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Scene Title Godspeed
Synopsis To more than a few people.
Date march 12, 2009

Staten Island - Ferryman Safehouse

It's Safe!

The moon has long since begun it's trek up into the sky, hanging out with it's friends the stars and Satellites. Abigail Beauchamp is on the back porch of the Ferryman house, watching water, and across the water, the rest of the world. It's got an old fashioned porch swing, just like she has back home in Louisiana and with some maneuvering, blankets and a pillow, the blonde is sitting upright, legs sprawled across the wooden seating and occasionally using her hand to make it swing and creak. No four walls, no electrified gate, praise the lord. A cup of cocoa in her lap, held secure by her hand and bundled against the coolness, she's enjoying the fresh air. The chemicals running through her blood ensure that for now. Someones never far away, always within calling out range.

The back door to the house creaks open, and Cardinal's own boots step free to creak upon the floorboards. There's no shades since night's fallen, tucked into the breast pocket of his jacket. He steps slowly to the edge of the porch, his head tilting back to look up to the sky, one hand resting on a wooden support. Silent for a moment, before he murmurs, "Fresh air. Open sky. Funny how y'don't miss that shit until you've lost it."

"Evening Richard. I didn't expect you back so soon" She really didn't. The business card with the two numbers is up in the room she was appointed for her stay. "I grew up in the middle of nowhere, I missed it before, I was trying to go back to there, just a visit. But.. they took me. I don't know if I want to try again. Maybe.. later. When I can afford it. I don't think flight insurance covers kidnapping" She pushes a hand again, sending the swing creaking. "Mary send you out here? Or you just came through on your own?"

"I decided t'skip on the skin club," Cardinal admits. It was just a little too weird with Fedor being female right now. "Did a tour of Riker's for a few years. First thing I did when I got out was just look at the sky for awhile." He's silent for a few moments, then glances back over his shoulder, "—nah, just myself. Sorry, I in your way?"

One of the appeals Staten Island had when it was a thriving residential community was just that: relative isolation from the unpleasurable aspects of the city that looms across the narrows. How strange that even now, after all that has befallen this particular section of the east coast as well as the nation as a whole, it is still a refuge. It is just that the sort that find it comfortable by comparison have changed.

Staten Island is full of voices, full of thoughts. But when Carter could no longer hear Abby in the basement of the Happy Dagger, his search for some sign of her elsewhere began. It didn't take too terribly long to track her here, far from the tumult of the Rookery and its surrounding area. He lingers in the bushes for several minutes, watching and listening to Abby and Cardinal. A satisfied smile slides onto his face.

I'm glad you're safe.

The voice in Abby's mind is quiet, and almost unintentionally put there, like a parent giving a child a kiss on the forehead before straightening the sheets one last time. But the thick darkness of the wilderness that frames the manicured grass like a fence does not betray the man who has sought sanctuary in them.

"Nooooooope. There's enough sky to shar…. Share" In the darkness, the slightly stoned blonde's, okay maybe not slightly maybe a bit more than that, head twists and turns to look for the source. Parkman's out there. Somewhere. "Your not interrupting" You're hiding a pause that's followed by You helped. Thank you. "Is a skinbar what I think it is?"

"A bar with naked women, yeah," replies the thief in wry tones, turning his gaze back out to the waters as he relaxes there against the post, "We're not all up t'your moral standards, Abigail." He falls silent, then, just watching the ocean, the sky.

I'm just doing my job, is the oh-so-quiet answer to both of Abby's statements. There is a pause in which Carter squints and frowns. I don't think your hosts would like it much if I came closer, anyway. You should get in touch with Damaris or Harrison. Let them know what happened. Help us put these bastards away.

"There's nothing wrong if you want to go to a bar and see naked woman. I never said there was" There's a finger wagging happening, slightly exaggerated. "And I don't have a leg to stand on right now, because I just spent the last month and a bit, underneath a cat house thank you very much" She has to think about that. "Cherry? No.. chastity? Charity, Charity taught me 'the swirl' supposedly" That brings a heat to her gaunt cheeks. Damaris… She'd never met someone named Damaris. Harrison yes, Elisabeth. I got hit, with a bullet. They want me to wait a day or two so I don't hurt myself by healing. But I promise, I'm going there. To tell them about everything, and to tell them to un-register me like the last would happen. "I'll have to remember the swirl for when I ever get married. I wonder if he'd ever like to know where I learned that/ Swirl" That words repeated a few times before she degenerates into a fit of chemically induced giggles both verbally and mentally, a hand to her abdomen.

