Graduating To The Big Leagues


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Scene Title Graduating To The Big Leagues
Synopsis Kaylee goes to see Adam and confess that she screwed up the other day. Adam tells her he'll take care of it and also surpises her with a few other things. Welcome to the Big Leagues, Kaylee.
Date June 24, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Dim yellow light accents natural wood floors and rough brick walls, the interior design that lends to a warm and old-world atmosphere. While foreigners would balk at the notion of calling this place a pub, due to its strictly Americanized layout, the patrons here are comfortable with the level of decour being just European enough to accent the stout served behind the bar. Biddy Flannagan's is a local fixture here in the Upper East Side, a place of welcome respite for the thousands of upper and middle-class residents of the neighborhood to come and share a pint amidst a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Inside of the pub, it's hard to tell whether it's day or night outside, with thick burgundy curtains covering the front windows, and the deeper recesses of the pub near the bar shrouded in the smoky air darker still, creating a certain ambiance that lends itself to drinking.

Adam has been working at Biddy's today. He's got Michael and a few of the other goons moving boxes and tables out of the way so the crews can begin to get ready to remake the pub. Meanwhile, Adam, is as usual, doing paperwork.

The door to the pub opens enough for Kaylee to pop her head in and look around, her telepathy scanning a touch as well. Her ability finds Adam, before her eyes reach him and she slide through the door and closes it behind her. She wiggles her fingers in greeting at the goon's she recognizes as she makes her way over to where Adam is working. Dropping into a chair near him, she gives hm a smile. "Hey Adam."

Adam looks up after high lighting a list of numbers in a spreadsheet in front of him. He leans back a moment as he puts down the highlighter and looks Kaylee over and says, "Your bruises are healing well, Kaylee." he says quietly. He hmms, "So, what trouble have you gotten into lately?" clearly assuming she has gotten into trouble.

"Thanks.. I was getting tired of having to explain it." Kaylee comments with a wrinkle of her nose. The question catches her by surprise. "Why would you think I'm in trouble again?" The question attempts to be innocent, but it's obvious it's not. "Can't I visit one of my favorite people without him thinking I've gotten myself into trouble?" A rather fake smile goes with those words. Yea… She's gotten herself into something alright.

Adam tilts his head a moment, his face impassive for a moment. There's a period where Kaylee might actually feel a chill from the look of a man who has near perfected a look of intimidation over four hundred years. But eventually he smiles, "Because, Kaylee. When I took you on, I had a good idea of who you were and what sort of things you would do." he reaches over and pats her hand, "And if a week has gone by, I have a feeling in my gut, that you've gotten into some sort of trouble. But.." he pauses, "Calling me one of your favorite people tells me this time, it's bigger than an overly aggressive boyfriend."

Looking much like a kid with her hand caught in a cookie jar, Kaylee finally sighs. "Well, you are.. but yes, Adam.. I think I might have a problem." Giving him an apologetic look. "And no.. it has nothing to do with any of my failed attempts at dating." She sighs a bit. "I think I slipped up when I got all Obi Wan on this asshole over on Staten." She bites her lip and suddenly looks uncertain about telling him.

Adam leans back in his seat for a moment. He lets out a bit of a sigh of disappointment. But there's something resigned about his posture, "Alright, Kaylee…give me all the details." he pauses and then reiterates as he looks into her eyes, "All of them."

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly Kaylee starts into it all. "Well.. it started when I went over to Staten.. I pulled my normal.." She does a single pass of a hand between them as she says, " know 'You don't need me to pay you to take me to the island?'" Of course there isn't the power behind the words. "And there was this guy there. Kinda cute. And he asked me where to get things.. you know shady merchandise." She scratches the back of her neck as she thinks over the event. "So I showed him to this Pawn shop that I heard about. Well the guy.. His name is something weird.. like Dio Genius.. Dio… Diogenes." The last attempt said happily as she remembers it. "Anyhow, started asking for really power guns and stuff.. and the store owner Tuck.. told him he doesn't sell to kids and stuff.. Told him to see some guy named Deckard.."

Shaking her head, Kaylee brushes off that last part as unimportant. Anyhow the Dio guy start being an ass to me and Tuck.. and starts asking questions. Tuck had asked if I knew Some Cardinal guy, which I did I served soup with him one." She takes a deep breath and says. "Well.. I was annoyed with him so I…" She gives that hand wave again and says, "did my thing told him to leave… to forget he met me and that he forget he ever heard me mention Cardinal." She shakes her head and sighs. "i shouldn't have made him forgot stuff with only me and the shop owner there." She looks a touch sheepish. "I kinda caught a bit of this Dio's thought.. he wasn't happy he knew someone did something to him."

Adam steeples his fingertips for some moments as he listens to the story. He nods his head appropriately and listens carefully to her words. He pauses, "I see." he says after it's all said and done, but what he sees isn't clear, "Tell me about this Diogenes." he says, "What does he look like, why did he ask you where to find things? What was he looking for? What sort of things did he ask you for? Why did it matter if he knew Cardinal?"

