Go Be A Hero


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Scene Title Go Be A Hero
Synopsis A hero is a man who does what he can. — Romain Rolland
Date March 5, 2011

Chinatown — HAPPY Garden

Description of location, if any.

The roaring sizzle of the shrimp thrown into the pan makes it nearly impossible for Mrs. Nguyen to hear the voice on the other side of the phone.

Smoke fills up the large bustling kitchen. A flame erupting straight in front of the small slightly hump backed old woman. The flame is covered with a pan as the old woman steps away from the line of stoves. Holding the phone to her ear, it is wedged there by her shoulder. A few men swing by in front of her, as Mrs. Nguyen makes her way out of the kitchen. The chinese practically shouted into the pone is incessant. She is probably talking to a family member. Grabbing two plates off the serving counter, she walks through the restaurant with an agitated gait.

Samara is practically bowled aside by the even shorter elderly woman, tossing the young woman an irritated glance before she moves around the wall, leading away from the eating floor. Leading down a hallway, there are stairs leading up to a single doorway. Thumping her way up, the two plates are held up as she shouts through the door.

The door slides open, Dong-tian glances through the crack in the door, and gives a little nod to the woman. The man reaches through to take both of the plates. The door is then kicked close as Mrs. Nguyen makes her way down.

Not too much time has passed since Samara left Brian at his Chinatown apartment. But it can take time to move through the busy streets of Chinatown. HAPPY GARDEN isn't too busy at this time of the day, but everyone in the kitchen acts like it is.

In her own sneakiness, Sam followed the elderly woman (who is shockingly strong despite her tiny appearance) even if she wasn't exactly permitted to as such. In many respects, the quiet of HAPPY GARDEN makes this visit simultaneously easier and more difficult. On the plus side, she'd actually gone home with Dong-Tian once, had gotten picked up by Brian's alter-ego in a dive bar based on a bet.

She skulks after the woman, allowing herself to disappear into a wall before getting noticed on the woman's route back. Soon enough, she reemerges in the hallway. As per her routine as of late, she hasn't the foggiest what to expect. It used to be that she at least knew what would be waiting for her in one situation or another (handprint burns not withstanding).

There's a moment where she contemplates walking through the door, it's an action she would readily take with her fiancee, but then does being engaged count when your betrothed has no memory of you? It's a question she's wrestled with this week. Her hand raises to the door and with three quick raps against it she stands back. To wait. For whatever may be on the other side.

A sharp yell in Cantonese answers Samara's knock.

But after a long moment, Samara decides to knock again. Another cry in Chinese until finally there is thundering against the floor sounding almost angry. Then the door flies halfway open. Dong-tian fills the door way, having an agitated look on his features before he's looking down.

The man is wearing a t-shirt and black slacks. He is never seen in public with this ragged clothing. But lately, he has not been seen in public at all. The Ghost Shadow looks down at her, gaze hindered by a pair of dark glasses. The man looks down at her without much emotion. No reaction on his features. The man then looks past her to the floor below her. Then back at her. Black hair tied back behind his head, the door swings open a little wider.

"Come in."

The scrutiny with which she's judged has Sami's hazel eyes narrowing. Her chin lifts in an attempt to meet his gaze, even if it's with this edge that he must treat her. The scrutiny has her rocking on the balls of her feet, wholly unconvinced whether she'll pass this apparent test. "Hi," she greets, after she's invited inside. Not that she's moved yet. There's something nearly unsettled about the opened door.

Again her eyes narrow at him. She's unsure, and it reads easily over her face— something that served her well as a mute ghost, but less as a spy-wannabe. With a deep breath, and her sense of adventure ignited, she slides in through the doorway, knowing full well if something really goes wrong she can always disappear through the floor.

The door claps shut behind her. And the first thing Samara will hear upon her entry is 'Waaaall-eeee'. It's because across the apartment in the living room, Dong-tian's 'twin brother' Xue is folded up in front of the TV. In his hands is an XBOX 360 controller as he has his little avatar of Wall-E try to escape the robots on board of the ship. Next to him there is an empty capris sun wrapper. And on the coffee table near Xue are a few coloring books. Crayons laid out haphazardly, Xue is mostly ignoring them for now. He's focused on his video game. The plate of teriyaki chicken is laid out on the table. There is no rice on Xue's plate. Because he won't eat it.

