Giving Notice


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Scene Title Giving Notice
Synopsis Abby comes by with a request and a little personal vouching.
Date May 30, 2009


Saturday mornings are good for cartoons, going out for breakfast with friends or family or even sleeping in. It's also good for hoofing it to the Precinct at police plaza 1 to try and find Elisbeth. That's what the red headed former healer is doing as she gives a nod to the officer manning the front desk. There's a gesture towards the back of the building when Abigail asks for Elisabeth and she's allowed back to go hunt her down. Such is what it's like when your the healer of the cops.

Truthfully, Elisabeth would have rathered stayed home in bed all day — and maybe even for sleep! A certain man's company has definitely given her entire week a boost, though. She's actually humming under her breath a little, finally feeling like she's getting out from under all the doom and gloom and worry - at least for a while. Until she glances up and spots Abby in the door, and honestly? It worries her when Abby shows up out of the blue instead of calling. "Abby?" she asks in alarm as she stands up. "You okay?"

"Just stopping by" Abigail answers, standing at the door, holding onto the brown canvas messenger bag. "I have a reason but, just stopping by. Can I come sit?"

Elisabeth waves her in immediately, her expression shifting from alarm to one of curiosity. "Of course. Sorry about that… it's become a habit to wonder what's hitting the fan when you show up unannounced, and that's not fair," she says with a smile. "Have a seat. Long time, no see. How're you doing? I'm sorry I've been such a completely crappy friend lately."

"I'm good. Surviving, living, being" Abigail trudges in, the bottoms of her jeans scraping her heel as she takes the seat opposite Elisabeth. "I ran into Alec Bonder. Actually, my scooter broke down and he stopped. Helped to get it back up and running"

And there's that man's name again. Elisabeth finds That Man's name to be a bit of a trigger for her temper, and she refuses to let him kill the rest of her good-mood buzz. "And… you're telling me why?" Because although it may sound like a casual start to a conversation, sometimes it's not. Abby knows exactly why Liz might react poorly to Alec's name.

"I don't think he realized just how personal a violation it was that he did Liz" Liz never discussed anything with Abby save that someone had listened in on conversations. "He's destroying anything that had to do with me in whatever he recorded. He offered it actually, when I told him that it was still .. important to me, what I said, what he heard. That it was personal and a violation of my privacy" Abigail shifts in her seat. "Liz.. he's tore up. Really. he named his bike after you"

Elisabeth leans back in her seat and says quietly, "Abby…. that man … " She compresses her lips together searching for words, and then pops a bubble around them. "It's not just about what he heard, which is bad enough. It was personal for you? How about this? It's not bad enough he has the conversations you and I had about Phoenix, he acted like my friend. Slept with me, even cooked dinner for me. Earned my trust almost to the point that I would have potentially told him about Phoenix. How stupid does that make me??" And she's angry, but it's also very clear that an equal part of her anger is at herself for being stupid and the hurt at the betrayal of trust. Because his was far, far greater than hers. "He listened to me, after you and Norton were rescued, have sex with Norton and listened to all the things that were said between the two of us. And to top it all off, instead of coming to me and saying "Geez, Liz, I fucked up bad, you're gonna be mad, but I was scared when I did it," he tried to blackmail me. I don't care what he thinks he was doing, but when you get in someone's face and say 'you can't tell anyone what I'm telling you because otherwise I have all ths information on you that's going to get used', it's blackmail."

Abigail sighs, bringing her thumb and forefinger up to her forehead. "He did something bad Liz. We all do bad things. it's how we behave, after the fact and try to make up for what we did really, that counts more" but she didn't really come here to go in depth about Alec. "If it were me. I'd give him another chance" but that's it. The red head drops her hand and stands back up. "SCOUT needs to take me off their contact list for when an officer gets hurt. I can't heal officers anymore"

"That's exactly what I think, too, Abby. And what he did was try to blackmail me instead of apologizing," Elisabeth says quietly. "I'm sorry — I didn't mean to yell at you, it has nothing to do with you. It just stresses me completely out." And then she pauses, and asks carefully, "Are you all right?" Her first concern is for Abby's well-being, not the cops in question.

"I'm fine Liz. Tell them I was glad to help them when I could. But that .." She shrugs. "I can give you the name of another healer, he's not registered. Maybe you can talk sense into him and get him to and use him. But I need to not be called by the department. I won't be coming" Her hand tight around her messenger bag, abigail looks away from the blonde.

Elisabeth puts her hand out, though she stops short of touching Abby. "Hey…. c'mon, tell me what's happening, hun. All of it. You know I'll handle it for you, but I'm worried about you."

"There's nothing to handle Liz. That's just it. Helena has the name of who to use instead. His names Dr. Chuck Pepper down in Little Italy. He does what I do, and better. I've seen him work. I'll be around the city at the bar. Just.. "Abby shakes her head. "Give him a second chance. Really. For my sake, give him that second chance"

Elisabeth waves it off. "I meant I'll handle telling Harvard you're off hte books. Abigail, *what* is going on?"

"Stuff liz. Stuff" The red head replies before turning around and striding off. "You know me. Always up to my eyeballs"

With a frown, Elisabeth watches the healer go…. and she can't keep the worry out of her expression. And she moves to pick up the phone and call Helena to see if the other blonde will tell her what the hell just happened.

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