Glass Wonderland


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Scene Title Glass Wonderland
Synopsis One of New York's rising stars makes her debut, but nothing ever goes off without a hitch.
Date February 10, 2011

The Rock Cellar

A comfortable place, located in the basement of 14 East 4th Street. The red brick walls are covered with memorabilia from various icons of rock and places in rock history, creating a feel similar to that of a Hard Rock Cafe.

The left wall has two bars separated by swinging doors which lead to and from the kitchen. Directly across from the entrance is a two foot high stage with all the equipment needed for acts to perform there. The right wall has three doors marked as restrooms: two for use by women and one by men.

Thirty square feet of open space for dancing and standing room is kept between the stage and the comfortable seating placed around tables which fill the remainder of the Cellar.

The lighting here is often kept dim for purposes of ambience, and when performers are onstage the place is loud enough to make conversation difficult. Just inside the door is a podium where location staff check IDs and stamp the hands of those under twenty-one with a substance visible under UV lights at the two bars and by devices the servers carry. On the podium's front is a sign with big black letters that just about explain it all: If You Don't Like Rock 'N' Roll, You're Too Late Now!

To say that the Rock Cellar is bustling might a bit of an overstatement, but it's certainly not far from the truth. It's only the early evening, a bit before 6 - much sooner than most concerts, but curfew forces these things these days. The air is electric, energy high in the restaurant slash performance venue, the staff doubled up for what amounts to, for an independent and short notice concert, something that has a decent turnout so far. The stage itself already has several instruments sitting on it - a black piano, a drumset in the back, several guitar cases, and one small violin case sitting in a set a bit away from the piano. No sign of anyone tuning or setting up instruments - chances are, this was done hours ago.

In front of the stage, for the time being, sits a desk with a laptop and a plug into the sound system, a LED display set up in front of it displaying the name of the song being played over the loudspeakers - at the moment displaying "Lisa Miskovsky - Lover" in blue, a sign hanging from the front of the table that says "Introducing - The Showcase! Hosted by Robyn Quinn" with Studio K's radio call letters underneath, "Coming Soon!" emblazoned off to the side, along with flyer explaining the program sitting on the table.

Another new addition to the room, to the side of the stage, is a small merch table, manned by a young man with shaggy brown hair and almost stereotypical thick black rimmed glasses. Across it sits a bit less than one might expect at a concert merch table, but there certainly are several of the Glass Wonderland CDs premièring that evening, along with several numbered CD singles and cards for digital copies of the album. Little attention is called to it otherwise, the woman running the show that evening preferring to let people drift over on their own as they choose.

And just where is the star of the hour? Robyn Quinn herself is sitting on the edge of the stage not far from The Showcase table, a muted microphone in hand as she talks to Nicole Nichols for a brief moment and occasionally glances up at the door, offering a smile to those newly arriving for the concert. She certainly seems energetic from the way her arms move as she talks and how wide her smile is. But who wouldn't be on a night like this?

She's been to concerts, it's just something that girls like Tess do. But she's never been to a concert where her best friend was the star. It's a new, and exciting, experience for the Cajun. So she's nearly bouncing in rather than just walking in like a normal person, and she's got a grin in place, big enough that her dimples show.

She goes up on her tip toes, trying to see over and around people, searching for the musician herself. When she spots Quinn she beams even brighter and waves enthusiastically. "Quinn! Hi! This is awesome!" she calls, not caring about the distance between them, and having no problem yelling to try to be heard.

Candice, on the other hand, isn't quite so thrilled to be here. She's being paid, but even so she's sulking. Not that anyone can tell since she's covered herself, and her companion for the evening, Cat, in illusion. Not making them invisible, just making them different.

Elaine's staying fairly near the stage. She'd been around getting things ready about as long as Quinn had, working her nervous energy into setting things up. With things set up and people arriving and chatting, that leaves the redhead with nothing but a bundle of nerves. She lingers near the stage but far enough away from Quinn that her flatmate won't feel the need to calm her down, and she peers through the crowd for any sort of familiar face that might actually manage to calm her stage fright. She's not sure there's anyone who could at this point.

It's a concert, it's a company production… sort of… and as such the company must send it's most trusted representative. Dirk. Dressed for the evening in a cream colored leisure suit, black satin button up, and a pair of snake skin shoes, the executive assistant slides up to the lady of the hour, just behind and to the side of Nicole. "Well well… Robyn Quinn, look at you~, it's like my little girl's all grown up." The jacket of his suit is left open so that when he places his hand on his hip, the light hitting the satin shirt highlights all of his manliness. Namely the three chest hairs sticking up from the shirt that's unbuttoned just enough to catch attention.

His hand finds Nicole's lower back for the briefest moment as he leans in to whisper something discreetly into her ear and then gives Tess the smarmiest of smiles. "Aren't you perky~? Name's Dirk, my sweet Georgia peach, how about when the music starts we trip this light fantastic?"

Weaving through the crowd having just come from the bathroom, dressed in a dark golden hued cocktail dress that cut so on one leg the fabric is longer and reaches down to her pointed calf high black boots, while the other leg is exposed all the way to her thigh which is covered by a deep blue miniskirt. Eve Mas' thick, raven dark hair is let loose and curly, falling to just about her waist. Dramatic eye make up that make her eerie light grey eyes, stand out more than usual and she's all set.

Pale skin shines under the lights of the venue as she comes to stand not to far from Quinn herself. Offering the fellow musician a light wink, she walks over near Elaine and tilts her head. "Stop that." Said with a light grin and a lean in to embrace the redhead, humming aloud.

"You're gonna do great. You're making history tonight, trust me." Eve had been here hanging with the rest of the band kind of early, not wanting to arrive too late and afraid if left alone she'd have an episode and.. forget about the concert or something.. only Eve.. only Eve.

It didn't take too much arm twisting to get Harmony to go to the musical event. Certain complications had kept her from attending by her own decision, though when she was asked by her brother, a plan had to be thought up. How could she be around all of those people, and not telepath it up so bad? There was no way that she could hold off her ability for that long, and the people around her would drive her to the brink of insanity. All of that high energy and adriniline. So she broke down and decided to take the negation drug she got from Cardinal for one evening. It was a special occasion so this time is okay.

And so, the voices are quiet for her this evening, and don't have a chance of starting up accidentally. It is a night of peace, however it does feel weird, being without an ability at all. She can only hope that her own discomfort won't ruin her fun tonight, or Nate's. As it is, the brother and sister duo could use some good things in their night, and the rockstar legacy duo probably think it is a good plan to get out with more musical events. And of course she had to go in her normal flair, breaking out the tight pants and shirt to go along with her wild blond hair and classice bad girl smirk.

"Alright, so.. what's the plan?" she asks the blond haired pretty boy next to her, giving her head a light toss to fling a few blond curls from her eyes to get a look at him, her hands tucked into her back pockets. "It's definantly a party, so unless we know someone here.." she looks around, "Might be a bit tough."

That morning, as agreed upon between them, Cat laid the fee Candice demanded on her. Party to that, she's present with the self-styled World's Best Illusionist under cloak of an alternative appearance. She seems blonde with red streaks throughout with a few tattoos showing here and there to present the semblance of a cliche'd rocker, complete with piercings to eyebrow, nose, and lip. Her apparent height is maybe five feet four inches. The table she customarily occupied in days of not being a fugitive is in use by paying customers, it wouldn't do to behave in ways attributable to her and be there. No, she's taken up a place near the stage and is watching the run-up to the event itself, eyes alertly scanning across the crowd and sighting faces, committing them to memory.

"Excellent crowd," she murmurs, as her head nods toward the merchandise table to indicate she's about to buy a copy, then another toward Quinn to silently advise she's headed for the DJ after that.

Lynette Rowan is sitting at one of the bars, a martini glass in hand. She's dressed nicely herself, in a vintage, Audrey Hepburn type of style and, of course, a pair of heels that look great but also a bit like torture devices. To each their own. She's not among those greeting Quinn and giving her well wishes, but she is here to support. She knows how much the music means to the girl and can't help but feel the drive to be here for her. Call it left over safe house operator feelings.

When she's addressed, Tess looks at Dirk. But the Georgia Peach thing has her wrinkling her nose. "Georgia peach? Cheri, I'm a spicy Cajun, not a sweet Georgia peach!" she says before laughing. "And I'm always up for dancin'. But right now, I gotta go wish my favorite musician good luck. Though she totally doesn't need it."

Candice just shrugs at Cat, not really looking around, and certainly not one to be socializing. In fact she's made herself look absolutely normal for the event in question, to avoid being looked at. "Yeah, whatever. Let's make our rounds then get the hell out of dodge."

"We're happy to be here," Nicole tells Quinn with a smile. Her nose isn't taped up tonight, though it probably should be. It's a photo op night, however, so aesthetics reign supreme. A black boatneck top and miniskirt, both made of silk, semi-opaque black tights and bubblegum pink heels - of all things - are her concert attire. Her thoughts are interrupted by Tess' calling, and…

And speaking of that broken nose, there's the reason for it with his hand on her back and whispering in her ear. Nicole's hand flutters up over her chest as a smile spreads across her face. "Dirk, in public?" She gasps as though she's scandalised by whatever he just said to her. "You sly dog." She drops a quick peck on his cheek and murmurs something back with a conspiratorial air.

As he walks next to his sister, Nate flicks his own blond hair out of his eyes as he scans the crowd. As he does he says to his sister, "We look for this chick. We say hello and we stay for a song or two? I hear she is pretty good and she has some connections in music. You were the one who wanted to start playing in a band with her brother." The younger sibling turns to smirk towards Harmony. His eyes turning back towards the crowd looking for Quinn, "Besides…you stay in for another night and your gonna end up a shut in." He takes her hand and begins to move into the crowd.

He is not dressed to match his sister tonight but his tight jeans, tight t-shirt and big black combat boots give off that rocker mentality tonight. This is a man who is looking to have some fun!

Delilah is missing an arm. Well, not really- but it feels like it. She left Walter with her aunt tonight, and though thr break is appreciated, every time seems to feel as if she is forgetting something, has lost a limb, or is generally feeling like she is walking around without clothes on. He's just always there otherwise.

The redhead sweeps into the familiar building as if she might own the place, and for once in a long time, she isn't dressed like she might be getting thrown up on at any moment. A dark blue pencil skirt, giving her a waspish figure, worn with slim suspenders over a white cotton tank top, a union jack emblazoned over the front. Her long red hair seems even longer when she lets it all down with minimal fuss- just a clip pulling it back on one side.

She's looking quite determinedly for a way over towards the stage, her dark heels making her re-learn this way of walking very fast. It comes back pretty well, even after this long. Delilah manages to get mostly across things before she spots Elaine, so her path diverts in that direction.

"Your little girl? Dirk how old are you, even?" Quinn replies with a laugh and a shake of her head as she jokingly kicks her foot out at him from where she sits, careful not to hit Nicole instead. She's dressed, at the moment, in loose pants and a t-shirt, not really looking like someone who's about to go up on stage. "Thanks for coming, though. Both of you, it means a lot!" She smirks, reaching over and gently punching Nicole in the shoulder. "Good to have friends and coworkers about to hear the music and tell Kristen I don't totally suck." A pause. "You're not going to tell Kristen I totally suck, right?"

Hoping down from the stage, Quinn throws arms open to Tess. "Hey, you made it! Absolutely fantastic!" Bracing herself for the hug, she looks around the room, for anyone else she happens to know will be showing up tonight. Unfortuantely, a few familiar faces go unnoticed, but regardless she's clearly pleased with the turnout so far.

Magnes is just sitting at the bar nursing a glass of guinness. He's not being terribly social… well, not being social at all, really. He's said hello to a few people, but even in the black armani suit he's worn out tonight, he's decided to be rather aloof. Maybe is he hunches enough, no one will notice that he's shown up!

