Go Fish


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Scene Title Go Fish
Synopsis A game of cards gets interrupted by an old friend of Shard's.
Date October 12, 2009

Anarchy Customs: Garage

This three story building is constructed from old, cracked concrete and cinder blocks, the naturally gray hue is long since caked with the common signs of neglect and vagrancy, filth and graffiti, common on the island. The graffiti here, however, seems notably fresh.

The entrances to the buildings are too wide, large bay garage doors. The words 'Anarchy Customs' are painted in chaotic letters on each. Just inside a large garage is home to various motorcycles and parts in different states of dismantling, repair, reconstruction, or destruction. The walls are cluttered with various tools, mobbed further with stolen street signs and more untamable, fresh graffiti. The smell of oil clings to the air as eagerly as the grease stains spattered on the concrete floor.

Across from the large, bay garage doors, a single black-iron, spiraling staircase is set beside the opposite wall, corking up to the floor overhead.

The world is falling apart.

Every day there's another horror story on the news. Every day it seems closer and closer to when White will totally lose it all and bring Staten Island down into the depths of the ocean. Every day it seems like all their efforts, everything they're doing for the Island is all for nothing. It's enough to drive a man mad.

Working every day until his muscles feel like jelly, or until his mind literally can't figure out where the bathroom is, Shard has finally taken a day off. It feels weird not getting up as early as possible and flying, or teleporting, or whatever-ing to the hospital or to the other projects around the Island. It feels more weird to be doing things that aren't labor, or logistics, or something that might help someone.

"Go fish."

It's mid afternoon, and a few SAVE STATEN volunteers have filtered in and out of the Garage. Previously there was a larger number in the garage at the big round table, now there is only two. Though with snacks enough for ten people. Dip, soda, chips, little barbecue weiners, anything you could ask for.

Holding his cards in one hand, Shard's hand scrubs at his chin furiously as he glances over his cards at his opponent.

"Oh come on, you had to have had a three," Stef comments, before she reaches to pull another card up into her hand, leaning back to look it over. It's spread out, and the game is pretty even at this point. With both of them holding a handful, the game isn't close to over yet. The cards aren't in a specific order in her hand, leaving them separated even if she's got a pair or more than a few. Three threes stand out as her closest set, but she didn't pull the forth, and he doesn't have one. Not yet.

She suddenly puts her cards down and reaches for some of the snacks, a box of Cheez-Its, which she pulls up into her lap and immediately starts eating away. "This is heaven," she adds, noting on the orange squares of yumminess.

World might be falling apart, but there are people in this world who will do their damnedest to see that it doesn't.

One of them is busy working on trying to bring help and a little bit of paradise and peace to an otherwise shithole Island. And for one who is a little behind on the events and the times it has taken him some time to even get foot on Staten, let alone back in the United states. Dark eyes look as he comes into the garage, which took some finding on its own, as well as asking people where he could find the big man himself.

There's a reach up, calloused hands going to pull a faded Yankee's cap down and free a mess of smaller dreadlocks. Fist pounding into the top before he is setting t aside on a box or something close by. A scratch of his chin, before he's looking back towards Stef, and then back to the other man.

"I pictured you playin' something harder than Go fish, man." it might take Shard a bit before that familiar voice becomes just much more than a memory hopefully to Shard. "How's it goin' brother?"

"You think I would lie?" Well he kinda did. He noticed he had a three right after he said Go Fish, but if he said something now— Well then he would definitely be looked at as a liar but— "Okay. You're right. Sorry, I had a three. I didn't see it right away." The three of hearts is plucked and shuffled over to Stef with a begrudging grin. "This is a dumb game any—"

Cut off by the sound of a knock, Shard's eyes jerk up. "Sorry man, we don't allow walk—." And again he's cut off. His brows arch and eyes widen as he is suddenly on his feet and rapidly walking towards the door. His thing on not touching people is thrown to the wind and his arms are thrown around Canfield as soon as he reaches the man.

"You're alive." He exclaims while trying not to sound like he's exclaiming.

"How? I.. Boxes and I got jumped to Georgia. Or Alabama. Some small hick town. Where did you go? You made it out! This is… This is amazing. I never thought I'd see you again. I.." He looks like he might choke up and cry for a moment.

"You know when you lie you get this fear smell," Stef says, even if she'd sounded so unsure that he'd had a three a moment ago. Instead she has her own hint of fear, but it's not from lying. The fear is hidden with a victorious smile across her face as she leans forward to claim her final three, so she can pluck out the cards and lay them down. That takes her amount of cards down considerably. There's something about the way her lips move that shows she's about to say something, but it's cut off by the surprise visitor. when she looks at the voice of the man entering— someone Shard apparently knows.

Hopping up off of her chair, she watches as Shard shows actual affection towards another guy. "Lemme guess, old prison buddy," she says with a grin on her face and a laugh in her tone before she moves closer to the two of them. "For the record, I wanted to play strip poker. Go Fish was his idea. We got plenty of food, but you'll have to arm wrestle me if you want the Cheez-Its."

