Going Swimming


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Scene Title Going Swimming
Synopsis Melissa and Ling approach Kaylee about looking for signs that they have been messed with mentally.
Date September 25, 2010

Near The Garden

A few phone calls from Melissa resulted in Kaylee getting a message. Meet me at the Garden. Nice and simple. From the previous incidents with Liette and Brennan she knows that it's technology free, so they can't be any safer from Rebel anywhere else. And though it's probably not strictly kosher, her being there, it doesn't stop her from walking there, with Ling in tow.

They don't go inside once reaching the safehouse, but linger in the front yard until Kaylee gets there, then moves into the back yard, away from prying eyes, if there are any. She seems anxious, brow perpetually furrowed, bags under her eyes.

Ling looks as stoic as ever, standing just behind Melissa with her arms crossed across her chest. A bit of tired look fills her eyes though, the Chinese woman barely able to hide how ill at ease she feels, for whatever reason that may be. Her posture just the slightest bit slouched, she looks around, a precaution born of paranoia as she looks out for any sort of thing that might say why yes, you are being watched.

"Are you sure this woman can do what you say, Melissa?" It's a question Ling has asked a few times since the last time they talked about this matter in particular, and yet she still seems hardly assuaged in her worries. It's almost as if she doesn't want to know if a certain man has been mucking up inside of their minds.

Of all the people to get a message from, Melissa was the last person Kaylee ever thought she'd get anything from. It's enough tho' to peek the woman's curiosity and to draw her to the Garden. Her boots crunch underfoot as she follows them to a much more private area.

Hands tucked into pockets, the telepath glances between both women. "Okay, so… admittedly I'm curious as to why you went through all the trouble to call me out here." she offers with a somewhat uncertain smile, especially since her and Melissa have never exactly been on good terms. The fact that Kaylee could find out for herself, is probably not lost on either of them, but hey… a girl has to have some personal rules. "What can I do for you ladies?"

"I know she's a telepath. The rest is just guesswork. But we haven't come up with any other ideas that are any better," Melissa admits. Then she gives Kaylee her full attention. "Yeah, bet you never figured I'd be calling you, all things considered. But we…" She draws in a slow, deep breath, then releases it. "We need your help." That didn't hurt. Too bad.

"We think someone's been messing with our minds, Kaylee. Someone with an ability called Persuasion, and we need to know if they have for certain, and if so…We need to undo whatever's been done. No idea if you can do that, but if you could try, we'd appreciate it. A lot."

When Kaylee makes her presence known, Ling's gaze settles on her, the blonde regarded with open suspicion. Telepaths, probing, and persuasion. Three things that were all rather terrible to Ling, and here she needed two to make sure the third wasn't a problem. And that makes her extremely uncomfortable, there are things inside of her head no one should know, and that she wouldn't want to pass on.

She eyes Kaylee for several moments - it's probably good Melissa said they needed help, because Ling wouldn't. Not in those words, at least. Instead, she simply gives a not to her, fidgeting a little. "It is a legitimate concern, I assure, given…. numerous factors." Which she assumes, perhaps incorrectly, are now known to Kaylee by virtue of her being a telepath.

"Hmm." Is really the first thing the hear from Kaylee, blue eyes moving from one woman to the other studying each in turn. The fact she's not jumping on it, should be worrisome as she seems hesitant to do what is asked. "Yeah… no expected at all." Lips press together as she considers something.

Finally, "I can look, but if you do have something in there… I am no touching it." A hand comes out of her pocket and held up very quickly, "Let me explain why, before you get mad." The hand is replaced in the pocket, as she says, "If you have something, you won't be the only one. Magnes' brain is a mindfield of not just persuasion, but also telepathic suggestion — not from me mind you — and all that. The problem with what you want me to do, is I have no experience in eliminating these things. When dealing with Magnes, I know I can possibly undo it, but… I have no idea if it'll still trigger or… something worse."

A glance goes between them both, expression apologetic, "I can look and see if it's there, but I'm stuck until I know more." Kaylee's brows furrow a bit, "I'm tempted to see if Mrs. Petrelli knows anything." The furrowing of her brow speaks of a reluctance to do so. "Not sure she'd even talk to me now that I'm not dating her son, but even so I do have people looking into it as well."

