Good Luck Chuck At The Bar


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Scene Title Good Luck Chuck At The Bar
Synopsis Chucks told by his Assistant to take a trip to a bar, which he does. And there, he meets a redhead who surprisingly, can do what he can. There's an offer to heal him, but when he's more sober and can make the decision with… both eyes open.
Date May 16, 2009

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the shady crimson walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar. Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the owner's office and just inside a stairwell that leads a apartment on the floor above the bar.

Chuck can't see the girls as they dance on the bar, but he can hear the music and the crowd of people in the bar who whoop and holler as the two bartenders go up then down, dip and twist, swirls all sorts of moves. It's Friday night at Old Lucy's. "Welcome to Old Lucy's, My name is the Nun, Or Abigail, how can I help you?" A sweet southern voice from the side, the more quieter side though she still has to speak loud. Doesn't help that halfway through her sentance, the loud music stops and the girls all stop dancing, the bar returning to a lower decible.

Walking into the bar with his Guide dog and once entering he wasn't sure if this was such a good idea. But his assistant suggested this place and of course he couldn't lie to her by saying yeh he stopped by. So continuing to drive on, stopping as he hears a woman talking to her, with a sweet southern accent. Turning in the general of where the voice had come from and offering a smile, "You sure can miss, I was told about this place by a co-worker, she raved about this place and so I had to come in." Holding tightly to Gus's harness, "Is there an open table that I could sit it." Lowering his mirrored glasses as to show that he was definitely blind and that it wasn't an act. "Though it seems like this is probably not the type of place that a person like me could really enjoy."

"Oh!" Blind! "Ummmm" Abigail scans the room then shakes her head. "Nope, sorry but give me two shakes of a baby lambs tail and lemme see what I can scare up for you okay?" The redhead takes off then, unbeknowst to Chuck, and soon enough there's someone at his side. "I got a seat at my end of the bar, empty. Your guide dog can park there too, can't promise it'll be any quieter, but it's near the emergency exit and you won't get jostled" It's the southern girl again.

Chuck smiling as the offered was presented, "I do not require any special attention it's just need a place to sit so I am not crowding the entry way." But not squabbling over the offer. "Sure miss lead the way." Tugging on Gus's harness as to let him know he come and not lead. "The noise doesn't bother me though." Continuing the conversation as he was being led to a place at the bar.

Abby's nto really there to lead him, so much as to kinda violate her own personal bubble and move people out of the way for him and for Gus. "Well, you'll only be crowding my end of the bar. You have a name or so I just go 'Guy with dog, what's your poison" She's in a chipper mood, her current state seeming to linger even with the leaving of her parents back to home.

Chuck trying to take in the environment through the noise and he can tell he was in bar of some sort, well at least that is what Bridget told him it was. "Yes, my name is Chuck and this is Gus, my seeing eye dog. This is a bar right?" Smiling at himself as he asked the silly question, "How about a martini single olive and shaken and not stirred please?"

"This is indeed, a bar. Don't tell my parents. God fearing folks. They think it's a diner, and i'll keep them thinking it's a diner. One Martini, shaken, not stirred and it's a pleasure to meet you Chuck, and Gus. Does Gus need a bowl of water?" The sounds of the people, some old rock music, drinks being made, everything. Including his drink being made. "Ever heard of Coyote Ugly? This place is sorta like that. Only not so scary. Brenda and Natalie get up on the bar, dance every hour to one song then back down to serve people."

Chuck has a smile forming on his mouth, "I have and the idea. Nice little place, to bad I couldn't enjoy it a bit more with my eyes, but I guess it wasn't ment to be for me. So do you have a name and yes if I could get a bowl of water for Gus I would appreciate it." Now all the sounds in the bar were making a bit more sense especially since he had walked in.

Abigail looks over at Chuck as she's making his drink, spearing an olive with a martini and then sliding it carefully in front of him. 'Dead center of you, I'll be back with the water" A little off in her voice, but the sounds of her retreating are audible with the din from around him. Not two minutes later, she's back, a rubber maid container of water set down near Gus. 'There ya go buddy. drink up hmm?" careful not to touch the dog since it seems on duty.

