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Scene Title Goodies
Synopsis Isis goes shopping for goodies at Tuck's and learns a few interesting things about some people in the area.
Date June 12, 2009

Tucker's Pawn Shop

Every shelf, every flat surface in the entire shop is covered with things. VCRs, DVDs, small pieces of machinery, cheap jewellery - all the kind of stuff worth little money. It's the merchandise that's not worth protecting, even here. If someone wants to steal a VHS copy of 'The Little Mermaid,' then so be it. The primary purpose of the clutter of items is a front - to distract from the fact that the real purpose of the shop is to sell stolen, high-value goods.
The front part of the shop with its knick-nacks and assorted low-value items is separated from the high value items by a counter and a layer of bulletproof glass. There is a slot beneath the window for exchange of money or small goods. At the base of the counter is a chute for larger items. Surveillance cameras keep a vigilant watch over every square inch.
There is a small arsenal of weapons up on a pegboard above the counter. Not just guns but knives, tasers, pepper spray, handcuffs, nightsticks, brass knuckles - all sorts of things meant to cause pain. There's a rotating case at the counter that holds many expensive jewellery pieces, including a few Rolexes and a large assortment of engagement rings. There are expensive cell phones, iPods, laptops and other various small electronics, including listening devices and CB radios. Just about anything worth stealing is displayed behind the glass and up on the walls. Many items however, are by special request. You gotta know what you're looking for.

Tuck has been keeping his head down as much as he possibly can over the past few weeks. Cardinal, who used to just be a thief he fenced for, has gotten a lot more ambitious. And seeing as many people know they're friends, well, let's just say he doesn't want to go out in any dark Staten alleyways by himself.
The pawnie is seated in his usual stool, behind the thick pane of bulletproof glass with the slot underneath. He has his feet up on the counter and appears to be asleep.

Isis, though no one would recognize her as such, steps in. Her movements lack their usual broad, confident steps in this awkward body, encumbered by the Asian's bust - which all of her clothes are not equipped to handle. She wears two tank tops and a vest to try and keep everything under control. Still, she pauses with her hand on the doorway, stealing a deep breath to calm any last hints of anxiety, and slips towards the silhouette of the man on the other side of the glass. "Hello?"

Tuck wakes with a start and nearly falls right out of his chair. He darts out a hand to steady himself and blinks at Isis. "Uh. Hello. Hi. Hi." His expression turns from surprised to as polite as he can manage. "What can I do for you there, missy?" He stifles a yawn, then pawns around for a mug of coffee. He sips it and winces. Cold. But hey, caffeine.

The little Asian lofts a brow when the man gives a start. "You alright back there?" Her tone is friendly enough, but she presses on to the matter of business as she tuckes her elbows onto the edge of the counter and brushes her dark locks back over her tiny shoulders. "I need a few things. Mainly a cell phone with a specific number and a butterfly knife. And, maybe…" Her attention drifts away to the display of guns and back to Tuck with a glimmer of curiosity.

"I am fine, thank you. Just had a long night." Tuck clears his throat and pushes the glasses up on his nose. He sniffs, then takes another pull from his cold cup of coffee. "If you want a specific number, you're going to have to find a tech head. Ask around, I'm sure you'll find one. But I can sell you an unlocked phone. Anything in particular?" He grabs and tugs a drawer out from behind the counter and tilts it up so she can see its contents. Everything from old model phones that look terribly outdated to iPhones and fancy Bluetooth devices. "Knives," he motions to the wall behind him. "What you see is what I have right now." He pauses and eyes her. "You do have cash, right?"

Isis nods. "I'll find someone," she remarks and answers the last of the questions by retrieving a small wad of cash from her back pocket. "I'll take the iPohone," she says, pointing at the fany little gizmo before turning her gaze to the lines of glimmering little weapons behind the man. "Do you have a butterfly knife back there?" She says, squinting at the goodies.

