Glamorous Darling


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Scene Title Glamorous Darling
Synopsis Melissa visits Raquelle in order to fix a problem and become glamorous.
Date June 28, 2010

Cambria Salon and Day Spa

It's not long after lunch when a familiar face walks through the doors of Raquelle's salon. It's Melissa and she's looking a great deal better than she did last time Raquelle saw her. She's smiling, which is a big change. She's in a black skirt and black corset, looking no worse for the wear other than the two small scars on her shoulder from bullet wounds. Her hair has been dyed so there are black streaks running through the blonde…Except for a patch near the back that's white. Stark white. Wonder how that happened!

It isn't that busy of a day and Raquelle is actually at the front desk, filing his nails as he occasionally flips through a magazine in front of him. He wears a fitted black sweater with the sleeves cut off and the neck-lined cut into a V, paired with a pair of fitted black jeans, docs on his feet and a bright blue streak in his emo-fringe as he looks up to see who's coming through the door. "Ahhh, Melissa! Dahlink!" He tosses down his nail file and flips his magazine closed to come from around the desk, arms extended. "Look at you, you look so-what the HELL happened to your hair?" He frowns as he gets a glance at the back of the woman's head, leaning around to see better.

The reaction has Melissa looking sheepish. "I uh…it's sort of a side effect of this healing I got. It's actually why I'm here. I was able to cover it up for this thing the other night, but…I was hoping you could fix it? Put in a black streak maybe, or…maybe you got some awesome dark color besides brown and black that could cover it and the rest of my hair up?"

Raquelle just moves around the woman, staring at the back of her head, raising his hands which are clad in fingerless gloves and he just runs his fingers through the strands, rubbing them between his fingers and then gently resting a hand on her shoulder to start steering her towards the back. "I don't want the drugs you took to make your hair change colors, lordy." He rolls his eyes. "We can go /two/ ways here sugar, either…platinum or dark princess, up to you honey."

It wasn't drugs that did this, but there's no reason for Melissa to enlighten Raquelle. However she does let him move her through the salon. "Let's try dark princess. I haven't gone dark in…I don't know. Ages. It might be fun to go dark for a while," she decides after a moment.

Raquelle gives Melissa a look before air kissing near her cheek. "You ain't that old chica, don't be loca." He winks and then leads the woman to his private office/private station and points her towards the stylist's seat. "Then we'll do a dark chocolate brown…almost black but with the proper highlights and low-lights." He muses this over, tapping a finger against his lips. "Let me go get the dye cart honey and mix your color up, okay?"

Melissa grins. "I know I'm not that old," she says, settling into the seat. "And that color sounds good. Never gone that color before, and I do like trying new things. Besides, you're the hair master. If anyone knows what'll look good, it's you." Such faith!

"Mmmhmmm, glamorous dahlink." Raquelle saunters back with the styling cape, wrapping it around his shoulders like a feather boa and striking a dramatic pose with his hand on his forehead before laughing and whipping the cape off to drape around Melissa's shoulders. "Yet still rock." He throws up the classic rock symbol with a wink. "With plenty of girly edge." He saunters away towards his dyes and bowls and mixing supplies with an exaggerated sway of his hips. "You'll look fabulous honey, trust me." He starts choosing things, putting on the plastic gloves, etc, mixing and peering.

Melissa laughs as well, shaking her head. "So dramatic," she says with a grin, though she's clearly enjoying it. How could anyone not? "So how's your life been? When people like me aren't coming to you with hair disasters? Oh, and hey, at least I didn't bring you fire scorched hair this time!"

Raquelle snickers as he shrugs a shoulder. "Its been a life. My girls are growing like weeds and their dogs were almost made into fur coats the other week when I lost another pair of leather pants." He mixes away and then finally pushes the cart over as he starts getting to work, his brush, his little comb…he knows what he's doing as he chuckles softly. "I enjoy folks who bring me their problems, helps me give back to my community honey. How have /you/ been?"

"Oh god I feel for ya," Melissa says with a sympathetic look. "I got a puppy a few months back, and he loved to chew on my leather. Got one of my favorite pairs of boots. Me and him…we had words after that," she says with a sigh, re-mourning her boots. "My life's been…better, actually. Been keeping busy and enjoying it. Got the club open, which is awesome. Had a good turn out for it, too."

Raquelle mmhms as he works. "My boyfriend has dogs, so he's good with 'em, he knows how to help out and shi-stuff. My girls just /adore/ their dogs. These are the same girls who used to have pets like…a tarantula and a damn rat so…" He rolls his eyes and works on another section of hair. "Oh? What kinda club honey? I'll have to stop by some time, show your patrons how to /really/ party."

There's a shudder at the mention of tarantulas. "Oh god no. I would never have a pet spider. I hate spiders with a passion. A rat wouldn't bother me though. But I'm happy with my dog. And it's a goth club." She grins. "Would I manage any other kind of club?" Really, she wouldn't look right in, say, a piano bar.

Raquelle hmms softly and sways a bit to a song only he can hear as he works. "I don't like spiders, my oldest daughter loves them." Then he laughs and shakes his head. "Hey, you may have decided to run a disco, how do I know?" He winks and then eventually steps back. "Lets let it sit for a while, I think with a darker shade, you'll make a real statement at your little club honey."

Melissa grins. "I make a statement anyway, sugah. This is me, after all. Funny thing though…after the hair turned white, someone actually suggested I go dark. Wasn't sure about it, but…didn't wanna go platinum. So he got his wish, at least for now."

"Nah, I mean something different. You know, something that doesn't scream 'Hi, I'm a gothic wannabe bitch named Raven Woe…check out my totally lifeless black hair job'." Raquelle tugs on the styling cape. "Something you should never /be/, so your statement will be classic and different and dark without being cliche." He wiggles his ass a bit as he leans against the back of the chair and just seems to be waiting. "I love my job."

Melissa laughs and nods. "I can tell. And that's good! You should love your job. I know I loved my job on Friday. Especially the date auction. I got to sell people off for a night!" she says with an impish grin. "Was fun talking 'em up and tossing out innuendos and all that. Pity I don't get to do more of that but ah well. And Raquelle? Thanks. If you hadn't helped I'd probably have…well…maybe gone black and been cliched."

Raquelle mmhms and points to the sink. "You know you're welcome. C'mon honey, lets get you rinsed out." There are also many other things that go into this process seeing as he has to put in highlights and other things and it is a timely process but he takes his time.

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