Goodnight, Magnes


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Scene Title Goodnight, Magnes
Synopsis She's a maneater, and she admits it. But Magnes doesn't seem to want to listen. Magnes is permitted to stay over at the Blite residence, but not in the way he would like.
Date May 9

Yana's Apartment


When Magnes arrives he's wearing a black blazer over a white buttoned up shirt, black jeans, and black leather shoes. He's already been let in, and is just sitting down, appearing very serious. He's had his entire trip to have fun and really calm down, getting his thoughts together. "I want to help you in any way that I can if it means that we can destroy the corruption in this government." he states in an uncharacteristically dark tone, and the H1N1 is present in his system, this is not the clone.

Yana is coming in from a meeting with her father. Something that did not really require her attendant to be present for, which is likely why anyone was home at all. She arches a brow at his words, setting her small purse upon the counter. "Well, it's nice to know that you're on board with what is going on. I don't quite know if it's taking down the government persay, as it is making waves enough to make them stand and take notice… Well, not even that really. To get them to be involved with things they would otherwise turn a blind eye to. Like Evolved well being." she crosses from one side of the room to the other, removing a few of her affects, like a majority of her jewelry. "You were wondering before what my reasoning behind releasing a virus that infects everyone was. Well, the finished project results in a virus that only infects non-evolved. Which I have managed to do. It made the transition from Evolved to Non-Evolved if there was a strain in between that afflicted both. And this time, it's more virulent than ever before."

"Maybe the government will take notice, because this is their fault. They created the original virus, and I won't let anyone else I love die because of the government's carelessness." Magnes crosses his arms, closing his eyes as if there was something weighing on his mind, but unlike usual he's not saying what. "Can I stay here tonight? I promise not to get in your way, but I'd just rather not be home yet."

She looks over at the clock, checking the time, as things were sort of just 'there' for her all of a sudden when she returned, "It is getting late. Keagan's room is available, he hasn't been here for a while, so I suppose you can sleep there." She seems a bit curious as to the change, giving Magnes an investigative look, peering at him a bit closer with squinted eyes, "Anyone else you love dying? I take it there was a tragedy involving the virus. Hm.. Well, if they were Evolved, it is a shame something wasn't done. The new strain would have no effect on them at all." Her father tends to like her hair worn up, which she has done, having wrapped it in almost a bun about the top of her head, which she starts to undo now in front of the mirror. "Though that does remind me of something I needed to talk to you about."

"Mala and Lucy, two of the orphans I used to help take care of… they died of the virus." Magnes frowns, crossing his arms and hunching over. "Elvira…" There's a pause, then he shakes his head. "Nevermind, what did I remind you of?"

She doesn't put too much investment into the pause of his train of thought as there is likely quite a bit of things on his mind. Though her demeanor does seem to change a little as she sighs, looking like she might have bad news, and in some way finds it difficult to deliver. "I've debated telling you this. I have been trying to find a way to make you aware of it without violated the promises I made to people." she turns to face him, "The thing is, on more than one occasion, I have had one of your friends approach me, expressing… concerns about you. Well.. complaints if you will, expecting me to correct the action. I cannot go into specifics, or reveal their identities, because they made me promise that I would not reveal them, though.. it is starting to become an issue. It doesn't look like it is going to stop, and I have enough secrets in my life to keep to be hiding things from you too." After a second, Yana turns back to the mirror to run her fingers over her face, inspecting her pores and the like, "Honestly, I don't see the point in skulking around the subject and going behind your back. If they have a problem, they should just address it with you. It's what I would do."

"My friends have a problem with me…?" Magnes asks, suddenly frowning, his already easily hurt confidence being suddenly punctured by her words. "But… well, I guess maybe I could try harder, or, I don't know, I'll figure something out. I won't mention that anyone told me anything." He's clearly been knocked down a few pegs, but he tries to come back up with more news of his own. "I went on a trip with a girl I like. We're gonna be getting to know eachother more, so I might not be as available, business or otherwise, but I'll still be around. And I know you're not really interested in me in that way, and I don't really have a chance with you, so this is probably good for both of us."