A low chuckle rises up from Cardinal's belly, shaking his shoulders a bit as he looks back to the giggling girl with a hint of amusement behind tired eyes. "At least you've still got your sense've humor," he observes, a smile tugging up at one corner of his lips. All that, and still the innocent girl. Christ. I don't know if I should pity her or envy her. Maybe both. A look back to the water once more, "Careful, though, don't want to tear your stitches."


The voice echoes in the back of Cardinal's mind now, as if it were miles away but someone still capable of reaching him, however faint. Everyone should want to be like her, after all she's gone through. But how could Cardinal know about everything Abby Beauchamp has been through?

"Trying. Lord I'm trying. I'm about five minutes from crying all the time, really. I think it's what they're giving me. I think there's more than stuff for the pain in the shots they give me. I don't think i'm ready to try and sleep though. What might be waiting at the back of my eyelids" No popping stitches, and really, she could fix herself, but she promised. Do I tell them you helped, or do I leave you out? 'We'll see about my sense of humor after i've gone to the police and ask them to un-register me and tell them what's happened to me"

"You should make sure Harrison's there, first," Cardinal says in quiet tones, "She'll make sure that you—" Then his head jerks up, his eyes widening a bit as he pushes off from the wooden support. What the hell? Who— "What the hell?"

Carter's tension is masked by Cardinal's own, so it takes him a moment of refocusing before he's able to answer Abby. All I did was make sure you would be safe. These people - like that guy - they're the ones who deserve the credit for getting you away from those people.

"Is he talking to you too?" Comes quietly, mirthfully, from the blonde as she rocks. "It's a friend" friend Matt Parkman, somewhere, has shifted into that category. Despite his job, ability, the thoughts of others, he is plain and simple, a friend. "He's been here a few minutes. He's checking up on me. I don't know where he is, or his range" I'm never safe. You know that now. It's the way it is, when you can do miracles and people want them. You see why I never wanted to register. But it's okay. It'll be okay. I can disappear, if I have to. Whether it's with HomeSec, or someone else. "Damaris, or Harrison. Harrison and I go.. back, a bit. She walked me through registering. I'm sure she'll fight to get me unregistered" There's a slow languid blink of her eyes in the twilight as she lifts the cocoa to sip at it. "What's he telling you?"

The reassurance only goes so far to soothe the sudden anxiety in the thief, Cardinal's jaw tensing slightly as he sweeps his gaze over the yard, over the water's edge. He doesn't see anyone. Fuck. Now I have someone in my fucking -head- on top of this all? What the fuck have I gotten into— "Who is he?" Sharply said, a bit rough, off balance, "And why the hell doesn't he just come and talk to us, if he's a friend?"

It's never that simple.

Those words are given to both of them, but Abby is the one who receives further explanation as Carter ducks a little lower into the foliage, sacrificing sight for his own safety. You don't have to disappear, Abby. You just have to be careful. Not everyone has good in them.

There is a longer pause, and then Carter sighs to himself in the shadows.

"Thank you for seeing it in me," he whispers to the darkness.

"You know him already. You were sent to him. Maybe he's afraid to tell you who he is. A lot of people don't like him, because of his ability, and his job. But, it's a job" There's more giggling, both ways. "He like… leugling? Is it leuglin.. Yeungling. And he's done good by me. Just tell him to keep out. He will. More force of habit I think for him, like me healing people's paper cuts without thinking" I can't disappear. It would kill my parents. And I am careful. I was careful till I healed that officer. That's when it all came crashing down. Who's Damaris? Should I ask for her, or go with Harrison? I know Harrison better.

There was only one person that Cardinal was sent to fetch, that he wasn't able to find. Or was he? Parkman. Just a job. Right… The man's hand curls against the support post tightly once more, his lips pursing in a tight line for a moment before he observes in quiet tones, "Harrison arrested me a few days ago, Abigail. His 'job' right now consists've arresting my ass and dragging it somewhere unpleasant."

