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Scene Title Gossip and Movies
Synopsis Melissa pays Abby a visit. They talk about guys, the sick, and watch Blazing Saddles!
Date March 20, 2010

Old Lucy's - Upstairs

Ice cream, tivo of the price is right, couch, pillows. The bar is dead downstairs thanks to the storm the last week and even with the shoveling and such, there's maybe a few customers. Most employee's were sent home and only minimal staff to give shelter to the regulars who braved the streets and walked here.

Drew Carey waves his arm and calls out names while the bar owner sits with strawberry ice cream scooped up and shoveled into her mouth. "Eleven hundred" She supplies her own guess to the items on display's total accumulated value.

Melissa may not quite be a regular, but she's braved the snow! So what if it's taller than she is in some (a lot) of places? And so she finds herself rapping at the door, still bundled up, head to toe. "Yo, Abs, Dessa! I have pizza! It's…sort of warm still! Well, okay, so it's luke-warm turning cold fast, but it's tasty anyway!" she calls.

"Come in!" She's home, someone's downstairs and much like Liz always grumps, she doesn't use all the locking and security that Alec installed when she dropped the money on lola-proofing the place. "Door is unlocked!"

Melissa comes in! With a pizza box in hand, as promised. She grins as she shuts the door behind her, and heads in Abby's direction. "Hey Abby. How's it goin'? Foot or ankle or leg or whatever doin' better?" she asks, plopping the pizza down on the flat surface nearest to Abby. Easy access and all that.

"Knee. Pulled a muscle. It's okay, thanks for asking. How's you" A gesture to Melissa and a glance to the pizza. "You came too late, I ate not long ago, Odessa's not here, I think she's out taking advantage of the lack of raging blizzard and sub zero temperatures. You have a good visit the other day?" Drew Carey freezes as Abigail presses a button and she limps on over to the kitchen to get a plate for Melissa.

Melissa tilts her head and watches Abby. "Well, you can save what's left for breakfast? I mean, c'mon. What's better than cold pizza for breakfast?" she asks with a grin. "And doesn't bother me that Dessa's not here. Can stay and chat with you too. So long as you don't mind anyway," she says, giving a winning smile.

"Sure. I never turn away company. I have like this revolving door" Abby cracks a smile heading back with a white plate held out for Melissa and a white napkin. "I sent Magnes to your place. Kid who's staying with him is real sick. Guess he's got evo-flu and he.. left the apartment? Found him but he doesn’t know where to take him so I directed him to the Den"

Melissa stiffens a little. No one told her Abby was a part of the Ferry! "You…What?" she asks, shaking her head as if to clear it. She does take the plate and napkin, setting them on the pizza box while she takes off her winter wear. This time there's no bandana, just the white bandage on her forehead.

That wasn't a good thing? "I thought.. all the sick people were being sent that way…" The blonde murmurs, easing down onto the couch carefully and slowly. More because of reading Melissa's body language.

Melissa frowns a little. "How do you…Dammit. I really should've asked for a roster when I got into town," she mutters before sighing softly. "Yeah, that's where sick people are going. Got a few people there now."

"It's an ever changing roster, I don't think half the time they know who's on the list. Reason you haven't seen me is because of my escort downstairs. Not really the smartest thing to bring cops to the front door of a safehouse. Don't worry Melissa" Abigail shrugs, picking out a few pieces of pizza, putting them on the other womans plate then gestures to the television. "Anything you wanna watch?"

Melissa looks confused. "Your escort? Though yeah, no cops is a damn good thing," she agrees with a nod. She sits down and makes herself comfortable. "So yeah, pointing…Kendall I think his name was…towards the Den is fine." Then she grins and glances at the TV. "Any movies on with hot guys?"

"Uhh, Al's got a whole buncha movies over there' A gesture to the bookcase with it's catalogue of DVD's. "You're welcome to pick something, just nothing too gorey or racey please" She asks, could possibly beg. "Sorry I'm not a great company just, got a lot on my mind" She offers in apology even as she's shoveling another spoonful of strawberry into her mouth.