Dong-tian, however has his own plate laid out on the kitchen counter. Locking the door behind her he reaches up to bring his glasses down from his eyes. The glasses are tossed onto the counter. A deep breath is taken in. As he peers over at Samara. "I think we need to talk." He murmurs quietly, glancing over at Xue. Then back to Samara. "We should probably go in the room,"


He gestures towards the bedroom on the other side of the kitchen.

There's a quirk of Sam's eyebrow at the cartoon playing on the television, met by the other as she eyes the many colouring books and child tools laid along the coffee table. She twists around to face Dong-Tian, both eyebrows raised high on her forehead. Now that was unexpected. Blinking rather blankly her lips part to ask a question and then he speaks. And he says her name. The ache in her chest is so far beyond anything she imagined a person could possibly feel. There's a distinctly different tremble as she lifts the sleeve of her coat to her now glistening eyes, but the tremble only lasts a second before she turns to tackle him into a hug. Appropriate or not. Explained or not. Being remembered is a gift. Even if the gift itself is largely unknown.

Eyebrows shoot up as Samara all but entangles him. A slow smile creeps up his lips, the hug being returned slowly. Arms gripping over her. Dong-tian takes a breath, breathing back out he holds her tightly to his chest for a long moment. Finally his arms loosen around her back. "We should talk." He repeats. "In the room." And without waiting, the man is tugging her into the bedroom. Kicking the door closed, Dong-tian lets go of her. "I.. I…" He brings his hands up to his head, combing through his long black hair. "I don't know how you know who I am." He murmurs quietly.

"I don't remember telling you."

"But that's not the only weird thing that's happening to me right now. So.. I'm going to skip over that part. My powers are gone. I'm assuming it was Tyler Case. My copy.. My me.. My brother has the mind of a child." He practically growls. "And I don't even have the right date. So.. I don't know what's going on. But I hope you can help me." He lets out, going to thump against the door.

The tears are given free reign to fall, crocodile tears of joy only interrupted by the tug into the room. Her tears are smeared by her sleeve, dried in a mess of salt along her cheeks. It takes her a few moments to recognize that this Brian isn't up-do-date on everything either, but he remembers her. Blinking hard, she takes a deep breath to suppress those tears again, now somewhere between happy and sad.

She edges over to the bed, where she allows herself a seat, a solace among her tears, a small interruption to her already spilling-over emotions. "You don't remember that date? At Coney Island? In the mirror room.. you were trying to get me to phase again. I couldn't," she sniffles. "God knows I'd tried.. so you thought you could scare me into it. I was livid." She sniffles again, hiccuping around the tears that she just wants to stop.

Her tongue rolls over her lips and she shakes her head, "I don't know what happened. None of you are connected to each other and all of you… you're not you. Except you? Like.. you woke up next to me and thought I'd tricked you. I ended up with a gun against my head.. and the other you.. with the babies in the apartment— he thought the year was 2008 and.." she doesn't finish her thoughts, only switching gears midsentence, "which is him which is breaking my brain because neither of them could even remember me— "

He frowns down as her tears fall. "Sameye." Dong-tian murmurs quietly, as he goes to take a seat next to her. His arm goes to curl around her shoulders, his free hand going to rest in her lap. But the hand pulls back rapidly. As if that's too much touching. Too forward, too soon. "That sounds like a stupid plan. Why did I think I could do that?" He asks quietly, frowning. "I don't want you to cry, Samara."

"The power is gone. Our link is gone. I don't know why.." Closing his eyes some, he clicks his tongue against his teeth. "I don't remember that date. I'm sorry." He opens his eyes to deliver her an apologetic look. At the next confession his bottom teeth sink into his upper lip in concern. Narrowing his eyes nearly into a glare, he gives a little shake of his head. "A gun to your head? Oh.. Oh Sameye. I am so sorry." he lets out weakly. Babies in the apartment? There's already enough questions. "Fulk." He murmurs. He gives a slow shake of his head. "Xue has the memories of me as a child. For some reason every copy when split from the link has different memories. Cut off at a certain point it seems like. I don't know who would have a power like that." He peers over at her. "I am so sorry. I would never put a gun to your head." Well he has. Twice now.

Whether or not Dong-Tian expects it, with the arm around her shoulder, Sam nearly melts into him. She leans into the shoulder while her sobs begin to stave against him. There's comfort in his touch. Even if it's unfamiliar to him, to Sam, this closeness, this touch, is her lifeline. "I thought you'd never remember me," she sniffles. Even if he doesn't remember everything. Her shoulders bob against her emotion in broken sobs, cracked against the dryness of her throat. "I was scared— " she confesses. "— more scared than when the fire guy burned me— " which of course Dong-Tian won't remember. "Oh. Sorry. I.. there's been a lot of stuff.. what was your last memory?" she nearly whispers.