Chuck hearing Abigail speaking to Gus, "Ah thank you for the water for Gus, I know he appreciates it." Reaching forward with both is his hands as to grasp the martini glass so it wouldn't get away, but finding it was right where the woman had told him dead center of him. Smiling at successfully locatiing his martini. Raising it and drawing it to is lips for a drink. Lowering his glass again and placing a single finger on the base of the martini glass so he would not have to search for it again. "Wonderful Martini, it's perfect. So do you own, run or work here?"

"Isabelle owns it, but she's away right now so Brenda and I run it together, but I normally just work here and thanks. I can make a pretty good Martini. Still learning to make other drinks, but it's pretty hard to mess up a Martini" Abigail continues to fill orders as they come up but the red head smiles, not that chuck can see it, and coke with rums, and rums with coke are going out, pitchers of beer. "Would it be too rude of me to ask how long you've been blind Chuck?"

Chuck shaking his head, "I do not think so, let me see here." Thinking as he raises his glass for another drink. "It has been 8 years now, so I have learned to deal with it, though I will never be used to it. Since at one point of my life I did see. Why do you ask?" Off in the distance a few tables away he is hearing what sounds like a couple arguing.

"I was curious. I don't' get many customers who are unable to see" There's hesitation as another drink is shoved out, the bottom of the glass clicking against the surface of the counter. "Would you, if you could, want to see again?"

Chuck staring straight off. "I dunno, to be honest. I have changed and I don't know if I could really stand seeing again. It is frustrating not being able to see, but I have to believe that there is a reason. I am a bit religious and well, in all things great and small, this was given to me as a burden to have." Taking another drink, this one a bit longer then the last one. "Why could you give me some new eyes and reattach the optic nerves and reactivate the synaptic nerve paths and tell my brain I have eyes again." Moving his head around as to pretend he was looking around as to not draw any attention to him as the guy that is just sitting there and not looking around at any of the eye candy, when they were out and about the bar taking orders.

"I could" Abigail answers. "In five minutes"

Chuck not quire sure what to say, "Hmm so then you must be one of those people then, this is quite the offer. I thought I would jump all over an opportunity like this but I am hesitant for some reason." Finishing off his martini, "I need another one please, martini that is."

One of those people. crap. Watch him be another one who's anti-evolved. "Yup. I am. If you don't like it, that's fine, but god made me the way I am, and that's how i'll be. One more Martini, coming up" Voice a bit more distant as his empty glass is taken, put in the grey tub to be washed and another glass plucked from it's clean and waiting twins. "Offer will always stand, whether you like it or not"

Chuck nodding I appreciate it. Choosing his next words very carefully, "I have nothing against those people, I am even one of those people too. You seem like a beautiful person and please never change. I just well never even considered that I would ever get my site back, it's just … resistant, it's like telling someone who has no legs that he will be able to walk again. It's just one of those one and a life times offers that one never thinks they will get." Continuing to sit there in a torn decision.

"So then why say those people" Comes the redheads voice close by again "Dead center" the new fresh glass is there again. "People who say those people usually are the same ones who look at me with disgust and walk out of the bar after realizing the woman they saw on TV is the woman serving them alcohol"

Chuck looking down at the bar counter if he could see that is where his eyes would be looking. "I just never liked the term evolved, I rather like the term gifted to be honest. Seems that when I use the term evolved people tend to stop talking to me and walk away." Searching again for his newly placed glass. "Now, I would venture a guess, you are a redhead? Now, I have nothing against redheads in fact I really like them because of their fiery attitude but you seem like a redhead to me, with your snappy comments. At least when I could see I observed many fiery redheads." Shaking his head as he comes out of memory lane.

"I'm really a blonde, but I'm red right now and I got nothing on Brenda who right now is throwing a glass of coke in a guys face" Abigail carries on working, feet shifting across the mats in behind the bar and glasses clinking as person after person puts in their order. A glance to Gus to make sure the water didn't spill. "They're all god's gift. Touches somehow. I don't care if there's some strand of Genetics that makes me different from another person, an alteration in god's blueprints. It's still a gift"

Chuck nodding, "I agree, so are you still angry at me for referring to people like us and those people?" Feeling the top of his martini glass to locate the toothpick and eat the olive. "I will keep your offer in mind that is if it is still valid after tonight?" Changing the subject, "I know this is probably a strange question but what color is my shirt I am wearing? (is it a light purple button up shirt) I am just trying to catch my assistant she told me I am wearing a white shirt today, but for some odd reason I don't believe her. She is always playing jokes on me like that." Dropping the toothpick onto the bar and missing his glass and picking up his glass for another drink.

