Goatee's Gone


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Scene Title Goatee's Gone
Synopsis Minea follows up with Len's request, which is nothing, and things just trigger too wrong to be right.
Date October 6, 2009

The Nite Owl

Len's request, albeit it was Jet at the time, for information on Adam was a little bit strange, but then again, it also wasn't. Adam was on the top of the most wanted list and Len and upper management seemed to have a thing for him. Then again, so did Minea. Bastard did kill her partner and shoot her up the left side.

The call was made in the morning to the cowboy, coffee in the Nite Owl, Minea'd be there. She was nursing a bowl of oatmeal and some fresh fruit as well as a side of bacon.

Len/Jet arrives, and there is a change about him. His goatee is gone. Shaved. No more. Wearing a cowboy hat, blue jeans, and a button up shirt his eyes look around briefly, passing over Minea before snapping back to her. Jet perhaps almost forgot what she looked like. Leaning over the counter and ordering himself coffee and wheat toast, Len ambles down the isle towards Minea's table, taking off his cowboy hat as he slides in across from her. "What did you find?" Right to business.


Another slow blink. "Christ on a pogo stick, did you just… god Denton, no goatee?" That's just unheard of. It's a part of him as much as the cowboy hat.

"Frankly, nothing more than you already know. I got nothing. I searched and tried and this is one instance that I can't pull a miracle of information out of my ass. He's not military so I got no connections and the baby terrorists.." well, nope, that's not an option. I'm sorry, but, I've come up empty handed Denton"

Len-Jet lifts his hand to his face, running his palm down over his mouth as he flashes Minea a grin, "It's a change, isn't it? I'm going to enjoy seeing the reaction from this, yours was enough for today though." A throaty chuckle from him at this before he picks up his freshly arrived cup of coffee, taking a sip of the hot contents before a swallow. "I heard a rumor that there are escaped Moab prisoners in the city," he speaks with a softer tone now, "Try to compile a list of those who escaped months ago. A bit of homework for you." Another sip of his coffee, "And how was your cooking class?"

Another odd request. That was never something they'd dealt with before. "Why Moab escapee's? Half of phoenix, that's for sure. I suppose I could call up Caravaggio and see what he knows." But Moab? That's beyond her clearance level. Shit, was it even Len's clearance level? Brown brows furrow as she takes out her blackberry so she can start thumbing out a memo of his request to remember. "Cooking was as cooking was. Trying to learn to make a new dish, might invite myself to a friends place and cook for him. Met someone in the french Embassy's little diplomatic corps. Might come in hand some day." There done. "Don't like you without the goatee, something's just plain wrong about you not having it"

Len lifts a hand to run it over his mouth once more, again when the goatee is mentioned, "It can grow back. It's healthy for the hair to shave it fully off sometimes, get a fresh growth. It was just that time." Another sipping of his coffee, then another sip before it's swallowed, "Phoenix… no. Not Phoenix. Look for some type of abnormal escape. A temporal rift or something. Something… off. Just not normal people escaping." Coffee drank, the wheat toast it now broken in half. "Do not tell me about who you met in the diplomatic corps." His eyes move to Minea's for a moment, "I don't want to talk business with you. Thank you for the file on Adam, but this breakfast, if between friends." A flash of a smile to Minea at this, "Deal?"

"Oookay" Minea murmurs, twirling her spoon in her oatmeal. "Christ Len what the hell is up with you? You send a girl screaming who's trying to run from Adam, you swear like a sailor, and ask for files on Adam and his acquaintances that you already have. Now the goatee and this" The brunette study's the man across from her before dropping her eyes to the oatmeal. "Breakfast between friends" Reluctantly agreed.

Something's fishy in the state of Denmark.

"The girl was a plant. I did nothing to her. We were talking, then she just freaked out on me. I left before attention could be drawn to me." A shrug of his shoulders at this, "And I like not having a goatee. Can't I change? Can't people change?" A perk of his brow to Minea at this, "Anyway, I should be going. Thank you for looking up the information of Adam. We'll get something on him someday. I know we will." The wheat toast is consumed now, then chased with water as Len stands and begins to be making his departure.

"Sure Denton. I'll see what I can get on Moab escapee's. We still on for Friday? I know you hate Karaoke, but it being my birthday and all. You promise" It's a slightly plaintive tone to it. come on, I know I'm asking you to do something you don't like, etc etc.

A hand lifts to his cowboy hand, adjusting it briefly on his head as his eyes lower to Minea's own. "Just try to find that information on the Moab escapees." No words from Len about the Karaoke on Friday, the black man simply turning and heading towards the exit.

Which in and of itself, is alarming. The brunette watches the cowboy walk away, studying the sway and swagger, looking for something familiar other than the the voice and how he looks. Nostrils flare and eventually when he's out of sight she looks away. Fuck.

Fuck. She needs to start making phone calls.

Len looks like Len, perhaps there is a walking aspect that seems off, a swagger that isn't as pronounced, a shake of the ass that shouldn't be there. Something. And then Len is gone, disappearing outside with the other people.

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