Good people come in all shapes


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Scene Title Good people come in all shapes
Synopsis Anne and Claude have some time to talk, he ends up deciding to help out.
Date 02 08 2009


Sunday afternoon. The meeting yesterday didn't go as well as Anne had hoped, but then it wasn't exactly horrible either. In aa way, she's wondering what it was she had expected. With people dead, and some captured, emotions were bound to run high. Not to mention the fact that phoenix wasn't, no matter what anyone thought, a group made up of military people. Most were just ordinary people, who'd stuck their heads in the fire. Anne has done a couple experimental rounds to gather in supplies today. Her fever is finally gone, though she's not exactly looking or feeling all that hot yet. She appears in the room carrying a box filled with canned food, and puts it down on the floor, breathing heavily and settling down on the box. Since there's nobody here to see her she just closes her eyes and holds an arm protectively over the bruised ribs. They too were doing better, though far from good just yet. With a slow exhalation she straightens up and smiles. It felt good, working. Depsite everything, it felt good.

Nobody there to see her? It's hard to know for sure these days. Claude might have pointed something along the lines of that out, if he wasn't currently busy. Having made his way in unseen, he's been boredly skulking around, looking for anyone he knew well enough to talk to. He still stays silent, however, upon Anne's arrival. At least until after she's properly calmed down and gotten nice and deep into the illusion that she can relax. All the more fun.

He blinks into sight sitting not far away from where the box was put down, back propped against a wall and a wide grin on his - as usual - unkempt and scruffy face. "This all for me? Shouldn't have."

Anne would like to be able to say that she's all calm and suave and cool, even when faced with a Claude, unfortunately this just isn't the case. At the sound of his, very unexpected, vocie she flickers and is gone, a small 'pop' being the only sound that is heard as air rushes in to fill the space she occupied a moment ago. Then, she's standing in the other side of the room, holding a can as if she's about to smack it in his head. It's around now she realizes it's Claude, and not homesatan trying to come in. Of course, they'd have likely said something different than hi. "Inverted monkey gonads, you sure like to scare folks!" She accuses, though her facial expression relaxes into something more like a smile than anger. "And upnosed as your question might be, you're right none the less. Given that we all have to stay below the radar for a while," Given all the crazy shit that had gone on, "there's food for anyone hiding out here. Not the fanciest, maybe, but food. How've you been?"

There's something about Anne that makes sure Claude barely even flinches to defend himself when she appears next to him with her improvised smackin' weapon, and he just laughs instead. "Cool those engines, yeah?" He smirks, and reaches to snatch away the can— just in case she feels like swinging it anyway. "Been around." Doing what, exactly, is decidedly not expanded upon. He appears calm, maybe calmer than someone like him should be all things considered. Then again he's always been good at hiding - not just physically. "World's not ended yet, I see?"

"Nope. It's still here.. potentially got a couple of new wrinkles, though, but. Maybe that's just from our horizon." Anne sighs and settles down next to Claude, reaching out with two fingers to prod his knee. It's almost a familiar thing, that, and definitely doesn't hint at the marvelous screwyness of their last encounter. "I doubt the world at large cares much. Though, for Helena and Aleander, I'm sure it matters more than a little." A part of her would like to admit to emotional attatchment to that issue, but the truth is that there isnt much of one. There are those in phoenix that she knows, but, those two weren't the ones.

The poke gets a raise of a brow from Claude, and another brief smirk. "Being imprisoned will do that to a person. 'Caring' about your situation. Nasty thing, that." He even speaks from experience, sarcasm or not. Alexander he may not know as well as he had liked to, but he did deeply regret hearing about Helena being locked up. Not that he shows it, leaning his head back against the wall for a lazy sort of stretch. "Heard you were knocked over something awful, as well."

"Yeeeah. For some reason it's not healthy for me to get concrete in my head, fall off a bridge and then get carried through a blizzard." Anne replies with a bit of a grin and some definite mirth in her voice. "Imagine that. I heard some rumors I was saying crazy stuff for a while, but I'm all better now." A lie. He was here when she thought she was alone, so he likely knows that too. But. The words are still there. "We talked about you a bit in the meeting yesterday," if not by name, then by other things. "Had a chance to catch up with that?" Where you there? That might also have been a valid question, now that she thinks about it.

