Gone On Long Enough


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Scene Title Gone On Long Enough
Synopsis Kaylee sits Carl down for a heart to heart about his sudden dislike of the men in his mother's life.
Date November 23, 2019

Kaylee's Apartment - Raytech Housing

“Mom! What’s this?”

“Hmm?” Kaylee turns from a sink of dirty dishes, to see her son holding up a wrapped package. It had been sitting on the entertainment center for some time, waiting for Carl to visit. She knew he had seen it, but only now did he get the courage to ask. “Oh! That is for you. It’s from Japan.”

Kaylee continues to work at the dishes, but also keeps an eye on Carl’s reaction. He doesn’t disappoint as blue eyes widen and he looks at it with a soft “Wooooah.” He couldn’t help but think how jealous the others would be. And like any kid, Carl enthusiastically opens the package without another question, revealing a colorful box with bold Japanese lettering underneath. “Woah,” is repeated in awe, fingers tracing along the picture of a red eastern dragon, spouting flames on the outside, while a man brandishes a sword at it. While he couldn’t read the package he could see it was an articulated red dragon kit.

PRIMAL! He could pose it!

“It’s supposed to be the Dragon of Kiso Mountain,” Kaylee explains, breaking the spell. He knew the story, his excitement growing. It was one of many dragon stories he loved. One of his favorites, along with the Good Dragon.

And” his mother continues, his smile is so bright with excitement. “It’s from Mr. Bellamy.” And like that it’s gone. The corners of his mouth downturn as he looks down at the toy with this new knowledge.

Reluctantly, Carl sets the box down on the coffee table. The wrapping paper crinkling under the weight of it. “I don’t want it. Give it back.” It didn’t take a telepath to know it hurt that little boy to say it, but he was a product of his parents. Stubborn in his resolve over an idea.

“Bull, I know you want it.” His mother could read his mind after all. Carl knows it too, his face scrunching up with annoyance, turning a glare at Kaylee.

“That’s cheating, mom.”

It was, but Kaylee was using it against him anyhow with a smug smirk attached. She’s got your number boy. “Maybe, but you and I know it’s the truth.” Shutting off the tap, Kaylee abandons the dishes and moves to sit on the couch. “You know Carl, I think I’ve let this go on long enough.” It’s a simple statement of fact. His mother tried to ride it out, but now that Luther was back and around a lot more… Something needed to give.

Carl knows instantly he’s not going to like what is coming…. The dreaded lecture/. In fact, he looks ready to flee for his room, but as always his mom knows what he’s planning. Any escape is stopped by a firm and authoritative “Sit down, Carl Eli.

With a suffering sigh, Carl flops down on the couch next to her and slumps, crossing his arms unhappily. Eyes stare angrily at the toy like it was at fault for his predicament. At least partially. Kaylee gives a soft sigh. This wasn’t something she really wanted to do. It was a sore subject even for her, even if she did cause it.

“I know, you’re mad about what’s happening to our family.”

Carl’s eyes flick over to his mom, his frown pulling into a thin line as he presses lips together. She wasn’t wrong.

Reaching over to brush at his thick bangs, Kaylee continues, “You have every right to be mad. I broke our family, but… you shouldn’t be taking it out on Mr. Bellamy. He did nothing. The person you should be angry at is me.”

Her son looks away with guilt, leaving away from the touch. Again, she wasn’t wrong. “Maybe one day you will understand… or maybe you never will, but… I still love you and your sisters and nothing is changing that,” Kaylee explains, letting her hand fall to her lap and ignoring the sting of rejection. The little boy wasn’t so little anymore.

“But you don’t love Daddy anymore.” He bristles in defense of his father’s honor, the wods snappy towards his mom. There is so much accusation in those words.

“Mmm…” Kaylee’s lips press together, but she doesn’t get mad at her son. He was still so young and had so much more to learn about life. Instead, she’s honest with him. “That isn’t totally true, Carl. I love your daddy, it’s just different..” It was a struggle to find the right words to explain her feelings to a young boy. “I love him for giving me you and letting me be a mommy to your sisters. Love changes, sometimes… and not in the way you hoped and imagined.” Kaylee had a journal that talked about her life with Joseph, if was short then too.

Carl looks confused. In his world… love was simply love and didn't have shades.

Kaylee lets him mull that over for a moment, before she gets to the meat of Carl’s issue. Turning her attention to the box on the table, she soldiers on. “I know you think Mr. Bellamy… and Trenton and all of mommy’s other guy friends are trying to take me away from you.” Kaylee leans close and lowers her voice, like she’s offering up this big secret. “They can’t ever do that or replace your daddy. Daddy will always be your daddy; and I will always be here for you.” Carl sits up a little straighter and looks skeptical.

“Mr. Bellamy is my friend and he’s always going to be around. I need you to understand that, sweetie.” Picking up the dragon, Kaylee looks at it with a small smile, fingers brushing over the graphic. “It hurts and he doesn’t understand why. Last thing he has ever wanted was to hurt you, he just wants to help keep you safe and let you be a kid.” Offering the box over to her son, with a nudge against his arm, she says with a faint smile, “He still wants to be your friend. He misses you, too.” She knows the kid missed the big guy and all their games. .

There is a bit of hesitation, but finally Carl takes the dragon, holding it gingerly in both hands. He looks sad and maybe a bit guilty. “You and daddy are not going to get back together, are you?”

“No.” Kaylee says honestly, “Daddy and I… we are too different and unfortunately… we learned that too late and now you kids are in the middle of all of this.”

Carl gives a heavy sigh, eyes on the box. Kaylee can see that day at the park playing over his mind again. How often had the thought about that day? Finally, he speaks up, “This is primal and I do miss Mr. Bellamy. He’s fun.” He heaves a heavy sigh. “Think Mr. Bellamy will let me be his friend again? Or that he’ll let me play football with him?” He did have fun at it.

“I have no doubt,” Kaylee can’t help but smirk a little, reaching over to ruffle his hair. The little knot of anxiety loosens a little.

“No guarantees.” Carl adds so seriously, pulling the box closer. “This is still a lot to get used too.”

That gets a chuckle out of his mom, cause she totally understands. Slinging an arm over his shoulder, she pulls the boy into a side hug. It isn’t returned, but then again he’s holding a big box. Instead he rests his head on her shoulder, while still looking at the box. Until something occurs to him.

“Can’t I tell you something, mommy?”

The sudden question is enough to get him mom to pull away and look at him with concern. Her head tilts a bit, fighting the urge to peek into his head to find out. “Sure baby.”

Carl takes a big breath and just says it a bit too quickly, “I like Mr. Bellamy, a LOT more than Mr. Sieler.” There! He said it!

Kaylee’s brows pop up high on her head with surprise. One she didn’t expect. “Why’s that?” she asks with a barely contained chuckle, almost afraid to hear the answer. .

“Cause he makes you happy. You smile more.” Blue eyes, look at her out of the corner of his eye, seeming to judge her reaction. “Plus, he’s always been nice to me. And… I don’t think Mr. Sieler likes me. Pretty sure he’s crazy, too.” Carl doesn’t look at his mom when he says it, a bit shy to admit that about the guy his mom’s been dating, Trenton. It was like he was fearing she’d be angry at him.

In fact, she might have chided him for calling the man crazy, if he didn’t add…

“He eats Kale. Kale, mom!” Carl exclaims sounded exasperated. “Who in their right mind does that?”

Kaylee, suddenly, couldn’t fault the logic.

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