"Oh no, not a problem. Quite a few problems. And somehow they believe I have all the answers to the questions that I think only you can respond to. I'm sure they had your best interest in mind by staging a sneaky intervention." she dismissivly waves a hand about the air. There is a bit more to the reason why she is telling him this than just making him aware. Only she knows at the moment, though she tries not to make it seem like his friends are sneaking behind his back, while actually doing that very thing at the same time. When he mentions the word trip, she is reminded of something and she 'ahs' moving to her room and opening up her closet while she listens. "You met a girl? Well that is a step in the right direction I would say."

Yana returns with a few dresses on fancy hangers, ones of various designs. A few are black, and some darker blues, but there is a red one mixed in there. It's long, like most of her dresses, flowing, for formal occasions. In questioning, she holds up a the dresses in front of herself, in a type of modeling way, looking to him for an opinion on which she should wear. "Family obligation. I'm hobnobbing in the absence of my father." she explains, "And if this girl is managing to take up some of your time, I would say it is a good thing. I was starting to wonder if you would rejoin the normal world again in that aspect."

"Yeah, I mean, she usually doesn't have a lot to do, so I thought I'd spend that time with her so we can get to know eachother more. I mean, there aren't any sex things going on, but, it's like… you know." Magnes shrugs, and then she has the dresses and he's looking over at them, staring intently. "Uh, well, I like the red one… not that I like the idea of letting you get oggled, but I mean, not like they can do anything but that."

"Healthy behavior." Yana finishes the sentence for him, giving no real indication as to if she feels a certain way about it or not, at least not emotionally. She is very neutral and guiding on the subject. As any teacher would be when offering advice. "I completely understand your desire to pursue this to see where it goes. You should do this more often. It couldn't really come at a better time. With the virus running it's course, I'll be swamped with work soon. Plus, my father is tapping me for my representation of him on his behalf in certain events." She selects the red one, leaving it out to drape across the chair, while taking the others back. "And I'll get oggled whereever I go. At this function, I want to get oggled. I'll be surrounded by old money. Money that my father would like invested in his direction. Old business tycoons, corporate heads and probably their wives and such. So giving them something nice to look at while uptalking my father is good business."

"I mean, there's nothing wrong with you, Elvira, I just… I don't wanna spend my entire life trying to figure out how to get you. I know it's not impossible to get you, but I can't wake up one morning and be a prince who can sweep you off your feet…" Magnes almost sounds sad about this for a moment, but is quickly trying to switch back to the bright side. "But, yeah, I mean, I'm over it."

And then of course she fills him with the images of gross old guys slobbering all over her. "I understand, though I hate that these guys would just objectify you."
She chuckles, which is a very rare thing for her to do, express any type of laughter. It is perhaps a bit haughty, but it's there, "I don't know who you're trying to convince more. Me or yourself. I understand that you won't wake up and be some prince charming. In fact, The days of hoping for a prince to sweep me up are gone. I've had a prince, married into royalty, gotten my castle and riches, and have taken the throne for myself. I'm not exactly a youthful girl, but I am getting middle aged. Flights of fantasy just don't do it for me anymore."

She returns to the room where she lifts up her dress and moves with it over to the mirror, placing it in front of herself and sticking her legs out a little, getting a feel for exactly how she want to wear it. Putting the neckline lower as to be a bit more revealing and such, testing various things. "I doubt, very much that I'll fall in love again. I've spurned many perfect matches over the years. 'Bury all your secrets in my skin, Come away with innocence and leave me with my sins, The air around me still feels like a cage, And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage.'" she recites, moving to hang the dress on a hook by the front door. I is to be clean, and Christopher will take it out to do so when he gets ready to go out.