"Mama Petrelli?" Melissa frowns a little. "Why would she know about this sort of thing? Isn't she like, a precog or something?" she asks, sounding confused. "If she won't talk to you, let me know and I'll see if she'll talk to me." She has in the past anyway, and without benefit of dating anyone. It's something anyway.

She glances to Ling, then back to Kaylee, nodding. "Even just knowing if there's something there would help, whether you can tell us what it is or not. We…there might be a lot of us affected. If you can't undo it, you might want to talk to this girl I know. She does dreams, it's her ability. She said she could probably help restore lost memories, but between the two of you, you might be able to figure out how to undo what others have done. It's a possibility anyway."

"Because, Melissa, she is one of several founders of The Company… you know the one that's been splashed around the news?" A brows lift as if asking if she has or not. Nothing in Kaylee's voice is condescending or anything, merely informative. "I use to run with one of the other Founders, a man named Adam Monroe. Considering what the Company was, it would stand to reason she might have an idea of what an ability like persuasion could to and the dangers of messing with…" A hand waves at their heads, "…the products of their ability."

There is a small shrug of her shoulders and Kaylee smiles at them both, "But your right, knowing will only help us. If it's there and it feels the same as Magnes and it is this person you mentioned… well then… that's a huge help right there. For y'all and my people."

Glancing around for someplace for sitting, Kaylee says, "So first, lets have a look at…" She glances back at Ling, eyes narrow a bit. "I don't think I got your name. Either way, we'll start with you, if you're okay with that."

Unfortunately, Kaylee just dropped a couple of bombshells on Melissa, and neither one of them look to be making her happy. "Adam Monroe? Wait, no, couldn't be the same one. The founders can't be that young." But stranger things have happened…"Does Magnes know this Adam?" she asks, before describing him to Kaylee.

"And yeah, I knew she was Company. Doesn't mean that she necessarily knows how to undo this. But like I said, if she won't talk to you, let me know." Another glance to Ling, longer this time. "If you do figure out how to undo these suggestions…would you be willing to help us and a few other people?" she asks, looking back to the telepath.

Ling lets out an actual laugh at the mention of the Company. And it looks like she might be about to say something, but- then Kaylee mentions Adam Monroe, and Ling's eyes narrow at the other woman. "I believe you and I will have other business to discuss once we are finished with this… mess." The mention of Magnes warrants another look over to Melissa, teh description causing her brow to furrow.

Gritting her teeth, the Chinese woman looks back to Kaylee, giving a nod. "Please. Go ahead and poke about. The sooner that I can be sure that I have not been trifled with, the sooner I will be more comfortable with this whole… set of business that is going about lately."

"I know she might not, but since I don't really know any other telepath's that have that sorta experience or anything like that, I figure someone who made studying these things their life…. " Kaylee's hands gives a little see saw motions, a smile tugging up one corner of her mouth. "It's the best thing we've got unless you go to the source and the source might lie."

Finding an old lawn chair, she leans over the back of it to brush off the seat, "Adam Monroe is a man who's lived — how old did Cat say — over four hundred years. You hurt him and he heals instantly. I've seen him heal from some crazy injuries." Sounds rather like another acquaintance of theirs. "He killed several of the other founders, including a telepath…" There is a wistful sigh, arms resting on the back of the chair for a moment. "…that guy was a master with his ability. He's got a son with the same ability, but… I don't know the guy at all for asking questions."

Straightening, she motions Ling to sit. "It's easier if I can touch your head. I tend to put fingers here…" Kaylee demonstrates by touching her temples with both hands.

"Well like I said too, I know a girl who can get into people's dreams. Try to get a hold of her. Name's Delia Ryans. Sure you've heard of her, since she's been in the papers," Melissa says, trying to be helpful! "And the source would definitely lie."

Information on Adam has her frowning. "He heals? Damn. So I shot him for nothing?" she mutters sullenly. "I met him once. He pulled out a rifle in a crowd full of penguins and kids, Kendall included, and wouldn't put it away."

