Good Cop, Bad Cop


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Scene Title Good Cop, Bad Cop
Synopsis Saving someone's life by teleporting in public is repaid with a trip to the neighborhood jail for Tamsine. Aude and Magnes find that they are not quite on the same page.
Date August 28, 2009

Tamsine's Apartment, Greenwich Village

Tamsine's apartment building in Greenwich Village is a smallish brownstone that holds just 8 units, two on each floor. Hers is the bottom floor, which makes it easy enough for anyone to see the lights are on and that most likely someone's at home. She's an early waker, from years of taking care of a child and getting to work across town for a 9 to 5 governmental job. These days, she's neither a mother nor a social worker, but she's up and watering her plants and cleaning up her kitchen.

Not planning on leaving the house for some time, she's in torn-up jeans and a Yankees t-shirt. Her fiery red hair is braided in two plaits, making the 30-year-old woman look closer to the age of her late daughter than her own. When she hears the knock at the door, she picks up a very white cat, and peers through the peephole. She frowns at the sight of the two police officers, but recognizes Magnes, and opens the door. "Hello, officers. Pizza boy," she nods to Magnes, deciding not to out his rooftop skating to his partner, in case she doesn't know. How anyone could not know about Magnes' abilities at this point, of course, is the question, but Tamsine is not that aware of his international infamy.

Magnes and Aude had been asked to cover a few hours shift. Cops wife had gone into labor and he needed to be at the hospital. Evo Racist she may be, Aude still has compassion. Just, no compassion for evolveds. SO she'd said sure when the task ended up being to check in with one of the people present at the court house who had exhibited an evolved ability. Her name garnered somehow along with 'teleportation' as the presumption of her ability since she'd gone from courthouse to hospital with a lawyer.

So she'd knocked on the door, dressed still in that perfunctory navy blue uniform, badge, and gun holstered. "Mrs. Whitaker? My name is Officer Castalides, this is Officer Varlane. May we please come in?"

Having been at the courthouse, but not sure if he should or shoudn't say anything about it, Magnes has kept his mouth shut, walking up to the door next to Aude, and letting her do the talking. He seems just a tad tired, not used to these all night shifts yet, but he's at least alert.

The petite redhead frowns a little, since Magnes doesn't respond to her acknowledgement of their prior encounters. "It's Ms," she corrects the female officer. "Sure, come in," she says, stepping aside and letting them out of the short entry way that leads to the two downstairs apartments. Her apartment is small and cozy, with hard wood floors and old but cared-for furniture. She leads them into a kitchen and nods toward the table. "Can I get you some coffee or anything?" she asks, her normally high, clear voice a little squeaky sounding in her ears, due to her nervousness.

In through the door Aude steps, one hand resting on her bel the other loose at her side. "No ma'am, thank you for the offer though. We're just following up on the incidents that occured at the court house the other day" Aude knew that magnes was there. "Ma'am can I see your registration card?" She fans out away from magnes, read to snatch at the woman if she even thinks of porting out. Or whatever it is that she does. Because so far, there was no record of the woman in the registration system.

"Ah, I remember you!" Magnes says as his eyes suddenly light up a bit, but calms down considerably once he realizes the whole 'on duty' thing, not wanting to peeve his partner somehow. He watches Aude as she asks for Tamsine's registration card, and… wait, they're gonna arrest this woman. "Maybe we could go a little easy on her? I mean, her daughter…"

Tamsine's dark brown eyes get wide when she is asked for her registration card. She's about to answer Aude when Magnes begins to speak. She turns to him, her eyes silently pleading as she looks into his face.

She turns back to the senior officer. "I'm not registered," she says quietly. "I don't use my power, like, ever. I only did it that day to save my life. And that man. The lawyer near me, he was having an asthma attack from the gas cans and all that," she explains quickly. "I wasn't even sure I was evolved really until recently — the first two times I thought I'd had a weird hallucination or something, before the Bomb and all, you know? But …" She bites her lip. There is still a report card on the refrigerator, next to a photo of Tamsine and Liliana at the beach, looking more like best friends than mother and daughter.

