading to her expression.

When offered, Constantine accepts Kaylee's hand. At least one of them remembers. He takes the paper and looks over it. His expression isn't a promising one. "I don't keep large stocks of these, you understand," he replies. He heard the whole story; he understands the dilemma. But he's not a magician. "You aren't sure it's scarlet fever, I understand, and I assume you're coming to me because you don't otherwise have a physician to consult. That's mostly correct?"

Meredith's arms are kept folded in front of her and she lets Kaylee do the talking. Interestingly enough, she didn't even know the other woman's name until just now. And she wasn't even the one introducing or being introduced to. Even if the woman isn't normally the most polite person in Manhattan, she's even more curt today. "But what you do have, can you bring it?" That's what really matters here at the moment. "We already lost one kid, and we don't want to lose any more if we can help it." As for their physician, her already sour expression doesn't get any better. "Our otherwise consultin' physician had a run in with Humanis." Which should really explain what happened to him.

"The symptoms point to it from the swollen red tongues, to the sandpaper like red rashes on neck and chest. But… we're not doctors." She concedes as she slides her hand out of his. Kaylee nods slowly, a small humorless smirk pulling at her lips. "As she said, we are without any doctors to really consult." She brushes stray blonde hair out of her face and behind her ear, as she glances at Meredith, "Some of the kids are getting really bad, vomiting and chills, so what help we can get would be great."

Again, Constantine listens, and considers his options. "Medicine isn't cheap on the island, and my time is never free, especially on house calls, so I hope you brought the company checkbook. It's been some time since I last locked my door early." Whether or not one of them produces 'the company checkbook,' Constantine turns and walks back towards his collection of medications. "Do they have any allergies?"

The company checkbook? While Meredith assumed that they'd have to pay for something in order to get all the medicine and what they needed, she didn't expect this doctor to be so cold about it. Kids were dying, didn't they make that clear? Already wound up, Constantine really just gave her a reason to lash out. "Look, mister, I'm sure you're supposed to be good at doctorin' and all since you're who we were told to come to for all this, but if when you hear 'bout kids that're on the verge of dyin' and what you bring up is the checkbook, then I don't know what the hell kinda person you can call yourself. We'd pay you for the medicine," she assumes, though Meredith certainly wasn't given any checkbook or allowance for their mission. "But I thought your profession gave a goddamn about people's lives. I dragged my sorry ass all the way up from Lower Manhattan to this miserable island to take care of them for free with all the risk of gettin' myself all deadly ill, so the least you could do is look like you gave a hoot." Her already hot hands start to glow brighter, the adrenaline rush and explosion of emotions making it harder for her to control herself. This really is not a good day for her.

That throws Kaylee for a loop, she hadn't thought about asking Eileen about that. She glances at older blonde arch a brow, as she answers at least one question. A hand moves to rest on the woman's arm a warning in a way. "A few with a penicillin allergy." Her eyes go back to the doctor. "No way we can convince you to take a look at these kids? We'll make sure you get the money for the medication. But for the most part we're non-profit…" A part of her tickles at the back of her mind. It would be so simple… the right placed words and he'd work for free and happy to do it. These thoughts are squashed quickly, since she's trying to be nice about this.

Constantine looks back over his shoulder with a somewhat irritated expression on his face, but he almost immediately turns back to his cabinets. "I misspoke, it would seem," he says, "I will examine the children, I will bring as appropriate an inventory of drugs as I can assemble, given my presently limited information, and I will bill you for all of it. Although I will admit, given that coming to see me seems to be incredibly difficult for you to manage, that I am a bit perplexed as to why you're here, instead of somewhere a bit closer to home."

"'Cause the kids are on Staten Island, too." It's really the only reason that Meredith would drag herself out to this place - on Ferry business. The island doesn't actually scare her, it's just a pain to get to. "Fine." The blonde gives a wave of her hand, which is slowly losing the red glowing color to it. However, the extra adrenaline needs some place to go and she feels too cooped up and nervous here. Knowing that everything will be taken care of, she turns to Kaylee. "I need some fresh air." This way she doesn't set something in here on fire, as that would most likely also get billed to the Ferrymen. "I'll be right outside when ya'll are done here." An appropriate time to apologize for yelling at Constantine would be now, but that's not about to happen. Instead, the two of them may just find some dead leaves or trash smoldering behind the building when they come out to join her.

"This is where we were sent for one and Staten is where the kids are. Plus, we can't exactly go on the mainland and waltz into a clinic and ask for it." Kaylee states blandly, watching what he's doing. A soft sigh and a nod is given to Meredith when the other woman goes to flee from the area. "You'll get paid." She assures him, even if she has to tap into her daddy money for it. Once Meredith is out the door, Kaylee moves closer to the man, "Anything I can help with?" The offer is innocent enough.

"Go down the hall, into the kitchen," Constantine replies, "Wake Ranger up, and hope none of your kids are allergic to dogs. I'll be as ready as I can be in a few more moments. I assume you'll be staying around and can provide directions as appropriate."

"Ranger? That your dogs name? I like it." Kaylee turns to do as bid, an amused little smile on her lips despite the urgency of the mission. "Of course, I'm pretty sure I can do that… I'll even lead you there myself." The worry at being rejects washes away as she moves to find the dog in question. There is some hope for the kids at least and that is a huge weight of her mind.

The dog in question is easy enough to, lounging lazily on a rug on the tiled kitchen floor and perking up just a bit when Kaylee comes into view. Apparently, the two of them have no issues to work out.

True to his word, it doesn't take Constantine long to finish gathering together what he needs, or at least what he thinks he needs. One last look into a locked drawer to retrieve a pistol and ammunition, and he's good to go. Doctor or not, only a fool would walk around Staten Island without some defensive weapon on hand. "Ready whenever you are," he says.

Crouching down with a brighter smile to greet the dog, "Look at you.." Her family had plenty of dogs, so like most people there is a soft spot for them, "Come on.. the kids will be thrilled to meet you." She motions for the dog to follow. "Come on, Ranger." She steps out again and nods, not evening stopping, just moving past him to the door, pushing through and holding it for him. "Alrighty, let's go doctor… Sick kids are awaiting and their not getting any healthier."

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