Good To See You


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Scene Title Good To See You
Synopsis Finding a mysterious letter under her door leads Quinn to a friend…
Date December 1, 2010


Battery Park City is a 92-acre planned community at the southwestern tip of lower Manhattan. The land upon which it stands was created on the Hudson River using millions of pounds of dirt and rocks excavated during the construction of the World Trade Center and certain other construction projects, as well as from sand dredged from New York Harbor off Staten Island. The neighborhood, which is the site of the World Financial Center along with numerous housing, commercial and retail buildings, is named for adjacent Battery Park.

Battery Park City is bounded on the east by West Street, which isolates the area from the Financial District of downtown Manhattan. To the west, north and south, the area is surrounded by the tidal estuary of the Hudson River. The development consists of roughly five major sections. Traveling north to south, the first neighborhood, the "North Residential Neighborhood," consists of high-rise residential buildings, a large hotel, Stuyvesant High School and the World Center Mall. Former parkland in the area was in the process of being converted into high-rise buildings before the bomb in 2006, and now much of the unfinished constructions lie in much the same condition as the ghostly footprints of the World Trade Center, surrounded by derelict cranes and construction equipment.

Much of Battery Park City looks to be in better condition that the majority of upper Manhattan, its streets relatively well tended and buildings in fair condition, though even this far south signs of structural damage to some roads and buildings from the shockwave and debris of the bomb in 2006 are still visible. Due to its location and relative security from the damage of the bomb, Battery Park City is one of the most expensive areas in lower Manhattan to live and features the highest growth rate of new construction. It is not unusual to see banners for Linderman Group sponsored rebuilding efforts and Maxwell Corporation signs on half finished skyscrapers.

November has yielded to the month next on the calendar's pages, its arrival sees Cat still avoiding her primary residence and publicly known place of business. She's resourceful, though, her physical absence doesn't mean she's given up monitoring the place and people there by proxies. It's been some days since she first learned Robyn Quinn had taken up residence, and then Elaine Darrow.

With that knowledge, she undertakes to cause an intersection away from the building. Instructions are given, and by mid-morning an envelope marked with her name is slipped under the door to their apartment. The writing hand is unfamiliar on both the envelope and the message within.

Robyn Quinn

Be in Chelsea at noon.

That's all. No address or particular area in Chelsea, just Chelsea. And no signature.

Quinn had found the envelope waiting for her when she finally ventured out of her room, shortly after it’s arrival, where she had been tuning and playing her guitar rather lazily. It was a morning off from the haunting trip to Ichihara that she had become familiar with, moving through the Roosevelt Blockades, so Quinn had been planning to spent the morning relaxing.

The best laid plans…

The note was met with suspicion, particularly given the last time she had received a mysterious notice about a meeting, it had led to her travelling to 2007 and getting pistol whipped by CIA agents. But even given that, and the climate of things around her, Quinn’s curiosity was piqued more than enough to tempt her into get her the sturfy, reinforced jeans and leather jacket she had received for her birthday, just in case, and head out the door. After all, for all she knew it could be a Ferry related summons, and missing out on that was something she wouldn’t allow herself. She just had to be careful.

Her arrival in Chelsea unfortunately isn’t quite at noon, a little bit after – late as she chronically is, and she always picks the worst times to give into the laziness that tends to keep her from where she needs to be. But nonetheless, she’s in Chelsea relatively close to the appointed time, riding on her scooter. Without a specific destination given, she left with little more to of than ride around for a parking spot and meander about hoping that whoever this meeting is with is keeping a sharp eye out.

Memory serves, in Cat's case very well. She recognizes the scooter and the woman on it when it approaches her vantage point on the bottom level of a parking structure. Just inside the entrance where shadows obscure her presence. Fingers move on a hand-held device, causing a small beam of light to play across that vehicle for a few seconds, hopefully it'll be enough to draw attention without being obvious to anyone else what just happened and lure the Irishwoman inside.

But it might not, all she can do is wait and observe. The best laid plans indeed.

"I really should've told her to be on foot."

Perhaps it’s instinctive because of her ability, perhaps she was just looking in the right place at the right time, but Quinn does notice the flick of light across the front of her scooter. She’s not sure what to make of it at first, but it does have her pulling over into a proper parking space, helmet stowed away as she looks around, turning to the parking structure in front of her. There’s a bit of a grimace on her face – mostly because it kind of reminds her of a movie she saw once.

Hopefully, this ends better than that did.

Even despite this worry, hands slip into the pockets of Quinn’s jacket, the Irishwoman lingering at the entrance of the structure before she heads in. Better sense be damned, she’s too curious to turn back now. Footsteps echo as she looks around, giving a bit of a sigh. She wasn’t even sure this was where it had come from, but it was as good as guess as any.

Movement is nearby, a single person of close to one and seventy-three tenths meters height clad in winter attire with the hood pulled up to both protect versus temperature conditions and obsure the facial features. It also alters physical features to a degree, making the person's gender not readily apparent. Steps are taken in an unhurried manner, both from absence of hurry and to avoid causing alarm. A gloved hand pulls an item from a pocket of that coat, letting it be seen for a few seconds, before the person heads further into the garage and away from this area where traffic might be troublesome.

The item: A sheet of paper with a black cat.

