Global News For February 2010
Date February 9, 2010
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ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar - Two months out following the conclusion of the Malagasy civil war and the removal of the dictator General Edmond Rasoul, the nation of Madagascar is slowly making steps towards recovery. On Monday, a mass funeral service was held on the slopes of Antananarivo, Madagascar's capital, for the hundreds of thousands killed in the genetic cleansing attacks under Rasoul's leadership. The candle-light vigil was overseen by the security of the United States Miliary's peacekeeping forces on the island nation, and the several hour long service was a way of moving on for the Malagasy People.

Representative Dajan Dunsimi, spokesperson for the Malagasy Liberation Front that worked in coalition with the United States Government to topple Rasoul had this to say; "The people of Madagascar are strong, stronger than they realize. We can move past these terrible things that have been done to us, past the terrible history of violence and bloodshed in this country that has plagued us from time even before General Rasoul. We will rebuild, we will be stronger than ever, and Madagascar will become something the Malagasy people can be proud to call their home again."

The US Military is expected to remain a presence in the Madagascar region to help the reconstruction of the country's infrastructure for at least two years, if not further. Washington analysts speculate that each month the US Military remains in Madagascar, it will cost the America taxpayers 1.2 billion dollars.

HONG KONG, China — Representatives of the Apple Daily have announced that they have recently entered negotiations with the Communist Party to sell the firm to the Chinese government. Representatives deny that this in any way related to the Daily's article speculating on the circumstances of the Amundsen-Scott Antarctica Research Station's closure last month or speculation on the absence of the People's Liberation Army's Evolved members from public events and ceremonial proceedings.

This change of ownership comes as a great surprise to many of the Daily's readership, as the paper was known throughout both the mainland for its relentless basis in economic and political freedoms, as well as 'tabloid'-style sensationalism, focus on celebrity lifestyles, dependency on corporate sponsorship, and choice of sources. Historically, the paper was banned throughout the mainland for both anti-government sentiment and brash reporting. Its websites have been blocked by the great firewall of China. Few references to the Apple Daily have ever appeared in mainstream Chinese news media.

During the handover of 1997, when Hong Kong returned to the dominion of China, the Apple Daily's founder Lai Chee Ying had reportedly made preparations for the possibility of forceful suppression from the Communist Party. He has consistently cultivated a low profile and kept his personal life private, and continues to be unavailable for personal comment at the end of his legacy.

MOSCOW, Russia — Grigori Zhukovsky, the Russian metal sculptor best known for his works on religious and mythological themes that alienated as much as attracted the public, has died, according to an official with Moscow's Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Zhukovsky, 70, died in his sleep Sunday night at his home near Ryazan, Russia, said Vasili Botkin, public relations coordinator for the museum.

He was widely celebrated inside and outside of the art world. The final collection he completed before his death, "Ex Umbra In Solem" ('from the shadow into the light') will remain on display at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts until the end of the year when individual pieces will be auctioned off and the proceeds donated, as per Zhukovsky's wishes, to the Civic Assistance Center for the Adaptation and Education of Children of Forced Migrants.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Minister of Evolved Security, Ruben Pichetto, held a press conference on the steps of the Argentine Congress to answer questions regarding the implementation of Evolved Registration, one month since it was first announced by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. "2010 has begun with the first month of peace we have seen in a long time," spoke Pichetto to a crowd of citizens and media alike. "And this morning, I would like to shed light on the Argentine government's intentions regarding our Evolved citizens and our intentions to protect that peace."

Items on the agenda included the ministry's Evolved housing and development plans, an announcement regarding the distribution of Evolved test-kits nation-wide and a timetable relating to the registration process. Pichetto's ambitions included the Registration of all Argentina's Evolved citizens "as early as May", and described intentions to provide job opportunities for those within designated Evolved housing territories.

When questioned on Argentina's shy introduction to government intervention regarding Evolved relations, arguably a cause of the tradition of Evolved branding seen since early 2009, Pichetto offered an apology. "This year, we hope to make amends, and fast-track our intentions for Evolved security throughout Argentina to ensure that restored peace remains."

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