Go Stand In The Corner


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Scene Title Go Stand In The Corner
Synopsis Yana places a dunce cap on Magnes and puts him in time out.
Date March 22

Dorchester Tower Apartments

Dorchester Towers is a huge white building surrounded by a carefully landscaped stretch of gardens. The spacious lobby almost has more window than wall, white and green marble floor tiles gleaming in the light; it is occupied by doormen and a concierge to assist renters and guests. Nine high-speed elevators provide convenient access to upper stories; every floor has its own laundry room. Closed-circuit TV monitors the lobby and grounds, and every apartment has a security system, double-bolt door locks, and even window locks. The complex has its own garage, a bicycle room, and a sun deck.

Unavailable. Is the only indication that Yana's messages have been giving for the past few days. She had jumped off the radar, and since her schedule is something she has kept to herself, it is even more difficult to actually get in successful contact with her. She has been running around and staying away from home as of late, which is her usual comfort zone. Occasionally she returns home, like she is now, getting out of her vehicle with the aid of Christopher, carrying several bags from the shopping trip they came on. The dark haired woman stands from the car and makes her way to the complex doors, which despite having his hands full, Christopher opens for her as she waits there expectantly.

Magnes is standing in the lobby with his arms crossed, dark blue suit jacket over a white buttoned up shirt with black jeans. "I know I upset you with what I did, but if you were in danger, wouldn't you want me to risk my life for you?" he asks, not upset, just trying to get her to understand the situation.

Yana desconstructs when she sees him. Not like she was giving much emotion in the first place, but upon spotting Magnes, her expression sorta deadpans, "You're alive. That's surprising. I was for sure your heroic addiction would have terminated your life this time." Yana comments as she passes him through the doorway. Her voice is quite cold nonplused by his presence. She isn't ignoring him, yet she isn't making a special stop to talk to him either. "Is there something I can do for you?" she questions, like he were work associate.

"Elvira, I came after you when I realized what a bad idea it was and that other people had it handled, but at the time I was just afraid of my friends getting hurt." Magnes walks up next to her, his tone incredibly apologetic. "Elvira, if it was you I'd risk my life in a second. Would you really be angry?"

"Oh, I'm not as angry as you think." Yana explains, keeping her eyes forward on the path ahead alone. Christopher of course goes about his duty of opening the way for her to get to her destination, holding the door, moving to press the elevator. The man takes quite a bit of burden on himself, but he is at least well paid for it. "I'm more disappointed than anything else. I had thought that you had developed an iota of rationality and common sense, but your actions the night of the dance proved otherwise." While waiting for the elevator, Yana adjusts the collar of her long coat, pulling it closer to her body. "You foolishly jumped head first into that situation without even thinking. Friend or no, you have no concept of how to be discreet about things, even in chaotic situations. I could have devised at least 5 things you could have done, and not drawn attention to yourself. Furthermore, you know my opinions about playing the part of the hero, regardless as to who it was that was in danger. Did she call for your help specifically? No. She didn't. In a situation such as that, I would have called you by name. Quite different."

Yana is of course basing this on the fact that she is a quick thinker, in situations to where she has to react(and is able), she usually develops a planned course of action or two within the first few seconds. Not everyone does this, but that is their fault.

"I… guess you're right. I'm sorry Elvira." Magnes looks down with a slightly shamed look, breaking eye contact. "I didn't think, everything you said is correct, I just jumped in. Can you please forgive me? I learned from what I did now that you've put it into perspective… I'll think more carefully next time and consult you."

"The problem with that is that I cannot take it on faith that you will not make the same mistake. This is not the first time that you have displayed an inability to be rational. Saying you are sorry implies that you will not do it again. But you will do it again, because that is who you are. However, you are not simply a lost cause. You can learn to overcome yourself, with the right lesson. Consider this a beginning to that lesson, and we'll see just how dedicated you are to wanting to change." No, Yana isn't even going to look at him, even though she is acknowledging he is there. She'll not reward him with eye contact, or much else for that matter. "I'll decide when you have displayed that you can be rational. For now, you'll just have to wait."

"Yes Elvira. I'll work hard to show you that I've learned." Magnes watches her as the elevator opens, sliding his hands into his pockets. "I'm not invited in today, am I?" he asks with a hint of disappointment, but clearly expects the answer to be 'no'.

"I'm not staying. It just so happens that I have a lot to do and prepare for this week, and I am simply returning home just to deposit the things I've obtained. I have much more running around to do, and a report to finish for work before I can relax or do anything remotely resembling leisure activity." Once the elevator doors open, Yana makes her move to step inside, getting into the car and turning around. She manages to make eye contact with Magnes, but not intentionally, simply because he is there in the path of her view. "This is good self reflection time, Magnes. I suggest you use it to discover where you went wrong, and if in fact you make the grade in the long run."

"I promise, Elvira. When you return home I'll have made an effort to learn a lot." Magnes reaches out to touch her arm, but quickly pulls his hand back. "If you need anything, just call me."

She doesn't really have to say it, as like most things, unspoken responses hang within her not saying a thing. It is unlikely that she will call him, given how distant the woman can be, she will likely only call on him if it is a dire emergency, and even there she might hire someone first. She must really be upset, with the way she has shut down with him. "Have a good day." she replies, without much of meaning it either. It is simply the proper thing to say to someone, being neutral.

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