Global News July 30 2009

GERMANY — Police in the city of Hamburg in cooperation with INTERPOL coordinated a pre-dawn raid on the Pinehearst Company International Headquarters, following allegations of human rights violations in their North American branch. Members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have taken action against the German biotech firm for the application of a private nuclear reactor constructed within their Fort Lee New Jersey facility without obtaining proper documentation for the work. This allegation is layered atop a laundry list of human rights violations ranging from illegal human experimentation, to kidnapping and extortion.

Shortly following the raid on Pinehearst's global headquarters, Pinehearst CEO Morgan Deitrich was taken in to custody by police at his home in Berlin for questioning in connection to these events. Authorities in the United States have yet to determine the cause or the reason behind the controlled demolition of the Pinehearst Headquarters building, and are continuing their investigation. It is expected that it will take several months to compile a full list of violations to be leveraged against Pinehearst. The Pinehearst Scandal is the single largest human rights violation on record in decades.

HAITI — Violence has erupted for the third straight week in a row on the outskirts of Hinche in western Haiti. Local military forces have been struggling against a militant insurgent uprising calling itself LOA that has been directly opposing the government's adoption policy resembling the United States' Linderman-Act.

The insurgency began with rocket attacks on government aircraft stationed at the small Hinche airstrip, followed by a protracted battle Peligre Hydroelectric Dam which ultimately was lost to the insurgents. Broadcasts on Tele Seven Stars across Haiti have claimed that the LOA have occupied the Dam and are utilizing it as a staging grounds for further attacks against the Haitian government. A manifesto delivered to national news agencies around Haiti claims that the LOA "will not stop until the government recognizes the sovereignty of the Loa and their emissaries in this world by repealing any and all acts to repress the children of the Loa."

President René Préval made a national broadcast today across local news outlets imploring the people of Haiti to unite together in a "time of unparalelled crisis" and "report all suspicious activities to local authorities." While members of MINUSTAH (a United Nations stabilization effort in Haiti since 2004) are seeking NATO assistance in the region.

RUSSIA — Senior Russian government officials have denied the claims of retired General Alexi Potroi that two nuclear weapons went missing from the active Russian arsenal as recently as 2002. Potroi made the claims on a BBC television program earlier this month, alleging that subversive paramilitary elements within the Russian military allowed for the theft of two 20 megaton warheads during the fall of 2002. Russian officials denied the existence of the weapons which, according to Potroi, that have the potential to destroy a large city and its inhabitants. The claims have fueled the debate on Russia's control of its nuclear stocks.

In response to these allegations, the United Nations brought forth shocking claims today that a mid-March raid on a terrorist cell based out of Germany responsible for the destruction of several infrastructure facilities in the United States in January were in the possession of an active nuclear warhead. Michele Montas, Spokesperson for UN Secretary-General was unwilling to connect the warhead to the alleged missing Russian warheads, but made claims that "further investigations" would need to be made in light of the discovery.

This is the first news of a discovery of nuclear armaments possessed by the terrorist organization 'Vanguard' since the raid on the Berlin compound in March.

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