Gory Details


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Scene Title Gory Details
Synopsis Kaylee meets up with a sick Molly to give her the gory details of the Gala and after.
Date March 03, 2010

Ruins of Midtown

The young telepath had received a call, Molly had wanted to talk to Kaylee about the gala and how it went. The young teen was so excited to hear about it, she left Angela's home and came to the ruins the place she had asked Kaylee to meet her. Molly's hair is pushed back and pulled into a tight ponytail and she leans against a ruined car as she waits for the telepath. She coughs and then sneezes loudly.

Her eyes have dark circles under them and she's leaning against the car heavily. She's been feeling sick lately, but it's winter everyone gets sick around this time right?

Covered up tight in a dark grey sweater and big coat, she sniffles and tilts her head up towards the sky.

Luckily, Kaylee wasn't deep in the terminal when the teen called her, she had been out running errands for the Ferry. Luckily, the Terminal was her final stop, being home for the young woman, so it was easy to meet Molly there. Bundled up against the biting cold, the telepath comes bearing gifts. Boots crunch on the broken bits of midtown alerting the younger girl to her presence.

"Hey girl." Kaylee offers brightly as she approaches, her own blonde hair hanging down her back. Once she's close enough a styrofoam cup, one of two, is offered. "Hot chocolate, you sounded stuffy… thought you could use the warming up." Blue eyes trail over the younger girl. "Sleeping okay?" She asks softly, moving to lean against car as well.

"Been feeling a little sick lately. I don't want to get Angela sick, she's kind of.. old ya know?" she says to the older blonde with a light smile as she takes the hot chocolate and smiles as she takes a sip. As she does this, her whole body shakes as she is hit with a coughing fit. Her eyes close and she almost spills the hot chocolate, "Sorry. Damn cold." She says in apology and takes another sip of the drink.

"I should be over it soon, I hope. Anyway, how was the gala? Did you kiss your date?" she tilts her head at the woman and winks. She has no idea that the woman, whose house she is staying is the mother of Kaylee's date. Small world huh?

"Angela.. I know her." Kaylee says with a grin, looking out at the ruins. "I like her.. nice lady. Helped me out, I helped her out too."

"The Gala?" A small smile touches Kaylee's lips as she angles a glance at the smaller girl. "It was…. interesting. In fact, it was Angela's son Peter that asked me to go." Smile widening to a grin for a moment. "Didn't get to do much of anything with him there. Met a couple of his friends before someone stole him for dancing." There is a small roll of blue eyes.

"But… after the gala is when it was interesting. We danced in his living room." There is a wistful sort of tone to her voice as she gazes out at all the destruction, though she doesn't see that. "And… yes.. we kissed." She gives a short amused chuckle. "We've been dating since." There is a shy smile on her lips as she looks at the ground. "Not.. sure what to think yet. I like the guy.." She admits softly, "But… I'm almost afraid to like him too much more."

"Peter?" Molly asks and then she's grinning widely, "I've seen pictures of him all over the house. Peter's cute!" she snickers and swings her arm back and forth. "So you like him.. and he likes you.. why are you so scared?" she asks the telepath and then she's chuckling lightly. "Don't be scared! It'll be fine, I'm sure. Just take it slow." Molly's talking as if she has real experience with dating.. she doesn't.

"Says the school aged teen." Kaylee says with a teasing chuckle. "No.. my mom got really hurt my someone — my father actually — I grew up watching her… and I dunno. Makes a girl scared." Leaning over she bumps the girl lightly with an elbow. "And yes.. he's cute. He's also charming and a gentleman and so much more I hope to get to know about him." There is a soft sigh again and she smiles at Molly.

"My first real relationship. That makes it scary as well." Shoulders lift in a shrug and drop again slowly, but doesn't elaborate on that. "Just hoping I don't screw it up."

"But you… you shouldn't be out in the cold like this." It's declared and Kaylee pushes away from the car they are leaning on. "Where can we go? If not to Angela's to get you out of this. I don't exactly have a place of my own.. so that's out."

"I don't think you'll mess it up." Molly offers in a innocent tone and then she's nodding at Kaylee. "Gentlemen are the best kind, my mom use to say." She smiles softly and touches Kaylee's elbow with her shoulder. "You aren't going to follow in your parents footsteps." She promises the older blonde and then she's pushing off of the car. "I don't know.. I could go back to Angela's and then we can ya know find someplace."

She could always go to Matt's, but she has to be careful. She knows that her dad is really busy right now. She doesn't want him to worry about her.

"Right now with this cold and being sick. It's probably best to go to Angela's." The young woman admits softly with a smile. "It's a Mansion! Shouldn't be too hard to stay away from the woman." Kaylee grins giving the girl a wink. "Come on.. I'll walk you to the bus stop and give you the gory details on how badly the Gala went."

There is a short laugh and she shakes her head, before glancing at Molly. "I didn't go there just for the date either. I had to work some of the debt I owed people that helped me get Joseph and Colette back."

"You're right." She says to Kaylee softly and coughs a bit until she follows after the woman. "What sort of favor?" she tilts her head at Kaylee and looks around as they walk towards the bus stop. "Nothing too bad, I hope."

Molly hopes that people didn't make Kaylee do something she didn't want to do, she'll beat them up, honest!

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