Good Luck With That Agent


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Scene Title Good Luck With That Agent
Synopsis Kain needs information from Minea, who passes it on to him, about Staten Island.
Date May 30, 2009

Primatech Research - Halls

Kailin steps into Primatech's lobby, unbuttoning the single closed button on his coat. He opens the right lapel and slides his hand into his right pocket, getting a little more comfortable. He looks behind him as he walks in and slides off his shades, tuckin them into the left inside pocket of his trench, continuing into the room looking for agents to talk to… There was information to be had.

She's got about 10 or 12 dossier's in hand, striding through the halls of the Company. Len wanted something and she's not trusting any encryption anything. Not with this. One whiff and a certain Technopath would be deleting it all. Shit, the woman would probably break into her own private computer in which duplicates of all this information had been stored. Minea had gone through the trouble of buying a big spaced flash drive and storing sensitive documents on it and then hiding it. Down the hall is Kailin and there's an obligatory nod of her head to him. She had some training with Magnes after this and then hitting the streets with Lawrence. They had some company errands to run. And dinner. God she could do with some Italian tonight. There's another person walking past her and very briefly, they get the faintest touch from the female agent to their wrist in passing. Blink and you might have missed it. Barely felt by the other guy as he disappears into a door somewhere.

Raising his hand in her direction, Kailin makes a motion of acknowledgement in Minea's direction as he approaches her and gives a faint smile. These halls seemed to have more secrets than most. It was almost enough to induce paranoia. "Excuse me. You have a second? Agent Knight, remember?" He motions to himself as he introduces himself again - just in case. "I was wondering just in passing if you knew much about Staten Island. I've been spending a bit of time out there and I'm trying to find out who runs what out there. Would you know anything about that place?"

'Staten Island" Yup. She could tell him a few things. Minea looks down the hall and points to the break room. "Grab a coffee, we'll talk. I spent.. a month out there, round about, on assignment" Folders flipped so that names can't be seen on the tabs, Minea's wheeling around him and into the break room.

"I never touch the stuff." Kailin waves off the coffee like an invitation to use drugs - which technically it is. He steps into the break room and opts for a glass of water instead, running it straight from the tap. He looks back towards Minea and asks, "Was that when you were working the case with those twins or was that another instance? Speaking of those twins, I met them a while back at a rave in a cemetery. They girl is very… strange. The guy seemed nice enough though. No more problems from them I hope?"

"Twins?" She never met any twins. "Agent Knight I have not a clue what you are talking about. I was there for another reason, undercover. I don't know what twins you're talking about. But I can tell you the hierarchy out there on the island if you want. Where to go and where to avoid"

Kailin tilts his head, wondering if he mixed up the files. Maybe there were more than a few sets of twins. Maybe they were too insignificant to remember. He shakes his head, not worrying about it and says, "Sorry. Never mind that then. Yeah, that kind of stuff would be helpful. I'm doing a bit of work out there myself and I want to make sure there are as few surprises as possible. I've already met a number of interesting personalities there or from there. And they've all seemed nice enough, but you can never really know."

"Well, been a couple months since I was out there but, you basically got the rookery and the rest of the island. The major players? A guy name John Logan. Owns the happy dagger. Whorehouse. The other major player, is a guy who goes by the name of Muldoon. He runs and is partner with some other folks on some sort of underground Fight ring called the Pancratium. Pits Evo's against others and the occasional mundane. To the death or really badly beaten. I attended one fight and it was pretty gruesome. Uhh, there's a lighthouse out there, on the one end. it's a sort of orphanage I guess, for Evo kids" She's making herself a cup of coffee, adding cream and no sugar.

"The Lighthouse?" Kailin smiles a bit at that. "Sounds promising… I'm trying to get a non-profit set up out there. It'll give me a good cover with some of the folks there. It seems to be quite the interesting little place, especially with the government allowing it to be left alone. The Rookery seems to be a pretty dangerous place, but I think I'd be able to handle myself." He nods for a moment and asks, "Any idea how to get in contact with these two guys? Logan and Muldoon? I know someone that I'd like to put them in contact with."

"You do what everyone else does and walk in to their establishments Agent Knight. That's what you do and the lighthouse stays untouched because it's owned by Daniel Linderman. Anyone is a fool to cross Daniel Linderman. You want a cover, your better off not touching the light house with a ten foot pole. Leave em be. They got friends" Namely phoenix. "Your best bet is to be a criminal or some such petty thug. Looking for a job. Maybe a bouncer for the brothel. Or working in the bars. There's a pawn shop even, that might hire you"

"Seems the criminal bit might have already be out the window. I've already established myself over there as a do-gooder. I might be able to work something else in, but the people I've talked to so far know me as someone that is trying to help out the disenfranchised." It helped that he actually wanted to help the people there. "I don't want to jump tracks so soon, at least not yet. But I'll leave the lighthouse alone. There's plenty of other people to help. I did meet a woman who works for Linderman. She's very interested in me to go work for her. I've told her I could help part time, but we will have to see what will come of it. But thank you for the advice and information." Switching tracks he asks, "You're partnered with Agent Cook, right? I was told he was interested in a bit of training. Let him know if he gets some free time to work on that, I'd be happy to help. I've got a basic overview of surveillance and counter surveillance that he might be interested in."

"Agent Knight. Since you already gave yourself a cover out there, then why the hell are you wanting a different one. You have done fucked yourself over now. Maybe check into those people with the helicopters and the food trucks that I heard were going on out there. They seem do-gooder, but.." She shook her head, lips pursed. "You know where his office is. Stop by and see him when we're not busy. We're pretty much sunk into Training the new recruit" She waves her hand. "Anything else? Cause, Agent, you're sunk out there and your only options seems to be that helicopter group there now that you pretty much railroaded yourself"

Kailin shakes his head and says, "I'm not looking for a new cover. I'm trying to make sure the one I have will be able to operate long term. If I want to build something out there that's going to provide free goods and services to people, I want to make sure the guys in charge out there won't mind. Or as soon as I put something up, they'll come in and tear it down. Then it just becomes problematic." He shakes his head and says, "I was with those guys on that food run. I met a few people that seemed willing to help us out with what we're trying to do. The more people I can sign on, the better it is for everyone. And I wouldn't say I'm sunk. I'm just not going the typical route."

"Then there's your route. Because I can tell you right now, that the guys in charge on that island that the city has forgotten, are gonna turn their attentions to that little helicopter group soon enough. Don't mistake inaction for not noticing. They seem to have territory out there. I'd watch your ass if I were you. Any other questions Agent?"

Kailin shakes his head and says, "Nah. You've been a big help. I figure if I go to Logan or Muldoon and ask permission first, it'll go a long way with getting in and staying an operation out there. Plus people will get some stuff they need in the process." He smirks a bit and says, "I'm kind of going at this on my own for the moment, but I think it'll work out. If not, I'll have a valuable lesson." He nods in Minea's direction, respectfully thanking her for her time.

'Good luck on that Agent. Good luck on that. I got stuff to deliver" With a salute from the lift of her mug, Minea's maneuvering past him and out the door.

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