Going Damaris


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Scene Title Going Damaris
Synopsis Detectives Harrison and Damaris discuss being the girls in the boys' club until they're joined by Agent Parkman.
Date February 2, 2009

Brooklyn - Crown Heights Police Station

Nearly a third of New York's finest are stationed in North Brooklyn. Despite that, the precinct in Crown Heights is a gritty place. During peak hours, the lobby is packed with whores, pimps, pushers, drug dealers, and every other sort imaginable. The reception desk is protected by a wall of impact-resistant glass set with a grille for communication and a slot for paperwork. One side of the room is lined with benches, the other with doors leading to offices and interrogation rooms.

She feels like she has sand ground into her eyes. Elisabeth, like every other cop in the city, has been on the streets for double shifts and then some. Taking a break from the streets, she makes her way into the squad room that SCOUT inhabits carrying, of all things, a massive bakery bag. She drops it on one of the desks where the scent of fresh breadstuffs of varying kinds will permeate the room and sets a 4-cup carrier of huge coffees down next to it, taking one with her as she drops into the chair at her own desk. Paperwork doesn't stop just because all hell breaks loose, and she's got at least six reports from today that need to be written. Once she's sitting, she glances toward Harvard's office, appearing relieved to find him out on a run somewhere — some of the tension eases, at least.

Kaydence Lee emerges from a nook in the squad room where the coffee brews, carrying a dark purple mug of black coffee. She takes a sip and then seems to realise there's another aroma besides the kona in her cup. "Oooh." She gravitates toward the baked goods and roots around in the bag until she comes up with a fresh bagel. The cream cheese is skipped in favour of eating it plain. A look is cast around the room before she settles her eyes on Elisabeth. "Should've known. The boys just bring in donuts. Holding together, Harrison?"

Elisabeth turns when Kaydence comes in, smirking faintly. "Sure enough," she comments. "Feel like absolute crap, I think I forgot to have a shower yesterday…. or maybe that was this morning, and somewhere in there, I actually hit on by a skell. You?" She leans back in her chair, pushing her blond hair back. "Christ, Damaris… this city's going to hell."

"No kidding." Kay drags her hand over her face. A diamond sparkles on her fourth finger - and it's not the same ring her late husband gave to her. "I'm amazed we've managed to make it this long. I'd kill for five hours of sleep, wouldn't you? I'm almost out of coffee."

Eyeing the other woman with a faint grin, Liz replies, "Yeah…. I caught four hours or so…… yesterday I think. I picked up some coffee too. Sitting in my locker, though, I didn't want the cretins to finish it before I got a cup out of it." She notes the sparkle thoughtfully, sipping from the huge paper cup she brought in with the bagels, and nods toward Kay's hand. "Somethin' you wanna tell the class, lady?"

Kay glances absently down to her hand once, and then a second time as though seeing the ring for the first time. "Oh… Jeez. I meant to take that off before I came in. I'm just so used to wearing a ring…" Detective Damaris actually blushes. "I, ah… Got engaged." She smiles sheepishly.

"Would that everyone had good news in the middle of this shit," Elisabeth says with feeling. "Congratulations, Kay," she offers, using the less formal first name. "Heard a rumor you were dating someone…. you know cops gossip like old ladies." She sips her coffee, choosing to let Kaydence tell or not tell the name of the guy. They're not close enough for her to feel quite comfortable prying. "Better tuck it onto a chain if you don't want the guys to see it, though." She smirks. "Not that any of 'em'd probably notice. Neanderthals." She rolls her eyes.

"Guys won't notice it's different from the last one. I'm the widow who never took her ring off." Kay shrugs and tilts her head to one side. "Thank you. Any truth to the rumour that you've got yourself a sweetheart? I haven't put much stock in it myself."

Elisabeth raises a single eyebrow. "Let me guess. The one about Harvard?" She looks utterly disgusted. "Fuckers," she mutters. "The answer is 'no.' I don't need that kind of scandal hanging over my head. Don't get me wrong, the Captain's a good guy and all…. " She pauses and eyes Kaydence, then smirks. "He's an odd duck, that one. But nice enough on a personal level. But I don't sleep my way up the ranks."

The answer draws a grin from Kay. "See, now, that's what I figured. Girls like us, we work way too damn hard to take the easy way out by sleeping with someone." She takes a sip of her coffee and leans against the other woman's desk. "Your secret's safe for me. Trust me, that's a rumour you'd rather would keep perpetuating. Beats the alternative. They'll come up with a bigger fish story."

Elisabeth just shakes her head. "I swear to God, Kay…. I've already had to hit not one but TWO assholes in stairwells, and came this close," she shows barely a millimeter between her fingertips, "to busting some eardrums for good measure last week after the bomb disarm." She still has a disgusted look on her face. "We work our asses off, three times as hard as any of those jerk-offs, and instead of respect, we get 'aw, she must be sleeping with her captain!' or some shit. I forgot while I was on sabbatical what a buncha babies they all are."

"Don't worry, Liz," Kay assures her. "Once the guys figure out I'm engaged, they'll forget all about razzing you. Trust me on this one." She lifts her mug in a sort of 'cheers' motion.

A snicker of laughter accompanies Liz's raising of her cup to Kaydence's air toast. "Yeah. Guess so," she agrees mildly. Running a hand through her hair, she leans her head back on her chair. "So who's the lucky guy? If you don't mind me askin', of course. Not one of these ruffians, right?" She slants a look upward and quirks a grin. "The rumor mill likes you too, they just think you'll bust their balls into itty bitty bits if they get outta line."