Damaris is someone you can trust. She's SCOUT, like Harrison. A pause, and Carter narrows his unseen eyes. Can't've been too much if he's out now, can it've? There's the softest rustling of leaves as Carter stands, and his silhouette is visible for a moment between two trees before he moves back into the shadows. It's only after he's gone visibly once more that Carter gives his final farewell.

Don't worry, Abby. I'll keep checking in. You'll be alright.

But it's not as if the young woman doesn't already know that.

I don't know. But I'd stand there with him and tell the cops what he did to save me "He won't Richard" She see's him then, over by tree's. She doesn't lift her hand, not a point. "If he was that kind of guy, I would have been in Moab with my friends" Abigail reaches out, to lay a hand on the closest part of him. Be safe. I'll see who I get first. I'll keep you in my prayers She'll be alright. Down the road. There's a soft sigh, followed by another impromptu giggle. "can you trust me?"

"Maybe you can get 'im doing something useful like throwing that mind-controlling bitch into Moab instead, then," Cardinal mutters rather darkly under his breath, his free hand rubbing against the side of his neck; clearly discomfited at the thought of someone being in his head. Then a sigh, stirring past his lips, eyes closing, "S'pose I don't have much choice there. I'm used to working alone, Abigail. Not all of this… cloak'n dagger shit."

"Change sucks huh?" Another giggles swiftly followed by a groan, hand pressing to her midriff. "Language Cardinal. Please? Mind controlling blankety blank? You ran into an evolved? Help me move my feet, you can sit and rock the seat"

"Doesn't matter," Cardinal replies with a shake of his head, brushing the subject away; a deep breath drawn in, then expelled roughly as he glares at the air, as if it, personally, were to blame for all this. "I should just wrap up this business'n leave you idealists to whatever the hell it is you're doing." I should. Despite that, he stands there for a few more moments, then turns to step over; reaching out to help her shift, noting wryly, "Don't think you're gonna curb my tongue much, Abigail."

"It hasn't stopped Teo from swearing around me, so, don't worry. I can't curb it. You don't know me. I'm.. particular. But you could, yes. Leave, don't look back. I'll still remember you." She's careful in her movements with Cardinal's help till her feet are tucked beneath her on a porch swing overlooking a backyard and water beyond. The ferryman house is quiet, lights on in it as someone, presumably the woman named Mary who runs it and is looking over the strays inside the house who have found their way there. "Or you can keep in touch. They're not that bad really. They're Phoenix. I'm just… a friend of theirs. They could possibly use you, further down the road" She curls her palm around the cocoa and lifts it to her lips, a goofy grin on her face. "Rise up" echoed across the open area, towards the moon up high.

"Ha." Cardinal eases himself down onto the edge of the swing beside her, though not too close, the arm closest to her resting in his lap and his other draping over the back of the porch swing's bench. "That ain't for me, Abigail. I learned the truth about life a long time ago," he murmurs quietly, gaze dropping to the waters of the ocean, "I'm workin' with Fedor for now, though. At least he's a little more realistic about this shit. Don't know how long that'll last, but, figure I might's well milk it while it does. Shadows're always waiting when everything goes nuclear."

'I met him, the day I got taken. Really early in the morning. I was coming back from the hospital, Tow hearts, and a bunch of other organs, i'd fixed some transplant people, gave them the miracles they've been waiting for and my tire went flat. He has this dog this pit bull? something. It had a jacket and everything. He fixed it and sent me on my way" She's leaving it up to him to rock the swing since it would pull on her abdomen. "DO you like being normal, or do you prefer to stay in shadow?"

There's a whirr of electronic noise at Cardinal's hip then, sharp and reverberating bright, like an off-season cicada splitting the evening tranquility with the keening of her wings. Just his cellphone. Nothing special and certainly nothing dangerous, for all that it tactlessly interrupts the conversation between the young healer and her rescuer. The number, should Richard check, is logged as Teo's.

The criminal watches the patterns of the wind over the ocean as she speaks, waves rolling in gently here where the worst of the tide rarely touches. The tips of his fingers rub lightly against his denim-covered thigh, drumming there just a bit as if in thought. Then there's that question, and he turns his head a little to look at her out of the corner of his eye, lips parting slightly. Then they purse, thinking twice about what he was about to say, and in that pause they're interrupted by the sharp, bright chorus of the cell phone's song. That hand slides to it, pulling it off his belt and turning it over to check the number. "I've never been normal, Abigail," he states simply, just before flipping it open.

