Good Morning


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Scene Title Good Morning
Synopsis Everybody should have one.
Date January 25, 2011

Dorchester Towers

This is the home of Tahir Avery Dunham.

Fellas? Have a Beer. Watch the Game.

Bitches? You know where the bedroom is.



Whatever the hell that sound is, it happens to be coming from the bedroom that belongs to Tahir Avery Dunham. Whatever the hell is going on in there is accompanied by the fact that (THUMP!)— is it ever going to stop?! Maybe there's a reason why it keeps happening…


The bedroom door opens up and Tahir falls right out into the living area. He's crawling like there's no tomorrow and only halfway dressed. Sweatpants and a wifebeater are the chosen attire for this morning.

"Noooooo! I called dibs on making the coffee!"

Before the door opens a loud groan and moan can be heard from the before Tahir bursts out from it and is booking it towards the kitchen and the famed.. coffee. "No no!"

Comes a second voice, female from the sound of it and a woman slides into the living room. Dressed only in a light blue men's shirt, (presumably Tahir's) Lucille Ryans twists and hops over Tahir, landing lightly that much closer to her goal. Laughing as she almost slips and falls but righting herself. Dark hair loose and swinging free as she looks over her shoulder down at the man.

"I win." Or so she thinks..

"Hey! That's my shirt!"

Tahir is not about to let this girl get away with this. Not right now! "It's a brand new coffee machine! You don't know how to use it!" Tahir is already strumggling (it's a combination of struggling and stumbling) to get back to his feet. Which it only takes him a half-second to do. Because he's just that damn good.

"Go down!" Tahir has no trouble in trying to order this chick around as he is leaping to tackle her. There's a rug not far off, so it shouldn't hurt if they manage to collide enough for them to end up there.

"Quit your whining it's onl-!"

The rest of what she is trying to say is halted as Tahir tackles her and she lands on her back on the rug. Briefly winded, she slams a palm up to hit Tahir in the chest. If she wanted.. he would be on the ground right now.. Grinning widely, she looks at her gloveless hand and then shakes her head. No, that wouldn't be nice.

"I believe.. we were just in this position." Light grey eyes focused on Tahir before she mock struggles to get out from under him. Sighing, she relaxes and lays on the floor. One arm stretched out above her head. "Fine, you can make the coffee." Submit.. damn girl. "But.. I make.. I don't know. I'll find something in the fridge. Unless," a sly grin crosses Lucille's lips. "You wanna just, stay down here for a while." A nonchalant shrug follows.

Tahir is all ready to get himself back to his feet and celebrate his epic victory. He really is. But there's a problem with that. And it comes from the fact that Lucille is making offers that he will find it very difficult to refuse. Even though he's trying to right now. As can be seen by the way he's trying to pull himself off of Lucille's body but… his body won't cooperate.

"Somebody tell me why I'm suddenly not wanting coffee anymore." Tahir flashes a grin at the woman beneath him and there's already some kind of crazy look of insatiable hunger in his eyes within that same breath. "By a while do you mean another 12 rounds?"

A teasing expression is the only answer for Tahir as Lucille begins to slide away from him. "How about 13 rounds?" arching an eyebrow up at the man. "That is.. if you can handle that." The former model is almost out from under him.

How did we get here.. rewind a couple weeks ago.. Tahir walks into coffee shop. Lucille is there. Lucille tries to hide, they talk. And.. fast forward to now. Yep, it's all good.

"After coffee though and a bagel or something." Gotta keep the energy up.

Tahir is too busy going through the last 12 rounds to really pay attention to the fact that Lucille is slipping out from underneath him. Which, well, is okay with him at the moment because he's going down a quick memory lane. Which has him smiling this entire time. He doesn't need to flashback as far as some people. Who cares how they got there?

"Please, 13? I go that many on off days. You weren't around for then I had the flu. I was still top flight." Tahir hops up to his feet and slides around into the kitchen so he can get to making the coffee."I don't even know what's in the fridge, by the way. We may have to venture into the winter wonderland out there…"

"Uh huh, sure Avery." Luci chuckles as she pads into the kitchen and opens the refrigerator to look for something to eat. Bending from the waist down to get a good look inside, she squints and shakes her head. "Nada homeboy." Said softly as she stands upright and shuts the refrigerator door. Making sure Tahir's shirt is covering her all, she leans against the counter and watches the man.

A little reminiscing of her own happening right now. A shy smile on her lips, tilting her head at Tahir. "How goes the show?" a venture into topics other than.. their bodies. "Any awesomely awesome guests lined up?"

"Now you know I can't talk about that. Total Spoiler Alert. But! We're getting ready to film the premeire soon." Tahir is sliding through his kitchen as if he knows the place like the back of his hand. Which, well, he does. It's his kitchen. But the coffee preparation doesn't even begin to need him to focus on anything. He does this all the damn time. "So you'll just have to wait and see like all the rest of my adoring fans." Tahir looks up to give her a winning smile. "Unless of course you want to try and convince me to let you come to a taping or something. Not that I'm easy to bribe or anything. Because I'm not."

"Adoring fan? Get real." Lucille waves her hand around and chuckles. "Though a taping would be nice.. as long as nobody gets me on camera.." Lucille looks away at that statement and sighs before smiling up at Tahir, she has her own winning smile you know. "Look.. can I tell you something and you promise not to freak out?"