"That's because I will bust their balls into itty bitty bits if they get outta line. You know I didn't get the reputation as The Bitch for nothing." Kay pushes off of Elisabeth's desk and takes a small bite from the plain bagel in her hand, washing it down with her coffee. She fiddles with the new ring on her finger for a moment before catching herself and instead fingering a delicate chain around her neck, tucked beneath a dress shirt and tie.

"You pick one up for me?"

Matt's voice is as clear as it would be even if it only sounded inside Kaydence's skull, but he's quick to greet her current companion as well as he breezes his way through the precinct toward them, dressed in a much more casual nature than he usually is. "Harrison," he says with a nod toward Elisabeth before he plucks the bagel from Kaydence's hand and rips off a bit of it with his teeth.

The sight of none other than Matt Parkman rolling in the door has Elisabeth damn near choke on the mouthful of coffee she just took. Oh shit! The rumor mill got it right?? "Agent Parkman," she coughs in greeting, yanking herself upright in her chair. "Nice to see you again," she says with only a faint wheeze. "Damn, Damaris…" She starts to laugh. "The grapevine finally got somethin' right!" She gestures to the bakery bag sitting on one of the desks. "There's more in the bag. Help yourself." Heh… "Being as you're gonna be all workin' here and shit, you may as well make yourself at home." There's amusement in her voice. Ought to be entertaining to see Harvard's reaction to this. Hee! At least it's something to smile about this week.

Uncharacteristically, Matt snags Elisabeth's seat once she gets up, pulling it toward him and plunking himself down in order to rest his feet on the desk. The bagel is victoriously chewed upon. "What do you mean, grapevine? The one about how Damaris knows where the best bagels in town are, and does the morning baker's laundry so he'll keep a dozen warm for her?"

"I see you've met my fiancé," Kay murmurs as she puts her hands on her hips to fix a faux fierce look on Matt. "That's fine. Better that end up on your hips than mine, mister." She turns a bemused smirk to Elisabeth, "You see? Fuckin' HomeSec steals all my shit. My cases, my bagels-" The glare is shot back at Parkman, though he can see the grin in her eyes even if it doesn't touch her lips, "Touch my coffee, though, and you're a dead man." The threat even gets a dash of New Yorker accent. Just to make it more authentic.

Liz snickers with laughter. "Nope… I believe the last version I heard was about how 'The Bitch' was dating this HomeSec agent by the name of Parkman, and how it was a damn shame she was looking so far down the totem pole when so many "real men" could satisfy her better." She winks at Kay, using air quotes around the 'real men.' "Gotta love how many "real men" sit in the boys' locker room and piss all over each other."

Yeah… she's met Parkman all right. She nods to him with a weary smile, her eyes now cautious. It'll complicate things, that's for sure. But he hasn't run her or anyone else in yet. "And getcher feet off my reports, feddie. You haven't earned feet up rights on my desk yet," she adds lightly.

"You sure?" Matt licks his teeth behind his lips, glancing from Kaydence to Elisabeth before inspecting where his feet lie. "Wait a minute… I think this might be my old desk. Sorry, Harrison. Seniority and all." Looking back to Kaydence, he winks.

Real men. Ha. "Would I be a real dead man?" Matt teases.

"Oh jeez. Peter Pan give you that line, Liz? That bastard has been trying to get into my pants for months." Kay rolls her eyes and sets her coffee down on Elisabeth's desk in favour of crossing her arms over her chest. After Matt's quip, some of the light drains from her eyes, but she covers it quickly with another snide remark. "Not in this office, bud. Gitcher feet off of Harrison's desk."

And so it becomes clear on which side Matt Parkman's bread is buttered. He removes his feet from the desk and relinquishes the chair. Taking a step toward Kaydence, he holds the bagel out to her, keeping his hand close to his chest. "Sorry, Kay," he murmurs. "Bagel?"

About to answer Kaydence, Elisabeth clams up Kay speaks to Matt. She sips from her coffee cup now, amused to all hell that Kay's gonna totally go Damaris on his ass. And then she outright laughs her ass off when he gets up without another snide comment. And in truth… she can use the laughter today. It's been a shit week all the way around. Elisabeth actually has to set her cup down because the stress relief of this particular bout of laughter is gonna spill her caffeine. She's clearly sleep-deprived because she laughs and laughs and laughs so hard, she's got tears. Pussy whipped! Big Bad HomeSec Agent is totally pussywhipped!

Kay sighs softly and accepts the Bagel of Apology from Matt with a small smile. It's not your fault. It's fine. She takes another bite of her snack, heedless of the HomeSec cooties. "Thanks for the fuckin' bagel," she tells Elisabeth with genuine gratitude, in spite of the profanity. "I'll get my man outta your hair, here. Remind me to kick Baxter's ass later. Make sure to warn him I'm coming. He's so cute when he's all jumpy around me." With a grin, she passes the bagel back to Matt and retrieves her coffee before taking his arm and guiding him toward her desk.

Matt's arm curls around Kaydence's waist, but he shoots a stern look back at Harrison even as he moves away, bagel in one hand and fiance in the other. Watch yourself, Harrison. He warns, putting as much force into the mental projection as he deems safe. He doesn't care how loud it echoes in the blonde officer's skull.

Elisabeth's laughter is pretty much immediately squelched by the intensity of the immediate pain in her head as Matt's voice echoes through her skull. Sucking in a huge gasp, her eyes fly up to his, the sparkle of tears that had been of amusement and are now of pain still evident. One hand flies to her temple as the pain triggers auras in her vision and ringing in her ears, along with nausea. "Yeah, I'll tell him," she bites out, her teeth gritted against the agony in her head. "Enjoy 'em," she tells Kay, turning without another word to head for the ladies' locker room. You ever do that again, you motherfucker, and I'll make you permanently deaf. She has no idea if Matt'll pick it up, or even care what he just did, but she's dead serious.

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