Good Point With The Telepaths


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Scene Title Good Point With The Telepaths
Synopsis Three people talk over the matter of imprisoned fellows, one spots the flaw with a particular idea and finds agreement.
Date February 10, 2009

Village Renaissance Building, Fourth Floor Safehouse

There are tasks to carry out, a mission very much deserving of attention looming. Cat, like the others at the meeting, is of absolutely no mind to just let Helena, Al, and Brian rot in prison. The key to be considered is how to pull it off. She comes down to the safehouse floor in her building, GPS device in hand, and eyes it quietly. It isn't used, however. She instead pulls out a disposable phone and taps in the number for Anne, then presses call.

"It's meee." Comes Anne's cheerful if somewhat distracted sounding voice on the other end of the telephone. "What can I do for you? And /ow/, bad idea.. baaad idea." The bad idea? Burning yourself on something just taken out of the oven. Which is, of course, the reason she's sounding distracted right now. Some things you just have to do properly. Baking is one of them.

Ben makes his way into the building, a large bag with him containing a cooler and lots of medical supplies. He's up the elevator, arriving with a low-key 'ding' and heading to where Cat is.

"I was hoping to see if you're free to throw around ideas for the freedom mission, Anne." Cat replies, as her eyes settle on Ben. She nods in his direction and holds up an index finger to indicate she'll be just a moment. "Practice went well yesterday, I thought. I've got the device, should I use it to tell you where I am?"

"Suuure. Just give me two minutes, and I'm all yours?" Anne requests. "You can call in a non-hot call then, and I'll be right with you." Of course, that wouldn't give her the height above ocean thing, but, it was none the less a good way to practise some more. Meanwhile, Anne hurries to pack up the fruits of her labor, or at least some of it, to be brought with her to wherever Cat is. That, and coffee. Coffee is important stuff.

Ben nods to Cat; he has a glance around and makes a vague hand gesture before disappearing into the bathroom. It's cold out, dammit.

"Got it." The call is ended there. As Ben uses the facilities, Cat waits a short time, then presses the second button to alert Anne of her location. One shoulder leans against the wall, her face takes on a neutral expression.

And, it doesn't take long at all before Anne flickers into view in the room, carrying with her a tray of steaming hot freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. "I hooope you don't mind that I brought this with me." She tells Cat with a bright smile. "I also have coffee. We might have very important things to discuss," They did. "but that's no reason not to get food in our bellies." At least that was her take on these things. "Is it just us, or are we getting friends over here as well?"

Ben emerges again, shrugging out of his coat and blinking when he spies Anne. "Oh. Hi. You got here fast." He squints an eye at her, then ventures, "Teleporter, right?"

"Thanks!" Cat enthuses at the sight and smell of those cookies. "A most excellent idea." Then she glances over at Ben. "She also came up with an idea for quick extractions, we were practicing it a bit just now, and we're going to compare brains some about how to free Stormy and the others." Ben's question is left for Anne to address.

"Yup." Anne replies to Ben. She saw him at the meeting, even if he was a late arrival. "I don't think I've had the chance for a proper introduction, however. I'm Anne." She offers him a bright smile. "Have a cookie! And I'd shake your hand or something but mine are kind of busy at the moment." With important work, no less. "Have you come up with any ideas, Cat? I have to admit I'm feeling pretty blank on that whole thing. Aside from 'jump in and get them', which I'm sure will run into problems, I can't come to think of anything significantly useful to do."

"We've met before," Ben tells Anne with a faint, wry little smile. "I think, anyway. You made cookies?" Glancing between the two women, he tentatively asks, "Do you have floor plans?"

"Ben, meet Anne," Cat introduces anyway, "Anne, Ben. He's an EMT." Thought in silence follows over the course of a few heartbeats. "Not yet," she admits. "We still need to find out which prisons they're in. For that we probably need to get influence over someone in Homeland Satan." Taking a bite from a cookie, she slides down to sit on the floor with her back against a wall.

