Good Boy


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Scene Title Good Boy
Synopsis James calls Wiliam
Date Jan 27 2009

James steps out from the little coffeeshop down the street from NYPD's Headquarters, pulling up the collar of his uniformjacket again before he digs out his cellphone, figuring that trying for his brother another time wouldn't hurt. Especially not after Elisabeth's parting advice. Putting the phone to his ear, he waits for an answer, leaning back against the wall with a slight, worried frown.

"Jamie." Comes the answer from the other side of the phone. William is in his office, leaning back towards the window. A little yawn is let out before the elder brother continues in a somewhat cheery tone. "How's it going?"

James arches an eyebrow slightly, "Hey, Wills. Glad to hear your voice, mostly." He pauses for a moment, looking about to make sure at least no one's obviously listening to his conversation. "And a little worried, too. Seems to be stuff going on. Or down. Or whatever you'd call it. Figured I'd hear what you know about it."

"A lot of stuff is going down and up, Jamie, you want to be a little more specific?" William asks, stifling back another yawn. "What's got you so worried? Is Lysette okay?" He asks, suddenly concern coming into his voice.

"Lys is fine." James hurries to answer, shaking his head and hooking his free thumb into a pocket. "At least last I talked to her. No worries there. And I'd give you details if I had any. That's the problem, really. I haven't got a clue what's happening, but I've had a couple of people suggesting that I should pick up family and go visit the parentals for a week or so."

"And who's telling you that, James?" William asks, leaning forward in his chair. That is certainly an odd request. "People are just telling you to leave? Maybe they don't like you, James." William points out.

James chuckles a little, shaking his head. "No, nothing like that, Wills. Unless buying coffee and inviting me back by friday, is the new way of telling people they're not wanted around these parts and I'm just unhip enough not to get it." He pauses a moment, "Also, I talked to Elisabeth just now, and she told me to ask for your opinion."

"Did Elisabeth tell you to get out of town?" William asks, bringing one hand to rub at his chin and lips. Sounding a bit bewildered though very intrigued.

"Not really as such, no." James will have to admit. "Just… if you said that I should. So… should I?" He pauses again, waiting for an answer on that one.

William takes a long moment to consider this. So there is a long moment of silence over the phone as he simply ponders. Finally the elder brother answers, "Yes." He says, his voice clipped. "Be back as soon as you can Friday. Take Lysette with you."

James frowns, letting out a breath he wasn't even aware he was holding. The answer he was afraid he'd get. "…I can't, William. I still got work." The sanctity of work, and what have you. "But I'll talk to Lysette. She should take a trip home, anyway. And you should call home." Nag.

"Go home. James. Didn't you just say that Elisabeth said if I said so. Tell them we had a death in the family. And you need a couple days." He practically graons at the last bit. "Yes, when I get a minute. James, you take Lysette home, you hear me? You do it." He says adamantly. He may not know what's going on, but he knows it's big.

"Yeah, she said. Doesn't mean I'm going to -go-. If anything happens, you're going to need me around, William. I'm the one with all the bandaids, remember? But I needed something to tell Lysette, either way." James' voice sounds just a little Harvard'ish, or stubborn, as most would say. "And you telling us to go might do the trick."

"You better go, too James. I'll make you go, and don't you think for a second I won't." When it comes to Harvard stubbornness William usually takes the cake. "Take the folks some flowers for me. And get back quick on Friday. I'm sure there will be plenty for you to do."

James arches his eyebrow again, as much at William's slight threat of throwing him out, as at how he's suddenly reminded of what little territorial battles there were in their childhood. "…fine. If I can get Lys to go, we go." he finally half-agrees.

"Good boy." William says a little smile playing on his lips. "I'll talk to Lysette, also. You two have a good trip, alright?" He asks, triumphantly. "Let me know when you get home, Jamie."

James snorts into the phone for a moment, but there's a lingering smile in his tone. "Yeah, right. Flowers and a call… you realise I'll be stuck with explaining why you ain't with us." he points out, definitly not entirely happy with having been reminded that he's not the one calling the shots, in the end. "But you realise you'll have to feed the felines while we're away."

"Yeah, yeah. I'll feed them." William says, a touch of agitation reaching into his voice. Dumb cats. It's always the cats."«Have a good time, I'll see you when you get back.»" He says, suddenly jumping into French.

James pauses, a little surprised by the switch, but following suit with his reply, even if no one around him seems to be muchly interested in a paramedic talking in his cellphone. «You better. By the way, when we're back, for next week,» Because there is going to be a next week, and he'll still have his brother then, «could you pull a string or two and get me into the shooting range at the precinct? I need to practice.»

"«Of course. I'll see what I can do.»" William says in response. "«I need to get back to work now, Jamie. I'll talk to you soon.»"

«Alright.» James hessitates a moment, and then sighs. "Be careful, William. I'll let you know when we leave, and when we get back."

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