"Laudani. Still alive?"

"There is no normal Richard. I meant Normal, for you. Unless being shadow is normal for you, and in which case, do you like being normal, or… flesh better?" Abby glances down at the ring tone, a goofy smile flaring brighter as the little ditty is cut short and it appears Teo's on the other end.

"Sent you a text message, didn't I?" Teo replies, droll, but too agreeable to come off overtly sarcastic. He comes through with the same clarity and depth as any other conversation they've ever had; despite the deafening thunder of automatic fire and explosions only last night, it seems that everything from Cardinal's hearing to the Italian's spirits have returned to normal. And the little blue ball just keeps right on spinning. "Yes, Padre. You can tell Fedor, too. I was safer than any of you fuckbuckets were, anyway. How is everyone?

"How's Abby?"

"You had whatever gambit you were runnin' at the games and your little martyr complex; we had an M-60 machine gun mounted to a helo, and a half-dozen heavy combatants. I'm pretty sure we were a little safer'n you were," Cardinal observes in rather dry tones, leaning back a bit on the bench and giving the boards underfoot a slight push, sending it to gentle rocking. After a moment's silence, "We're all fine. No casualties. Abby got shot, but she's healing up just fine. The good guys won, rah, rah, 'rise up' an' shit. How'd everything go on your side?"

More giggling, Teo can hear it. Abby's voice, in a state that he can remember from where there was a nose splint and they were discussing whether a purple one might have been more fashionable than brown. Someones given her good drugs.

There's a long, squinty silence on Teo's part. It probably does not indicate that he thinks Cardinal has a point, so much as he's trying to listen past the shadowmorph's chatter to the incessant squeak and titter of his little Southern belle's mirth in the background.

Then, "I had body armor, my own guns and knives, a teleporter on standby, a clear view of the whole fucking stadium, and the Pancratium's fifty-year-old boss was the only guy within arm's reach. I don't have a martyr complex, signor, I'm actually really, really lazy. Also a fuckin' coward." Teo sounds suspiciously like he's smiling. "Could you put Abigail on?"

A good-natured snort from Cardinal answers that. He's smiling, faintly, though he'd probably deny it if asked. "Pussy," he accuses, "Should've killed him. Here she is, but, don't blame me if she's incoherent." The phone's pulled away from his ear, and offered over with a roll of his eyes, "The Glorious People's Revolutionary would like to talk to you."

'You'd said that before" But Abigails thin hand takes the phone, letting the compact electronics rest against her ear. "Teo" The proper way spoken though with the southern twang. "He's visiting. Parkman played mental tag with him and made him upset. Mary's keeping me shot full up of good stuff and other stuff that keeps me from falling apart. Where are you?"

When Teo laughs, his the wireless signal and electronics thin the noise out to a metallic chirp in the night air. "You don't really think that'd be a good idea," he says. It might not be true, and he might not have wanted Cardinal to hear the wisp of wist in his voice, but lucky for him either way— the phone was already passing into Abigail's grasp.

By the time she's there, Teo's talking over her, some nonsense about budgies and a kid called Ewan, before he's shutting up abruptly to listen. "Parkman? Fucking asshole could use a family-sized serving of fuck off, I think. Safe house isn't anywhere I want HomeSec around. N— mi dispiace."

For the swearing, of course. He's always apologizing for the swearing, and doing it again the next breath. "I'm on Manhattan. Just got out of the Hangar a little while ago. 'M glad you're okay, bambina."

"Just a hole, but they'll let me fix it tomorrow. You don't need to worry about him, he was just checking in on me, that's all" Ewan though, budgie. Ewan was still at the place and she giggles again. "Homeless kids, living in my apartment. Well at least my rents been used. Moment they turn me loose I'm going to go find Elisabeth, or there's another officer, Damaris, and go to the station. I don't know what good it'll do, but I need to go" She doesn't know about the arrange fight. "How are you going to get me off the island. They'll be looking for me. Is Fedor going to fly ohhh I'd love to fly in a helicopter. Without bleeding this time" There's a glance to Cardinal and the goofy grin. "Teo says your hawwwwwt"

The bench sways ever so lightly, its chains creaking softly above and audible over the phone as a distant protest of metal and wood. Cardinal returns to silence, settled in on the bench, the tip of his boot scraping over the boards beneath the bench gently, back and forth, as he lets the pair talk privately enough on the phone. Then that last is offered over, and he slants a look to her. Blink. Blink. "…he does not."