Christ on a stick, bleeding heart partner. She sooo needed to deal with that problem, but another day. "Ma'am, i can appreciate" No she can't,s he doesn't. She doesn't give a rats ass that the woman's daughter is what? Probably an evo too. "The situation that you find yourself in. However, the law requires that you register your ability when you realize that you are one or are informed by the appropriate authorities" Magnes's protest, feeble it may be, is flat out ignored. Welcome to part of the job. "I'm afraid we need to arrest you ma'am and bring you down to the precinct" The hand that rested on her holstered gun now moves to unsnap the case on her belt that holds her handcuffs.

"Let's not get too hasty. I can understand how she's dealing with a lot of stress, and might have an aversion to registration. Her daughter, well, she took her own life because she was afraid of registration." Magnes takes a deep breath, opting out of grabbing his cuffs, and simply offering Tamsine his hand. "It'll be alright, ma'am, I'm sure they'll understand your situation. You'll probably just be in holding for a few, then you'll have to register. You think you can handle that?" he asks with a friendly smile the whole time, trying to ease her into the situation.

The precinct? Tamsine, aside from the small, minute detail of getting pregnant at age 15, is a good person. She uses the crosswalk. She doesn't try to get out of jury duty. Her mattresses even still have their tags on them. Her eyes are wide. Luckily she's not an Evo who will blow people up when she's frightened. "All right," she says in a small voice. She glances down at the handcuffs, and frowns. "I'll go willingly. You don't have to handcuff me, do you? I promise not to run. Or teleport. I have friends, neighbors. They'll think I've done something…" wrong? She has, according to the law. "Please. I'll walk with you. The way my power works — You could follow if I ran, so it'd be dumb for me to run, you see?"

"Ma'am in as much as my partner wants to hand walk you out to the car, unfortunately, the handcuffs are standard operating procedure and we can't diverge even for you. So if you could please turn around and put your hands behind you're back. Officer Varlance can go turn off any stove elements or water that you have running. I'm also going to read you your rights" THe handcuffs are undone by Aude, waiting to snap them around Tamsine's wrists. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you can and will be used against you in a court of law." Aude looks over at Magnes, raised brows.

You have a right to an attorney and to have him with you when you are being questioned. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one can be appointed to be present with you while being questioned. At any time you wish to exercise these rights and not answer any questions or make any statements. Do you understand these rights as I have told them to you Ms. Whitaker?"

"Do we really need to put her through that kind of humiliation when she didn't actually do anything?" Magnes asks as he walks to the kitchen area and starts turning everything off. "I know this woman, she won't do anything. And if I'm holding her she still couldn't get away."

"Next time I guess it's best to let people kill me," Tamsine murmurs. Well, Officer Castalides would agree with that! "It's all right, Officer Varlane." She gives Magnes a sad look. "Can you grab my purse over there?" she asks him. "There's nothing on that need off, but if you could get my keys in my purse to lock the door behind me, and it also has my contacts for making a phone call, if I'm allowed such a thing. I have some friends leaving on a trip today so I need to call them to tell them I can't come, but I'd like to make at least one other call for a lawyer or someone to come help me. If it's at all possible. I'd really appreciate it." She doesn't fight, and stands still for Aude to handcuff her.

click Click

The handcuffs go on and Tamsine is quickly frisked. "Varlane, shut up and get the lady's purse, get her keys and lets get going. It's early in the morning, she'll be out by this evening maybe. She did do something and she's acknowledged it. She's not registered a known ability" Grow the fuck up. Welcome to the real world.

Finding nothing, she opens the door, one hand on Tamsine's upper arm and holding firm but not too tight. "Get a move on Varlane, this is not a train wreck"

Magnes' opinion of Aude may or may not be souring with his expression, but he does as they both instruct, grabbing her purse, keys, and contacts so he can lock up once they exit. "I was just trying to be fair."

"Thanks," the teleporter murmurs to Magnes. Her dark eyes are downcast as she is led to the squad car, flanked by two police officers. Her cheeks flame with embarrassment and shame as neighbors on the just-waking street glance her way curiously.

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