Global News March 2011

JAPAN — A ferocious tsunami spawned by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded that slammed Japan's eastern coast Friday, killing thousands as it swept away boats, cars and homes while widespread fires burned out of control.

However the tragedy of this disaster was mitigated by a singularly heroic act in the coastal city of Sendai in the Miyagi prefecture. Residents of Sendai are comprised largely of SLC-Expressive individuals exiled from the city of Tokyo during the formation of the Tokyo Restricted zone. One such resident, Toshiro Kanehama (78), is reported to have been solely responsible for the city's protection from the ensuing tsunami.

In the wake of the earthquake's first shakes, Kanehama was spotted by eye-witnesses on a coastal beach in preparation for the tidal wave. Witnesses claim that Kanehama stood in view of the 23-foot (seven meter) high wave approaching Sendai, and "clapped his hands together, then pulled them apart and split the wave in two parts."

Home video of the event was taken by several of the eye-witnesses and show Kanehama parting the wave around the coast of Sendai, diminishing the wave's size and sending it crashing away from his home. Kanehama collapsed after the incident and emergency medical personnel who arrived hours later were unable to revive him. It is believed the strain of parting the wave caused his collapse, but it could be weeks before a definitive cause of death can be ascertained.

Prime Minister Taro Aso has yet to make a public announcement regarding Kanehama's heroic defense of his home, though the Ministry of Home Affairs has confirmed that Kanehama was a former resident of Tokyo removed to Sendai during the formation of the restricted zone in June of last year.

According to recent estimates, 100 people may have been killed in the tsunami on the island of Honshu, though this number could have been dramatically higher were it not for Kanehama's act of heroism.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has deployed SLC-Expressive specialists from Public Security Section 5 to combat fires raging near Sendai from a refinery that erupted during Friday afternoon's quake as well as to three nuclear power plants that are believed to be in a state of near meltdown. Accurate numbers on casualties will be made available as the exact damage caused by the quake is made clear.

LYBIA — For the second straight day in a row rebels in the embattled country of Lybia have clashed with national military forces and mercenaries in the capitol city of Tripoli. Intense fighting coupled with the utilization of SLC-Expressive rebels has leveled the playing field against Gadaffi's military, many senior officers of which have defected to the side of the rebels.

Backed by SLC-Expressive militants from the Mazdak terrorist organization, the rebels to the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi have rallied against the dictator since violence first sparked in the country last month when classified documents from within Gadaffi's cabinet leaked to international press, revealing the existence of a "death camp" for "government dissenters." It was discovered that the majority of those killed in the camps were SLC-Expressive, inciting involvement by pro-evolved terrorists in Mazdak to unify growing anti-government dissenters into a rebel army.

Pressure by the United Kingdom, France and the United States to the United Nations has resulted in little movement in hopes to stabilize the region. The League of Arab States has stated that the situation in Lybia must be settled by the Lybians, not outside military intervention. The United Nations are hesitant to enter Lybia for fear of arousing negative sentiments in light of the United States' occupation of Iraq and Madagascar.

The UN is also under pressure to respond to the growing Mazdak presence in Lybia, and EU member states have voiced concerns over the terrorist organization gaining a political foothold in Lybia if they are able to successfully aid the Lybians rebels in toppling Gadaffis' regime.

Concerns within the US surround Mazdak's involvement in the rebellion and what their continued influence in Lybia could entail. Defense Secretary Gerard Rutland spoke with representatives of the UN Security Council regarding the possibility of united efforts in establishing a task force to combat Mazdak influence, comparing Mazdak to a level of threat equivalent to the terrorist organization Vanguard which was targeted by NATO in 2009.


Sources within the United States Army positioned within Iraq are leaking word of an alleged biological weapons attack on US soldiers in the city of Baqubah just 25 miles outside of Baghdad.

According to the sources, Mazdak operatives unleashed an airborne biological weapon on Forward Operating Base Gabe some time in the early morning hours on February 27th. While reports vary in the details of the attack, the source described the victims of the attacks as having "severe chemical burns" and described some soldiers as "unidentifiable" due to their tissue damage.

The Department of Defense has not acknowledged these reports yet. When asked about the attack on Army forced in Baqubah, Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell stated that the incident is "under investigation to be certain of the nature of the attacks." Morrell stated that no further information was available at this time.

The Department of Defense had revealed an attack on Baqubah but not that biological weapons had been utilized. Confirmation of the attack's nature is presumed to be forthcoming, however speculation as to where Mazdak may have obtained access to chemical weapons raises questions about the nature of the terrorist organization and their backing.

A source within the Pentagon revealed that Iran is a high consideration for weapon delivery to Mazdak, despite their intense political relations. This may be an attempt to curry favor from the organization, despite Iran's staunch anti-evolved political stance.

The United States Military will be sending 8,000 more soldiers to Iraq over the summer. Combined US Military and private contractors in Iraq are now estimated to number over 180,000.

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