Anne settles down on the floor as well in a single, fluid motion. "That does seem like the first priority." She agrees with a nod of her head. "The question is.. who do we actually know in there that might be influenced? And, maybe also, is there anyone else who might have a clue as to how that stuff works." With a cookie in one hand she uses the other to pull her fingers through her hair. "I mean.. things like, former agents maybe?" Retired ones who didn't agree with today's actions, or something. "While I don't like the idea, Edward might be able to give us a statistical idea of where they'd be put, too." If she'd understood his skills right. She might well not have.

"You need to come up with a little nickname for everything, huh?" The question seems rhetorical. "They were taken by Homeland Security?" Ben inquires, scratching the back of his head. And sidling over for some cookie time, because yum. "Uh. Hmn. Let's see. Would they keep records of where they put people? Do you know any hacker types? Crackers? What do they call themselves these days, anyway?"

"We can try to contact Doctor Ray, certainly," Cat agrees. "The only one I know of us is Agent Parkman. I do wonder, though, if FBI Agent Ivanov, since he's been declared a big public hero, would be able and willing to visit them, if he could let them know they aren't forgotten at all, under the excuse of interrogating the prisoners for some investigation of his. It's a long shot, I'd need to ask Teo if he's still at least neutral or hostile now."

And to Ben's question she replies "Technopath. We've got Wireless, she told us two of them were taken out of state, but lost the signal soon after that. It's Homeland Satan that has them, they've got some guy who makes limbs go numb. That's how they were subdued. Damn near got me too." That memory makes her scowl.

Anne drums her fingers against her knee for a while, forehead creased with thought. "You know." She says after a while. "I just can't see that pair gently sitting still inside a cell, if they had their powers back." The two of them would be able to make quite a bit of trouble, she was sure. "But, unless that numbness guy is sitting right in their laps all the time, they've got to have some way of keeping their powers subdued." It sounded like logic to her, simple enough. "Which brings the question to me… what kind of thing, substance or whatnot could keep a person's powers subdued? And.. is that something that could be tracked, maybe? If we can't see exactly what's going on with them, maybe we can find them in a roundabout way."

"Not even a paper trail?" Ben asks around a mouthful of cookie. "Huh. Well. Okay. So there's a Brian in there, but he's not in contact with the other Brians."

"Kinson can help us a good deal with this," Cat supplies. "I also met an engineer yesterday, talked with him a bit. He could maybe be gotten to help us without knowing it. Something to explore anyway. As to power suppression, it's probably drugs. Which would have to be made and shipped from somewhere. We could work to identify that as a way to possibly smuggle in messages."

"Paper trails, that's another angle to explore. Ideally we can find someone to influence into just letting them out. Getting them out, without getting anyone else killed or captured, is the prime goal here. It'll take some time to work out. First step, I'd judge, is letting them know subtly we remember, and are working, to bolster their hopes without guards finding out."

"They're separated. Two are together, from what Wireless told us, and one is alone. My guess is the one is Helena."

Anne shakes her head slightly. "I'm sure it would be good for them to know we haven't forgotten, but. I'm not so sure it's a good idea to let them know." She raises one hand slightly to forestall any argument. "The reason I say that is because it's very likely that homesec has telepaths around, and if they sniff that out from their brains then we'll likely just end up having them moved, when we've figured out where they are. This isn't really a good thing." Finding out where they were was going to be a difficult enough thing as it was. "My thought with the drugs was that it's likely to be a very specific drug that can do that," Tylenol just didn't do the trick. "And tracking the transports of such drugs shouldn't be as difficult for someone skilled with computers, as it is tracking those kind of prisoners." Highly dangerous ones, that was.

"Good point with the telepaths," Ben says, nodding to Anne. "I like the drug angle, too. What would be really useful right about now would be a scientist who'd maybe studied the Evolved and could tell us about biochemistry. But yeah, if we can get someone to just agree to let them out, that would be super."

She listens, and remember it all, mulling over each point, and nodding at the mention of telepaths and cautions in that regard. Still, Cat wants to try. "Dani must've felt abandoned when she died, we couldn't even get her word of what happened, left her waiting there to meet her end, the way she might have despaired as time went by…" Her eyes close, she shakes the memories it all brings up away. "It'd need to be a message that just says we remember, without saying anything the guards can use, or even notice, it's so innocuous."

"The drugs, that'll maybe help us determine how many prisons and where they are, as a start…" Silence settles in again as Cat slowly eats a cookie and ponders.

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