Good Idea Bad Idea


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Scene Title Good Idea, Bad Idea
Synopsis A shopping trip turns into a conversational time of various topics.
Date January 29, 2011

An unnamed department store.

"What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?" Sami asks quietly as she tugs on her black leather jacket as she peeks about the aisles of the local department store, a warehouse of various things, trying to find various supplies— things she hadn't thought she'd need. Her grin extends as she walks along a crack of the white tiled floor. "I think I could take care of a puppy. Or two. I love puppies. Puppies! Do you think Brian would say no?" Her lips twitch to the left.

She sighs as she peeks down another aisle. Her cart thus far contains boxes of bandaids, ice packs, bottles of Advil, and other things needed for people who get hurt. It's an oddity, but after her tripping incident yesterday, she's been reminded of her lack of invincibility now. When she was invisible she was virtually invincible. From getting cut. From getting hurt.

She shoots Koshka a lopsided grin as she leans on the cart a little heavier, the scrapes on her hands complaining under the pressure with a deep seated frown.

"You know what they say about couples who get puppies," Koshka replies with a shrug, turning a teasing grin up to Samara. "But I think you could handle a puppy. — Depending on the type of puppy." Because some breeds are more work than others. Plus size and mental acuity. The teenager looks at the contents of the cart then looks at the shelves as she idles past them.

Stuffing her hands into her coat pockets, Koshka affects a shrug. "I think Brian would be okay with one. S'long as it didn't chew up his stuff or widdle in his shoes." As amusing as that might be. "Have you asked him yet?"

"What do they say about couples who get puppies?" Samara wrinkles her nose, evidently she hasn't heard this one. She frowns slightly as she puzzles. "No, I haven't asked him yet, but who wouldn't want a puppy? It's work but still…" Her nose wrinkles while her hands tighten around the cart.

"I bet he'd like a puppy," she affirms again. "Wouldn't you like a puppy? I know you have Bob and all, but I've always been more of a dog person." Her lips twitch to the side although I guess cats are better for the city, aren't they?"

"Uh they…" Koshka hesitates with a look up to Sam. She's heard the saying before, but now it seems a little strange to bring up. "Y'know. It's what they do… when they're in love and stuff." She snatches a package of cookies off an end display and drops them into the basket. Follow those is a package of Goldfish crackers.

"I wouldn't mind a puppy," the teenager confirms. Another excuse to slip outside, puppy needs a walk! "And I bet King Bob would enjoy a playmate. What kind of puppy though?"

Sam's forehead creases while one of her eyes narrow, "I dunno. Something small enough for the apartment, I think. Something that I could train. But not prissy, if I'm taking a dog on a walk, I actually want to walk it. I mean, not one that I would have to carry, but one that would walk." She shrugs slightly. "So didn't feel like staying out of New York, I take it?" her cheeks flush as she removes a hand from the cart to examine the gauze taped across it.

Blue eyes flick up to Samara then tick away to the wares on display. "Yeah, actually. Unless something really bad happens, like really bad, I think I'm staying here." She pauses, glancing sidelong toward Sam again, or rather, Sam's hands and the cart. " — If that's okay with you. And Brian. I don't want to .. I mean if you want me out I'll go."

Sam's chin raises defiantly, "We want you to! You are more than welcome." Her lips quirk into a confident grin, playful, but confident nonetheless. "I can't see why we'd want you to." She shrugs before shoving a single hand into her pocket while her other remains on her cart. There's another quirk of her lips, a little less confident than the last. "And I think Brian likes having you around too," she shrugs. "Maybe. I don't know."

Christmas could have come early for Koshka, a grin breaking across her face. "Good, 'cause I might have to do something drastic if you tried to send me away." Like pick up where she left off, when she lived on the streets. To the assessment of Brian, the teenager also shrugs. "He… I don't know either. Hope so but… Y'know, I don't mind going out when you guys want space. And just a spot on the floor's all I need for sleeping." She doesn't take up much room, anyway.

"Drastic? Like what runaway or join the circus? I can't imagine you joining the circus— although that trick you can do would come in handy or something," Sam lets another breath out slowly as she shakes her head, "Nonsense! Of course you'll have the guest room. We won't have the apartment full forever, jsut awhile… a few weeks…'

"No, it's okay." Koshka shakes her head, even as she insists on not taking the guest room. "Really, you and Brian can have it until you move. Or… we move." She grins up at Sami and shrugs. "I mean it. You guys need it more than me. And no, I wouldn't join the circus. I'd.. move in with your sister or… maybe another friend."