"Love isn't a science, especially considering that it's a completely abstract and subjective emotion, but I think you could fall in love again. And I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything, I'm over you in that way." Magnes swallows, turning around to watch her with the dress with no chance of his eyes really looking anywhere else. "You don't need some perfect match, you need someone willing to keep your secrets, accept you for who you are without needing to hide, willing to do or sacrifice anything for you…"

"Could. I said I doubt it very much." Yana points out. Being evening as it is, it is time for her to wind down into being comfortable. "For anyone to even begin to be so much as a suitable candidate, they would of course have to have something about them that I need, and more than likely desire, or lack myself, and long to replace. Currently, there isn't much that qualifies, unless you count.. say.. The World." Beat. "But that's a silly notion, isn't it? No one man could ever give me the world as I desire it." And she is strolling into her room again, stopping by her closet for something and then further into her bathroom. These are all signs that she is changing her clothes. She returns a few minutes later in a nightgown, and a short robe, wrapped around her curves. "Though we're not speaking of me at the moment. We're talking about you, and your chances with this girl. You haven't said anything about her at all until now, so I'm not exactly sure how serious you are about this." Yana finds her leather chair, the kind that would be placed in a psychiatrist's office so that she can stretch out a little while still sitting up.

"So um, what kind of world would you desire, that a guy would have to give you?" Magnes asks, possibly out of curiosity, but he has that tone that says the gears are working in his mind, trying to put together the 'how to get Elvira' puzzle together again. When she comes out in the robe, he's staring and… trying to think. "Uh, her, she, uh…" He's trying to keep his thoughts together, but his eyes are in a battle of staring at her legs and keeping his gaze level with her own eyes. "She's, smart, and… she likes stuff I like…" And his articulation is going to hell.

"My world." Yana replies, as if that explained the whole thing. "A world where I am the very last person that would be subjugated to the whims and rules of another." She makes sure to sit as not to reveal anything that could be private. The usual things are alright: legs, bare shoulder, arms and the like. Even if the robe hangs off of her a bit loosely, it's very well placed to keep her modest. "Her name?" Yana coaxes, looking unaffected by his deteriorating mental state. Calm as ever. "Where she is from, what kind of girl she is. Those kinds of things. Because according to you, I set the standard pretty high. So I'm curious."

"She's a bit different from you, but I mean, I can't replace you, I can only find someone different." Magnes manages to articulate that much, trying to breathe. He can breathe, he remembers how to do that… "I can't really say a lot of that, she's, uh, well hiding a bit… But she's nice, she doesn't judge me or anything, not demanding at all, but she never gives me a straight answer, she always keeps me confused."
"I see." Yana already making her assumptions about the course of the crush he has. Knowing a thing or two about how these things work. "Don't let me discourage you from your attempts, just remember that I told you this, so that if it happens, you won't be as crushed. But it sounds like, just from that small description, that she is setting you up for the friend zone. Not entirely a bad place to be, though if you are hoping for more, just be aware that she might not be." She gives her shoulders a shrug, which causes one of the straps of her nightgown to lose it's place and slip down her arm a little. She reaches with a finger to put it back where it was. "You just have to accept that."

Magnes' eyes widen when the strap falls, and he has to blink and shake his head for her words to register again. "But, I mean… you're the only other woman I want, and I don't have a chance with you either. If she was setting me up for a friend zone, then…" He sinks a bit, since friend zone makes sense, considering everything Monica's told him so far. And Yana can practically see the self-esteem deflating from his body with the way he even manages to take his eyes off of her to just stare at the floor. "I'm so stupid."

"Perhaps 'setting you up' isn't the best way to put it." Yana corrects herself. "I mean, it could be that she is the kind of girl who needs to be friends first before it is permitted to develop into anything else. She may need time to get to know you, and feel comfortable around you enough to want to be with you." With a shake of her head, she sighs as she sees him defeating himself again, "Don't get discouraged. You're so Defeatist that it's excruciating." She doesn't quite groan and roll her eyes, but it would be a well placed gesture.