Exasperated her gaze turns upwards. "I didn't tell the kids you're gone. Well.. they know you're not around, but they think you went back to Pollepel for some reason because I didn't think it was fair to them after everything they've been through— "

"I remember Gabriel pulling you back from the phase world." Dong-tian murmurs quietly. Closing his eyes for a moment. Finally opening them back up. "We sat outside the castle in the snow. And we kissed. And it wasn't in dreams." He smiles softly at the memory. Though with the sudden melting of her against his chest. It brings a slightly surprised expression to his features. But the surprise eventually melts into a soft smile. His arm pulling her against him even more.

"What has all happened? Since then? How long has it been?" Dong-tian asks quietly. Rolling his hand to her back, it runs up and down gently. Rubbing at her back easily.

"That was December. It's March now," Sam whispers quietly while her eyes close gently. She takes a slow quiet breath and holds it in a moment. Her lips twitch slightly while she considers the fastest rundown she can give, or the slower more detailed one. For some things it would be useful. For others? Downright cruel. "A lot has happened. Like Koshka. And Bay House. And.." her eyebrows furrow tightly together while a frown plays over her lips. "Do you— do you really want to know? It's a lot. And it's overwhelming. I remember it all and it's overwhelming! Like.. it's been a novel. An entire novel written about less than three months."

Her teeth toy lightly at her bottom lip. She leans into him tighter, wrapping her arms around him. "What details are important and which aren't?"

As she wraps around him, his eyes are drawn to the ring around her finger. His eyes arch up some. "Three months." He lets out quietly. Dong-tian looks down at her hand. He stares down at it for a long moment. And it seems like he only has one question. Out of the myriad of things that have happened he just wants to ask the simplest things.

"Did.. Did I give you that ring?" Dong-tian asks. Peering down at that hand. "Does that mean. Have we..?"

The attention drawn to her hand actually has Sam dropping it into her lap. Her own gaze moves to her finger now as she turns the ring over on her finger several times."You proposed in January. In our room at the Garden pre-evacuation. Because Veronica gave you her ring back." She swallows hard. "I.. found out a few weeks later." Her gaze turns up to the ceiling while her knees are drawn up to her chest.

"We fought. I.. left.. for a few days.." her head turns away, back towards the door as she fills in the most awkward bits. "When I came back you threw the old ring out the window."

She clears her throat, "We went to DC with Noah Bennett to help this man. He could explode— like that was his ability. And after we went through this," she turns back towards him, "beautiful forest. That's where you gave me this ring." And then quieter she adds, "After everything happened."

Dong-tian listens to the story unfold with intensity. Though he picks out certain parts to fill him in a little more. 'Our' room. That's good to know. His free hand goes to rest on her lap. Listening, his arm brings her into his chest a little more. But his mind wanders. "Is this weird for me? Not being with my body?" But after that, he continues to listen. "I'm sorry." He murmurs quietly, physically wincing when he is informed he gave her Veronica's ring. Whoops.

But he made up for it. So good. He smiles lightly down at her, "So.. We've had sex?" Is the question. He decides to ask. After all that.

"I let Dong-Tian pick me up once in a bar. You made a bet with one of your Ghost Shadow cohorts that he couldn't get me to go with him." Her tongue dabs at her lips lightly, "I miss your curly hair, but they're your eyes. So it's not weird-weird. Odd, maybe?" Sami's nose crinkles a little.

At the last question, however, her eyes clamp shut, weighing something else in her mind. Despite herself, Sam's cheeks flush at the question. "Yes," is the easy answer. And try as she might to leave it at that she tacks on, "And I'm pregnant." She swallows hard.

"Sounds like me." He murmurs with a little grin. The rubbing motion of his hand against her back continues trying to soothe her from those tears that were so recently flowing over her cheeks. His hand trails to her lower back. Dong-tian's hand on her lap gives a light squeeze. "Hell yeah. How was i—" That last announcement has him fumbling. He arches his brows. Lips turning back some. "Oh." His lips thin and then curl up into a slow smile. "Well that's wonderful." He lets out with his forced smile. "We move fast, don't we?"