Tuck gives her a look. Does he have, does he have…? He makes a scoffing sound, grins wryly, then tugs out another drawer. There's at least a dozen for her to choose from, from cheap all the way up to military-grade.
As she's having a look at the contents of the drawer, he looks her over. One brow arches. "Are you one of Logan's girls?"

Isis gives the display a bright smile, eyeing the various knifes with an educated and appreciative gaze before pointing out a medium-size knife of durable make and design. "Logan?" She asks offhandishly, relucantly withdrawing her attentions for the various 'goodies' to look upon the man. "I don't think I've met anyone by that name." She wrinkles her little nose, the small feature twitching to and fro in quick fidget before she nods more seriously. "No, sorry."

Tuck's lips twitch. "Well. If you need work, he's the one to see. I'm sure he'd take you." He clears his throat. "So. The phone, this…" he tugs the knife out and sets it beside the electronic gizmo. "Will there be anything else for you today, mmm?" That was his 'Best Buy clerk' impression, if she didn't get it.

Isis smiles as the man's words invite a way for her to feed her unerring curiosity without prying to greatly. "If you don't mind my asking - what sort of work might that include?" She then slides a bit down the counter and makes a gesture towards the guns on display. "If you willing to see a few extra bills to ignore my lack of permit…" She lets her gaze slide back to the man, the right corner of her lips tilting up in an impishly sweet, taunting little smile.

"Oh, well, if you don't know what he does, you'll probably be insulted if I tell you. And I've learned that even a layer of bulletproof glass doesn't stop a pissed off woman." Tuck scratches the side of his cheek, then glances back to the guns, then back to her. "Punkin, you're on Staten Island. I don't give a fuck about permits. Who's going to enforce them? We've got no cops here. However, the price of my fine selection does take into account the added risk of keeping a stock here. What were you in the market for?"

Isis lofts a thin brow. "Oh," she states plainly, piecing together the unspoken details, only to turn her face back down to the case and mumble something with the hinted words of cussing, Asians, and body, beneath her breath before painting on a fake smile and offering a smooth, casual shrug. "Partial to a Smith and Wesson, if you have it. And, no sissy .22's if you don't mind. I don't need anything ludicrous, though."

Tuck rolls his chair back, plucks a bit rough, but still servicable 9MM and puts it where she can get a good look at it. He cocks it to show that it's in working order. "This what you had in mind?" There are guns on the board behind him in better condition, but that one is bound to be cheaper.

Isis tips her head, examining the gun with not a particular trained eye, but not an easily fooled one either. She nods approvingly. "That'll do," she says with a pleased smile and taps the little ball of cash set in front of her. "How much do I owe you?" She leans back, rolling her shoulders as if the tension of the whole exchange is easily shed now that the details of her needs are ironed out. "And… how would one get in touch with Mr. Logan?" She asks with a devilish little smirk and a tilt of her head.

Tuck rattles off an amount that's…well, it's reflective of the difficulty in procuring the items in his shop, and also the fact that they're more or less untracable, illegal and sold without a permit. Except the knife. He gives her a deal on the knife. "He runs The Happy Dagger. But you know, watch out for him. He's known to torture people, or so I've heard." If only he knew what his buddy Card just suffered, he would be telling this girl to give Logan a wide berth. "Then again, he might treat his girls better than he treats his business associates."
He drops the merchandise into a lower slot and will push it through to the other side once the right amount of money is tucked under the window.

Isis initiates the exchange with a little fold of cash slipped through the slot before taking her items. The knife and phone into her back packet, with the gun tucked more carefully into the beltline of her denim jeans only to be covered by the hem of her vest. Her expression lights up with an insatiable curiosity was Logan is explained with those few, twisted details. "I'll keep that in mind," she offers with a small, grateful nudge of her chin. "Thanks for your help. I appreciate it." She flashes the friendly 'clerk' an even friendly wink. "Get some rest, eh?" She lifts her small hand in a quick peace sign and turns off towards the exit.

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