Sitting up a bit more, she settles her eyes on him, "Look.. if there is anything that you can learn from me, anything one thing I can teach you, it is to turn your pain into power. You let it destroy you, constantly. You need to realize that no one is going to feel sorry for you, and if they do, then it'll only be for a little while. So brief that it's not even worth it. Leaving you to feel sorry for yourself far longer than their attention span. So it hurts.. So what? It isn't going to kill you; maim you. You'll not look any good in the eyes of someone else, if you lack self-esteem. People can see that, and it repels them like the plague."

"I thought that might be why she wanted us to get to know eachother, but so many things that she's said, the way that she's been… it makes a lot of sense that she just wants to be friends." Magnes places a hand on his stomach. Inhale, exhale… "Self-esteem… I keep letting people put me down, my friends talk about fixing me behind my back. You look out for me…" He stands, then starts to walk over to her, dropping down to his knees so that he can look up at her, both hands moving to rest at the start of her thighs. "Elvira…" he looks up at her from the floor with an almost pleading gaze and tone, but doesn't actually ask whatever question is silently trailing beyond her barely whispered name.

Is there some small part of her that feels regret or any kind of remorse for being an underlaying contribution to his current state? Perhaps, perhaps not. There is yet again no indication as to either way. Yana remains calm and very neutral. "You asked me to do something, and I agreed to it. My lessons may be harsh, but they are lessons. Ones that will only make you stronger. We go through this life, and in the end of it, you can weigh all of the bad experiences you have had, and tally more than the good ones. That has to mean something. It would be a waste not to use them in some way." He can see that change in her eyes when touching is about to be introduced. She doesn't cringe away immediately, but there is a readiness in her face that shows that she probably will, like some kind of trauma victim. But she is more of a reverse germaphobe in a sense.

So she separates herself from the situation, casually rising to her feet to stand in front of him for a moment, before the scent of her sweeping past him is left. "It's time for bed. There are towels in Keagan's bathroom, and the linens are fresh. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask Christopher. He is asleep, but it's his job." she moves to her room. Pausing just at the door, placing a hand against the frame, she looks over her shoulder just enough for him to be in her peripheral. "You're too easily crushed, Magnes. As you are now, someone like me could physically slay you with situations far worse than this. I cannot accept fragile things. The man who can give me the world would also have to be stronger than me." And that is just the way it is really. A moment later, she is in her room, the door closed.

Normally Magnes would leave the situation where she has decided to end it, but he walks to her room door and places a hand against it, not daring to actually enter, but he does speak through it. "I don't doubt having a weakness for you, Elvira, but there is no other woman on the planet who could get me into such a vulnerable state. But you can't claim to be stronger than me when you always run from me."

"I'm not running from you. If you think back to our conversation in the mall, about how when I want or don't want something, I usually mean it? So far, everything I have actually said has been accurate and to the point. We don't want the same things." Yana calls from the confines of her room, "I'm at least up front enough to keep telling you that, rather than leaving you confused. You are wanting something from me that I cannot give, and am not willing to try to give right now. I'm not running, I'm graciously declining."

"What if I said that I just wanted to join you, not necessarily have sex with you? And what if I said I promise not to make physical contact if I did join you?" Magnes asks as he seems to substantially calm down, perhaps due to the lack of visual stimulation. "I know that in the beginning I made a lot of promises and arrangements that I've broken, but even you admit that I've changed. I won't go back on my word about touching for the rest of the night."

At this rate, they'll be there all night going over this. She isn't quite sure how she can say it any other way, and there are much heavier things for her to worry with coming up tomorrow. So she stops fighting, but not in the way he might like. She shows her unwillingness to continue the struggle with two final words, called to the door where he stands.

"Goodnight, Magnes."

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