Giving Trust


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Scene Title Giving Trust
Synopsis Carrie shows up at the tent with Magnes' in-line skates with the intent to loosens the leash. Magnes asks her the 'if I was closer to your age' question.
Date July 09, 2009

Carrie and Magnes' Campsite - Fort Hero

Darkness has finally fallen on the campsite Carrie and Magnes share. The older agent however, is not there… yet. A flash of light across the tent and the soft sound of feet on the ground outside are the only clue someone is coming. The tent flap opens into the darkness outside and something comes flying in to land next to Magnes. It's his in-line skates. "Took a trip to storage. Dug those out for you." Carrie's familiar voice drifts in before she crawls into the tent.

"What're these for?" Magnes asks as he catches them and runs fingers over the magnet designs covering every inch. "Uh, are we going out skating or something? Do you know how to skate?" he wonders rather skeptically, raising an eyebrow. Why does he not think Carrie can skate?! "I saved up a long time for these, they cost around two or three hundred dollars, they're professional, custom design and everything."

"Not me… You." Carrie offers brightly as she plunks down on her sleeping bag. "And I do not know how to skate." She declare helpfully as she drops back to lay down, a hand tucked under her head. "I've been thinking… I overreacted at the ER, Magnes. Soooo got your skates and figured you could use them to skate home.. Plus figure there's plenty of area around here for you to use them…" She trails off and glances over at him.

"I uh…" Magnes stares down at his skates, smiling rather brightly from under his sleeping bag, only wearing a simple white t-shirt with the scene of Squirrel Girl defeating Thanos on the front. "You know how I usually skate, right? I mean, I'm just checking here…"

Turning on her side and props up on her elbow, Carrie eyes him. "Actually, no. If it involves your ability I need to know details." She peers at the guy across the tent from her. "That way I know what to expect, before I make my decision." The smile tugs at the corner of her mouth.

"Well, I usually jump from building and building, grind on stuff, y'know?" Magnes asks as he sits his skates down, grabbing a comb for his gelled hair, something he's still getting used to. "But I've been delivering pizzas that way for years, so it's not like I'm gonna suddenly slip up now. The only person who ever caught me was Minea, and that's 'cause I was following her, it's how we met. And this one night it was really breezy and I fell into an alley, but that was back when I didn't have as much control over my ability."

Brows lift a bit and Carrie considers this. "I…." Rolling on her back again Carrie stares at the ceiling of their tent. It's obvious that it's a big decision. "Oh.. while I'm thinking about it as long as your around the compound and all.. don't be afraid to mess around with your ability.. " Glancing at him she points a finger and shakes it. "Just no getting into trouble or causing problems."

"Don't worry, it's easier to not get in trouble when it's not accidentally triggering all over the place." Magnes starts scooting his sleeping bag over next to her's already, his attitude rather casual, possibly higher spirits than usual. At least since he's come to the Company. "Well, think about it. I've had my ability since I was fifteen or sixteen, I've been delivering since uh, maybe eighteen. If I haven't gotten caught in four years, you think I am now? Especially since I've gotten lots of training…"

A hand resting on her stomach, gives a flick of fingers and Carrie sighs. "Yeah… Okay." Fingers tap lightly on her stomach, "I'm trusting you, Magnes. Please… please don't get caught." Higher ups don't need to know, but she can't hold him close all the time.

"I won't, this was my life." Magnes sits back once his bag bumps into her's, putting his hands behind his head, just smiling, he can't stop smiling tonight. "I'm more likely to screw up walking around on the sidewalk than I am jumping on rooftops. I mean, you guys changed my whole lifestyle and expected me not to screw up. I'm not really a secret agent expert, but that doesn't sound really smart…"

"Guess they figured that it would keep you out of trouble." Carrie glances over at hm when the sleeping bag bumps into hers. She gives him an amused smirk and asks, "When they finally get the living quarters done, what are you gonna do when you can't sleep by me anymore?" The hand on her stomach, moves suddenly to smack him lightly in the stomach.

"It's gonna suck, but I guess I'll just have to deal with it." Magnes answers before a quick yelp at the smack. But even then, he's still smiling, cheeks flushing slightly. "Abby doesn't think I'm immature, she thinks I've changed. I mean, I'm seriously happy about that, even though I do feel a bit guilty about being too happy, I mean, Elle's kind've my girlfriend now. But I've had a thing for Abby for the longest, so it can't hurt, right? It's not like I'm planning to two-time Elle, I'm just happy, it doesn't hurt anyone to feel a little happy that I got a bit of approval, I like approval, my therapist totally gave me approval too…"

"Nothing wrong with getting the approval from a girl you got a crush on." Carrie's hand reaches over and plucks at his shirt a bit, nothing meant by it, just a playful thing. "I'm glad you got to go pay your respects." Her voice goes soft. "Don't be afraid to talk to m about stuff.. mean.. I'm not your therapist.. but I want you to feel if you need something that you could ask for it and I'll do what I can for you." Giving him a look she adds. "Within reason."