While many people are among the minglers, Adel peeks around the edge of a doorway and looks around, as if she's expecting someone. Whoever that someone is, when her eyes fall on grumpy Magnes, slouching and trying to avoid notice. Alas, avoidance fails. With a click of her tongue against the roof of her mouth and leaves the safety of the stage doorway. "You're in a suit," she says when she plops down next to him, rubbing elbow against his arm and invading his personal space all smiles. "But you're looking all grumpy-face."

"Suck? Naawww…" Dirk's denial comes at a price though since the grin on his face just gets a little grosser. "You don't swing that way, remember?" As a side he leans in and slips a card into a tuckable place somewhere on Quinn's person. "If you ever do though… my number, 'kay? Greeeeeaaaaat…" His hand stays near the small of Nicole's back, though a wary eye is kept on the lookout for Mister Cannon Hands, the fiancee. A shudder courses up the petite man's spine just as he spies something else he wants. "Oh hey~ Free drinks~"

"I've a valid reason for staying in and hiding from most of the world right now." Harmony mentions to her brother, "It isn't a permanant situation, I only have maybe a few more weeks or so according to Richard, then I'll be back to my old self. Any day now, he says." Harmony reaches her the backs of her fingers and the back of her right hand to push her hair up on one side and flick it outward from her shoulder. "You try harmoring a telepathic ability in a crowd this large and hyped up. You have no idea what all those thoughts sound like in your head all at once." She isn't exactly grumpy, just a but adamant about her plight.

Standing on her toes for a second, to make herself taller so that she can look around at the crowd, Harmony helps Nate in searching for the girl in question. To think that they probably resemble their parents at one of these things in their younger days. "You know, you could use your ability to like, float above all these people and find her much easier~" she sings with a grin.

At the merch table, enough cash to buy the CD is handed to the guy working there by the falsely blonde and short Cat, she doesn't speak and afterward moves on toward Quinn's position. There are people around her, so she chooses to look at her as if sizing up a rival musician. A long swig is taken from a beer in her left hand, then she wipes her mouth with a sleeve and walks closer to pass in front of this trio including Quinn, Nicole, and Dirk, seeming for all the world to be entirely unimpressed.

As the disguised panmnesiac passes by, she mutters under her breath in a thick Brooklyn accent. "You better be good, chica."

Bracing herself for a hug is probably a smart move for Quinn, because the enthusiasm in Tess's hug makes it necessary, unless she wants to end up being knocked on her ass at her own concert. "This is so awesome! All of this just for you? It's awesome! Awesome squared. Totally wicked. Are you thrilled? Nervous? You better not be nervous because you're going to be a-fuckin'-mazing!" Finally she pulls back so she can grin at Quinn. "And now I'm gonna go grab somethin' to drink, and get a good spot so I can totally jam out once this party gets goin'!"

And Candice? Yeah, she's totally a party pooper. But at least she's behaving herself. No random illusions, no wrecking things, and not obnoxious drunkeness. So that's something, anyway.

Elaine is very accepting of the hug. Really, she'd cling to Eve for dear life if she didn't think that'd make her look too weird. "I am so bad at this. It's one thing to play in a studio, you know, they can fix how you sound. It's another thing live, and I don't wanna mess things up for Quinn." Yeah, stage fright is petrifying her for the moment. The good thing is, she doesn't necessarily have to talk much. A lot easier when you just have to play and not talk. Delilah's a welcome sight as the leggy redhead notices the childless mother making her way over. She waves her hand to Dee.

As Nate snaps his head and gives her a flat look, "Must you talk so loud Har?" He pinches her and he begins to pull his sister in the direction of Quinn, "Besides. I have never tryed that but I could lift you. With the aura it would make you look all evil like so shush." He smirks softly and begins to gently make his way towards the star of the night with a number of excuse mes…sorries…pardon me's.

Nate says softly to Harmony, "Behave." As they come up the group sounding Quinn and waits for his "turn".

"It's just a little awkward, being with the band, because, well, you'll know during the meeting." Magnes turns around in his chair with the glass in his hand, smiling slightly at Adel. "So, you really like me being in the band?" he asks this like he's been told this by some external source. "A lot of people here. Oh Christ, Harmony's here… I have the feeling someone's going to slap me before the end of the night."

"Don't worry. There's no way you could possibly be anything but marvellous," Nicole assures Quinn. Then Dirk spies the drinks, which are free, as if they couldn't afford them, and starts to disengage. A wandering Dirk? Oh dear. She rests a hand on Quinn's arm briefly to call her attention after Tess is done assaulting the musician with hugs.

"I should go make sure he doesn't… hump something," Nicole teases, hurrying to catch up with Kristen's assistant. She wraps an arm around his waist in a friendly (and maybe just a touch too familiar) manner. "C'mon, Dirk. Let's go get our drink on." As she starts steering him, she gives him a smirk and a curious look. "Did you kill her or something?"

For a moment, Adel's smile is a frown, but then she reaches over and ruffles his hair, forcing it back on her face like nothing happened. "Yes, I like you being in the band," she says firmly, before glancing to try and find this mysterious Harmony. No such luck, cause there's many people in the direction she's squinting, before she looks back and pushes Magnes from the side again, this time with her hand. "Stop doing things that make girls slap you and you won't have to worry about that!"

"Scared outta my mind," Quinn confesses with a laugh, shaking her head at the Cajun girl in front of her. A wave is given over to Eve and Delilah, blinking a bit as some woman calls her chica. "It'll be the best damn concert of the year so far!" she retorts cheerily, smirking. Not that there's been many, but who cares? The point stands. Ruffling Tess' hair, Quinn looks over towards Nicole. "Make sure he doesn't drink too much. The last thing I need is him trying to shag the stage or somethin'" And- is that Lynette? Another smile, and a more furtive wave is offered up in ehr direction, though Quinn isn't really sure if the former safehouse operator even sees it.

"Like I said, history is being made tonight. So, let's shake those nerves off, hm?" Eve smiles gently in Elaine's direction before the younger redhead is waving to the other redhead. The oracle's eyebrows raise and she tilts her head, "You're.." her forehead wrinkles as she thinks and leans in a little to study Delilah further. The older woman looks as if she's getting ready to sneeze before she stops and smiles towards Delilah. "How's Walter?" she tilts her head and then she's tapping her foot to the music being played in the background.

The musician looks up towards the stage and then back towards Delilah and Elaine. "I've been meaning to come over and bring the.. oh yes! The cookies, the cookies! The chocolate chip ones and the ones with peanut butter, my favorite." Eve clearly looks excited as she claps her hands and looks between Elaine and Delilah. "Would you like to come for cookies too Lai?"

Because in Eve's world, everything is better if you just have a cookie to munch on and some milk to sip on.

Maybe a little rum in it…

Magnes leaves his glass floating in the air and raises his hands to fix his hair, not at all volunteering to actually point Harmony out. "In this suit, I feel like a big band should be playing while I have some sort of dance scene, like in the Mask." A pause, and he looks over at Adel very seriously. "Should I buy a zoot suit?"

Delilah is quick to come clicking up to Elaine once she finds a spot, waving her hand in return as she does so. She is grinning when she gets to the other redhead's side, looping a wrist under her elbow to give the impression of hanging on. It's about this same time that she is suddenly peering back at Eve, having not really been paying attention to who was with Elaine. Oh- lady-

Dee squints back, and it takes her a moment to recall. "Oh, right, you're on my floor." She suddenly grins again, finger tapping at her own jaw. "He's doing good, he's with my aunt tonight. I wanted an evening without being spit up on." Who can blame her? "Elaine here really likes cookies. I think the only thing she likes more than cookies is baking them."

Delilah tries not to laugh when she purses her lips and puts a serious look on the rest of her face.

"Now that would be a show stopper." Harmony mentions to Nate, "Unfortunately, I'm not feeling very Exorcist at the moment, so I doubt I could pull off any evil head spinning. But I bet if we wait about 5 minutes, that could change." She holds up a finger to waggle at her brother, "I bet you I could get as mean as mom used to when she was mad. That'd really make everyone run for the hills." It is probably a joke, after all. Harmony usually doesn't like to get mean with people, thought she can get rather mouthy at the best of times.

"Hey, cut it out." she frowns a little and swats Nate's hand away when he reaches to pinch her. "I'll make you blush, in front of all these people." The threat is left with a sense of the unknown on just how she would do it, thought knowing her it could be something pretty drastic.

She does follow when he pulls her toward Quinn's area, though she looks perhaps a little impatient as they get in line. A sigh is given, and she shoots Nate a look that says 'Really?'. So she starts to look around while she is standing there, and eventually picks up on Magnes' presence. "Oh hell, look. Magnes is here." she reaches and lightly slaps her brother on the arm to get his attention. "Hey.. watch this.." Harmony grins, and then peers at Magnes. She gives him stern look for a moment, akin to an evil eye. While it isn't real, he doesn't know that. It is fun to fuck with people sometimes.

Dirk is just on his way by, arm linked through Nicole's to keep her from molesting his person when he spies and hears Magnes. "Zoot suit? Leisure suit. Nothing like man made fabrics to keep those embarrassing pant stains to yourself. Just a tip there, little man." Then with a smile, he passes another card, this time to Magnes. "Everyone at the studio misses you man, I had to take the hit for you… Just to let you know.. You owe me."

Turning his attention back to Nicole, he flits a wary eye around the room before leaning in. "She's not quite dead… just… No one will be seeing her for a while. Let's just say I gave someone a tip that really needed to not have it."

Elaine would start drinking, but she's got to perform. Looking back to Eve, she gives a weak nod in regards to shaking things off, but she almost chokes to death when Delilah mentions baking. She clears her throat after a small coughing fit and peers towards Delilah. "Yeah, as I recall, you're pretty fond of baking too."

"Sure, you'd probably look good in…" Adel starts, before she catches the voice of Mister Dirk and tilts her head to the side a bit. "You should probably stay off TV for a while, zootsie," she adds, keeping her hand on his arm as if waiting to hold him back, or perhaps protect him.

Having passed by Quinn and those around her without incident, the disguised Cat makes her way back to Candice and occupies a portion of wall to enjoy her beer and observe the proceedings in seeming idleness for a while. More mingling will happen later, having a bit of fun encounterin people without them knowing who she is, but for now she's content to observe.

As his pale blue eyes turn Magnes, he shrugs, "He is ok looking. His loss for not calling you back. He was the guy who was all boo hoo over his ex or something while he was seeing you right?" He rolls his eyes and says, "Totally his loss." As he turns attention back to Quinn, Nate runs his hands through his hair and takes a step towards the women talking. He puts on his "charming" smile that he is known for and says, "Excuse me ladies. I am sorry to interrupt. I can see Mrs. Quinn is busy but I wanted to just wish her a good run and break a leg." His eyes look towards Quinn as Nate says, "I hope you liked the tea and candles."

After having made her appearance, Tess is bouncing off to the bar, still thrilled about being able to legally drink, though it's been a month since her birthday. And, happily, she takes that drink and wanders off to find a place to perch and bounce, eagerly awaiting when Quinn gets on stage.

After Cat returns Candice gives her a long, long long. "So how long do we have to stay at this thing? You've made your rounds, we can bail, right? You've gotten your money's worth and all that?" she asks dryly. Clearly she isn't much of a party person.

"Sorry, I just decided that television wasn't the best… thing… for… me…" Magnes' speaking slows considerably when he notices the eyes on him, and he's immediately trying to get up so he can walk… somewhere. "Oh god she's angry because I didn't return her feelings, and like, she was completely hot, but I still wanted Elaine, and now, ahh man there are way too many women in here I've had some sort of thing with. Can we, um, let's dance." He tries to tug Adel up, fully intending to just dance and… figure the rest of the plan out later.