”Your reaction is better than Brian with the babies. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m some kind of harlot now— “ Dong-Tian’s reaction, however, has Sam’s eyes narrowing with discernment, “It’s not.. we didn’t.. we weren’t..” she releases a quiet sigh. She wasn’t looking forward to this conversation again. “It was a surprise.” Her teeth play at her lip again. “Is a surprise.” Her teeth press firmer against her lip. “I..” she frowns. “I’m sorry. That’s a lot for one day, isn’t it?” Yet there’s more to tell. About the kids being sick. About Eric being dead. About the house in Jamaica Bay.

”I..” she starts as her eyebrows knit together. She straightens on the bed, allowing her feet to plant on the carpet. “I love you,” they tighten together further as she slowly releases a nearly laboured sigh, a near gasp as she realizes something. “You don’t remember that either. With the penguins. At the zoo..” her hazel eyes turn downwards. “I can.. I can go if you need me to. I’m sorry. Who you are to me.. I’m not that to you anymore, am I?” It’s a painful realization.

"Fulk. Jesus obsessed freak. With his rules. And codes." Dong-tian smiles lightly. "A surprise. A good surprise." He manages. This is all difficult to take in. Very difficult. But she needs help more than him. "We're going to make kick ass parents. I've been taking care of my child self for days. He's doing great. I bought him video games and everything." As she leans forward to the carpet he gives a concerned look down at the floor.

His hand goes to tug at her shoulder. The hand pulls her back, back down towards the bed so that she is laying down. "We had sex with penguins? I mean. Not with penguins. At penguins." Dong-tian frowns lightly, turning to face her. "I know the girl who showed up to my truck and made me stop smoking..? I really like that girl. And if I'm going to get married and have a baby with anyone? She might be a good person to do it with." He smiles gently, going to lean back. His own back resting against the bed. "Who have you taken this to?"

"Nooooooooooo.. not that. I told you I loved you for the first time when we broke into the zoo. To watch the penguins. You named my favourite one Scamp. I phased again that day.. " there's a twitch of a smile at the memory. "Sorry. There's a lot of stuff. I know three months doesn't seem like a long time, but it's a long time. Like it turned into a long time."

She issues him a sad smile, and shrugs her shoulders, "But I know you. I know about your adopted family in California and how Gillian met your real parents. I know you're protective by nature and follow your gut. I know that when you're really sad you still feel like you have to be strong for everyone else, even when they're there to take care of you. I know that the kids all miss you.. " Her lips press together tightly and she shrugs a little. "I.. love you. I've loved you for months. And I don't.. I want.. I love you. If you don't— " her frown deepens. She struggles to fit her thoughts into words and so she clears her throat. She just can't finish it.

Instead she clings to the question. "No one yet. It's been a few days. I hoped it would just… fix itself."

"Oh. Sorry." Dong-tian lets out. Watching her quietly. He remains neutral as she goes over her memories. Their memories. The man looks up at her, eyes creasing some at the sheer amount of emotion she delivers. He goes to sit up scooting next to her. His chest heaves. He stares down at her. "I love you." They come out quietly, weakly. The man places his hand gingerly on her back.

"I.. I know this is hard for you. But I think we should talk about what we're going to do. Are you okay with that?"

Sam's head turns to face him as her eyes well with tears again. It seems she's just destined to be a basket case lately. The hand on her back and the three weak words have her leaning into him again. There's some semblance of hope for a former ghost. Even if things aren't quite as she would have them. She sighs against him as her eyes clamp shut. "I guess we have to," talk about what they're going to do. "What do you need me to do? I'm at the Bay House with.." she frowns a little "..a number of the kids. But I can do other things. Chinatown you— Fulk— suggested I find more of you to figure out what's going on.. that's why I came here… but I don't think we have any answers…" just more questions.

"The Haitian.." Dong-tian frowns thoughtfully. "The Haitian might be capable of something like this. He negated powers and erased memories. But I don't know how he could affect every body. That wasn't near him." His hand around her draws up to him. One elbow goes to his knees, chin being lowered into his hand. He tilts his head some in his hand. Mulling things over. "Well our powers are gone. Figures why he would think he was negated. Probably hasn't occured to him yet that it's Case."

"Noah. Hopefully Noah can figure things out. Knows what to do." The man who's supposed to be Brian places his hands on his knees. Seeming anxious. "Talk to Cardinal." He repeats. Giving a light frown. "Can you.. Can you handle the kids for now? I wish there was something I could do. Fulk. You can tell him what to do. He'll be annoying, but you can get him to do things for you."