"Never angry. Takes a lot to get me angry and it's purple. So she's playing a trick on you. What kind of job do you do that you have an assistant? "

You say, "Never angry. Takes a lot to get me angry and it's purple. So she's playing a trick on you. What kind of job do you do that you have an assistant?" The toothpick is swiped as it 's dropped away from the cup, lets not stab ourselves hmmkay? "Offer still stands. I can fix whatever it is that's wrong with your eyes. God willing"

Chuck smirking as he dropping his hand on the counter. "I knew it! Ooh I am going to get her for this one. It's probably a light purple to, gawds." Taking a drink to finish off his martini, though there was more in the glass then he thought but finishing it anyways rather then sipping it since he was plotting his revenge on his assistant. "Well, I am a general practitioner m.d. I run a clinic in the Little Italy district, mostly do a lot of free services since I am government subsidized with medical supplies. She is my secretary but and my full time live in assistant since that was the only way to keep and maintain my medical license to practice in New York. So I have another assistant that helps me in the clinic as well." Smiling, "How about 1 more martini Abigail?"

"I'll make you one more if you promise that… you'll take a taxi home instead of letting Gus walk you home?" Blind doctor. Wow. "your gift?"

Chuck smiling, "But Gus isn't drunk unless you spiked his water?" Then nodding in agreement, "Fine that is only fair, I suppose." Then shifting on the bar stool, "Well I am a healer I suppose, I can heal anything inside a persons body. I just can't heal myself and re-grow lost appendages. Plus I can see the human body when I am working on someone as though I am right there or looking for a bore scope it's actually quite amazing and I can see the bones healing too." Clasping his hands together, "So what about your gift?"

"Gus is just a dog and you might still walk out into the middle of the street after letting go of him and I'd still be responsible for you" But the second glass is cleared away to make room for the third and final. "To heal. Make whole that which should be. A lot of people call it a miracle what I can do. Little different from how you do it. Registered?"

Chuck shaking, "Should I?" Now beginning to feel the alcohol from the martini's start to kick in. "Yeh, know I think I would like to see again. What can we do errr..what do I do to make this happen?" Blinking a few times and noticing his motor functions had slowed. Looking in Abigail's general direction and smiling.

"I'll think i'll do it, when you haven't drank two martini's and about to have a third Chuck. Dead center again" One olive on a toothpick. "When you've had tiem to digest the offer properly Chuck"

Chuck letting out a sigh, "Oh come on, when I wake up it will be as though a miracle happened! But why will the alcohol affect your girft?" Now beginning to slur his speech slightly. "I trust Gus can take mes home safely. Don't you? So whens do I need to come back for this miracle?" Picking up his drink and almost tipping it over as he reached for it blindly, "Oh, almost losts it…so if we do this, how about we keep this our secret? I don't want anyone to know I have gained my you know whats back?"

"I don't heal people in the bar Chuck. People come here for drinks, not for healing. But I can come to your clinic if you want, when your stone cold sober and you can decide then. you may wake up thinking it's a miracle, but you may also wake up and regret doing it" The redhead points out, her hand coming around his to help steady the drink. "Careful there, no more spilling"

Chuck nodding, "Suppose it's sane advice. So you never trained as a doctor?"

"Nope, your not the first to ask though" once she's sure he has his drink in hand, her own hand retreats.

Chuck smiling at Abigail as to thank her for her assistants, "Okay, then I guess my clinic tomorrow then and I will be in sober." Continuing to smile. "I bet you got guys lined up to date you here at this bar." Trying to make idle conversation.

"I'll find it tomorrow. Bouncer will hail you a cab. But i'll see you tomorrow Chuck" Abigail answers, a soft smile on her face.

Chuck smiling at her, "I bet you are beautiful, from talking to you, you seem like a beautiful person on the insides." Reaching down and trying to find Gus's harness, but leaning over a bit to far and whoops, tipping the stool onto floor with him. "Aye, I will take that cab." Grimacing a moment as he is trying to recover.

"And your alcohol tolerance is about the same as mine" There's a whistle then there's someone beside Chuck. "Robin will help you out. See you tomorrow Chuck. Take some aspirin and drink lots of water. You'll feel fine in the morning, I promise"

Chuck fumbling for Gus, "Come Gus…thanks I will." With the assistants from Robin Chuck left a little shaky but managed to get into the cab with Gus.

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