"Then we'll have to bake together." Eve says with a light grin and then she's slapping something on her arm, before looking down and looking sheepish. Whoops.. nothing there. "I wonder if I can drink while on these meds.." If someone doesn't grab her, Eve is going to make her way towards the bar quickly. Or not so quickly, she looks between Delilah and Elaine and then she's starting to book off.

To hell with instructions, she wants a nice fruity drink in a nice fruity cup.

Sliding between people, she nearly bumps into Harmony and Nate and tilts her head at the siblings. "Hm." She says aloud before coming to the bar and forcing her way between Magnes, who is getting ready to leave. "Hello, hello, hello?" Eve waves some money that she got from her boobs. "Can I have two of the most fruity, fruit drinks you have?" One for her and one for Delilah.

Eve tries to hide her face just a bit.. she is sort of a local legend in these parts and she doesn't want to give an autograph. Okay, seeing as she doesn't give them out that often. Maybe she wants to give out one.. or two.. "And peanuts, I need some peanuts, please." She says in a singsong voice and snickers at something that someone in her head said.

"Yeah right."

"What, that Harmony lady?" Adel says, keeping a hand on him as she follows, looking around as if she might plan to jump on an unruly back and sink claws into. No, not really, but she does seem to be trying to protect him while she herds him away. "I can't dance long I gotta play, so you won't be able to hide behind me forever, you know. Anymore than you can hide behind that drink." There's a pause, and once she's moved into dancing position she tilts her head, "So how many of these girls have you been involved with?" Then suddenly she raises a hand to mock-cover his mouth. "I changed my mind, I don't want to know."

Tonight, Rue Lancaster is rocking a look she'd like to call Kunoichi Chic. With a Magneto colour scheme. Her purple scarf is wrapped around the lower half of her face, which is really just to disguise the mask she's wearing over her nose and mouth. Too many people here not to be extra cautious. Her dress is nearly the same shade as her scarf, and its worn under a red sweater that's left unbuttoned, but cinched by a black belt to create an empire waist. Black leggings disappear into black buckle ankle boots. (Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club called - she'd like them back.)

The throng around Quinn is to be expected, but it's no less disheartening for Rue. She makes her way closer to the stage, but doesn't attempt to seek an audience with the Queen of the Glass Wonderland. Standing at roughly six foot one with her boots and mop of ginger curls, she won't be hard to spot anyway.

"You're terrible," Nicole teases Dirk. But then her grin softens to something more uncertain. A smile perhaps with some fondness. "I think he loves me," she confides.

"That was you?" Quinn tilts her head, looking a bit surprised as Tess starts off and she's left with Nate and Harmony. "It was absolutely lovely! Both went t' good use, it was very thoughtful. I don't believe we've met, though." She extends her hand uot to Nate, smiling. "Robyn Quinn," she comments as though she needs to introduce herself, even as the song playing from the laptop changes over to a new, equally upbeat sounding song. "Pleasure t' meet you. Nice t' see that I already have some support in all of this crap."

And then she spots Rue lumbering (that's what tall people do, right? Lumber?) into the room, and Quinn rises up on her tiptoes and waves. But with the seven inch height difference and the people around her, who knows how well it'll be noticed.

Delilah giggles, sticking out her tongue between her teeth. "I am. I love it." She shakes her head in a mockingly scornful way. When Eve is talking drinks, Delilah doesn't have the heart to stop her- what a weird lady- but if there's a sign of something more than out of the ordinary, she'll be sure to drag Eve off home or something. A personal note. For now, however, while Eve is off doing- Eve- things- she turns to Elaine again.

"How you feeling? Excited? Nervous? Nervously excited?"

As he takes Quinn's hand he smiles, "Nathan Roberts." He motions to his sister beside him and says, "Harmony Roberts. We just wanted to come and offer our support to a fellow musician." He smiles and says, "Especially one so beautiful and talented." He shakes his head as the apples in his cheeks flush slightly and he says, "Yet we do not wish to take too much of your time. Have a good run. If your not mobbed at the end of the show perhaps we can buy you a drink."

"Hey, it's not like I'm some playboy! Besides, it would be very rude to just go spilling a girl's business." Magnes places an arm around Adel, not even really paying attention to the music, he just grabs her hand and starts to waltz. It works just as well as any dance. "Alright, be all… girlfriendy, we can make people jealous, and I'll look like I'm having the time of my life."

"Oh Adel, you slay me!" he says quite loudly, then laughs as he continues to side step for the waltz.

"I came to watch the show," Disguised Cat replies in that Brooklyn accent she's adopted partly through her own voice and partly by virtue of Candice's illusions. She continues to exhibit the appearance of being unimpressed, however, should anyone look at her, and enjoy the beer held in her left hand as eyes roam the crowd on occasion to spot and record faces.

Elaine turns seriously back to Dee. "I am utterly terrified and I have no idea what to do. I'm going to mess up poor Quinn's concert! I don't know why I said I'd do any of this. This is going to be a trainwreck. I'm just freaking out, it's probably fine I'm just… this is a lot of people." Well, at least this time they aren't bidding on her.

"Oh yeah, he's the one." Harmony replies to her brother, "He saved me on the street once. Some guys with a baseball bat." Harmony waves a hand back and forth in the air in the pattern of an infinity symbol while she talks. "I thought he was cute, so hey a date or so, see where it goes… Nowhere. That's where it went. He was totally like.. stiff. And not in the good way. It was like.. trying to date Woody Allen. Only not so Woody Allen." She sees Magnes getting nervous and she chuckles, shaking her head and returning her attention to Nate, "See? Kinda like that." she points out Magnes' sketchy response.

As the both of them are almost knocked over, Harmony blinks and frowns a little, pursing one side of her lips in almost a smirk. "You see? Being a telepath is kinda like being in a crowded club. Random people bumping into you all over, not paying attention, knocking you here, there.. It sucks on some levels." She does get quieter when Nate is catching Quinn's attention. She opens her mouth to speak, but eyes Nate when he pours on the flattery. "Really? Nate, really? You went there?" Shakes her head and looks to Quinn, "I'm sorry, he's a bit flirty, it runs in the family. I'm Harmony. My brother and I are considering starting back up some music of our own, and we would kinda like to take a tip from you."

After her drinks are handed to her and the ..peanuts of which she stuffs under one arm. She bumps into various people while sipping her drink and then passing by Adel and nudging her butt with the heel of her boot. And then winking at Magnes, "Don't toot it and boot it okay?" Chuckling, Eve walks away. "See ya." She says loudly as she hustles back over to where Delilah and Elaine are standing. "One for you, and one for me." She hands Delilah her fruity drink, she motions for Elaine to open her mouth as she prepares to toss an peanut in. "For good luck." She promises as she sips her drink and tosses the peanut.

Turning her head, the oracle looks some people up and down and studies a few others. All the while, muttering to herself. Tapping her arm with her elbow often as if she's counting something.

"Fine. But as soon as the show is over, we're out of here." And it doesn't seem like Candice will be budging on that one. But for now she finds a nice, out of the way spot, where she can lounge and pretend like the others don't exist. Tess, on the other hand? Yeah, she'll be dancing, and drinking, and generally just having one hell of a good time, and not doing anything to hide.

Rue catches Quinn's wave. She can't quite keep her eyes off of her, after all. She returns it with a bright smile the other woman can't actually see, except in the light in her eyes.

At Magnes' words, Adel pushes him in the chest a bit. "I am not going to pretend to be your girlfriend." For a moment the smile is gone, as if she's more than a little upset. She's definitely not looking all happy for a moment. With a mild flailing of hands, she adds. "I have a boyfriend, and some of my friends are supposed to show up."

Then Adel's hands go to her hips, and she's no longer even attempting to dance. "How much did you have to drink?"

Quirking an eyebrow at Nate's politeness (and commentary), Quinn can't help but smile as she shakes his hand, a look given between him and Harmony. "Well, it's really appreciated. I think I'm going to need all the luck I can get tonight, but I think things'll go fine, you know? Just gotta power through if it doesn't, anyway." A look over to Harmony, and Quinn laughs. "God, just, like… a week ago, I was looking for tips m'self from her," Quinn replies, pointing over towards Eve. "She's been doin' this much longer than I have, an' I… just kinda fell into a string of encouragement an' lucky breaks. But- I think I said when I was on TV that it's just a matter a' keepin' with it no matter what. That's the best tip I can give." Which may not be exactly what Harmony was looking for, but there it is. "We'll have t' get t'gether an' do something, some time. I'd love t' hear you two play."

"Like half a glass of Guinness. And what the hell does toot it and boot it mean?" Magnes asks as he stops dancing as well, his mind suddenly attempting to decode that little suggestion. "Doesn't toot mean, y'know… gas? So, is she implying that I'm… I don't even want to figure this out."

He tilts his head at the mention of a boyfriend, getting one of those Frowns of Protection. "And what's this guy like? How old is he?"

Nate turns his head as he smirks at his sister, "Well she is very hot. I speak the truth." His mind going to Moulin Rogue suddenly of the guy with the lisp screaming, "I only speak the truth! I only speak the truth!" He chuckles to himself as he turns back to Quinn, "We would love to play for you perhaps something of our own writing. We have been in this since we were like….4? So we know how it goes. Yet please have an awesome show and we can talk soon." He gives her a friendly wave as he moves to pinch Harmony again and mutters, "Your so bad." As he begins to walk slowly away towards the bar.

"I don't really know— people sometimes say crazy things! Especially in places with alcohol," Adel says, starting to smile again now that he's stopped making with the fake flirting. "He's four years older than me and one of the sweetest guys on the planet. He didn't even try anything until I made the first move, cause he's a total gentleman." There's a hint of sadness in her eyes for a second, before she grabs his arm again and starts to pull him toward the wall. "I need to go get ready to play, do you think you'll be okay out here?"

"Oh, no you won't ruin anything." Delilah grabs Elaine by the arms and shakes her a little, comedically overdramatic. "Get a hold of yoursel- oh-" The redhead's attention goes off to the side when Eve comes back with a drink for her.

"Elaine, you can have a sip of mine. To take the edge off. Not too much, these get a lot in them." But oh so delicious. Delilah accepts the drink from Eve with a grin. "Thank you, Eve. Don't you get ahead of yourself either, Imma be watchin' you."

"I don't need to know about you making moves! Ahh I'm erasing, erasing!" Magnes places his index finger and thumbs from each hand on to his forehead. "Adel is not anatomically correct, her circulatory system is an elaborate cotton candy machine… And I'll be fine, I think."

Oh god. Harmony winches as if she were just physically stabbed by a knife when Nate cries out that joke. Social stabbing has just occured here. She cannot believe he just did something like that, to a stranger. She closes her hand into a fist and brings the thumb end of it to cover over her mouth, like there is an air bubble in her throat or something. Meanwhile, she looks between Quinn and Nate, just wondering if the woman or anyone else around is going to burst out laughing at him. It was something that she couldn't get away with. But she recovers quickly enough, "Yeah, of course. We'd love to play sometime soon. I'm sure my brother would love to get your number or something to set that up. He's uh.. a little more active than I am right now. But that'll be fixed soon. But anyhow.. Awesome set up, and totally good luck with everything!" she tosses up to the woman, before following her brother.

"Bad? Me? What about you back there? You totally went all geeky and stuff." she bumps her butt into him.

There are still some people milling around, seeking out a drink and a good place to hang out and listen. Among them is Evan - Jack and Coke in hand, squinting as he scans the crowd. Is there anyone he knows here?

Oh yeah, there's the guy from that winter convoy last year, the one with the name. "Hey," he offers, gesturing with his glass to Magnes as he approaches. "Cotton candy? I don't want to know, do I." Especially not if the anatomically correct lead-in is any indication.