Lu wrings her hands a bit nervous but she might as well tell him now, he deserves to know he's sleeping with a fugitive. "It's kind of important.. um.. yeah." Scratching the back of her head, she tries to smooth down the crazy strands on her head.

Tahir knows that tone of voice. Because it's the tone of voice sisters use whenever they want to start talking seriously. Which is never really a good thing. But, well, there's a reason that he's turning to face her while the awesome coffee machine is doing its thing. He tilts his head and crosses his arms over his chest. "Okay, there is no way you're pregnant. Do you know how many condoms we went through last night?" Oh Tahir.

Reaching over the counter, Lucille grabs a towel and throws it at Tahir. Laughing she shakes her head, "God no. Don't joke like that." She shudders, she's not ready for motherhood. Not yet anyway. "I just need to warn you of some stuff." Playing it off like it's just a normal thing. Nothing to worry about hun.

"I'm an Unregistered Evolved, whose on the run from the government because of some things my dad did that they didn't like." There, she whews and grins. "That's all." Lifting one shoulder, tilting her head as hair falls into her eyes. "I mean, that's all. See, no big." Righttttt. "Hmm, maybe we can go get waffles." she loves waffles.

Tahir Avery Dunham is staring. He's staring like he's never stared before. This stare is even more staring than the one from last night when Lucille did that bendy trick that… okay, let's not go back down that memory lane. At any particular rate, Tahir is in the process of trying to pour some coffee and all of that good stuff. Which is why he almost spills it upon hearing the bomb get dropped. After what is probably an elongated silence he sets the mug back down on the counter and ponders the best response to this.

"So. What you're saying is…" Tahir starts to grin. Grin as if he's just been given some very interesting information. "… that you're pretty much at my mercy. I'm holding all the cards. I've got the leverage in this whatever we are." Oh snap.

And that's the only type of response that she expected from him. Shaking her head, she tip toes up to him and leans in. "Don't get any ideas hotshot. Kay? I can make you wish you were never born. I'm dangerous." She whispers in his ear with a laugh. No but seriously. She's leaning away then, but still within grabbing range for Tahir. "I just need to lie low.. and not draw too much attention to myself."

"And doing whatever with a man on TV is kind of stupid. But I guess you're just that hot." Yup, he is. Lucille's hand comes to rest on the counter by Tahir and she stares up at him. "And.. well what are we?" she gives him a look, the pressure is on. He has thirty seconds to give an answer. 30.. 29.. 28.. 27.. "I mean.." She isn't sure herself. "Unless you've been having girls over at the crack dawn when I'm leaving or something.." She wouldn't put it past him. Not Tahir Avery Dunham.

"What is it with women and labels?" Tahir is reaching for the mug (which happens to say PIMP on it) and pours some coffee, sliding the mug at the hand that's on the counter next to him. "The first thing about screwing up perfection is trying to call it perfect." Tahir shrugs and moves along to pouring his own mug of coffee. Because that's just how he rolls.

A sip of his own coffee later and Tahir is continuing his random words. "Why don't we just work on gettting you not wanted by the government before we figure out what this is between you and me?" Tahir flashes one of his Host Smiles. "In the meantime, we can see how long it takes me to make you lose your voice." Wink.

"I'm not obsessed with labels. I'm not giving you an 'Or Else." Lucille counters as she takes the coffee and sips it a bit before clearing her throat. "Okay, let's work on that. We'll see how that all goes." If Tahir could get her out of her wanted status.. she'd forever bow down. But that's not gonna happen soon, she has things to work out with her family. When they can all go back to a normal life. So will she. Pushing away from the counter with her hip, she saunters over towards the living room couch. Leaning against it.

"Only if you don't cry like a baby this time when you cramp up." When. Lucille drags a hand along the top of the couch and lifts her head, staring across the room at Tahir. "I have a busy day planned.. but I think I can squeeze you in." Counter wink.

Okay, now see, coffee is no longer on the menu. Lucille is. And that's only because Tahir doesn't have to be to the studio in a while. Or, well, even if he does, it's not even like Tahir to be on time. People would probably think he was being telepathically controlled or something. Who knows.

The mug is slid away from Tahir with the quickness and before even he knows it, he's out of the kitchen, out of his wifebeater and dive-tackling at Lucille.

What? He still hasn't broken that couch in properly…

Seeing what's coming, Lucille quickly places her cup on a nearby table and laughs loudly as he tackles her onto to the couch. A hand is placed on his chest, as she laughs and lifts her head to place a quick kiss on his lips, followed by a linger kiss. Followed by a biting of his neck.

One leg comes to curl around Tahir's waist and she grins widely up at the man. "I just wanna be happy Avery, keep me happy and we're all good." Is said softly as a hand runs through his hair, it's already tousled enough. "Deal?" Need she say more?

Tahir looks at Lucille for a long, long moment. Sure, she just linger-kissed him and that's probably has his brain in a tizzy right now, but the most important thing is this stare that he's giving her. Who knows what silent things are being said? Who knows what's not being said? Who the hell cares?

Tahir sits up from his tackling position and just offers a bit of a smirk. It's his signature one that makes him look like he just ate a bowl of canaries and changes his name to Sylvester. Either way, his smirking grin is followed by the sudden and speedy clapping of his hands.



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