After a moment, he adds, "Just because he is a pussy doesn't mean he has one."

There's a squawk of objection, seconding Cardinal's thoughts. "Bella, somebody really has to get with you about projecting your—" Teo exhales, a sigh that manages to be two parts exasperated and one part roughly fond, the texture, color, and staticky fragmentation of rock candy. "A hole? Christ. I can pick you up, if you want.

"I have a bike. It'll be a long drive, but if you're healed, I could bring you. I don't think Fedor's gonna know where to put the chopper down, I'm afraid," he says, kindly, without elaborating over-much on the fact that the bird she had been initially transported in — bleeding — was actually stolen. "Deckard's going to want to see you, too." Teo remains glibly unaware of how much backbone Cardinal apparently thinks he doesn't have.

'No, no he doesn't, I'm just pulling his leg while I can" Abby assures cardinal and Teo over the phone. "If you want. Or maybe Brian can. I didn't see him on the helicopter. He can do it, or you can do it. Someone can do it. I'm going to have to go home shopping again" She laughs at that thought. "I can do that while they force feed me" Teo hasn't seen her yet and she's not likely to put on the pounds before he does. "Tell Ewan, thank you" Deckard. "Tell him.. Tell him I'll fix his eye, if he wants. Like it was. I promise"

"They get him out alright?" The question's a quiet one from Cardinal, the last statement only able to refer to one individual as far as he can tell. There's actually a hint of concern - guilt, maybe - in his voice as he looks to Abby with a slight frown.

There's an errant click of a thumb nail straying onto the mouthpiece when Teo shifts his phone. "We'll fatten you right up," he promises, quietly. "And figure out what you want to do from here. Whatever you want to do. Muldoon and Logan swore it ends here, and from the sounds of things, Fedor left a lot of reasons to believe that going back on that agreement would be pretty bad for their business. I'll tell them both. They both— I swear, we all thought— it took me a fucking week t'—"

There's an awkward hyphenation of silence, stretched thin over a distant throb of wind. Then, "I'm practically shitting my pants, it's so good to hear from you."

They all thought… something. That they would run off with her before they could break her out. Sell her to somewhere like Jessica had once threatened. How much could they get for a young woman who could heal nearly everything. No amount of drugs in her system can stop the tears that start to well up and chase the rims of her eyes, threatening to spill. "You too" Murmured quietly. All laughter is summarily sucked out of the situation. "Richard wants to know if Deckard got out alright" Of course he got out alright. His sister had sprung him from the room while she'd been left for their next round of saving. "I'll give the phone to him okay" because now the tears are spilling.

The shadowmorph watches the girl in silence, half-turned from his perch on the bench swing to regard her with an unreadable expression as she talks. As she laughs. As she cries. A hand reaches out as he hears her last statement, his fingers brushing her shoulder hesitantly — like someone who's not used to giving that sort of comfort — and then to the phone, when it's offered back. "Hey. You comin' to pick her up, then, Laudani?" A quiet, tired voice.

"Tomorrow," Teo replies. He sounds hollower than he had before, as if whatever sentiment he harbors now came in a sharp shape rather than a leaden lump and cut a piece out of the density and fortitude of whatever it is that normally keeps martyrs and white knights intact. Not the sort of injury that bleeds. Just the sort that sends a weary echo back.

It's kind of nice to know that, occasionally or in the end, that doing one's best had been enough. Doesn't change the fact that he didn't notice her missing for a week, fails to alleviate the toll that the month had taken on so many people. It's all survivable, mind you. Just — leaves marks. "You people need anything else out there?"

Cardinal's hand is waved off before it flutters to her eyes, wiping at them, trying hard not to make a sound that can be heard over the phone. Teo doens't need to know shes crying. She's sure she'll be doing more of that soon enough when she's not under Mary's care and her medications.

"We? I don't need anything," Cardinal says, his voice quiet, slightly tense but that's the only undercurrent of emotion there. All walled off again, locked away. "As far as I know, the only thing anyone here needs is closure."