She sighs softly and shakes her head, then looks to Ling, nodding encouragingly. Though there's probably also some relief that she isn't going first.

"How well do you know Adam Monroe?" Ling inquires, a moments pause before she hesitantly steps forward towards the chair. "Because there is a small chance I have… business with him. And I wish to be prepared for such a thing, if at all possible." She frowns noticeably at the mention that he can't be hurt, this was something, as far as she can recall, that the little bit of information John Logan gave her lacked. Hopefully, he hadn't been keeping that from her.

Taking her seat down in the chair, Ling looks back at Kaylee. "I'm sure you will see what I mean shortly."

"That… sounds like Adam and yeah.. shot him for nothing." Kaylee grimaces a bit. "And as for how I knew him, I was kinda a puedo-daughter to him… and his little — as Ash put it once — his little mind fucker." As Ling sits, Kaylee reaches out to press finger tips lightly to the oriental woman's temples. "Fortunately, I was hit with a certain type of persuasion — via a Founder he killed — that worked like a choke chain. Trusting Adam Monroe about killed me after that, as whatever she did you me was shutting down my body the more I stayed with him. So I ran away."

Kaylee smiles at Melissa a bit over Ling's head. "I haven't seen him in almost a year." Eyes slide shut then and Ling can feels the pressure in her head. "And..so you know, I'm not the type of telepath to go prying. Or at least since I joined the Ferrymen." Then the woman goes silent, brows tipping down in concentration, as she starts hunting through Ling's mind.

Ash. Another name Melissa doesn't like. Her nose wrinkles, but she says nothing, remembering Ash saying that they were friends. Mustn't insult the friend of the telepath about to poke about in your mind. "Seriously, get in touch with Delia. Maybe between the two of you you can figure out a way to undo this crap. Even if Mama Petrelli doesn't come through," she says before shutting up.

Ling as well makes a bit of a face at the mention of Ash's name, though likely out of the view of Kaylee's face. She says nothing as she feels finger placed on to her temples, just giving an askance glance towards Melissa. "Lack of trust is not an issue between us, I assure. That is, if what I have heard is true." She says that, but to her knowledge, she's never even seen her face - even if she has.

The only reaction to anything said is a small twitch at the corner of her mouth, but mainly for the next few minutes, Kaylee is silent while she works.

Eventually, her brows flick upwards and she gives a soft huh, before her hands fall away. "You are clean of anything, Ling." The woman's name gleaned from what she saw, while she didn't look closely at anything, the name stuck out. "Melissa?" Kaylee looks to her former rival, motioning to the chair for her to sit, once Ling moves.

While waiting for the women to switch, Kaylee turns to the subject the dreammanipulator. "As for Delia, she's really new at her ability, I'm not sure what she can do for people. I'd rather be safe then sorry, in this case. I think there are a few within the Ferrymen that might know more as well. I'd rather exhaust all that information first, before turning to experimentation."

The verdict for Ling has Melissa relaxing, if only minutely. "Maybe I'll be so lucky," she says to Ling with a faint smile. She frowns a little and nods slowly to Kaylee. "I can see that, but when you ask, please, tell them it's just for Magnes. Don't mention us. It's a lot safer, for all involved. You included most likely. If this person has mindfucked us, I don't think they would react well to finding out that we're trying to undo it." But she takes a deep breath, sitting after Ling moves. She really doesn't want to do this, but is out of options.

"I figured as much," Ling replies somewhat smugly as she pushes herself up from the lawn chair, shaking her head. "I couldn't remember any time I had been alone with the… person in question." The businesswoman looks to Melissa for a moment before she sits up fully, her arms crossing once she's up right. "I'm sure you will be fine, Melissa. Just being with him - I can only hope that it isn't as severe as we have heard, and that is no reason to worry."

Fingers touch Melissa's temple, Kaylee's eyes shut slowly and the pressure of the telepath's presence settles in. It's not an unpleasant feeling, more of a knowing that she's is there. Almost immediately brows furrow and her head cants to one side. "One… two….. There are three here." She murmurs softly, though she doesn't pull herself out of Melissa's head yet.