Melissa looks back to Abby, her head tilting. "Wanna vent? It might help. Or are you just worried about Peter and all the sick people? In which case, I can't blame you, but venting still might help," she offers, before taking a big bite of pizza. YUM!

"More than peter and sick people, not something that I can really vent about. JUst.. a buncha things" Abby scrapes at the side of the container before looking over. "You know.. that Kaylee and Peter are a thing, or well, they're at the start of a thing, but you're gonna make a pass at him? I Mean, when he's not.. unconcious and you know, hooked up to IV's and the like in a hospital room"

Melissa takes another bite and shrugs a little. "Yeah, he mentioned that he was sorta involved with her. He can't be that serious about her though." And she sounds pretty certain about that. "Besides, if he digs on us both, and I just give up, I'm giving up potential for a fun relationship so she can have one. I'm not that selfless. I'll do anything to help the people I've made it my business to protect, but in my personal life, I want to be happy."

"So" Abby has to think on that. Someone with a difference in morality.

"What's your rule on dating people your friends are interested in?" One leg, good one, comes up to balance the container on while she shifts and re-adjusts.

That has Melissa laughing. "Well, like I told Odessa yesterday…I think it was her. Might've been Delilah. I don't know. Either way! I wouldn't go after Teo even if I was interested in him 'cause Alex has a thing for him. I have no problem poaching unmarried men, but I don't poach from my friends."

"Okay, so, i'm not the only one" Abby murmurs. "Thanks. Was just making sure I wasn't the only one. So, Peter. What all did you want to know about him because I know that you've been saying you want to corner me to ask about him"

Melissa's brows lift and she grins. "Oooh. I smell gossip!" She kicks her shoes off and draws her legs up so she's sitting cross-legged, facing Abby. "Who's the guy you're goin' after who's got another girl?"

Another bite of pizza must be taken before she starts her friendly interrogation. "Let's see…What sorta things does he like to do when he's not workin' or being adorably awkward? Like…hobbies? Music? Somethin' like that." She grins impishly. "I need ammunition."

"No, no, it's complicated and, I was just asking. I'm not the authority and the know all when it comes to the do's and dont's of the heart" Abigail informs. "Peter. Well, I don't rightly hang out with him we're not working. He uhh, he was in Pause Magazine. You can probably get a lot from that. I remember them calling him up to ask him to do it. Brother to the president and all. But music. If he uhh, if he wakes up and gets back to working in the rig, I can find out for you. Food. Well. The guy loves his dunkin donuts. For breakfast. There's these jelly filled ones and boston creme's"

Melissa nods when she mentions Pause magazine, then grimaces faintly at the mention of the president. "Yeah…that didn't click to me until I saw the news reports on the attack," she mutters, shaking her head. "And he will wake up. And when Odessa takes me to visit him, I'm going to tell him to stop lazing around and wake up," she says, though it seems motivated more from concern than anything else. Then she smiles and goes back to a lighter subject. "Donuts, huh? Krispy Kreme glazed are the best, but I'll keep that in mind."

"Guy cannot start a shift without a donut and a coffee. I mean, he has to have it before I can get my swamp sludge. Uhh.. Really, we're just so new to each other and the first time I met him, he wasn't himself. Lets see. Well, the one person who would know more likely won't wanna talk about him cause they dated for a bit and then they parted ways. Oh, hey, his brother fly's. Though, you know, not many people know that so that's something you probably shouldn't spread around"

She's not about to tell him that he's responsible for midtown. "He uhh, he's pretty nice. He's not bad for a partner"

Melissa blinks, then she laughs. "The president? The president flies? Wait, didn't he also support the Linderman act? Dude. Talk about irony," she says, shaking her head. "And would you be mentioning Helena? For the one who dated him? She's my buddy. Keep trying to catch her so we can catch up, but it's not happening too easily just yet."

"Yeah, Helena, don't.. yeah, it's the whole dated the guy, and then.. yeah" Abigail murmurs. "Really, this is all I can give you. I don't know anything else." There's a tilt of the ice cream container her way and a gesture to take a fingerful if she wants.