"Well just remember I don't need to hear about you putting moves on either, Mister," Adel says with a laugh and a smile, before finally disengaging herself from Magnes and the dance floor and making her way toward the stage. She has hands to warm up for drummin'.

Magnes waves Adel off, just in time for Evan to approach him, briefly tilting his head. "Oh, it's nothing. I'm just being completely terrible with every woman at the same time, even ones I will never meet or be in the same room with."

"Well, a little flattery is always nice, misplaced as it may be!" Quinn laughs, looking between the both of them. "We'll have t' ham sometime. Maybe get a bunch a' people t'gether and just ahve a big- jam. I think that would be a whole lot of fun. I've been doing this since I was… six? So I think it would be a good time." She waves as the walk off, leaning back against the stage with a sigh. It's getting close to time.

Nate looks at Harmony and says, "Do you think I was being a geek." He turns to look back in Quinn's direction and then turns as if he wants to fix that and gives her another wave from a far as he says, "Shit do you think I screwed up? I could apologize to her for being a tool?" He turns and looks at Harmony with a sincere look of worry in his eyes, "I just wanted to leave a good impression on her ya know." The siblings speak amongst the noise and music as if it was not a both to them at all. They both look quite comfortable in this setting.

"I'll be on my best behavior." Eve promises with a nod of her head and then another sip of her drink. Looking over to Quinn, the oracle waves at her. With a look of pure glee, Eve sips more of her drink and then says to Delilah. "Quinn is going to co-write a song with me for my EP. Elaine here," Eve pats her arms, while she takes another bite of a peanut. Placing the dish on a nearby surface, she gives the look that say, 'I'll be back for you later.' "She's going to lend her violin skills to the song." Because Elaine is a bad mother shut yo mouthhh.

Evie bites her lip and looks content for the moment. Trying to push herself out there.. trying not to break at the cracks while making new friends.

Fashionably late. That's what Soleil Remi Davignon is right now! With her ability firmly clamped down to reduce the thoughts of the room to a dull murmur, the redeaded ballerina slips into the venue, quietly glancing around for faces that she recognizes. She's dressed in her traditional designer finery, wearing a black knee-length dress coupled with a fur coat, and her favorite pair of Jimmy Choos (they're her favorite because she's worn them more than five times). She sees a few faces that she recognizes. Looks like she'll have an extremely busy night tonight, with a few rounds to make around the venue this evening.

First things first, she's making her way toward the bar. What good would a socialite be without a drink in hand? Even if she will probably end up dumping it out or forgetting it on some ledge she'll end up setting it down on. The redhead slips up next to Magnes. To the bartender, she calls, "I would like a Sloe Screw Up Against The Wall." That might catch Magnes' attention."

Taking his seat again, Magnes' eyes widen a bit at that. He's… not familiar with alcohol names, so he swallows hard, trying to think of an answer within what he's thinking is a few minutes before she changes her mind. He was turned away, he did not quite catch that as being an order to the tender. "Ah, well, I mean… usually I'm not the type to… but if you insist…"

And just like that, Harmony managed to deconstruct her brother into a worried mess. Once she realizes what she did, the blonde rolls her eyes a little and reaches out to snag her brother by the belt loop and pull him closer. "Nathan, calm down, you didn't screw anything up." she tells him, giving his beltloop a shake back and forth to throw him off of his stance a little bit. "You went all geeky for just a second, probably because you got nervous. It happens, it won't say anything bad about your music. Most good musicians are in fact dweebs at first. Look at Magnes, he's still got some issues in that department." she looks around for a second, "Speaking of which.. let's go mess with him."

Evan offers Magnes a shrug. "Your words, not mine. Anyway, failing's not so bad, long as you learn something from it." And then hey, hello there, Remi. Way to make an entrance? He looks about ready to throw in a comment of his own— before the kid goes and beats him to it. Man, what he wouldn't give to pull off a retort like that with such confused-sounding sincerity.

Nate walks with his sister and smirks softly, "I think he has his hands full. Yet what do you have in mind?" Nate turns to look in Magnes direction and almost looks sad for the man….almost because he has fallen to his sister's pranks in the past.

Remi turns, peering quietly at Magnes with raised brows for a long moment. Yeah, for a long while, she can only stare at the younger man. Then, all of sudden, "PFFFFFFAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Remi is laughing rather loudly in Magnes' face, slapping a jewel-trimmed hand against the bar as she is rather suddenly overcome with a loud laughing fit.

"I, uh, um, see, the thing is, uh…" Magnes taps his fingers together a few times, and suddenly the sound of glass shattering against the floor is heard as a drink spills out. "I forgot I left that floating there…"

A young woman with flyaway blonde hair sniffs at the stamp on the back of her hand as she comes in out of the cold, flakes of snow still clinging to her fair lashes and wispy curls the colour of cornsilk. The registration card that she's slipping back into her clutch purse at the same time identifies her as Ingrid Raines, eighteen years old, too young to legally drink — but that's okay, because Ingrid doesn't drink. A short, frilly dress in palest pink with a wool overcoat several shades darker, peachy-toned, gives her the appearance of a demure little cockatoo with black heels for feet. Her earrings are made of white feathers, too, and compliment the necklace at her throat — a glittery thing that might be diamonds or it might not. Whatever it is, Joshua gave it to her, and it's about time that she wore it.

Once her identification card is safely away, her hand not holding the clutch reaches up to touch nails to the necklace, nervously toying with it between her fingertips as her eyes search for Adel in the crowd.

After watching Magnes for a few moments and his entourage of girls, Harmony wrinkles her nose a bit. "Actually.. I don't think I'm up for causing public humiliation right now." Too many people, and she doesn't really need to do much to make him flop. With a shake of her head, she gives up on the idea, "Anyway.. Are you getting a drink?" she asks him, head turning to look back up on stage, "I'm gonna pass on the drinking for now. So I guess I'll be DD."

Remi fixes a rather amused look on Magnes, reaching out and gently touching his cheek. "Ohh, you are adorable when you are frustrated, Monsieur Varlane." She giggles softly, pulling her hand away, kissing two fingers, and promptly touching them to the tip of his nose. "Zat is an endearing trait zat you should per'aps 'old on to, oui?" Then, the fiery socialite offers a wink of one of her blue eyes to the younger man.

Then, Remi turns without another word, moving cross the room with an amused expression twinkling over her features, her drink held in one hand. Her destination? Elaine and company. That amused grin, while quite composed, only gets larger as she nears the younger woman.

Nate looks at his sister and says, "You know I can't drink. It screws with my thing…yet…maybe a little bit of humilation." The lights are dark in here and he turns his eyes towards Magnes. Nate's hand falls to his side as his index finger and point finger come together. He grins and says to Harmony, "I am not gonna hurt him."

The barstool on which Magnes is sitting seems like a normal barstool, yet the legs near his feet begin to gain a darken aura about them. With the lowered lights one most likely would miss it as the stool begins to lift into the air off the ground a few inches and begins to turn Magnes gracefully to look in the direction of the stage. The stool lowers itself back down as if it never moved.

One with rather good perception might notice Nate's two fingers lifting slightly from his side and turning in a clockwise motion before lowering back to his side.

Quinn leans against the stage as she stretches, moving over to the desk where her laptop sits. She waves again at Rue, summoning her over with a smile, before she turns attention to the laptop, changing the song from one to thing to another as she takes her last real moment to relax. Or, well, what passes for relaxation.

And where, in all this passed time, has Sable been? It may be possible to account for Sable's uncharacteristic discretion by way of reaction formation. Simply put, and coming as no surprise to those that know her, Sable is a grand old ham, fit for Christmas dinner to indulge in a really unpleasant metaphor; give her a place on stage, she'll tend to edge her way into whatever spotlight is being shone. But this is not her night, and bonds of sacred comradeship forbid showboating that doesn't follow in tight formation with Commodore Quinn's personal flagship. To indulge in a really silly metaphor.

So, okay, she's been on stage, but not as an attention getter - rather as a little dark figure scurrying about in the pre-show shadows, mostly out of clear sight and just a little out of her mind, the violet lenses of her Lennons concealing eyes that are pretty thoroughly bloodshot, her pre-show agitation keeping her from lethargy, her healthy dose of hallucinogen keeping her from breaking anything as she checks, double-checks and triple checks everything. Leaving nothing to chance.

When finally, at long last, her peculiar perfectionist within has been satisfied, she sidles over to the edge of the stage, small form striped like a backwards skunk with a white tanktop showing between wings of a black leather jacket, worn and just a little over-sized. Sable slips into a sit, feet dangling not four feet from Quinn, and she tips her glasses down to peruse the lady of the evening with yellow eyes.

"Not that this ain't jus' a fine lookin' party," Sable says, "but ain't we s'pposed t' play some music?" A wide grin. "I mean, I came here t' hear one 'f my favorite artists perform. Y'all ain't gonna keep me waitin' too long, are y'?"

Evan's perception at this moment cannot accurately be described as 'rather good'. Fair, at best; that drink was already half gone when he stepped up, and it wasn't his first round, either. Ever since that last fiasco of a curfew violation, he's been getting into the habit of being well ahead of time for things.

Speaking of that night, there is someone else here he recognizes, after all. Raising up on his toes, he shoots Elaine a quick wave, even as he leaves her room to continue whatever prep work she's up to over there.

Rue doesn't look that gift horse in the mouth, making her way quickly toward the stage, and to Quinn. She doesn't presume to climb up to join her, but rests her arms against its surface and leans forward. "Looking good," she calls over the sound of the music. "I'm excited. I was afraid I might miss the start of the show."

"Ah…" is all Magnes can say when Remi does… all of that. He watches her walk away, imaginary eiffel towers likely in his eyes. Then the stool turns, and he's immediately hopping off and floating around to face it. Alright, that's a bit odd… there's a lot odd about tonight. But he has to clean that mess up, and possibly pay Cat back for the glass later on.

Leaving the haunted stool to investigate later, he hunches down and begins scooping up the liquid and glass shards with gravity, smiling when he hears Elaine's voice.

It's there in Quinn's last moment of relaxation that Lynette makes her way over to tap her on the shoulder. "Quinn, darling, I just wanted to wish you luck. And to mention this is the first concert I've been to since I left LA, so make it a good one, won't you?" And looking up to see Sable there, too, the blonde lifts a hand in a wave. Musicians everywhere.

The crowd itself seems empty of signs of Adel, until suddenly she appears out of a group and leaps at Ingrid, like a cat trying to catch a mouse. Except this one is going for a hug. One that lasts only long enough to be classified a hug before she pulls back and calls out, "Ingrid!! You made it! I'm so glad you're here. Is Lene here? Is Springsteen here?" There's an excitement in her voice that seems like it's growing by the moment. She may wish other people could be here, but even ONE friend is enough for her.

"I wonder if I can get you a VIP seat or something— where you can be up front and have a great view of all the primalness of the band!" Like the sweat and the energy all. "We're probably starting soon, even!"

Elaine steals Delilah's drink. Just for a second! Really, it's just a sip. Handing it back to her fellow redhead, she takes in a deep breath. "See, I'm not even doing anything big, Quinn's got all the work so really I shouldn't be freaking out." And then she's spotting people. Remi's headed over and Evan's there too. She offers the former a slight blush and a wide smile, and the latter a friendly wave and smile as they head over. "I just hope Quinn doesn't hate me after this."

"Nathan!" Harmony almost barks out as Nate reaches and uses his ability on Magnes' stool. She even reaches out to try and snag her brother into a little bit of a headlock, even if he is quite a bit taller than she is. If anything it is done to break his concentration and keep him from doing it again, "I was kidding about the ability thing. You really shouldn't—" There is a pause in her, and she considers the past few months or so with this telepathy thing. Everything she decided and came up with in a resolution. She pushes her lips together and then lets herself release him, "You know what? Never mind. No harm done, really. And I bet he is gonna flip out over it." she grins.