Her ability feels over those lumps in Melissa's head cautiously, as if handling a delicate egg. "All feel of the same person. Magnes' feels like this as well." After a few more moments, Kaylee's fingers fall away and she shakes her head. "Sorry, Melissa, I don't' feel comfortable touching those, they may have tamper switches."

Fingers rub at her own temples briefly, the use of her ability leaving her brain a touch weary and a hint of pressure, like her head is trying to work it's way into a headache. "At least it's a start, that's two people messed with by the same person."

Unpleasant or not, Melissa wrinkles her nose. But it could be more just knowing that someone is in her mind. And then her fears are confirmed and she curses under her breath. Ling should even be proud, she works a Mandarin curse into there! "Mother fucker!" is the last one, and she has the look on her face like someone who just touched something beyond gross.

Fear manifests as anger, and she ends up all but growling her next words. "So we know they're there, but no idea what they are, what they're making me do? Jesus. But what if it's like on that show Stargate, and I end up just going on a killing spree until I reach my target, and kill myself if I can't? I don't want to die for this pr—" Her mouth clamps closed, before she can reveal any information that is better off not getting spread.

Ling grimaces, once again visibly as she looks down at Melissa. "Perhaps isolation may be in order, for a time. Until someone can find out exactly what the trigger that has been placed in your head is, Melissa. While I hope it is nothing. But if this is the case, perhaps we should find a way to get more people looked at, it seems to be a necessity, since it seems what I was told has some truth to it, indeed." She looks back at Kaylee, eyes narrowed back on the woman. "It is of the utmost importance we find a way to get Peter looked at, so that he can know what he has gotten into. As for Varlane…" It is about the only time Ling will ever feel even the slightest bit bad for the boy, no one deserves to have their mind toyed with. Unless, of course, it works in her favour. "You are a telepath, correct?"

Ling isn't sure what kind of a telepath Kaylee, or the extent of her abilities. She has seen enough bad movies, both on her own and through Melissa, to try one thing though. Tell Varlane, and whomever else you must - and only them - that Rupert Carmichael has his ability, and has been using it on members on Messiah is brought to the front of her mind, hopefully loud enough for Kaylee to hear.

The mention of Peter receives a look like Kaylee just sucked on a lemon, but she doesn't say yes or no. She does, however, answer Ling's question about her ability. "That I am… for awhile now, since I was in high school." This is said, while Kaylee hears the louder words in Ling's head. Once skill she learned from Adam was a poker face, there is no outward indication she heard a thing, only Ling knows when the telepath's words echo in her head. Heard and received.

"Just let me know when you need me to have a peek at others, preferably away from Ferry interests," Blonde topped head, nodding in the direction of the Garden itself. "Just so we don't piss off the people I work with. I may be dating one of the council, but that won't keep them from flaying my hide if I endanger the network and I won't blame them at all."

Melissa winces as well at Peter's name, but then, she neglected to tell Ling about the whole Kaylee/Peter/Mel thing. "She's right. Peter does need checked. But maybe not until after we figure out how to undo this. And unfortunately, I think you're right, Ling. For the most part. I can't hole up in the house, but I can avoid certain situations."

She considers. "Phones are bad for sending messages. Meeting is fine. As for those, there's always a beach. No technology, and they're easy to get to. There's a beach north of here," and she gives decent directions to it. "When one of us calls, asking you to go swimming, we'll give a time but no location. That'll be the location." Paranoid? Yep, but with good reason. She's been mindfucked!

Ling seems pleased with this manner of determining a future meeting place. "Technology in general is a problem, I'm afraid. I am lucky, my ability doesn't mix well with me carrying electronics, but we are… able to be watched through them. There is a technopath among us," Ling explains quietly. It's a fair amount of information she sharing, but the game of trust and mistrust must have a few freebies before anything serious begins. "Hence the choice of location."

Ling begins to pace a bit beside the chair, looking thoughtful. "It may be necessary, Melissa, until we know more about the persuasion in question. It is not a preferable option, I agree. But it is what's safer." She assumes at least.