"Adisa" Sami's voice squeaks around her sister's name, "… how do you know Adisa?" There's actually a suppressed chuckle as Sam shakes her head, "She lives with my brother, Tahir. And considering Tahir's lifestyle— " and everything entailed, "I have a feeling that would cramp his style or something." She clucks her tongue while she turns her cart down the greeting card aisle. "I find it weird they have cards for everything. I mean, when did you need a card for— Talk Like a Pirate Day." She smirks, "Yaaaar maties. Yaaaaar!"

Yet Sam is looking among the cards anyways. "I owe a friend a thank you card. Something not too sappy— we aren't that close… except— " her lips tick upwards, "I just owe him a card."

"Met her yesterday afternoon," Koshka explains. "In Chinatown, she was out shopping and I was hanging out with a friend." Gambling, of all things, not that the girl will admit to that part. "We all had had Chinese food then went to a movie. And then I texted you and Brian." That pretty much sums up her night out.

Koshka glances over the cards, grinning at the pirate ones. "I like reading the birthday cards. I found one once, had a couple of bees on the cover saying 'Boo'. Inside said that the receiver was getting some boo-bees for his birthday."

Finally Sam plucks a single card from the rack, and then opens to read the text inside, "This one seems okay. Honestly, it just needs to be blank-ish so I can write in it. Someone did something kind and this.. might be good enough." She passes it to Koshka to read. "What do you think?" On the front is a picture of a panda sitting on a green hill, reading in big letters, THANK YOU. On the inside it reads I Owe You One. She bites her bottom lip, "Does it sound like I'm in his debt? Because I'm not sure I want that either…"

Not knowing who'd done what, Koshka shrugs at the question while she reads over the card. "I wouldn't think so, 'I owe you one's' kind've a general sort of saying. Like you do, but… not that anyone would cash in on it." The card is passed back to Samara. "I think it'd be fine, though. Maybe if you really thought it was necessary you could put in like.. a gift certificate for a restaurant or something."

"I'll just buy him a coffee along with the card. That seems fair," Samara hmmms quietly as she adds the card to the cart, the first non-first aid item she's added to it. She pushes the cart down the aisle, back towards the books section— silently delighted by the expansive number of items available at the department stores.

"You need school things or something. To like work on." Not that Sami ever graduated high school, but she'd still gone to class some. To listen. TO learn. To pretend to be alive, even if no one saw her.

School? Koshka sighs and shrugs. "I guess, school or something like it wouldn't be too bad." She wouldn't really mind finishing high school, even if she never makes it to college. Not like she couldn't continue education on her own at that point, if she really wanted to. "You think there's a bookstore that has that kind of thing? Hope I still remember what I learned last year."

There's a flippant wave of Sam's hand, which is without a ring, something she hasn't commented on or talked about, not once. Not in passing. Nothing. She pushes the cart down the aisle towards the checkout. "Polysporin!" she holds up a single finger almost like she's interjecting and answering some unuttered question. "And alcohol swabs! I knew I forgot something!"

With a brighter smile she redirects the cart, almost like she's made some grand triumph at remembering. "And I'm sure there's a bookstore that has stuff like that. Like.. I remember when I was in grade nine I was really good at math. Like— amazing at math. Anyways, I had like extra problem books." There's a pause. "For fun." Beat. "Don't laugh. Dance and math— my two loves growing up."

Koshka offers a grin, but not a laugh. "Dance and math, that's cool. So I can ask you if I need help with anything?" She grins up at Samara, turning as the cart does back to the first aid aisle. "So how'd you get all scratched up anyway? Is that how you lost your ring?" Oh, someone noticed.

"Uh— I tripped over this blonde girl and then wiped out on the pavement which got my hands and knees all.. scrape-y," Sami answers quickly, possibly too quickly. The ring bit causes her smile to melt some while her left hand drifts from the cart to her pocket, shoving it away. "And I.. uh.. " she frowns "'s missing," is her answer. Not really explanatory, but hopefully enough.

"Ouch." Koshka winces in sympathy. Road rash is never any fun. She glances up at Samara with the explanation of the ring, brows lifting just a little. But she doesn't ask further. Instead, the teenager changes the subject. "We should get some ice cream and… pizza. And maybe M&M's too. And chocolate sauce for the ice cream."

The subject change is gratefully followed, even though it's difficult to tell. There's something just too pleased about getting on board. "Oooo~ " Sam cheers, "I haven't made sundaes in ages. Ages." Her eyebrows tick up. "That sounds like a party." She turns the cart back to the aisle with medical supplies again. "You get the ice cream and frozen pizza and we'll meet up by the candy after!" Her left hand is raised into the air triumphantly, "Divide and conquer~" And with that, she's disappearing to get more supplies.

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