The sound of movement is what gets Quinn’s attention; albeit with a bit of a jump. She’s not nervous, but it’s not common for her to be in parking garages following a string of clues and messages. It feels like a movie, or video games she’s heard from friends. And it’s honestly a little thrilling! But, then she sees the sheet of paper get flashed, and at first Quinn has to squint to se eit. But she does. And it takes her a moment to process exactly what this means, but once she does, her expression lights up a bit. It’s lucky, then, that she prevents herself from giving in to her first instinct and calling out, like she’s used to doing. Instead, she lets her compsure settle as best she can, hands slipping back into her jacket as she follows after the figure.

The coat-wearing person walks ahead quietly and at an unhurried pace, this continuing until the third level is reached. It's only then movement stops and the person turns to face the Irishwoman, being satisfied they're alone. "Robyn," the voice of Cat says in greeting, "good to see you."

That's the extent of her comments, she contenting herself to observe the woman and the area behind her for the presence and/or arrival of others.

Quinn follows quietly, a bit of a ways back hoping it looks less like she’s following, even if she’s not entirely successful. She tries to keep a steady pace, but once they reach towards the third floor, Quinn speeds up a bit, only slowing back down when the figure turns to face her, and then speaks – and it seems that what Quinn interpreted from the black cat picture was right on.

Her smile widens again, and Quinn’s posture straightens. “I have half a mind t’ hug you, you know. I am so glad t’ see you’re…” She looks the outfit up and down, grimacing a bit. “Alive, at least. I dunno about okay. I’d been worried, since… well, if anyone’s heard much from you, it wasn’t really shared about.”

The face, partly seen through the opening of the hood at these closer quarters, shows only a thin crack of a smile as reply is mentally composed and uttered dryly. "Susan Ball wasn't the first to try killing me, and she probably won't be the last. I've been in contact here and there, also kept my eyes on business operations. I approve of your new lodgings, I have to say," Cat states deadpan, "though I've stayed clear for a time."

After some moments of silent contemplation, a question is floated. "Are there any illusionists on Pollepel Island, Robyn?"

Quinn beams a bit, laughing. “Well, it seemed like the most obvious choice, you know?” She cracks a bit of a grin, relaxing as she rolls her shoulders. “Yeah… I figured you wouldn’t be around for a while, given what happened. It was talked about at a big meeting.” Quinn tilts back a bit, looking around the building for anyone else, before she leans forward, speaking more quietly.

“I know Kendall’s there. Or was, I think he came back t’ town for the moment. I heard he’s interested in joinin’, so…” Quinn shrugs. “An’ they already named some new folks.” To council she means, but she doesn’t say that much.

"So I've heard," Cat replies in a similarly non-specific way, "and Kendall…" Contemplation settles onto her features for a bit, before the panmnesiac opines "I doubt Melissa would look kindly on what I have in mind… are there other illusionists? I'm interested in finding someone to impersonate me and carry out a fact-finding mission." In saying so, she flashes a slight grin to once again briefly take away from the expression of fierce stoicism.

"Is there any evidence of Ball supporters on the island? She had a following." In her eyes a murderous glint rises, spawned by mentioning Susan's name.

She grimaces a bit, fingers rubbing her chin as she thinks for a moment. “I heard some talk about another one, but I don’t- know a name or anything. I think an illusionist anyway. I plan on going back. I can make sure, ask around if you’d like.” And even despite having met Shannon, no tales of her actions with her name attached have actually reached back to Quinn. “As for Ball… Eileen mentioned it once. That Ball had followers, an’ she knew it. If anyone else took as much exception as she has, they haven’t done anythin’ the rest of us have heard about.”

"I should visit there myself at some point, there are matters to discuss with Ben Ryans," Cat states, "the biggest concern I have is of possibly being watched by people I can't spot who'd follow me to locate other people. Second is of Ball's followers plotting to make moves after we think things have died down. She was up to something well before the assassination move, I still don't know the full details."

Her fierceness, the flash of her eyes, suggests she very much intends to find out.

Quinn grins a bit, finding something to lean against. “If you need to get t’ the island without bein’ seen… Kendall can turn people invisible. So can I. You… just won’t be able t’ see if I do. But it could work.” She crosses her arms, hopping that the idea is looked upon favourably. “I doubt I’m being watched at all. I mean, I can’t imagine why anyone would, except that I like din Gun Hill briefly. So, that’s one way there.” Quinn nods a bit, before furrowing her brow, looking down a bit. “Like I said… if anyone knows anything more about Susan, they’re keeping it t’ themselves. Dunno if that’s good or bad, as far as everyone else goes, but I’m hoping if it looks like an issue, Eileen’ll say somethin’.”

"There is that," Cat acknowledges with a nod, "and perhaps also the teleporter called N." She takes a few steps toward the pathway down to ground level, turning to look back over a shoulder when feet come to halt. "I'll be in touch soon about the illusionist angle, Robyn. Thanks for coming."

Then she's on the move again, only to stop a few more steps later for another parting comment.

"And best of success in the studio."

Quinn grimaces when Cat turns to leave, but she still gives a bit of a nod. “She’s been around too. Just let me know if you need her,” is spoken just quietly enough for Cat to hear, the redhead giving a bit of a shake of her head. “I’ll see if I can find out anything more for you, about what you asked.” The last comment, about the studio, gets a bit of a smile. “Keep an ear out on the radio,” she replies, before turning to walk off the other way herself – towards the stairs, rather than taking the way Cat is going.

But like her friend, she can’t help but pause and look back, still smiling.

“Be safe, okay? I’m glad you’re okay so far.”

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