"Yeah.. he seriously was upset and couldn't figure out what I'd done. Somehow it was all my fault," Sam sighs heavily and then semi-nods. Take care of the kids. "I need Fulk with the babies. I can't manage that on top of everything else right now. We went to the apartment to pick them up, but knowing he's not leaving them or whatever.. The Chinatown apartment is a mess, but Emily and Kasha are safe there and it's a little easier to have them not with the others." Her gaze slides over to the wall as she reasons through something for herself, "And I can't break more bad news. Not after the last few weeks they've had— I guess I'll.. keep lying." It's not a great solution considering she's not a great liar.

"I think I can handle the kids, but… I can't be everywhere at once. I don't have that talent, taking care of this, managing the kids, and making sure Emily and Kasha are okay.." she forces a tight smile. "I. Can. Do. This." Hopefully.

"I'm really sorry about that baby." The last word sounds foreign on his lips. He takes a deep breath before murmuring it again. "Baby." Sounding a bit more comfortable about it. Dong-tian goes to lay back against the bed, pulling her down with him. Laying down against the mattress, one hand goes to brush against her hair. "Get Cardinal. He will help. Doyle can help you with the kids. Abby, Gillian, Kaylee. They can help. Have Cardinal try to figure out what is happening with all the me. If there's more me.. Maybe one of them actually remembers whats going on." He gives a little frown, sympathetic over to her.

"I'm so sorry about all of this Sameye." He lets out in an intimate, quiet tone. Eyes closing for a moment. "I wish.. I wish it wasn't like this. If there's anything I can do for you here. You can always come here, or call messages. The boys will just think that I'm fucking you. Won't think anything of it." He glances to the bedroom door. Xue. A light sigh. Looking back at her. "You can do this."

"I'm okay," and then perhaps more honestly, Sam insists, "I'll be okay. I can do this. I can do this." She nods twice over. "The kids on the island need people still." There's a short pause as her eyes close against his touch, "I.. can't go there. The island. The you on the island will need to talk to someone else." Her teeth graze her bottom lip.

Sami quirks an eyebrow. "I don't even know if I can figure out how many of you are out there. You're the only one that even remembers me so far. It's not like any of them will be looking for me.." She sighs heavily only to tack one, "I. I miss you," she confesses quietly only to roll her eyes at herself it seems like a silly thing to be even remotely upset about.

"You can do this." Dong-tian ensures. He tilts his head at her inability to go to the castle. "You at least need to get word to Eileen. Find a way to alert the council." He presses. Hands going to tangle with her hair. Pulling through her hair, he gives her a sympathetic smile. "If there was a me out there who remembers you entirely." He gives her a sad smile. "There's no way he wouldn't be doing everything to find you."

Somewhere in a deep dark pit, a Brian is raging.

Dong-tian closes his eyes, tilting his head forward to clunk against the side of her head. "I'm sorry." He whimpers quietly. He presses his forehead against hers, before leaning forward, pursing his lips to plant a kiss against her cheek.

"Right, Eileen," there's an odd reverence given the name as Sami's cheeks flush slightly. "I met her for real not long ago. I just hope I can get in touch with everyone. It was so much easier when you could just relay things.." he's shot a weak smile. She lacks confidence about all of this. About her capabilities in every sense of the word. Her eyes close against his touch as she emits a soft sigh.

"It's not your fault," she soothes as her fingers brush against his cheek. "I don't think." The familiarity of his touch is comfortable. "Mmmmm," the kiss on her cheek is followed by one against his jaw.

"She would be good to talk to." Dong-tian murmurs. Pulling Samara back on the bed some, Dong-tian moves himself around on the bed. Leaning back some his elbows go to support him as he leans back. "I hope it's not my fault." He looks over her features, the mascara still stained around her cheeks. Bringing one hand up to trace her jawline he then puts it around her back.

"Stay here for a little bit. Lay with me." His arms fold around her as he goes to place his head on her shoulder. "Stay with me. Then you have to go be a hero."

It doesn't take much to bring Sam back into his embrace. She sighs contentedly as her eyes close. "I'm not a hero," she murmurs quietly. "I cry at everything. Happy. Sad. Angry. Everything in between. I cry. It's what I do." Her lips press together into a thin line as her hazel eyes drift open slowly. "I can't be what I'm not. But I can be me. I can try my best. But I'm not a hero."

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