There is a short nod of Kaylee's head at the instructions. "That works. If you can't get a hold of me directly, it means I've be caught up in Ferry business." Or time traveling, she does a ton of that now-a-days. "Some business takes me… out of town, so leave a message about wanting to go swimming, I'll make sure to get back to you as soon as I am able and we'll make plans from there."

The two woman are considered, there is even a moment where she watches Ling pace, before Kaylee focuses on the other blonde. "Look, Melissa. I know you and I haven't exactly been… on the best of terms before." All over a guy, which in hindsight… "But, I've moved on from that" — and him — "so can we maybe let bygones be bygones? Clean slate for now?" She isn't asking for friendship, just that clean slate. "I guess I'm saying, I hold no animosity against you for anything in the past and I don't want you to feel you hesitant when you need help on anything." Cause Kaylee knows Melissa would have rather not had to come to her.

"If I can't help, well I'll let you know." Kaylee says with a bit of a grin, since she had already, she's just reaffirming the point. Resting hands on the back of the lawn chair she adds, "We'll get this all figured out and maybe get you all fix. I have my ideas, it's just making sure I'm not gonna fuck it all up."

"If I hide in the house and not leave though, Ling, it'll look suspicious. I've gotta work. The ball's coming up, got the people at the Suresh Center who need me…" Melissa shrugs. "I'll hang out at the house as much as possible though."

She looks back to Kaylee, head tilting. "You mean we were all growly and bitchy because we both wanted the same guy? Who just so happens to be so…goddamn maddening it isn't even funny?" Another shrug. "No slate to wipe clean." Even if she's only sort of moved on from him. "If I figured that you were still that pissed at me though, I would've gone to Delia first. Besides, this is bigger than you and me anyway. I'm not selfish enough to let my squirminess get in the way of other people's well-being."

She stands up, hand running through her hair. "Anyway, yes. Careful about talking near any form of technology. Careful around anyone you know to be Messiah. You know Ling is safe now, so I figure she should probably be your contact. She's the only one we're sure of. Keep me out of the loop if you have to." Yes Ling, she's shoving it all on YOUR shoulders!

"It seems to be my job again these days, playing information broker," Ling says with a tone that is a strange mix of dryness and fondness. It reminds her of the days when she would engage the theft of product and marketing ideas, because no one suspects a 20-something up and combing business woman to basically be something akin to an industrial spy. Or maybe they do and are just stupid.

"Like I said, I do not keep much technology on me, as…" Ling holds out a hand, palm out and fingers splayed. Even as she makes the motion, smoke begins to spill forth from her fingers, until her entirely hand has turned into a thick, whispy black smoke, the transformation slowly trailing down her arm. "My ability likes to mess with electronics, I have discovered. Clothes are a hard enough issue, but I will keep in contact"

The description from Melissa gets a chuckle out of Kaylee, "That be the one." She says with a touch of bright humor. "That ended up being for the best anyhow, it put me back on track to the right guy." There is a gentle smile, but only briefly before it falls away, the telepath focusing back on business at hand, but her conscious at least feels a bit lighter.

Lings display with watched with amusement, Kaylee's expression thoughtful, "Damn useful ability." She murmurs, before giving a short nod of her head.

"Done and done. I'll watch the technology and talkin around it… which is kinda tough in my apartment, since I like my technology. I'll manage tho'" A glance goes skyward, "Down side of leaving my phone at home is I dunno what time it is." Pushing away from the chair Kaylee straightens, "So I better get going back to the mainland. I'll be watching for your call."

There's no question about who the right guy is. Letting bygones be bygones is one thing. Being happy for someone else having a guy when Melissa is guy-less? Totally different! "You're good at the job, hon," she tells Ling, smiling faintly. "And yeah, we'll get a hold of you soon, I hope. Be careful until then."

"Technology won't be a problem so long as Rebel has no reason to listen in on you. Just… avoid speaking of things around you apartment. As far as I know, he cannot read thoughts, however. So I imagine you will be able to manage." The smoke draws back to Ling, coalescing and forming back into the shape of her arm and hand before solidifying back to normal. She looks over at Melissa, and nods.

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