Good News, Not So Good News


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Scene Title Good News, Not So Good News
Synopsis Kaylee calls in Hailey and Lance to give them some surprising news about their father.
Date January 16, 2020

Kaylee's Apartment - Raytech Corporate Housing

“Thank you two for coming over.”

After getting the list of Shedda names, Kaylee saw one name that was familiar, Gerard Gerken. While the man’s kids were sitting on her couch, the telepath couldn’t relax enough to sit. “I know I was vague in the message, but this was something I just wanted to talk to the two of you.” A plate of cookies sat on the table, with some more in a tupperware for the other lighthouse kids… especially Joe who might be upset he didn’t get to see Aunt Kaylee.

Hands rubs together nervously as she looks between Hailey and Lance, she was still dressed in her executive attire, though she had long ago kicked off her heels.

From a perch on the top of a newly acquired bookcase, an old mangy cat sprawls majestically watching Hailey out of slitted eyes, tails flipping lazily. Next to him is a wall filled with pictures, articles and sticky notes.

“Hey, anytime, Aunt Kaylee…” Lance is dressed for work - a suit, in other words, grey and grey with a tie that has Marvin the Martian on it. He was so close to looking professional. The anxiety of the telepath is noticed, though, and he exchanges a worried look with Hailey before looking back to her, “So, uh…”

“What’s all this about? Is everything okay? Wait, n— nothing happened to Gillian, did it?”

Suddenly his own anxiety ratchets up a half-dozen degrees as he leaps to the worst-case scenario, straightening up sharply.

"I didn't do it!" Hailey blurts out, it's a childish but instinctive reaction to serious talks that she never quite grew out of. Then the mention of Gillian comes up, thanks Lance, and her eyes go wide. "Wait, what? What happened to Gillian?!"

They hadn't seen her for quite a while and, truth be told, the empath had been eavesdropping around the house for SESA conversations. Not that there were many, something about Emily's power being a fun sucker (totes tracks), and Rhys' giant crush on Cesar (because who doesn't). Regardless, Hailey's worry begins to build, which causes Willy's lazy tail flips to turn agitated and much faster.

He hisses.

A mouth full of Tom teeth, bared right at the Gerken duo.

“Gillian is fine,” Kaylee starts, but then frowns. “I think.” No one really knew anymore then where she was last, out west with Squeaks.

The hiss from Willy, draws Kaylee’s attention briefly. She knows better than to try and keep him calm around Hailey. “It’s about family though, your family. I need us to leave badges at the door though.” This said towards Lance mainly. “Because I didn’t get this information through law enforcement means, this is good old underground knowledge.” Meaning not legal means at all.

Standing across the coffee table from the pair, Kaylee takes a deep breath and just rips the bandaid off, “Your father, Gerard, is alive.”

At the reassurance that it’s not bad news about Gillian, Lance relaxes a bit; they hadn’t heard from her for quite awhile either, after all. The cat’s hiss gets a sharp look, and then he nudges his sister’s knee with his, muttering, “Relax, you’re freaking the cat out.”

That sudden revelation doesn’t bring the surprise that Kaylee might expect, though. He slants a brief look back towards Hailey, then looks back to the telepath, clearing his throat, “Yeah, uh— yeah, we know. We were doing some searching through the old Company records and we found out what happened, back then. That he was in Level 5, with Eric, and— Aunt Huruma. Do you— do you know where he is though?”

He looks hopeful, “I tracked him to, uh— well, I guess he was involved with Squeaks’ dad for awhile, but then the trail went cold.”

“Turns out sending us to the orphanarium was a mistake,” Hailey says with a smile, one that’s not at all sincere. Completely fake. The cat stops hissing, but a low growl can still be made out beneath the conversation. The cat is agitated and confused because the empath is angry and conflicted.

Slowly cracking her knuckles, the young blonde glares at the floor. “Yeah, Lance tracked him and then nothing. I don’t know what… I mean… I just…” Then she lifts her gaze to Kaylee’s face. “Do you know more? Can you help us?”

There is a soft huh as Kaylee’s reveal falls flat, blue eyes flick between the two young adults as they share what they know. So they don’t know everything. Moving to sit on the edge of the chair, she considers how to phrase this next part. “I think I can help… give you a little more.” Hands brush over jean clad legs. “You’re not wrong about him working for Adam. In fact, he still is and I might have an idea of a place he could be.”

Hands lift to stall the two of them from responding just yet, Kaylee had more to say. “I found out from an inside source that your father is a member of Shedda-Dinu. In what capacity, I don’t know. I was only given a name, a few other members too.” Hands lowering, she gives Hailey and Lance a concerned look. “I know where the headquarters are, but I don’t recommend just waltzing in. I recommend staking it out and following him to a better location.”

It is only a suggestion, really.
“You know where they are?” Lance’s eyes widen as he leans forward, “It— Aunt Kaylee, they told him we were dead. They told him he killed us. If he knew the truth, maybe he’d— maybe he’d leave them, come back to us…” Hope, pain, fear. The concept of their father returning is an amazing one. The reality is terrifying. What if he doesn’t?

A little nod, “We can stake it out, watch for him, or— something.”

The advice not to waltz in might have been more for the empath’s benefit than Lance’s. She’s not as subtle or covert as her brother. In situations where he takes quiet steps, she runs barrelling through like an ox that’s been stung by a bee.

Hailey passes a wary glance to her brother and nervously chews on the inside of her cheek. He might be able to guess what she’s thinking but Kaylee can practically hear it screaming through her head. What if… what if he doesn’t quit… what if he doesn’t believe they’re his children… what if he’s in way too deep and the only way out is in a bodybag. Hailey’s seen gangster movies, she’s got Ice Cube and Vanilla Ice running through her playlist, she knows how things like this go.

“Hailey…” Kaylee offers gently, turning to the girl and her torturous thoughts. “I know this won’t be easy, but if you don’t try you will never know.” She offers the girl an encouraging smile. “I’m giving you both a chance to free him, before the hammer comes down on Shedda.”

Kaylee considers for a moment. “I don’t think you have a lot of time to convince him.” How long could she hold onto the list of names, she doesn’t know. “Cause if I know about him, it is pretty safe to say others do as well.” Getting to her feet again, Kaylee moves to rip a piece off of a ‘shopping list’ pad and works to write the address down.

“Just be careful, your mother would never forgive me if you both get hurt,” Kaylee comments, offering the paper to Lance. “But also I didn’t have this chance with my father, so make the most of it.” Pulling the paper away at the last second from Lance’s fingers, she adds, “And let me know as soon as you have him.” The paper is offered to him again, this time she doesn’t pull it away.

Lance nudges his shoulder against his sister’s, offering her a quick, reassuring smile. It’ll all work out, it says, in that ever-confident way of his. Even if his eyes betray more than a little worry of his own.

He reaches out for the paper, then it’s pulled away, and then he grabs it. “I will,” he promises, “And don’t worry, my ability’s the paper to his rock. So unless he pulls a gun or something we aren’t in any danger.”

Kaylee still doesn’t seem convinced, but she only sighs through her nose. It wasn’t their father she was worried about. It was the people he was associating with. The telepath studies the siblings and then gives a short nod. “I’m going to hold you to that.”

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