The look on Claude's face seems to answer that question all on its own. Feigned though he would like it to be, he actually appears surprised about the fact that someone seems to have remembered him. "Strangely, I seem to have missed the memo on that one." This is said as though he likes to think of himself as the very opposite of punctual, which may or may not be entirely true. Anne's health, for now, isn't spoken of so much as inspected. It's brief, but there is a quick look over for anything grave. Concrete in the head, after all, does not sound pleasant.

For those looking closely, there are faint traces of cuts on her neck, lower face and hands, but other than that there's nothing to be seen. She held her side earlier, protecting her ribs, but that is all. So, all things considered, she's doing pretty good. "It was in relation to remembering that people are more than just their abilities." Anne clarifies for Claude. "Your name, or.. well. 'The invisible man', was dropped in regards to training people in defending themselves." And it's the kind of thing she figures he'd want to know about. "Other than that, we discussed safety protocols, a new way to get people out of trouble fast if needed, that we're going to have to be subtle about getting Helena and Alexander out, and such."

Claude can't help but laugh again, dragging a hand over his face as it dies down to a chuckle. "Right. Subtlety." He glances askew to Anne again, this time to judge her response. "I'll admit I feel like I haven't properly shown enough people the ropes, but I do what I can with what I've been offered. 'Phoenix', as it stands, is little more than a chick in its abandoned little nest, throwing a fit and whatever kid comes by to throw rocks at its tree." He huffs, seeming somehow bitter and amused at the same time, "Pff. Subtlety. You lot."

Anne chuckles. "Well. We can't all be as awesome as you now can we, Claude." She notes, tapping his knee with two fingers again. "And I'll be the first to admit I'm no spy, which is why I've worked more on the whole logistics and evac problems we've had. That I'm actually not half bad at." And while it might not be entirely obvious, she didn't just mean by using teleportation either. There were other ways to go about it. "Oh, and we're also looking for Sergei. Chances are he got his butt washed up on staten island, and might need a hand to get out. Aint had anyone be able to find him there yet, but.." She eyes him carefully. "I think I know someone who might be able to, if he was interested." YEs. She means Claude.

Claude eyes Anne right back, either reluctant to accept that she means him, or wanting her tothink just that. Probably just the latter. "Oh yeah, like I don't have better things to do than fish up a potentially dead Russian negator? Oh no, that'll be fantastic. Cream coloured ponies and crisp apple strudels, that." Because a Mary Poppins reference is totally not inappropriate right now. Still, despite snark, he narrows his eyes in consideration.

"Look at it from the bright side," Anne suggests, smiling a little still. "You get to curse out said russian negator for being a stupid bint that got himself half drowned." At least we're hoping for half drowned. If he got himself wholly drowned then there wont be much point in dragging him out from the river, now will there. Because of his little reference, though, she starts humming the tune to the song. It's soft, not very loud, but a rather pleasant sound. She's got a good singing voice, this one. "Either way you decide on that one, I was wondering if you're still interested in helping me practise not dying." 'Fighting' seems to be a little strong a word to her, given how much she sucks.

Claude silently accepts the fishin' job, even if the humming eventually draws a sigh out of him and he moves a hand to the floor in preparation to rise to his feet. Though… not just yet. Her other request soon has him grinning again, albeit wryly. "You sure you can keep yourself from plummeting to a near certain death, then? Because as fun as that was, neither of us are going to be of much use floating about the ocean floor, are we?"

Anne coughs, and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. "Um. ..yeah, that might not have been exactly according to the plan." Just a minor miscalculation. "That stuff didn't really have too much to do with you, though. Just picked a bad time to let some shit out is all. I kind.. of lost it, which i'm sure you noticed. Sorry." It seems like small words, that. Sorry I almost killed the two of us. My bad. But she's not quite sure what else she could say about it.

"Apologizing will get you nowhere, never does." Claude doesn't hesitate to say that, giving a shrug as he gets up - as if he's been through worse while training. "Besides, you'll never achieve anything keeping something like that bottled up, unused. Advice from the expert- sometimes hiding isn't the answer. At least not from yourself. Hiding from others, on the other hand…" He grins, scratching absently at his jaw.

"Now, if you'd gone and told me you don't gain anything from hiding from others, I might have had to laugh at you, mr Jedi Master." Anne replies, and gets up on her feet as well. "My doctor will have my hide if I get going before my ribs are healed and whatnot," And he's more scary than Claude! "but, I'll keep it in mind. Just gotta get better at aiming those shoes." It's a joke. Honest! "You're not really half bad you know." She offers over her shoulder, even as she goes back to the abandoned box from before. She's got to get it in the right place, after all. "Take care of yourself."

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