No, Teo doesn't need to know, but he can probably guess. He's seen it happen before, and maybe it will be more luck rather than less if he gets to see it again. It's one of those morbidly maudlin things. Gold isn't the only thing proved by fire. Though, granted, he'd be the first to admit he'd prefer a reprieve. Maybe a week. "Okay." There's a guttural cough, the scrub of fingers against his cold nose. "Thanks. Godspeed, Cardinal. Tell her I'll be there at eight?"

A slight nod, not that the other man can see it through the phone. "…yeah, will do," he replies to that, Cardinal's free hand lifting to rub two fingers against the bridge of his nose, "Take care, man." The pad of his thumb slides over the keypad, severing the connection with a quiet digital tone. The phone's slipped back to his belt, and he says more softly, "He'll be here at eight."

"Okay" Spoken through tears. The edge of the blanket over is brought up to wipe at them, familar gesture that he's seen before. She falls into silence then, punctuated by the creak of the swing and her sniffling from her running nose brought on by the tears. They trace a silent trail down her cheeks.

The sight of her there, miserable, crying, seems to strike something of a chord in the criminal — looking at her with a slight, unhappy grimace and a flicker of sympathy and pain behind his eyes. His hand half-reaches up towards her, but she'd waved him off before, so he pulls it back and moves to push himself up to his feet, glancing back off the patio. "You're a lucky girl, Abigail," he says quietly, "You've got plenty've friends who'd go to hell'n back for you."

"And me for them" It's what kept her out of too much despair. Faith in many things. "Shadow, or normal. Which do you like better?" Get off the subject, onto something else, awkward emotional moment? what Awkward emotional moment. That never happened.

At the edge of the patio, Cardinal looks back out over the night-darkened water again. "Hell if I know," he mutters under his breath after a few moments of thought nearly deafening in their silence, "Never really thought about it."

"Maybe it's something you should" She's had enough of the out of doors it seems. "Can you help me in? Mary can take care of me once i'm in there. Then your free to escape if you want Richard. If I don't ever see you again, thank you. I'll keep you in my prayers" She's pushing the blankets back, empty cup in hand.

A wordless nod to the night, and the shadowmorph turns away to step back over with a creak of boards under foot, one gloved hand reached out to offer her a hand up and the assistance she'll need to read the door. "You don't even know me, Abigail," he says in soft tones. Wistfully? Perhaps. "And you have a hell of a lot to deal with right now. If you ever need help from the shadows, though…" A pause, hesitation, "…you have my number."

"Someone once told me that I attract people because I'm pretty and I'm helpless and I just bat my blue eyes" but that's not it. It's because of a great many things. "And people come running because I believe in God. I don't think they come running because I believe in god, they come running because I have faith that my good deeds will come around and I will get my just desserts. I may be get hurt along the way, but, I'll heal. May take time." Abby's hand is warm in his as she leans on him, lets him do the work of pulling her up then keeping up the lean while she shuffles in towards the door and into the kitchen. "I don't know you Richard. But I trust you. If I can trust the midtown man to keep away from me for a few weeks while I help save the world, or a HomeSec agent to keep me out of jail, I can trust a man who's shown me nothing but kindness and faith in that trust. I need that right now"

Through the door she's led, into the kitchen and to one of the chairs there; his hand on her shoulder as he helps her sit, his head shaking ever so slightly. "I'm nobody, Abby. Just a trick of the light. Take care've yourself, alright?" A step back towards the door, pausing to look back to her, "…karma might count for a lot, but it never hurts to give it a hand, y'know."

"karma. Go disappear, turn into a bird. I like it when your shadow is a bird" it's a hope, not a command, she wants to see him change if it's possible. She saw him pull out of shadow once already. Mary is bustling back down the stairs but out of sight still.

A quiet chuckle stirs past his lips, though there's only faint humor to it. Then he turns away, the light that falls upon him dimming as if he'd stepped into shadow. The details blur as he takes another step, indistinct, almost translucent…

…and then there's just his shadow, spilt across the wall, twisting to spread a bird's wings in an ephemeral fluttering upon the wall. "God bless, Abigail." The voice a hollow, echo-y whisper. And then he's gone, streaking across the wall and out of sight.

There's no smile as she watches him jsut melt, disappear, the bird flitting across the kitchen but only with no bird to be responsible for it's casting. Mary descends then, the hour late, to help the blonde back up to her room get her settled for what is sure to be a long night. "God bless" murmured under her breath.

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