"That's great news." To be honest, though, Dee probably didn't know Eve was a musician too- she isn't really- too familiar. But learning is always a good thing, she supposes. "Everyone is being so musical, and here I am still learning guitar. I've got a great teacher though." Delilah sneaks a glance towards the slight form that lurks out of the stage to perch by Quinn. One hand rubs at Elaine's back.

"She's not gonna hate you ever, I think. Unpossible." Dee sips at the fruity drink now, perfectly cool with letting people presume she is of age. Fuck that shit anyway, she pushed a baby out of her vagina. She's allowed to have a goddamn drink. "You'll do good."

Quinn smiles wide as Sable comes up. "In a bit, yeah. You doin' okay? I want t' make sure everyone's in tip top shape before we… you know. Rock this bitch." She giggles, before she looks down to Rue, and - regardless of what she knows, regardless of what Rue wants, she steps over and wraps arms aruond her in a hug. "I am so glad you made it. I was worried you have t' head back out of town before hand, but I would've been sad if that had happened!" And then suddenly, Lynette! Which- comes as kind of a bit shock to her, looking over at her with a smile. "You say that like we have any cahnce of not being awesome," she remarks as she steps away form Rue so she can hug Lynette for a moment too.

Nate smirks as he says with a loud Jersey accent, "Owwwww….the you don't touch the hare!" He begins to fix his hair and rolls his eyes and looks in Magnes direction, "Yes I think he will be wonder. That man looks to uptight…bet if you stuck a piece of coal of his ass you would have a diamond in a few days!" He turns and hugs his sister as he looks towards the stage, "The show I think is gonna start in a second."

"Oh," says Ingrid, "no— I mean. I'm not a very important person, or even really very important at all." Her hands rest on Adel's forearms and give them an anxious squeeze. "Lene and— Lene and Josh couldn't come." She looks past Adel, toward the stage, then back to her friend's face, offering her a weak smile. "Benji and I talked to Jay the other day. He wants you to know that he's gonna be okay, and not to worry."

Not that it looks as though Adel is worrying. "Sure are a lot of people here, huh?"

He's not so much heading over as wandering somewhat fecklessly in that direction - he only knows Elaine a little better than he does Magnes - but Evan is learning a little more about her each time they meet. Tonight in particular: "You never said anything about having a harem," he pipes up, glancing around at the cluster of unfamiliar faces. "Clearly I missed out by not hooking up with a garage band somewhere along the line."

The redheaded French socialite offers a charming stage smile toward Elaine as she steps up to the woman. "Elaine," she murmurs, brows raised. Then, she's switching to French. "«It is wonderful to see you. You look spectacular!»" She reaches to take one of Elaine's hands, offering a small squeeze along with that practiced smile.

Then, she leans forward, planting a quick kiss on Elaine's lips. In the same instant, she's focusing on Elaine's thoughts, wanting to hear exactly what the woman thinks about this course of action she's taken.

"She won't hate you, promise. What Delilah said." Eve says with a wave of her hand and then drinking her drink again. It's almost gone, her eyes widen as she takes in the crowd. "I can't wait to play a bigger venue then the Orchid Lounge. Also.. it'll be a whole lot cheaper." She comments lighter to Elaine and Delilah.

"Elaine, give me a secret look when you go up there? Like a wink.. or a sexy look." Eve shrugs her shoulders, whatever she wants. It's up to her, really. Yes, the drink is just making her a little more friendly. She's not a lightweight though…

Looking around the room, Quinn's eyes look for Adel and Elaine - just in time to see the French woman kiss her, causing a bit of a scowl from Quinn. She looks up to Sable, motioning to back stage. "It's time t' start, I think. You can hang out here, but we'll need you for too long." A wave over to Adel, trying to get her attention, before QUinn, pats Lynette and Rue on teh shoulder and starts over towards Elaine. "Elaaaaaine~"

"Shit, gal," Sable says, grinning wide at Quinn, feet kicking kiddishly, "ain't no bitch I can't rock. You jus' tell me when t' push m' shades back up, so's I don't get blinded by yer fuckin' brilliance, miss my entrance, eh?" Rue receives the tip of an invisible hat, but Sable doesn't attempt to intercede further into the conversation. A bit of respectful distance, the sort of thing she likes to pretend she can maintain. Once bitten, twice shy. And so shy a girl is Sable.

Lynette gets a flash of a smile and a small salute. "Ma'am," she says, jokingly though meaning no disrespect, "y'all ain't entertained, I believe it'll be yer own taste that's t' blame, not th' skill 'f th' artists." A flick of her fingers and her shades drop once more, and Sable scans the crowd through a violet haze. Just in time, as it happens, to see Remi kiss Elaine. Brows lift, tongue clicks.

"Fuckin' teach a gal t' fish…" Sable murmurs, sardonically.

"You're VIP to me," Adel says, pulling an arm back around her and tugging her close again. "Friend of the band and all— and thanks. I was worried about him. I kept trying to call, but he— anyway, I'm glad to hear he's okay." It does seem to cast some relief on her otherwise smiley face. "But there's a ton of people. And don't leave without seeing me later, I want to give you a CD to give Josh. He'll totally kiss you for it. I got Quinn to sign it." And that makes her wink.

Lynette chuckles and returns the hug warmly. Warmly because… she's had a few to drink. But it makes for a much more relaxed Lynette. "I have no doubt it's going to be fantastic." Sable invokes a crooked smile and Lynette gives her a nod, "Well, it'll be a test of my taste then!" When Quinn notes that it's time to start, the older woman gives her a nod and a pat on the back. "Have fun tonight, Quinn."

Rue returns the hug with a bit of surprise, and only a bit of reluctance. "Knock 'em dead, Quinnie." Her gaze catches on Lynette and a hard knot forms in her stomach. "Cou- Ms Rowan," she greets hesitantly. "Uhm… I'm gonna go get me the most alcoholic drink the bar will mix for me. I'll fight my way to the front of the stage when the show starts. Promise." Her fingers come up to her mouth - with the scarf and the mask between - to press a kiss to them, which she blows to Quinn. Then she's bounding off toward the bar, masking worry with enthusiasm.

"I don't have a harem," Elaine protests. "Just good friends who are keeping me from getting stage fright." As if to prove the former statement wrong, Remi proceeds to steal a quick kiss. Holy—wow. Yeah. That just happened. In public. Did Sable see that? She smiles towards Remi, then looks at the rest of those around her only to see Quinn head in her direction. Nope, she's not going to appear to be nervous now. "Quinn! Are we good? Are we going up?"

Delilah isn't quiiite sure what just happened, until she blinks and it comes up Remi on Elaine action- well- some French lady and Elaine. She doesn't know this woman at all. Remi therefore gets a protective and suspicious glower. It's not jealously, honest. No, really. It's not. Dee is just very feisty about her harem. She inserts herself virtually between Remi and Elaine, nudging the latter towards the stage stairs. "Get on up there~."

A blush creeps up Ingrid's throat and cheeks at the mention of kissing, and she gives Adel a quick shake of her head. "I don't think," she starts, uncertain. And clearly she doesn't. Think. Because she lapses into silence, a bewildered look on her face like she doesn't remember what she was going to say. Apparently all it takes is a short pause— the duration of a breath— to steal all her words away.

She makes an awkward sound at the back of her throat. Counts to five. One, two, three—

"I don't think he's interested in me that way, Dellie. He's a war hero, I mean. And I'm just—" She makes a helpless gesture with her hands. Me.

Remi smiles to Elaine, pulling away with a last squeeze to the woman's hand, before Delilah is suddenly inching her way between them. But Remi takes it in stride. In fact, aside from offering her a warm smile, she doesn't actually greet Delilah yet. Instead, she turns, smiling brightly to Quinn and approaching her. "Quinn, it is good to see you! I am sorry I was late to your show."

Then, she promptly treats Quinn to the same greeting she gave to Elaine, stepping up and planting a tiny kiss on her lips, as well.

Then, she's away again, like a phantom. The Frenchwoman turns, smiling to Elaine and Quinn. "'Ave fun up zere, ladies."

"Is everyone just having it out behind the stage later or something?"

Eve asks outloud with a tilt of her head. "Maybe.. I should try to be with women.. I wonder what Gilly would think of that." She scratches her head and squints her eyes as Remi and Elaine before it's finally time for the show to begin. "Oh!"

Eve finishes her drink, places it by the dish of peanuts which she takes a handful and stuffs in her mouth. "This.. is.."

Eve looks down at something and stomps her foot. "Great."

Magnes, after dumping a heap of glass and Guinness into the trash, heads back over to the bar and just orders another drink. He continues to avoid socializing if he can help it, and just watches.

As things get prepared to start, a settling falls over Harmony, as she finds a spot next to her brother, the pair of them becoming apart of the rest of the crowd for now in order to pay attention to the performance. Enough damage has been done with Harmony's glare at Magnes, and Nate's stunt with his ability. Not wanting to draw too much attention, it's time to chill for a bit.

While poor Ingrid is being shy and modest, Adel is distracted by two redheads in the distance, making her blink a few times before she looks back at Ingrid and tries to remember what the girl was talking about. "Josh is a little weird sometimes, but don't sell yourself short. You're totally awesome in your own way. I mean I couldn't do what you're doing. I would mess up and get…" She flails her hands around as if trying to describe it, and from the gesture at her neck, she may be implying she'd get her throat cut. Universal sign for 'dead'.

"Either way you are getting CDs and you're giving them to Josh and Lene. And you can block the inevitable kisses with the CD cases."

Lynette greets Rue with a nod, but for the girl's comfort and her own, she moves off a different direction to find herself a seat near the alcohol. She needs another martini anyway!

She really kissed Elaine? God, don't tell me that she s- And then there's a kiss. That- catches Quinn entirely off guard as she kissed by someone she barely knows - and who had just kissed Elaine - and she just kind of stands there for a moment, blinking and blushing, Even if it's jsut a small thing, it's enough to derail her thoughts. W-What just happeend here…. I suppose that's what I get for flir— argh, there's a show to do, I'll have to tell her Ygraine says hello later…

With that, she turns to Elaine, still bishing and blinking, as she takes the other woman's hand and pulls her a bit. "It's time. I'm going to get Adel." And that's exactly where she's headed after that, her glower replaced by a look of confusion.

One for Elaine, one for Quinn. It's enough to set up a pattern. Lips quirking upward, Evan leans back and lets his elbows crook. "Do I get a turn next?" he teases Remi. Go ahead, call my bluff. I won't complain.

"Or I could just leave them out on the kitchen table with a little yellow sticky-note that says love, Adel on them," Ingrid suggests, but she doesn't put up much more protest than that. "I can't stay forever, okay? I'm meeting Wally in a few hours to go look for Astor again." The timid smile plastered to the blonde's face falters, some guilt creeping into her expression. It's hard to be out in a cocktail dress and stolen diamonds, soaking up the atmosphere of a party when one of her friends is missing, and others trapped under the dome. Suddenly she's looking very wan. "Miss Quinn's coming. I think she's looking for you."

Sable observes the motion of womens' bodies, intercrossing, intercutting and interceding, a foretold dance in various shades of familiarity, some moving just as she knows women move, some moving as she knows those specific women to move, all a matter of physical patterns accreting in her experience. She can't hear the words, not from here, but she knows the motions and she can infer. And whatever she infers has her smiling toothily.

