God Willing


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Scene Title God Willing
Synopsis Abby and Liz catch up and Liz gets a bit of a pep talk.
Date December 9, 2009

Kitchen, Spektor Household, Ryazan, Russia

Walking a couple hours through the Ryazan scape isn't too bad when you stop to grab a coffee along the way. It's still pretty damn cold and by the time the brunette is tromping through the front door of the Spektor household, she's got frost bite, frost nip, the coffee warmth has long since gone and she's in a wierd mood. But then again, she's been in a weird mood the entire time that she's been in Russia.

Jacket off, hats and gloves, bending fingers to get the circulation going again and teeth chattering, eventually Abigail makes it past the livingroom and towards the kitchen. Make tea, make something hot. She feels about as cold as she did the night she fell into the river almost a year ago.

By the time she hits the kitchen, Abby will find Elisabeth already there and in the same mindset re: something warm. A pot of tea sits on the table in front of her and the blonde is cradling a steaming cup in her hands, holding it just beneath her nose. Looking up, she offers a bit of a smile for the brunette. "Hey you." Her voice sounds a little on the rough side, and she looks not quite energetic. "Doing all right?"

"Freezing my behind off. Any tea ready?" spoken in stuttering tones thanks to the re-adjustment of her body to warmth from cold. Palms rub vigorously against each other and she stamps her feet, wriggling them inside her socks. "Who all is home?"

Nodding to the teapot on the table, Elisabeth says, "Yeah… it just came off the stove. Help yourself. Uhm… I think Teo's upstairs, traveling again. No tellign where Ethan is. It's been quiet. Which is…. good." She smiles a bit. "Didn't sleep too well and starting to feel like I'm coming down with something."

"Probably off burning more building" Abby mutters as she takes a seat at the table. "I visited Kozlow. I need to call the ferry and ask for their help, help him relocate and hide from the Vanguard. Taking him to the foundry tomorrow to visit Faina" Abby's down right sullen and she's just like Liz in that she hasn't been sleeping well. Probably the whole lot of them haven't been sleeping well. "Vitamin C, should help. I think it's the weather

Elisabeth mmms quietly. "I'm sure it's the weather. And the tension. I don't have time to have a cold, so I'm just refusing to acknowledge it." She sips from her tea and sighs heavily. "I have to tell you, Abby… it blows my mind that Ivan had no idea Carlisle was Vanguard. I'm reasonably certain that Carlisle's right about one thing though — the nuke is likely not here. The question is, does Zhukovsky know anything of value about it?" She reaches up and rubs her forehead a bit. "I don't think we're going to know that unless we just go ahead and hit the place. From what I saw, it's not that well guarded."
ORDER: It is now your pose.

'There's something in the foundry. Dr. Kozlow says that foundry isn't really a foundry so.." Whether they have the manpower to hit it up is something altogether of a different nature. "Kozlow said that Ethan pulled him out of the fire, so what Ethan said the other night is right. I asked him though, if Ethan had been hanging around. He said he hadn't seen him till he was pulling him out of the fire" The suspicion in Abby's voice is not hidden. It stinks, to her.

"Has uhm, anyone looked into Professor Dryfus's son?" She lets liz set up and pout the tea for now.

There's a shake of her head and Elisabeth asks thoughtfully, "His son? No… why, did I miss something?" She grimaces slightly at Abby's tone. She doesn't know what to think at this point. She pours a cup for Abby and then resumes sipping from her own slowly. "All I know at this point, Abby, is that we've been sitting here for two weeks, and I'm not actually sure we know anything more now than we did when we got here. I know Teo's been doing recon, I know that Francois and Ethan, of all people, have been doing SOMETHING. And I know Felix has been… somewhat too caught up in his own hurt to be as helpful as I had hoped considering Russian is his native tongue." Her expression is rueful. "Not that I begrudge him his hurt, I just…. want to do something."

"We do know stuff. We know that Dreyfus was Vanguard, we know the foundry is something interesting, we know the Kozlow's girlfriend was murdered because Zhukovsky wanted him to heal the workers. Thanks to you, we know that Muldoon is involved with them, particularly since I don't think he was an illusion Liz. Maybe if I'd been there, but not if you were there since Zhukovsky's ability is more.. Telepathic in nature? That's what I got from Kozlow"

Abby flex's her fingers around the cup of tea then holds it above the liquid. "We're further along than we think we are, maybe the next step is to get into the foundry.

Listening to her friend, Elisabeth nods slightly. "I guess we are further along than I thought," she comments quietly. "I guess I just expected after being kidnapped and sent out here… that there was already a clear-cut mission in place. And there's really not — there's 'go out there and find out what you can' — which is far harder when you don't speak the language and are clearly an outsider in the culture." She grins a bit. "It's odd to realize how much I rely in my work on contacts and just plain things I know without even thinking about how and why I know them. You know? Like… knowing that the subway train runs always three minutes behind schedule at a certain station if it's snowing and what have you. Weird little miscellaneous knowledge that we just take for granted that gives me the opportunity to make connections when I'm working a case."

"You didn't always have these connections Liz, when you started out as a cop. Think of it as… relying on your skill instead of who you know this time around. That's why they pilfered you. Because of your prior run ins with the Vanguard, and because of how you work, not why you work and who you know" Taking a bit but the Brunette is starting to finally warm up. "Really though, I think.. we have to keep an eye on Ethan, and someone needs to look at Dreyfus's son. he's like.. younger than me Liz, and he's going to the university."

Elisabeth smiles slightly. "How I work is a lot of legwork. Asking the right questions of the right people — or trying to. Far harder when they all speak Russian." She sips her tea. "We can look into his son, though. I'll haul Felix out of his misery and make him translate some things. Maybe we can tail him and see if anything interesting pops."

Elisabeth adds, "Tailing ETHAN now…. that's a hair harder. I've been wondering if that's kinda what Teo's been up to, which is why I haven't really brought it up or brought attention to it."

"Only after I take him with me to the FOundry and Kozlow tomorrow" The younger woman murmurs. "right now I want to go soak in a really hot shower and sleep like the dead" Trailing Ethan though, there's a seesaw of her head back and forth. "I can ask Teo to. Or see if he's already doing that" Abigail pushes back from the chair, tea cup coming with her. "Anything else?"

There's a pause, and Elisabeth looks into her teacup for a long moment. And then she looks up at her friend and asks softly, "Tell me they're okay? Claire and Gillian and … Richard… and whoever else they tagged or grabbed or blackmailed or just plain asked?"

"I could tell you Liz, that they're okay, but you and I both know, that that wouldn't be telling the truth" THey're in jungles, of the normal kind while they are in an urban jungle. "I can tell you, that at least… The weather is probably nicer where they are. I bet they're having an interesting time, and that Richard is having a fun time chasing tigers"

Elisabeth laughs softly. "Hell, between the indestructable girl and the man who poofs into a shadow, I'm not worried about them getting hurt by the mundane stuff, woman. Just…. if we don't have the nuke, one of their teams might. I just hope we can get to it in time."

'God willing" Abigail murmurs, turning and heading for the door.

"God Willing"

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