Good News/Bad News


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Scene Title Good News/Bad News
Synopsis A secret meeting on the beach has Kaylee giving Melissa the news she wanted to hear…and some she didn't.
Date October 7, 2010

Staten Island: Beach

As previously discussed, a message was left for Kaylee. Just asking about meeting, the code set up before to ask for a meeting at the beach. At the time mentioned in the message, Melissa is sitting on the beach, wearing a skirt and snug tee-shirt, sandals sitting next to her. Her knees are drawn up, arms wrapped around them as she looks out over the water, waiting for Kaylee.

There is the sound of footsteps in sand, before two jean clad legs show up beside Melissa. "Sorry, I meant to be earlier, but I was shopping for a baby gift." Kaylee Thatcher moves to cross ankles and settle to the sand. Taking a moment to glance around she looks surprised. "I thought there would be more people here. Just you? I mean, I needed to talk to you anyhow." She offers the other blonde a bit of a crooked smile.

"I have been appointed Liaison between the Ferrymen and those in Messiah that are losing faith in their leader and want a way out." Kaylee a slightly wide eyes look at that, but the smile is still there. There is no apology in what she says next, "I had to warn the network, but only some of the council, and they are willing to help protect those that want out."

Melissa's quiet right up until Kaylee's new role is mentioned, and she closes her eyes, sighing. "Kaylee…The more people who know, the more danger we're all in. Especially now that Rupert's wanted by DHS and on the run. For all you know one of those council members was mindfucked like I was," she says, sounding tired and rubbing her temple. "If I'd known you'd tell people, I wouldn't have said anything. Especially since it seems all those blips in my mind were taken care of while I was in DHS custody."

"And leaving them ignorant means they continue to deal with that bastard and putting the network in more danger." Kaylee points out matter of factly. "They were meeting with Rupert and dealing with him. They agree to keep it quiet, since we have people in our ranks that play in both fields."

Drawing a knee up, Kaylee gives her an apologetic look, "I had to protect the network, if I hadn't… if I had held that knowledge to myself… well… more people could have been effected. I love that network too much, have too many people I care about there, to allow them to continued to be screwed over that much more.

"That said, like I mentioned… they are willing to protect and hide those that want out. They are keeping it a secret from the rest, but we are going to see how many people Rupert has effected already." Kaylee's brows drop thoughtfully, especially considering the news. "And like you said, you're not the only one effected —

"What do you mean, they took care of them? How? I've been trying to find a ways unsuccessfully, since some of ours are effected too." The switch of topic sudden, Kaylee's eyes drifting up to Melissa's forehead.

"Could've just said he was a danger and to avoid him. Not tell them that he's going around leaving little suggestions in people's minds," Melissa points out with a shrug. "You're not the only one who wants to protect the Ferry, Kaylee. Me leaving it hasn't changed that. If it did, I wouldn't be wanting to schedule a meet to get Kendall working with you guys."

She glances over and shrugs again. "And I have no idea. I just know that one day I was in my cell, and I felt this…weird feeling. Like irrational fear of something under the bed or in the closet. Like right after you watch a horror movie, if you're alone at night? That sorta feeling. Then the headache started, got worse, and got a nose bleed. When I asked what the fuck was going on, they said that incongruities had been found in my subconscious, and were dealt with," she quotes. "That's actually why I called you. I wanted to make sure that they were gone. If so…well, maybe you can talk to someone and find out how so you can clear everyone else. And hell, maybe it was Parkman. He's a telepath like you, right? Maybe he knows something you don't."

"No, I couldn't… there is a reason they are council." Meaning they want to know the particulars. "Anyhow…" She flicks it off in favor of the other topic. "So you want me to look… that's easy." She's already shifting to sit on her knees next to the other woman. Melissa would see the worry tho', in the form of furrowed brows.

"I — I hope it wasn't Matt… Which I'll explain in a second, let me look first." Kaylee murmurs, reaching out with a hand to touch Melissa's temple, the pressure already felt.

"Right. And that Susan chick who has the same ability as Rupert is just so trustworthy," Melissa says dryly. "And explain away. Look away. I'm not goin' anywhere." Not today anyway. "Besides, don't really care who took care of the issue so long as it was taken care of."

Fingers stay there for a moment, but shortly the hand is pulled away and Kaylee doesn't look overly happy. "You're right. Gone." The telepath says, before twisting to sit again, looking out over the water thoughtfully.

"It was Susan that help clued me in and it makes me glad that I didn't' mess with it myself," Kaylee starts thoughtfully. "The suggestions that are planted in your head, are memories. Snippets of time that hold power." Her head turns finally, to look at Melissa. "If I pulled that knot apart, I would have to view that suggestion, which means, then I would be effected by it."

Kaylee wiggles a finger at Melissa's head, "I would have that lump in my head, too. If Matt did it, it means, that chances are he's got those in his head now, endangering his kids." The is a huffed sigh, "Great… and here he's supposed to be the more experienced telepath."

"Kids? Great. Just when I was ready to be all righteous and say his fault for messing around in my brain without asking," Melissa mutters. "Besides, just because Susan's ability works that way doesn't mean it's how Rupert's does. I mean hell. I know three different speedsters and I'll bet all of their abilities vary in some way. Why not persuasionists?" But she does look a little relieved to have that good news confirmed.

"Maybe… but a memory is a memory." Kaylee shrugs a little, unable to really explain it. It's hard to explain things like that to people that don't live with it. "It's better to be safe then sorry, then to be a bull in a china shop, only to pay for it later."

There is a sigh, with a glance to the woman. "Anyhow… I better get back to the mainland. Things to do and all that." She tucks her feet under her, in preparation of standing. "It viewing a memory would work as a proxy, it stands to reason a persuader could get to you through other means, too." Crouched there, she gives Melissa a matter of fact look. "Just a little food for thought.

"You still planning to bring people for me to look at?" It's asked as Kaylee straightens to stand, brushing a hand across the back of her pants to dislodge grains of sand from her backside.

"Yeah. Though not sure when. Sure you've seen the news and things are…chaotic. I gotta make sure Ling and Kendall are safe, try to get Edgar out of jail, and find out where the hell Peter's hiding so he doesn't end up scooped up and tossed in the cell next to Edgar," Melissa says, sighing and pushing herself to her feet, brushing sand off her skirt. "Thanks though, Kaylee."

"Yeah… sucks that it's happening, but… " It's bound to happen really, Kaylee knows one day it'll happen to the Ferrymen. "Anytime, Melissa… cause believe it or not, no matter the factions, we're all tied together at this point."

A glance goes out over the water, before she turns to leave. "Good to see your fixed, at least. Lets hope this can get figured out before November 8th cause I'm convinced this could be a part of the reason for the riots." A hand lifts, before Kaylee starts her way off the beach.

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