Go See Her


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Scene Title Go See Her
Synopsis Stances, fears, and where two women stand reverses after one meets the girl who would be her adopted daughter.
Date April 14, 2011

Central Park

Elaine watches Lene head off in silence, brown eyes watching the notes that float to the clouds. The ring, twisted on her finger, is reflexively pushed back and forth. Her gaze moves back to Quinn. "She's yours, isn't she?" She questions, her voice quiet. Not her usual tone.

Quinn's staring ahead, gaze transfixed on the fading notes and notation floating and fading in the air in a trail behind Jolene. A song hanging on the air, for just a few brief moments. She's only jarred out of it by the sound of Elaine's voice, her arm instinctively curling tighter around Elaine's, and attempt t' bring her closer. "She's… Gillian's," Quinn says quietly, having not expecting the young girl from her dream to be the daughter of someone she's only met a time or two in the present. "She-" Quinn’s head hangs a bit,, before it turns and looks up at Elaine. "The one form my dream." So, long answer short, yes, in a manner of speaking.

The redhead is tugged closer, mostly because she lets herself, though she doesn't make much of an attempt to hug Quinn or make much of a motion to extend the physical contact. Mostly because Elaine isn't sure how to feel. "She's your and Ygraine's. The one you adopt," she voices the words, filling in the blanks to make sure they're on the same page.

"Yeah." There's not really much hesitation in Quinn's voice when it comes time to share that answer. A look back at the long since faded trail of music, and then over Elaine. "I-" She furrows her brow, and looks off to the side. "If you wanna- freak out, go ahead. I think I kinda deserve it." You know, for how she freaked out about Adel. Still, she doesn't loosen her grip on Elaine. There's a difference here - they haven't seen Adel since they found out that truth. "You- know this doesn't change anythin' for us, right?"

Elaine lets out a long breath, looking back towards Quinn. "I don't know if it changes anything, but it just feels like shit…" She sighs. "You give me shit about Adel, and then there's this." She shrugs. "I guess.. I mean, I guess I understand what you felt. I won't make you come with me to see Adel."

The grip on Elaine's arm loosens just enough for Quinn's hand to take hold instead, sliding down until it reaches the redhead's hand. Gripped lightly, Quinn turns, placing her hand over Elaine. "An' now I have an idea how you felt," she says softly. Not her flesh and blood, no, but still a young girl she helped raised for what looks like several good years (relatively speaking) of her life. And that… makes Quinn happy. Uneasy, but happy.

She raises both their hands up, looking up into Elaine's eyes. "You were here with me through this. You didn't run off t' get a hot dog, or back t' the scooter, or whatever. You stayed, with me." A bit off to the side, but even Elaine's presence was comforting. "Besides, you… heard her. You're family too, t' her. I- maybe Adel'll say the same thing." A beat, and she gives a quick nod. "I'll go with you, Elaine. I get it, now."

"I should have gone. You didn't need me. And she said I was family, but… Ygraine's her family," Elaine mumbles, looking from Quinn back down to her feet. "I don't even know what to do anymore. Maybe I shouldn't see her. I want to see her but I just feel like I'm some kind of monster or something that I'll unmake her in some way, that I'm just not up to her expectations. I'm not good enough to be who I should be, I just…" She trails off. "You're part of the band, but I'm not part of whatever it is with you and Ygraine."

Quinn looks down a bit, still holding Elaine’s hands for a moment, before one hand releases. But rather than fall to her side, it moves to Elaine's chin, trying to bring her gaze back up to meet Quinn's. "No, you shouldn't've. Just havin' you there… it helped. A lot. T' keep me from bein' scared. T' keep me calm." Palm flattens on Elaine's cheek, the Irishwoman studying her carefully. "Elaine… I was at Adel's birthday. We… we were clearly still friends. The band probably doesn't matter. I was mommy's best friend. I bet Jolene thinks the same a' you." Hopefully. Quinn's assuming. Trying to be positive. But, she'd like to think she'd raise a child like that.

"Go… go see her. You heard Lene. It sounded like she wanted t' tell me. I bet Adel's waitin' for you." Again, Quinn hopes. "Besides, it's… it's like I said last night. Adel woulda vanished by now if she was going t'. Jolene… she said they've accepted the consequences…"

"God, I don't want to hurt anyone, Robyn…" Elaine swallows hard. "Maybe they accepted this, but… if they're from this future that doesn't exist… they can't go back, can they? They can't… and where does that leave them. I just… I don't know. It seems like murder. How can I look at Adel and not want to have my daughter? I don't even know what to say to her."

"I don't know," is the most open and honest answer Quinn can give. "But if they can't go back, they'll just have t' stay here. Who knows, maybe someday there'll be two Adels. Maybe two Jolenes. We can compare them, like one a' those eye puzzles where you spot the differences between two pictures…" She's joking, but in some ways, she's not. She huffs out a sigh, shaking her head. "I don't… I don't really know what t' do either, Elaine. But I guess- the only thing we can do is talk t' them. I mean, what if Sable an' Magnes do? An' you don't? How do you think she'll feel?" Or something like that. Quinn is talking so far out her ass it isn't funny. "I know… I was sayin', like… the opposite last night. An' I'm still a little scared, but…" A pause, as she looks off in the direction Jolene left in. "It sounds like it's what they want."

Elaine's trying not to sniffle in the middle of the park. "They want to look after us, Robyn… which is funny, because we're supposed to be the parents and look after them. I just want to… I mean, I just feel like I should be able to do more. I dunno that I'll be able to get a word out. I might just cry."

Now Quinn releases the hand, her arms sliding around Elaine in a hug, ignoring any joggers or other passersby. "All the more reason for me t' be there," she says softly. "It is funny. But… that means they care about us, right? So… that's somethin'." She rolls her should a bit, laying her cheek against Elaine's shoulder. "Plus you get t' be the first woman on earth with a daughter older than her mother." Which might an inappropriate joke, but one Quinn makes regardless. "But even if you cry… at least you'll have seen her. An' I'll be there. I promise."

"I just want to hug her… I just want to know that she's okay and that she knows she means a lot. I mean, I just want to know her. Is that weird?" Elaine clears her throat, hugging Quinn tightly as tears well up, just a little. "It's weird knowing she's my kid… knowing I have a kid… it means something."

There's a bit of a laugh from Quinn, though there's a hint of sadness to it. "Did… did you see me just now? Christ, I've met Jolene once before this an' I just wanted t' hug her." Quinn shakes her head against Elaine. "If… if you didn't want t', I'd think weird. Because I know you, Elaine. That wouldn't be you."

Elaine just hugs Quinn tightly. "I want her to be our daughter. I mean, if she turns out okay like that… then maybe we can have her. I just don't want her to go away. I don't want her to be wiped out of existence or die or anything… it's just…" She sighs heavily. "God, I'm scared."

"We both are, Elaine," Quinn says gently. "She might be a bit old t' be our daughter now," Quinn says a bit wryly, not really sure if Elaine meant her, or a "new" Adel down the line. "But I'm sure… it'll work itself out. Just… talk t' her. See what she wants. How she wants t' handle things." A pause. "If you want, she can even come stay with us. I mean, if she wants." That might be a little weird for everyone, but the offer is made anyway.

A small sigh, and Quinn shakes her head, leaning up to kiss Elaine gently. "Whatever happens, we'll do it t'gether. I wouldn't have it any other way."

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