Global News June 19 2009

ARGENTINA — We first turn the attention of the Global News Network towards South America, and the troubled northwestern Catamarca Province on the border with Chile. Since late April, the Argentinian government has been dealing with repeated and sporadic guerrilla fighting in this region from the mountainous regions bordering the province.

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has once more put forth a request of the United States to lend military aid, and official word from Capitol Hill indicates that the US will hold off on lending aid to Aregntina until after they have had "sufficient time and intelligence" on the region. It is speculated in Washington that the FRONTLINE organization may be mobilized to aid in the Argentinian conflict should it continue to plague the nation.

RUSSIA — In Russia, for the third straight day in a row, relentless fighting in the streets of Moscow indicate that the violent uprising of evolved revolutionary Vladimir Koschek shows no sign of an end. With nearly half of the Russian armed forces working at his side, Vladimir's bloody coup d'etat has now claimed six hundred lives and left countless more injured.

Koscheck has demanded the immediate surrender of all Russian parliamentary figures, as well as President Medvedev, or the fighting will continue. With Russia already crippled by food shortages and border skirmishes with an increasingly aggressive China, the beleaguered nation has turned to the United States and Great Britain for military support. Prime Minister Brown and President Petrelli convened late last week with the United Nations Security Council on this very issue.

To further complicate matters, NATO forces currently trapped within Russia's borders have come under heavy fire in Volgograd by a guerrilla attack that reportedly originates from the global terrorist organization known as the Vanguard. With a routing of their headquarters in Germany months ago, it is believed the Vanguard remnants had fled east into Russia, pursued by NATO personnel.

In a press conference earlier today, President Petrelli of the United States urged both sides of the conflict in Russia to agree to peace talks and a nonviolent resolution of the conflict. Neither President Medvedev nor Koscheck were willing to concede to the negotiations, leaving the prospect of continued violence high.

CHINA — In other world news, China has garnered attention in the global scene by announcing the results of its first-quarter evolved registration results. The department of genetic infrastructure reports that China currently possesses one-thousand two-hundred Evolved citizens. With the Chinese mandatory drafting for all Evolved citizens of China — regardless of age — this effectively constitutes the largest standing army of Evolved soldiers in the world.

This announcement by the Chinese government is hot on the heels of the United States' announcement that the FRONTLINE bill has reached Congress for the second time, and is expected to pass before the month's end. The realization of the FRONTLINE Initiative would mean the beginning of the United States' own specialized evolved branch of the armed forces. The second draft of the bill outlines a plan beginning with the instatement of trial groups of FRONTLINE Across the eastern United States, beginning with "Unit One" in New York State.

Vice-President Andrew Mitchell had this to say today at a White House press conference regarding the FRONTLINE Initiative: "I think it's a sign of solidarity among the people of America that this bill is finally on its way to becoming a reality. For too long we as Americans have been struggling with the idea of security and safety within our own borders, and I think it's time that we stop looking beyond our shores, and start looking at the problems right here on the home-front. We can't hope to help other nations if we ourselves are struggling to stay unified." Mobilization of the first FRONTLINE unit is expected to happen as soon as July.

JAPAN — In the wake of the disastrous Shibuya Indicent, Japan's Prime Minister Taro Aso has declared a state of martial law in the region of Tokyo. This move has appointed the Special Evolved-Crimes Military-Aid Taskforce — The Mugai-ryu — as the primary law-enforcement within the city. A mandatory curfew has been instituted, as well as road-blocks and restricted internet access in and out of the metropolis.

The Mugai-Ryu, which number roughly 120, are an elite unit of hand-picked Evolved soldiers drafted from the Japanese military, designed to aid in internal defense and policing. Since their founding in March of 2009, the Mugai-ryu have not yet been mobilized, and this declaration of Martial Law is their first field operation.

In retalliation to the declaration, a group of Japanese dissidents have begun an underground resistance to the Prime Minister's appointment of the Mugai-ryu. Fearful of this as the first step towards a totalitarian regime, this rebellious faction has begun trafficking citizens out of Tokyo and into the outlying countryside, while aiding in the trafficking of relatives of those trapped inside of Tokyo in.

Reports within Japan indicate that all foreign visitors to Japan registered as Evolved by their passports are not having their Visas renewed, and are being forced to leave the country immediately or face stiff punishment by the Japanese government.

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