"I feel a lot better after seeing the bar again, it just, I don't know, it felt like she was there. We weren't crying and mourning, we were just there, having a good time, like she would've wanted." Magnes places a hand on Carrie's closing his eyes after a deep breath. "I wanted to tell her about Elle, Isabelle wanted me to date and be a normal guy. She would've thrown a whole party if I told her about Elle…" Shaking his head, he just turns to her and snickers lightly. "I'm not gonna ask you to get into my sleeping bag or something."

"Know what I use to do when I felt like I needed to tell my daughter?" Carrie's fingers curl around his, as she talks. "I'd go to her grave." She makes it sound like a simple answer. "I know it's not th same, but there is a sense of closure about it." A shoulder shrugs. "It's a thought anyhow." Shaking her head to brush away any thoughts, she grins at him suddenly and teases, "Yeah.. cause I might have to hurt you if you ask."

"I should ask Abby where Isabelle's grave is." Magnes agrees, his smile softening as he begins to finally relax. "Abby obviously knows I'm in the Company, there's no fooling her, she's not even in doubt about it. What could it hurt if I'm around her a bit?"

Giving his hand a gentle tug Carrie asks, "Not gonna talk about what you do? Or about the Company? Even if she asks?" yes study him, watching for a lie. it's hard for her to unwind th leash again, but she knows he needs more slack, that's pretty much what she got from Bella's report. "Not gonna go on any crusades for this woman behind my back?"

"I won't tell her anything, she wouldn't expect me to, we had a talk about that." Magnes turns his head to give her a serious stare, wanting her to know that he means every word. "But I won't lie to you, if she was in danger, or needed my help, I would help her. I'd call you guys first to know what to do, but there's no way I'd let Abby get hurt. She's not some terrorist, I mean, she has questionable company, but she's never taken anyone's side, she healed everyone because she thought it was what God wanted. Her gift is gone, so, I think it'll be alright now."

She studies him for a long moment then, "Good." Carrie says firmly believing him. "And I would expect you to call me first…. or…" she quickly corrects, "..your partner who ever that ends up being. You have my number.. so if all else fails you got back up."

"So, when I don't have training, I can just… go see Abby?" Magnes asks, suddenly sitting up a bit excitedly. "Y'know, maybe I should go on some dates with Elle first. Whenever I start hanging around with Abby, I've gotta carry my jaw all day because it's all hitting the floor…"

Watching him perk up like that makes Carrie smile for a moment, but then it falters a touch at one corner. Much like he's been use to sleeping next to her, shes gotten use to his company. More she loosens the leash, the more she's realizing that. "Yeah kiddo. You can. I'm putting my trust in you. Just remember to repeat this whenever you are gonna do something 'Is this going to get Carrie fired, reprimanded or pulled as my trainer?'"

"I won't do anything crazy, I promise. You're my best friend here. I mean, Elle's my girlfriend, but that's just because I wanna get to know her, in a more uh, girlfriendy way. Wait, I don't think that came out right…" Magnes awkwardly rubs the back of his neck, shaking his head. "Well, anyway, I wouldn't get you in trouble. And when we move into the dorms, we're still in the same room, right? I don't wanna be with some person I don't know."

"Dunno, cutie." Carrie murmurs thoughtfully, her eyes back on the roof of the tent. She sounds almost distracted as she continues, "Just gotta see how it's gonna all work out, but don't be surprised.. And I knew you wouldn't get me in trouble on purpose. Its why I didn't get overly pissed at th ER. I…trust you."

"I trust you too Carrie." Magnes goes quiet for a while, just staring at the ceiling with her. Then, out of the blue, he breaks the silence with a question, "Can you answer this question honestly? If we were, I don't know, closer in age, would you date me?"

That question catches Carrie off guard and she blinks at the ceiling and than glances at him. "I… uh… " Here mouth snaps shut and she presses her lips together. "Honestly?" She asks softly. He's her trainee, she shouldn't answer that question.. but who is there to hear her be honest. "I think…. I should plead the fifth on that one for now," she gives him an apologetic smile, but she does reach up to brush the back of her fingers against his cheek.

"You know…" Magnes turns over on his stomach, closing his eyes with his head resting on his arms; sleeping position. "I'm starting to think girls like me…" he observes with a hint of pride in his smile, slowly drifting off.

Carrie smirks as she listens to him, but doesn't say anything. She closes her eyes as well as she thinks. 'Your gonna grow up to be a heart breaker, kiddo.' Lord, knows she would of kept her own daughter far away. That thought doesn't sadden her, it actually amuses her as she drifts off to sleep as well.

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