"Ladies, ladies, ladies…" is murmured, knowingly, as only the distant observer can pretend to know, not being immersed in the situation. Next thing, though, Sable has pushed herself off of the stage, landing on two feet and sliding her hands into her pockets, sauntering through the crowd, making her way towards the untangling snare of Delilah, Elaine and Remi, part of the further spreading redhead forest.

"Ma'am," Sable says, to Remi, tipping her glasses down and dipping in a small bow before stepping around her and over to Delilah's side. She lifts her hand to the back of her own neck and rubs there while she steals a glance sidelong at Ms. Trafford. "Now, what's a respectable mother-type personage doin' in this here den 'f awful noise 'n' devil worship, eh?" She lifts a hand, pointing a finger pistol at Elaine, firing, then Quinn, two shots. Get a move on. Music doesn't make itself.

"Oh, yes, okay. That's more important than concert," Adel says, despite all her excitement about the concert. Some things are more important. Like missing friends. "I hope you guys find our lost puppy-man." With that, she jumps forward and hugs onto Ingrid again, before pulling back and waving at Quinn. "Robyn, this is Ingrid, another of my friends, she's gonna watch— I'm totally ready though, I just spotted her and had to come back out in case I didn't have a chance later." Though she's going to try. She has CDs to give. Signed ones.

Likely to have sticky notes on them later.

Well, Elaine's red. Not just her hair. She clears her throat, hugging Dee lightly as the other redhead nudges her onto the stage. She moves up towards it only to find Sable coming over too. She glances towards Delilah for a moment, then just moves onto the stage to wait for Quinn. Time to focus. Remi might pick up some stray thoughts, though. I don't think it's the music I'm nervous about anymore…

"I'm suddenly in the mood for chewing on a French tart." Delilah mutters this, halfheartedly, sighing through her nose. She looks askance to Eve now, watching her stomp on nothing with a peculiarly curious expression. Sable wanders over to fetch Elaine, and Dee leans in to give her a peck on the forehead. "I'm taking a vacation from getting spit on, that's all. Get goin', now." A tiny nudge for Sable too.

"Hey, Evie-" Delilah does not know her too well, but somehow she feels she should(maybe for Eve's well being), and an affectionate name gets into the mix. "You want to go mingle a little with me?"

Quite satisfied with the reactions, Remi waves the pair off to the stage, quite ready to settle back and enjoy the show. Brows raised, she glances over toward Evan as he asks the question. Suddenly, she smiles, drawing closer to Evan not unlike how a cat would sneak up on an unsuspecting mouse. Then…she raises a hand, poking his nose. "'Ow presumptuous of you, Monsieur."

Then, she pulls away from him, turning toward Sable and Delilah with a warm smile on her face. She was just greeting friends. Really. She closes her ability off once more, offering a small courtsey. "My apologies for intruding. I simply wished to give zem my well wishes." She smiles to Delilah in particular. "Please forgive me, madame."

Quinn's look disappears as she introduced to Ingrid, waving and offering a hand. "A pleasure t' meet you!" Quinn she replies excitedly. "I'm glad Adel's finally lettin' me meet her friends. They're quite nice so far." All… two of them she knows she's met. "Robyn Quinn, but I gather you knew that," she adds with a bit of a laugh, before looking over to Adel. "We're headed backstage now. It's time to get moving before people get too restless, y' know? Also don't want to run too late." She thumbs back to the stage, before offering a nod to Ingrid. "If you do stick around, let me know. I'll see what I can give you two for the rest of your friends." And with that she turns, headed back back stage.

Ingrid lifts one of her hands in a half-wave to Quinn, the tips of her fingers curling in on themselves. Doesn't say hi. Sort of stands transfixed instead until the other woman has turned her back and is moving toward the stage again. Only then does she lower her hand. "Hurry," she says to Adel.

"You hear that, Ing, more stuff. I swear if I got her to sign a guitar for Josh he'd totally wet himself," Adel says with a grin, leaning in close to Ingrid as she says it, before she raises a hand in a wave and bounces off toward the backstage. Onward to infinity!! Or a glass wonderland.

French tart? Oooh, French tart. Sable gets it. She gives Delilah a look that's curious but sort of tickled. She hasn't seen this aspect of Dee in action. She's honestly sort of interested.

But the tart herself is addressing them and… apologizing? And now Delilah's leaving, and Sable's not needed on stage for some time so… "Ain't goin' nowhere, darlin'," is said to Dee, "but yer my port, I ain't your anchor. Go, go. Be beautiful, beautiful." And now her eyes swing to Remi.

"Forgiveness is granted in advance, sweetie," Sable says to the Frenchwoman, "but that's a gettin' t' know you offer, given only if y' lemme get t' know you. So… if fair's fair and last I checked, it sometimes is… y'all wanna introduce yerself?" she arches a brow, "I'll take a simple 'hello, m' name is' too. Ain't anglin' f'r anythin'," a quick, wolfish smile, "I slow play, y' see."

"Lilah, I would love too." She lays her hand gently on the redhead's arm and prepares to walk wherever she is going to go. Placing a few more peanuts in her mouth, she chews and walks forward a bit. Eve blinks and looks towards Adel, Quinn and Ingrid. "Isn't it showtime?" she asks Delilah softly as they begin to move.

Delilah holds back a few seconds, if just to stop Remi from any further notes to her. "I just don't know you. Yet. Presumably. See you in a bit, Sable." Which implies she will have less protective thoughts should she come to know Remi. She leaves Sable now- for real- to lead Eve onward. "Just about. There, there they go." She amends as Quinn and Adel set off again. Her eyes turn back to where the other girl was, the one she didn't recognize. Ingrid, of course.

"I haven't met any of Adel's friends, should we go meet her?" Delilah chuckles, not especially keen to wait for an answer before, taking Eve on towards poor Ingrid.

Another stage smile is cast toward Delilah. "Oui. Per'aps zat will come with time." She dips her head as Delilah departs, before turning to smile warmly over to Sable, offering forth a hand with a gra. No kisses for Sable, yet. She doesn't know her yet. "Bonsoir. I am Soleil Davignon. 'Owever, I typically prefer to go by Remi." Remi glances over Sable, nodding slowly.

For the first time this evening, Remi finally takes a sip of her Sloe Screw Against the Wall, blue eyes turning up toward the stage.

There's little warning when the lights in the Rock Cellar suddenly go dim the classic sign that the show is about to start. The room goes dark, not enough to black out the entire room, but dark enough to obscure the stage a good amount. In fact, around the stage, it's almost noticeably darker than the rest of the room. There are several moments of silence, before there's even the sound of scuffling feet moving on the stage, the sound of something moved across it.

What come next is a soft series of piano notes, a light slowly opening at the front of the stage, set overhead of a piano, Robyn Quinn sitting on the bench with her side facing the audience. Dressed in black lace shirt and skirt to match, a short black hair swaying side to side as she moves her head gently along with the music she plays.

The lyrics come a few moments after the light comes up, sang with Quinn's distinctively Irish accent into a microphone attached to the piano in front of her.

A blanket of white wrapped up all around

So cold in the air drifting through and through

Lost in a crowd, blending into a scene

White all around me is all I can see

Come, come pick up with bare shaking hands

What's left of a day wasted far and away

From warmth of the sun, lost and alone

A white wonderland, a grim story to tell

Whiteout, whiteout

White the world out

And now I can't think

How's this going to be?

Whiteout, whiteout

Erase the world out

Truth's hard to find

Why can't it just be…

And when the chorus fades out to just piano, a second light form, coming down on a young redheaded woman, violin in hand as the stringed instrument joins along with the piano. Subdued, but up-tempo sounding, the two instruments continue together for several minutes as Quinn continues to sing, until finally a third light comes down as an acoustic guitar joins the other two instruments, played by Adel Starkey, playing a short guitar coda that brings the song into it's final verse, and then to it's ending.

"Thank you all for coming," is spoken into the mic with just a noticeable bit of nervousness, Quinn leaning just a bit too close to her mic and muffling the sound. Drawing back a bit, she smiles out at the crowd, offering a bit of a wave. "That song was called Whiteout, it's the first track on the album, which I'm sure you've noticed is on sale over at that table over there." No harm in an early plug, right?

The lights come back up a bit, just in time for the shaggy brown haired young man who had been sitting earlier at the merch table walking out with an old looking acoustic upright bass. While the acoustic guitar is set aside and Adel makes her way back towards the drumset. "Tonight's concert is separated into two set lists. Tonight I have joining me Elaine Darrow on violin, Adel Starkey on drums, and Royce Garret on bass, and later in the evening, the lovely Sable will be joining on guitars. For now, though…"

Fingers strike keys suddenly, marking the beginning of a much faster paced song, joined by all three of the other instruments as Quinn launches into a much poppier, faster tempo'd song. The lyrical content stretched out into a series of verses, the chorus only repeating twice between instrumental section, speaking of unexpected love and similar emotions - fairly standard fare, to be entirely honest. But it's delivered with the utmost enthusiasm from Quinn and her compatriots, smiling as her fingers draw across the keys, moving from note to note.

With a few dwindling keystrokes, the song comes to an end, seemingly, though the violin keeps playing as Quinn steps over to the acoustic guitar, pulling the strap over her shoulders and beginning to play again, a slow and somber sounding song about regret and dismay, about picking up pieces of a sad and broken life, as the lyrics indicate every time the chorus comes to pass. It's not the most uniquely structured song - sounding almost like typical droll sad, indie emo fare with a violin thrown in for a bit of spice.

Bringing that song to a close, Quinn looks back at her band mates and gives up, before moving the microphone she had been singing at closer to the middle of the stage. Lowering it, she pulls the piano bench over and takes a deep breath. She begins strumming the guitar - solo this time, no accompaniment from the rest of the band as she plays the beginning of what may be a familiar song to many - a cover of Death Cab For Cutie's I Will Follow You Into The Dark echoes through the venue, a look on her face that matches the bittersweet tone of the song.

None of this is entirely without incident - a few warbled words, an occasional missed or misplaced note, but largely the hours of practice over the last few days in preparation for the even seem to have paid off. So far.

Ingrid's attention is on the stage, both her small hands clasped around the clutch she carries — if there were fewer people packed into the Rock Cellar, and if there was less noise leaking out onto the street, she might notice Delilah and Eve's approach. Might notice, too, the appearance of a tall, dark woman from somewhere at the back of the venue. The dimmed lights make it difficult to identify the colour of her eyes — they may brown, or they may be blue — but she moves through the crowd with purpose like a lion through tall grass, each step measured.


When Ingrid does catch sight of Delilah, it's too late to make her escape, and she makes an effort to twist her head around in the other direction to avoid meeting the redhead's gaze. Maybe if she pretends to be looking for someone, she won't stop to say hello.

In truth, Sable's never been directly exposed to this much French. It takes her a moment to stop listening to Remi's accent so she can actually hear her words. Understanding come, then, at a delay, she's slow to take the Frenchwoman's hand and give it a shake. "It's a unique pleasure, Remi. Call me Sable. Y'll be seein' me up there," she lifts her chin towards the stage, "later in th' evenin'. Y'all save a cheer f'r me, will you? Jus' one. Th' rest 'r Quinn's, 'course."

And some on the way as the show begins. Sable shuts the hell up, arms crossing over her chest, violet lenses making cosmic rays out of every burning stage light.

"Any friend of Adel's has to be good, right?" Eve says with a light grin towards the redhead as they make their way towards the girl by her lonesome. Her light eerie grey eyes find the Frenchwoman over her shoulder and she offers a tilt of her head. Before turning again, heavy, raven dark hair falling into her eyes as she swings her head back around to peer at Ingrid as they get close.

It's when Ingrid turns her head as if to ignore them that Eve stops, letting her hand slip from Delilah's arm. She stands in the middle of the crowd with a tilt of her head. "I.." she looks down at her arm and then back over to Delilah. "I have to go over there." She blinks up at the dim lights and rubs her forehead, before backing away and going to stage as close to the stage as she can, against the wall. Waiting until the performance is over.