"Hey man-" and he's quiet as if any words would do him any really good. Naw, there's nothing but a soft swallowed up choking sound before he's reaching to take the embrace. After all Shard is the closest thing to family the man has left. And so yeah fuck rules or shit like that, right now He's going to hug this rather big man in front of him.

"Yeah brother, I'm alive." a sniff and he's rubbing his eye for a second before he is looking back up. Pulling it together, albeit a bit shakily. Still he's talking, and he is here right?

Canfield takes a breath before he's shaking his head. "Man you'll never guess-Freaking Argentina." yeah this is perhaps the most animated he's seen Cans as well. "Had to work my way back home- and yeah…Ran into some trouble too." A rub of his nose before he's looking back over to where Stef is as she approaches. "Food would be nice." needless to say his money is not on the high mark right now.

"You're safe here." Shard says exuberantly as he goes to close the door to the garage. It was left open, and didn't need to be closed. But it's more of a symbol. The door to the dangerous world is closed off behind Canfield and he is in the garage with friends, with people who will support him. His long journey, is finally over.

"Argentina?" Shard shakes his head with disbelief. "We went all over the place." He smirks a little before gesturing to the table. "Eat up man, you need anything else? Please. You have anything you want I will get it for you." It doesn't even bother Shard that his skin slid against Canfield's. It's not like Stef is very far away if he wanted to switch back anyway. But Shard arches his brow for a moment. "You never told me what your ability was Cans. I guess that's because I never asked." His hand is held out and a very small blue-ish black hole appears in the middle of the air, making a loud sucking noise. A stray chip flies from the bowl and into it before the tiny portal is closed. Shard gives an approving nod before looking to Stef.

"Cans, this is Stef. My right hand… Lady, round here. Stef this is Cans. Yeah. Old prison buddy."

"You're lucky you guys didn't end up in Antarctica," Stef says with a grin, watching as the two men touch. It's the first time in a long time he's actually touching someone. For a moment there's a flicker across her face, but it disappears as quickly as it shows up, mostly because she begins to manuver back to her chair. For a moment it looks like she could be a little drunk, with a wobble to her step. She's about to sit down when she suddenly stands up straight. Mostly because…

"Whoa, what the fuck is that," she can't help but say at the blue-ish black hole that just appears in the air, stealing one of the chips. She clasps strongly on her box of Cheez-Its, wanting to protect it from wherever that chip ended up going. "Your old prison buddy is vaccum man?" It has a nice ring to it, and in some ways— useful ability. "Nice to meet you, vaccum man. Named Can? So you like— open up a can of— well suck doesn't really sound right— anyway, nice to meet you. Started out his bodyguard." Self-appointed! Though I'm more of an adoring groupie these days."

"Didn't want people to ask me to do something I didn't want to. Sides, I doubt you would hang with a brother who can summon blackholes…" Quiet for a bit as he looks back towards Stef, though given the fact that the woman is considered to be a right hand woman to Shard. Still, Canfield is looking back over and there's a nod. "Yeah, had to do a lot of work-get enough money to get back to Texas. Worked my ass to get a flight to New York." after visiting Los Angeles, but that's another story.

He's taking time to move from Shard, shuffling a little, as he moves for the food. Okay, maybe some chips and a drink would be nice given over, right? Well then Stef calls him vacuum man, which has him looking back at her. "Don't call me that.." Hard to say if he means Vacuum man, or Can. "My name is Stephen Canfield. Only Shard, calls me Cans." well a few other from prison too, but not a lot. A grunt and he's looking back towards Shard, an unasked question as his brow shoots up. "You see anybody from Moab?" asked quietly as he comes back over and pops a chip into his mouth.

"Take a seat Cans." Shard says gruffly, motioning to one of the chairs. Walking around the length of the table, Vicent's hand briefly brushes against Stef's before he steps cleanly to her side. A deep sniff-y breath is taken as his hands are set down at the table before he glances momentarily to Stef. Then back to Canfield. "A few." He responds crisply.

"Box is on the island. And so is Norman White." He arches a brow slowly. "You remember that fella? Huge guy, kept to himself. And then McRae. Chuckles is here, you must remember Chuckles." Maybe he doesn't. Canfield was a different man in Moab. Some days he didn't say more than two words. He's finally back in control of his own mind. "A lot of them Moab boys have migrated to Staten. It's about time you got here, Cans."

"Canfield it is," Stef says as she sits herself down and eats a few handfuls of Cheez-Its, stuffing them into her mouth and chewing. Her smile returns when his skin brushes against her own, but it's not quite as wide as it'd been a moment ago. There's that fear again. Light as it may be, it's still there.

"There's a couple others in places in the city— I wasn't one of 'em, but I was one of the ones who broke into the place to break some people out. And you guys ended up getting thrown all over the world. The two people who caused the fuck up ended up freezing their butts off at the South Pole, so I guess that's proof of karma."

And she should know cause one of those butts had been her own. Or mostly her own.

