Global News October 2009

MADAGASCAR — An international furor has erupted over a new wave of reports out of Madagascar, alleging that the military that seized control by coup this past March under the leadership of General Edmond Rasoul has been carrying out mass executions of Evolved and accused Evolved throughout the country. General Rasoul's government has not been recognized internationally, and since the closing of the country's borders it has become extremely difficult to get information as to the situation in Madagascar.

However, videos have been released to human rights watchdog groups that allege to show atrocities underway in the country, including mass executions and the destruction of entire villages by military forces. These videos, released by a group calling itself the Madagascar Liberation Front, have not yet been verified to be genuine, but international debates are already ongoing as to whether or not intervention may be required. Requests from the United Nations and several international humans rights groups to send in outside observers have been categorically denied by General Rasoul, who stated that the borders would remain closed 'until such time as the threat to Madagascar's people had been ended'.

ARGENTINA — A state of siege has been declared when rioting broke out in the city of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca. After nine days of rallies in protest of the Argentinean government's refusal to implement an Evolved registration system, tensions came to a boil and in the riots that followed, nine people were killed when rogue gunfire was directed into the crowd.

While there has been strong reaction in regards to Evolved registration systems in many countries, there has been heated opposition in regards Argentina's reluctance to implement a similar system. Both Evolved and non-Evolved have reportedly protested this refusal in response to the increasing cases of Evolved citizens being abducted and physically branded as a means of identifying them to the public as Evolved.

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner addressed this issue upon her announcement as to the state of siege declaration. "We will do all we can to fight this loathsome practice of branding, but we will not be pressured by these crimes to change our ways. Argentina must remain strong if we want equality between all citizens. We will not bow down to the whims of terrorists."

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