People close to her would recognize Eve and her 'eccentric' ways.. because she's talking to herself and holding her arms around herself.

Fruity drinks weren't such a good idea after all…

Remi smiles brightly over to Sable. "Enchantee, Sable." She smiles. "I look forward to seeing you up zere." She nods toward the woman. Then, as the music begins, Remi…politely claps, while slipping off to a place to sit. She's not much of a rocker, and she likely won't stay for the entire show. Too many people around, and she's always been a come and go kind of girl. But for now, she settles in to enjoy herself.

Between the drinks, the music, and the handful of people in the audience still moving with a purpose - even if the nature of that purpose is only dimly hinted at - Evan finds his thoughts pleasantly disassociating. Remi gets another friendly wave as she heads off, even if she is being a mean little tease.

Delilah isn't going to stop Eve, but she at least keeps an eye on her for the seconds it takes her to get to where she was going. Ah well. Back to business. Or not. The lights dim, and Dee finds herself sidling through the crowd during parts of the introduction music; she's heard it all before, even if the setting is different. The redhead turns her attention back onto Ingrid with a smile when there's a bit of a break in things, finishing the trek with a few steps and a skirting around to find Ingrid's face. No go, Iggy, can't get away from someone who is set on it.

"Hello!" Wah- sudden redhead. "Are you one of Adel's friends?" Dee gets a little quieter as she goes, but enough to still be heard by the other girl.

Once the music's begun, Nicole hushes her conversation with Dirk, keeping her voice low and her proximity close to continue their conspiracy, a martini in one hand. She's spotted Miss Raines — No. Ingrid. — and offered her a wave, should the two women's gazes meet. But when the second song in the set begins, that up-tempo piece, her conversation is interrupted by a large hand lacing with the fingers of her free one. It startles her and her initial reaction is to shy away.

Bradley Russo has come to collect his fiancee. With a bit of a look cast to poor Dirk. "Hold this," Nicole murmurs absently to the other assistant, passing off her nearly empty martini as she's tugged toward the floor at large. Then spun. She giggles girlishly and casts a look back over her shoulder to Dirk, brows lifted as if to say I told you so.

Then, Studio K's power couple is swallowed up by the crowd.

Rue Lancaster, with an Adios Motherfucker in hand, has made her way up to the stage within the first verse, much to the annoyance of some people she's pushed past to get there. "Yeah, Quinnie!" she cheers. When it's appropriate to do so, of course. Rather than indulge in frequent sips of her drink, she tends to tug down her scarf and mask at the beginning of each song long enough for gulps of the extremely alcoholic cocktail, which she then leaves alone for the duration of the next piece in the list.

Left with a dirty martini glass in one hand, Dirk sneers after Russo and rolls his eyes. A quiet eh heh heh along with a raising of the glass she handed him is offered as she turns back to mouth olive juice or something at him. "Yeah yeah, I know— you love me. This is why the pretty boys always finish first and the Cannon Hands are left with nothing but their— nad kleenex."

Without looking, he pitches the nearly empty glass over his shoulder, careless of who it might splash or break on. It might be where all the animosity from the nose breaking started. Oh well.

There's another smile out at the crowd, and even though they're far from done, Quinn offers a bit of a presumptuous bow to the audience. The songs are remarked to be called Desire's Grip and Pieces, even as she starts to strum the guitar again. Once more joined by the rest of the band, she starts into another guitar driven, acoustically styles song, this time lacking the added extra flavour of Elaine's violin - just the guitar, bass, and drums, moderately paced and laced with somewhat immature lyrical stylings - typical drek once more, nothing entirely interesting, to be sure.

The next song, however, has Quinn wheeling her keyboard out on stage, for the first time breaking the all acoustic aesthetic of the songs so far. Joined by all three other band members, Ocean of Light, as it is introduced, is a slower song by before, led by a mix of violin and a quiet, almost hum like keyboard part. The lyrics speak of confusion and resolution, the phrase "lost in an ocean of light" a prominent centrepiece to the song, tying it together in several points as it moves through an unusual verse structure, never seem to have an entirely repeating chorus.

The next song has Quinn returning to the acoustic guitar, introduced as Firefly. A much more upbeat sounding song, this time with the violin included, Quinn seems to get into this one a bit more than the others as she steps to the microphone and starts to sing.

Burning bright

Riding on a wave of light

A little firefly dances across the wind

Burning bright

Staying afloat with all it's might

But nobody knows what's waiting for

Such a little one not ready to

Step out the door into the world

Burn, burn, burn

Burn that light so bright

Burn, burn, burn

Burn that light all night

But don't be surprised when

You burn that light right out

The song goes on to tell a tale of a firefly so caught up in the world around it that it burns itself out on night, alone - despite the more uptempo sound of the music, no less. Quinn is all smiles though the song, occasionally glancing back at the other members of the band.

The following song sees Quinn moving back to the piano, playing a soft, slow and repetitive melody as Royce joins her on the bass. The song seems to be largely instrumental, only occasionally do lyrics feature, seeming to tell a story of someone spending a night in a bar, willing to take whatever they can get that night - and ending up bring able to leave with the preittiest woman in the room, much to their surprise. The words are straight forward, for as rare as they are, but ithe song only seems to end when Quinn transitions into another song on the fly, leading into it with her paino.

But then, anyone worth their salt at anything - in Quinn's opinion - should be able to recognise The Beatle's Let It Be just form the first few opening notes of the piano. It's a song Quinn plays enthusiastically, not hesitating to belt out the lyrics where she can, the rest of the band joining with appropriate.

So much for Ingrid's plan. Delilah's voice gets a little quieter. Ingrid's gets a little louder. "HELLO MISS TRAFFORD." What a coincidence to see you here! "I'M—" Almost shouting. She stops, maybe realizing that the volume of her voice isn't appropriate for the conversation. And neither, now that she thinks about it, is calling Delilah Miss Trafford without being introduced first. Her mind is racing, frantically searching for some reason why she might know who the other woman is without ever having been introduced, and it's possible that she might have stood there gaping like a fish for an indefinite period of time if her eyes didn't finally catch on the woman with the indistinguishable eyes.

"Oh," she says, not for the first time tonight. "Oh. Oh oh oh. Disaster. Calamity. Catastrophe. Fiasco. I think I'm just about out of synonyms." Without thinking— she does that a lot— she reaches out and seizes both Delilah's hands in her own. "Miss Trafford. Miss Trafford, you have to listen to me very carefully. Frontline-OS is here."

Delilah actually winces a little in surprise, looking boggled, and glancing down to see if she accidentally put a name tag on. "Uhhh… I take it Adel mentioned me?" This takes a few moments for Dee to get out, her own head racing around and trying to understand what she just accidentally tripped over. With her drink still in one hand, Ingrid's grabbing onto hers is a little awkward, but Dee doesn't pull them away, lips forming around a mystery word that doesn't come out. Whu?

She pries her hand away to give the mostly full drink off to one of the busboys as he passes. All without taking her full attention from Ingrid. There is a vaguely suspicious look there too, as if something is familiar about people knowing her name. Wait, this isn't the first time lately. That guy too.

Delilah's voice is hushed, and her eyes suddenly very sharp. "Frontline? Here? Why?"

Sitting back at the bar, fresh drink in hand (three olives, thanks), Lynette watches the concert with approval. It seems her musical tastes are still cool enough to enjoy the sound. Small dramas and big calamities alike are things she is blissfully unaware of at the moment.

How about snafu? Cluster fuck? Or are those too lurid?

Sable is fixated on the setlist as it winds towards its conclusion. As the second to last song plays, Sable thumps a fist on the bar. "Shot 'f whiskey," she doesn't request so much as demand, and either its her stature or her rudeness, but she receives only a skeptical look from the 'tender. Sable glowers over at him. "I'm in th' goddamn band," she growls, trying to stare the 'tender down. It's not likely that she wins because she's terrifying. Most likely the bartender has better things to do with his time, like serve drinks and get tips. Sable takes her charity shot like it's an Olympic gold medal, and downs it like it's- well- a shot.

When Let It Be Begins, Sable's gone, and a slim shadow is bounding stealthily behind the stage.

Thrown glasses? Seriously? What is this, a concert or a wedding? Evan leans to one side to dodge a splatter pattern more imagined than actually suffered, for good measure taking the opportunity to roll his eyes at the… well, the back of the thrower, now.

Such a strange crowd out tonight. That guy, and the woman over there drinking like a fish. Literally, as if she were concealing gills under that scarf. And— hang on, what are those two over there looking all shocked about? He's too far off to have overheard anything.

"That woman over there. The one with the dark hair in the ponytail and the leather jacket and the jeans that look like maybe they're a size three and she should probably be wearing a size five?" Ingrid draws in a thin, hitching breath to steady herself. She tightens her grip on Delilah's remaining hand. "Her name is Linda Tavara. She works for Colonel Leon Heller. If there's anybody here at all, anybody who's not supposed to be— anybody on the Ferry council, or Messiah—"

"The next song… I'd like to welcome Sable up to the stage for," Quinn comments, motioning back to Sable as she walks out on stage in typical Sable fashion. "This next song's the longest one on the album, an'… it's the first time it's ever been played live…" Which is true of almost every other song in the set so far, but this one Quinn is more nervous about than any other.

"This is Glass Wonderland."

The song starts with with a slow moving piano piece, somewhat repetitive as it leads the song in for a good two minutes before finally joined by the drums, and moments later, the bass in an almost droning melody.

This isn't what I know

This city of broken glass

This wreckage all around me

This home of shattered dreeeeeeeams.

Don't you think that this is

Not the way it's supposed to be?

Living in a glass wonderland

A broken fantasy

Fragments laced across the street

Ruins of what was meant to be

How did we get this way?

How did we let it get this bad…

The lyrics quiet as the other instruments drop out, before Quinn resumes singing again, painting a picture of a broken, shattered life led in a broken, shattered place, while never naming the source of the subject's hardship. Lyrics are repeated constantly, the song itself very repetitive, before finally, everything falls silent, the lights dimming with it.

And then abruptly, the lights flare back to life, timed with the blare of an electric guitar mixed with continued piano and the stomping of Quinn's foot, before the violin and drums join in again.

Living in a glass wonderland

Break, break, break!

Shattered people, shattered lives

Break, break break!

Living in a glass wasteland

Break, break, break!

Wasted time on wasted lives

Break, break, break!

The mixture of sounds crescendos to a near cacophony level, before once again the music and lights fade… quietly resuming a moment alter in another good two minutes of quiet piano playing.

Living in a glass wasteland…

Where do we go from here?

The last words ware breathed out quietly into the microphone, and the lights come up as Quinn rises up from the seat, looking back towards the crowd. She's visibly sweating, but she doesn't seem to mind as she walks back towards the microphone, leaning to it. "That's the end of the first set. Thank you all, we're going to have a short intermission, and then we'll start again."

Delilah is good with being directed to look at people- she tries her best to not be too obvious, though, when she looks for the person that Ingrid is talking about. The name Heller, for some reason, curls her stomach- she knows that name, but mostly in the context of it being stamped with a big red 'BAD NEWS'.

Council? Or Messiah- well, Dee doesn't familiarize with that, but she is perceptive enough to have seen Lynette when trolling around looking for people. "Oh for fucking flying jesus out loud…" Not any one expletive there. "Thanks. But at some point I'm gonna have to talk to you again." She is very clear about this, before she pries herself from Ingrid and towards the bar.

And takes a wobbly, ducking line towards Lynette during Glass Wonderland. She'll hopefully remember Delilah enough from Gun Hill to not think she is Totally Bonkers, sliding into view to the left and leaning in abruptly. From afar, it looks like one drunken girl hobbling up and nearly bowling into another.