"It is a proof of something." said back before he's looking from Stef back over to Vincent and there's a motion made "Thanks, whatever its worth.." said before he is making for the offered seat. An ease back for a second, and eyes are flicking back to Shard.

"White's here?" Well that was some news he didn't expect. Shit White alone was an odd person-mainly due to the fact that he kept to himself. Seemed like a scary motherfucker. "McRae, and-Who is chuckles." Though Boxer being alive is good, but the rest is a little blowing. "How is it, that they haven't come looking for us over here, if we're all here?" asked back before he's running his hand through his hair. "Like I said man, took me some time. Ran into some tough shit.." A look back "I hear you're trying to save the place."

He waves his hand out at the garage door. "They know we're here, Cans. Everyone knows the Moab escapees are on Staten. Some of us, like me have even gone public about it. But right now, there is nothing they can do." Vincent glances to the door. "Law enforcement, the government. Can't set foot on this island. It's not theirs. And it's going straight to hell. Yeah, I'm trying to save it, trying to save it before White sinks it. He's a very powerful terrakinetic, destroyed the municipal building a few days ago."

His nostrils take in the scent and so he takes one step behind Stef, both hands raising up , they set on her shoulders and proceed to rub and massage firmly. "You're welcome here Canfield, for as long as you want to stay." Well he'll have to ask Devi about that. "I can even give you stuff to do. We're running a health clinic, hospital deal on the island. It's in an old Best Western. There's plenty other things to do to help out. As long as you want to stay with us, you can."

"It'll be good to have some more help," Stef follows up, even if she's not the one running things. "Shard tries to take a lot of stuff on, and it's always good to have more helping hands. Especially when it comes to taking down White. Staten Island may suck some days, but it'd really fucking suck if it was sitting at the bottom of the river. Especially for those who aren't very good swimmers." The one time she took a dunk in a river, she barely made it to shore. It'd been sheer dumb luck that she had.

"Wait." said back, before he's waving his hand "White destroyed the Municipal building." Yeah he saw that on the news, but he didn't know that was White-hell he didn't pay too close attention to the news, anyway. Now he wishes he had read or watched a little carefully. Canfield, is looking back, before eyes are closing as his head just hangs back. "Man…this-" no words come out, but there is a tightening in his jaw. A look up and he's nodding back finally. "Yeah man, that'd be great- I'm staying in a motel, but don't have anything to pay for that.." hell over here he would be closer to his own kind and if the government isn't touching the island.."Sides, your the only thing close to family I can find these days…Shard-brother." and there he chokes up just a little. " Can't find my wife, my kids…" And he's got a lot to say to them

A look is given over to Stef and he nods quietly, that hand coming up to rub under his eye for a moment. "Man, if you need help. You know you don't have to ask me. I'm in. I owe you."

And with that Stef's shoulders are abandoned as Vincent steps around the table to lay one hand on Canfield's shoulder. Going to one knee to lean in closer, support the man. If anyone can relate, can sympathize, it's him. Not that he can't find his family. He knows where they are. But he can't face them. He can't go back to them. "I know brother. I know." His deep voice takes on a soothing tone as he gives Canfield's shoulder a tight squeeze.

"We'll get this all figured out. I know you're in brother. I know you're good for it." He sighs softly before going to stand. "You can stay here. I'll let Devi know. She's the woman who runs this place." He waves his hand in an all encompassing gesture of the garage. Then he looks back to Stef. "There are a few more of us. Stef or me will introduce you to the key players." With that he takes a step back, daring a glance over to Stef. What is she scared about?

"I'm glad you're along, Canfield," Stef says, downing a few more Cheez-Its with one hand. For a moment that fear subsides, then it's back again, with no noticeable reason for such a thing to be happening at all. A look of frustration passes her face, and then she closes up the box and puts it down. "I think I'm gonna find a couch and take a nap. I'm not feeling too well today. And you guys probably have a lot more catching up to do. It was really nice to meet you, I'll definitely help introduce you to people, too," she adds, that smile coming back to her face, showing off dimples, before she begins to move in the direction of the hangout.

"Man this-thing, this thing that I am has fucked up my life. Fucked it up. Throw in Moab on top of all that shit.." And his fist curls before he's reaching out to hit -something- (other than Shard, or Stef) and hit it fucking hard. A shake of his head. "I've lost everything man. Everything." And he's managed to piss off some group too, but that is left unsaid. Right now it just looks all so-bleak- for him. A deep breath and that rage- mixed in with the sadness, remorse is swallowed down as he tries to pull himself together.

Least he isn't opening a vortex in here.

"you're all I got left man-You and Boxer, and that's saying something." A pep talk in the midst of rambling. " I don't know anymore.." Yeah, the clear signs of a broken man. He's had worse, much much worse. At least he's not in some state of shell shock as he was over the past few months. "Man you know what happens to most people when they are lost in the woods? They die of shame." and personally, that is what it feels like right now.

When Shard steps back there's another rub before he's nodding. "Thanks- sorry to bust your game." said to Stef before she heads out completely. "Nice talking to ya."

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