Melissa is a woman. Women do not refuse ice cream! "Mmm. Good. though why are you eating ice cream with a blizzard going on outside?" she asks with a grin. "And don't worry about it. It'll be more fun to learn from the source. Besides, I'm more curious about your guy."

"Because I like ice cream" She points out. "I like ice cream and to watch the price is right together" There's a brow raised at Melissa. "My guy. My guy is… did I mention my guy or did someone else tell you about him?"

Melissa grins. "I honestly don't recall," she admits. "Why? Is it supposed to be a secret?"

"No, not a secret just.." Abigail offers a grin. "His name is robert, he's a fair number of years older than me and.. in a completelyd ifferent social circle" The former healer fills in. "He's uhh, he's the magazine too" Of which, she has and she lifts it from the side, flipping through till it come to Caliban's page and she proffers it up.

Melissa shrugs a little as she takes the magazine, glancing over it as she talks. "So what if he's older or in a different circle? If you got a thing for him and he has one for you, then go for it. Screw what other people think." She glances up, smiles. "After all, they're not the ones who have to live your life."

I am going for it Melissa" Abigail points out. "It's just, I'm damaged goods and so it seems.. maybe, is he" A gesture to the question of previous marriage and child. "That and, he's always going out to fancy places and I'm.. I just like going to non fancy places all the time and making meals at home. I don't know. At least he's willing to kiss me in public"

Melissa blinks, then she frowns at Abby. "Hey, you're not damaged goods. And you don't have to like fancy places. They're all pretentious anyway. Though they can be fun every once in a while. Like that whole shindig at the hotel a month or so ago. And why wouldn't he want to kiss you in public? It's not like you're a hag or America's most wanted criminal or anything."

"Don't ask, just.. don't ask and I am, but not in, you know, that sense, I’m just… I’m Broken and I’m still trying to fix me. I mean, I’m sorta there. But I still got a ways to go. And.. I like him, I just don't know if I love him, and I won't know that for a while I’m sure" She points to another question, down to the wine Cellar. "There's this really expensive restaurant, I’m going to try and take him there. I think I know a waiter from there that I healed once. But that place, it has this wine cellar that you can have a small dinner party in. Floor to ceiling wine, all sorts of em and ages"

Melissa studies Abby for a long moment, before she nods and returns to munching on her pizza. "Sounds good. You gonna go all out for it? I mean little black dress, fuck me pumps, fussy hair, the whole nine?"

"Kinda have to, this isn't the kinda place where you can walk in with jeans and a t-shirt. I think I have a good enough dress, and some flats. Maybe kitten heels cause I am surely not a … that kind of high heels girl and fussy hair? Like, fresh out of bed run your hands through it and go? I'll visit a friend, he's a hairdresser and I'm sure he'll take care of my hair"

Melissa grins. "There's a difference though between dressing nice, and dressing to try and make your guy's eyes roll up and his heart stop," she points out. "And you talking about that Raquelle guy who was in here the other night?"

"Oh, oh that, yeah, I think I know how I can do that" The other blonde points out right back. "Trust me. But yeah, Racquelle. I go to him for just about everything. Go pick a movie. I could use some company tonight. Something funny I think. Could do with funny"

Something funny…Melissa thinks for a moment, then sets her plate aside and goes to browse through the movies. "Movies are good. I love movies. You should see my collection at home. You got any Mel Brooks stuff? If not…mmm…good comedy…And so Racquelle's that good, huh?"

"Ooh, he has blazing saddles there somewhere. Uhh, third shelf up. It's a little in, I alphabetized everything one day. I enjoy blazing saddles, it's so bad" She grins, gesturing to where it is and makes room on the couch for the other woman for when eventually,s he settles down so they can watch the movie.

Melissa glances back to Abby and grins. "All of Mel Brooks' stuff is. I think I have just about everything he's made." She finds the movie and pops it in, then moves back to the couch to get comfy again. "I can't believe when I meet people who have never heard of Blazing Saddles, much less seen it. It's just like…a crime. A tragedy. It's an awesome movie for just zoning out for a bit and forgetting about real life bullshit."

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