"You need to get out." Delilah says this practically in her ear. There is also a bit of a kneejerk idea in the back of her mind now, that she is going to have to eschew being a good friend and pull a fire alarm if something more goes down than- creepy Ingrid and scowling Frontline. At the least, she knows the nearest one from working here.

It's something of a surprise to have a Delilah suddenly there and not coming for the bar, but for her. Lynette does seem to recognize her, though, as she accept the sudden closeness, and doesn't shove her away or start being sassy. But it's her words that really get her attention. Her hand comes to rest on Delilah's arm and she whispers back, "Are you alright? What's happening?" It is, apparently, her first instinct to look after the other woman. Maybe that warning didn't quite sink in.

Ingrid's eyes dart between Delilah and Linda, who is gradually closing in on Lynette's location, though she must not have seen her yet — she keeps getting distracted by accidental elbows to the ribs, which she answers at one point with a toothy snarl. The blonde isn't a lip-reader by any stretch of the imagination, but she thinks she saw her mouth peel around a curt fuck off, or maybe it was a marginally kinder watch where you're going even though the latter doesn't share nearly the same number of syllables as the former, and anyway she's feeling very dizzy all of a sudden so any inconsistencies aren't her fault.

Delilah experiences an impulse that wants to push her toward the fire alarm. Ingrid is dreaming up scenarios of her own, but most of them involve shouting Oh my gosh is that Peter Petrelli making out with the Midtown Man in that corner over there? with her hands cupped over her mouth and hoping Linda will take notice and double back instead.

She doesn't, for the record. Shout. Bites at the tips of her fingers instead.

Name dropping fun with Delilah! Not a new show, just the current line of events.

"Heller. Get out." If she's gonna spook the crap out of Lynette, that might be the way to do it. "There's an employee entrance back by the restrooms, and one through the kitchen there. Or the elevator in the back, it goes upstairs to the apartments. Just take one." The young woman has since put her hand over Lynette's on her arm, palm a tad clammy, but her resolution seems firm. It is there for just a moment though, before Dee looks past Lynette to the wall beside the bar. The nearest alarm is there.

However much she hadn't wanted to, she feels the need to- it's right there, all she has to do is walk around the bar, grab that salt shaker, and give the glass pane a piece of her mind. Delilah is already skirting her way around the bar as she goes over her plan.

That name certainly does the trick. Lynette stills for a moment, glancing around and wary. "Stay safe, Delilah," she says to the woman. She is a mother after all, "And thank you." She lets out one shaky breath as Delilah moves off, but then she's making her way through the crowd and toward the employee entrance. She's trying so very hard not to attract attention to herself. Just a tipsy concert-goer looking for the restroom is all!

Intermission seems to be a good point for Nicole and Russo to slip out of the venue, arms around each other and for all the world looking to be a cosy, happy couple. But date night is over, and work awaits both of them. They aren't headed home together, despite sharing the same hired car.

With the first set over, Rue is weaving her way back through the crowd, where she all but ploughs into a woman with dark hair pulled up into a ponytail, jeans two sizes too small, and a surly attitude. "Oh shit." She winces as the remainder of her drink goes splashing out of her glass, and then the glass itself falls out of her hand and to the floor. The only reason it doesn't break is because it lands on her foot instead. Ow.

"I am so sorry," the tall redhead gasps to Linda, reaching out her hands to rest on the other woman's arms, an attempt to steady both her and herself. "Are you okay?"

Linda reacts with lightning swiftness. Rue's hands move to her arms, and she snaps the back of hers across the other woman's face with enough force to crack open her lower lip, and Rue does not have to be the lip-reader Ingrid wishes she was to understand what Linda barks out at her, which is "Out've my way!"

She flicks liquid from the tips of her fingers. Rue's drink beads, too, on the leather of her coat. She uses her sleeve to wipe a splash from her cheek. A moment later, she's touching the ear piece hidden behind a curly strand of brown-black hair freed from her ponytail. "Delgado," she says, and it's clear she isn't speaking to Rue anymore. "Do you and Espenosa see any sign of Chesterfield?"

She is at least, from Delilah's perspective, standing still — no longer an active threat to Lynette fleeing.

Delilah's creeping over to the fire alarm isn't interrupted by anything, thankfully, nor is her taking a salt shaker off the bar. She does, however, pause there along the wall to turn around completely and take a quick stock of where people are. Ingrid, That Tavara Woman, Lynette. Hopefully they are where they should be, so that she doesn't have to cram the fire alarm. It's really one of the things she doesn't want to do at all, and she seems to be pretending to be a wallflower so that she can hide the salt shaker behind her, watching, waiting, as tense as a wire and looking as if she had some really bad shrimp cocktail.

When Lynette finds the restrooms, she walks past them to get to the employee entrance. There's a glance back toward the crowd, but she opens the door and hurries through. And once she's through, then she's running through the employee area to try to find a way out of here. Her skirt is held out of the way of her feet by one hand and she, oh so regrettably, kicks off her beloved shoes because there's no way she could run for long in those heels.

Rue goes staggering backward, blood soaking into the mask over her face. When Linda touches her ear, and mentions the name Chesterfield, which isn't lost on someone who's made a point of knowing who the Ferry leaders happen to be, Rue thinks she realises what's going on. Not that she really knows the half of it.

She turns to head for the restrooms to rinse her mouth when she spots Lynette's retreat. After one last glance around, Rue's hurrying off after the councilwoman.

"Of course they can smell her," says Linda after a pause. "They're dogs." She glances between Rue's retreating shape and the bar, where she thought she'd seen something, and then turns her back on Delilah and the fire alarm. "Stay where you are. I'm coming back out — it's too fucking crowded in here and too fucking cold out there . Tell Heller we ran another sweep upstairs, fourth floor is what Ball said. I don't give a shit what he thinks.

"She's not stupid enough to come back for this. Scent's old. Over." Still dripping, she turns and tracks across the floor, roughly shouldering her way toward the front door. Then she's gone.

Incidentally, so is Ingrid.

It is, as the say, the show must go on. The band largely unaware of the events transpiring out in the restaurant proper, it seems, that intermission comes to and end with the lights dimming once more after only a few minutes have passed and the instruments on stage have been moved - piano wheeled out of the way in favour of a pair of keyboards set perpendicular, a tenori-on attached one and a soundboard on the other. This time, there is enough light coming up form the stage to see the silhouettes that walk out on to the stage, one moving to the front and picking up a guitar, feeback almost immediately ringing out the speakers, lasting a good few moments before the lights come up and Sable starts to play a guitar riff notably different than any of the songs before it.

It almost sounds like it could be a punk song, but with a more modern sound to it as the drums and bass join, Quinn, now dressed in jeans and a black button up shirt that's unbuttoned a fair ways down, immediately stepping up to the mic and beginning to sing.

Now how about a word or two on you?

You're an alias, an email address

We lay a lot more out than you do

We won't be part of your revolution

So listen up, we're telling you this is a business

We're not misinformed or misdirected

We'll make our own insurrection

So keep on publishing our wrongs

Now how about a word or two on you?

You're a paper fist, a faceless attack

We're not about to break like you do

With Sable assisting to cover some screamed lyrics, the song is raucous and angry, a stark difference for the songs before it, and when it ends, Quinn lets out a long breath. The song was a cover, of a Juliana Theory song.

What follows afterwards is a pair of songs, similar in design, but with distinctions in sound. The first one, introduced as The Breaker, is a softer, but fast paced and energetic song driven by Quinn on one of her keyboards, telling of running away from one's life into the shining sun of the unknown, swimming out past the breakers just to see what awaits out at sea.

The second of the pair against starts with the keyboard, this time a much more flat sound coming forth, before the guitar plays the rest of the instruments and energy begins to build from the performers, Quinn giving a bit of time to the music before she starts to sing, energy continuing to build until she hits the chorus.

We're all living in the

Empire of the sun!

No need to pretend now

We can work it out

Looking down from above

No, no, no more time

Spent living in the dark!

No need to pretend now

We can work it out

Looking down from above

Foot stomps accentuate the energy she feels accompanying the song, a smile on her face as she practically wails out the last pass through the chorus before the drums lead the band straight into the next song - a cover of Matchbox 20's How Far We've Come, only a few years. Which, by radio standards, means it's likely long forgotten in the public eye. The song is gleefully belted out by Quinn as she takes hold of her guitar, playing the lead to the song.

And then finally there a moment to rest, Quinn again taking a moment to turn attention to those playing with her, thanking them on stage for their efforts and their work in getting this to where it is now.

That, before starting into the next song, already more subdued, with Quinn on her keyboard, it carries more of a tone and structure of a moderate speed pop, maybe pop-rock song, with an overall lighter sound to it. It's a song of running away from an unrequited love, build upon a not entirely successful series of metaphors, rather than being as straight forward as previous songs she's played that evening.

The string of slower songs continues after a moment for the band to catch its breath, this time opening with Quinn as she takes her acoustic guitar and plays in the rest of the instruments. While the music is a bit more complexly structured than some of the previous songs, including the re-emergence of the violin, the lyrics tend to come of as more akin to some of the more juvenile songs in the previous set, a song of, like it's title, sympathy and a desire for it.

But what follows that is the band launching into another louder, harder song - a cover of Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American, and this time Quinn tries her hand at yelling out some the lyrics in teh song's climax, often with mixed results - a strained voice, largely, but she doesn't falter afterwards, keeping on as she was.

The following song is introduced as, "that song that might have been on the radio, we have a single here for the lucky folks who get t' buy one - She Talks t' Spirits." There's look out to crowd, a bit of a sheepish smile aimed out before she starts playing, crooning into the mic.

She talks to spirits but

They won't speak to me

She talks to spirits but

They won't speak to me

And she won't be alone

No matter what happens

No, she won't be alone

No matter what happens

She talks to spirits

Things that I can't see

Why can't I just believe?

She's counting unheard words

Left on the air for her

A door that opens

To another world

But I just can't compete

What she hears in there

Drifting from the past

With violin joining at the chorus and continuing on through out the song, it sounds upbeat despite lyrics that might indicate other wise, Quinn smiling wide as she strums along on her guitar, gaze affixed out into the crowd the entire length of the song.

And when it ends, she finds herself back at the pair of keyboards, immediately beginning to play both of them - one hand at each one, as the band continues to play into it's second to last song. Another high speed, energetic and keyboard laden song, with the repeated lyric "these are wild fantasies, unlike anything before," the song seems to speak of trying new and exciting things, unlike anything one has experienced before, and enjoying the general thrill of life.

Which brings the band to it's final song. And what a song it is. It isn't as structured or long as Glass Wonderland, but opening with a droning keyboard part, it is by far the most complex song of the second set. Flashing lights light up all across the stage and Quinn's keyboard in accordance with the beat of the music. Joined by a blaring guitar and a distinct drum beat, the most unusual addition to the song is an array of sounds produced by the small white attachment to Quinn's keyboard

Left all alone

Out in the sun

Reflect, deflect

Out of this world

The things we say sometimes

Left all alone

Nowhere t' go

Inside, Outside

Out of this world

The things we do sometimes

Make me feel so guilty, guilty

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Everything stuck on repeat, repeat

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Live it up, live it out

Walking on a tight rope wire

Come on, come out

Tell it to the world

Secret's out, in the wild

Nothing's going to stop it now

Guilty, guilty

Guilty, guilty

As the song comes to an end as the sound fades form the room, the flashing lights end and the room lights come up, each member of the band taking their turn in bowing.

"Thank you, everyone! Thank you for coming!"

Another bow. All in all, events unknown to her, Robyn Quinn would say that this was successful first major show.

If only everything in the future goes as well.

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