"Beyond being a complete ass?" Kaylee comments blandly. "Well.. He was looking for some rather heavy weapons.. I couldn't tell if he was joking or not." Frowning a bit, as she thinks back on what happened. "I mean, he was looking for some very specific weapons when he got to the shop. I can't remember… off… the top of my head." There is a shake of her head and she sighs. "As for whiy he asked. I have no idea, expect for the fact we were on the boat together and he just asked if I knew." She gives a large shrug of her shoulders. Then something occurs to her. "One thing he asked for HKG-36 or a…" She closes her eyes as she tries to remember.. "A..KS… 74U with a scope?" Glancing at Adam to see if he knows what they are.

Adam is quiet as he considers that quietly and mms. He unfolds his hands for a few moments. He reaches over, taking Kaylee's hands and pulls her in. He lays a gentle kiss upon her forehead and says, "Alright. I'll take care of it." he says as he lets her go and leans back. "You didn't do anything…particularly wrong. But you shouldn't have gotten involved in the first place. I want you to keep a low profile." he says, "I'll find this gentleman and try and see what I can do, but I don't want you running into him before I do so." he crosses one leg over the other and says, "I think, perhaps, Kaylee I should put you on a bit of a shorter leash. I want you to check in with me, daily." he tilts his head, "While you might not like it, I think you know why."

It's obvious she trusts Adam, since Kaylee let's him pull her close. "Thanks Adam.. I'm sorry about it, stupid mistake.. but he was weird.. and when he started prying and asking what's so important about this Cardinal guy.. just cause he figured I didn't like him.. I freaked a bit." She hates admitting it, apparent by her bland tone. "Oh and I think that Tuck guy suspected I did something.. but he seems smart enough to keep his mouth shut.. Or that's the impression I got. Nice guy. Has lots of great computer parts. I was planning to go back and look at laptop hard…drives." She trails off a bit as his words sink in.. "Shorter leash. I'm not /that/ bad am I?" There is a sift sigh, her eyes rolling to the ceiling as she says much like a kid reciting something at school. "Yes, Mr. Monroe. I will call you everyday to check in to prove I'm still alive. And I will strive to keep a low profile." Her eyes drop from the ceiling to look at him again, a brow quirking to see if she got that right.

Adam nods a bit, "Actually." he says, "Stay away from Staten Island. This isn't about you or my trust in you. This is about the military beginning to attempt to retake Staten Island. I don't want you to get caught accidentally in an airstrike." he says. He leans out a sigh and looks a little tired, "Things are moving a bit faster than I expected them to."

Kaylee gives him a pained look. "Ah man.. " It was her favorite place to go. But a promise is a promise. "Fine I'll stay away from Staten," she states blandly. She watches him for a long moment before asking. "What thing?" She can't help it, she's a curious person. "You haven't said much about all that."

Adam pauses for a moment, "I'm going to have to start training you, Kaylee." he pauses, "I'm going to be traveling soon. Dangerous and.." he pauses, "Kaylee, some of the things I have to do aren't pretty. I think you know that. And I'm not asking you to be a part of that, but you are going to have to help me with it. It's time you graduated to the big leagues."

A small smile touches Kaylee's lips at his words, her eyes curious as she studies the older man. "Serious? You'll help me.. And you trust me enough to help you?" She actually sounds touched by that, sitting a bit straighter in her seat. "I'll do what I can to help Adam. I /want/ to help you." There is a part of herself that needs to prover herself to him, to be the help he needs.

Adam smiles a bit at Kaylee's enthusiasm. He takes her hand and squeezes it reassuringly, "I will do what I can to help you and take care of you, Kaylee. You're my charge and I'm here to make sure I guide you through the ins and outs of this world. But you have to understand, this is ugly business. Taking on the enemies I'm taking.." he shrugs, "It means I have to be as vicious as they are. As cold blooded and calculating. I'm not sure you're ready for that yet. But…you'll aid me in it. Alright?"

Kaylee gives his hand a squeeze and winks. "I promise to be a worth while student and helper. Much more so then I am at the University." There is a sheepish grin at that. "But don't worry, I'll do to the best to my ability." There is only the slightest twinge of fear, but she trusts the man. A man that helped her.. and treated her like something other then fresh meat. "So… when do we start?"

Adam rubs his hands together, "Soon." he says, "Truthfully, I don't know how your power works, I just understand how powers work. So I may be able to make you better, maybe not." he strokes her hand a bit before he lets it go. "In the meantime, I want you to get ready for travel. We're not leaving immediately, but we will be leaving soon and we'll be traveling to a lot of different places." he pauses, "Do you know how to use a gun?"

"I don't exactly understand it either.." Kaylee explains with a grimace, thought it melts away into a look of surprise. "Traveling? I could do with that. I've only ever been here and my home in Kentucky." There is almost an excitement about the idea of traveling. Her mind already working at what she needs to gather from her room.. then his last question makes her excitement fade a bit. "Um… No?" She bites her lip again and adds. "I've been in a lot of fights and stuff.. but never shot a gun… like… ever. Mom never believed in such things."

Adam nods a bit, "You'll have to start learning. Even if you weren't…" he waves a hand as if to trail off whatever it is she can be considered now, "New York is becoming a dangerous place. You ought to learn how to use a gun." he pauses, "Alright then, we'll do that first. It'll help lead into things." he says. He raps the table, "And keep your phone on, I'll need you for some things."

Grinning brightly, Kaylee gives him a mock salute. "Yes sir, Mr Monroe, sir. I'll keep my phone on and charged at all times and bags ready for when you decide you need me." She climbs to her feet, straightening her shirt. "'ll get out of your hair.." Something crosses her face and she leans over to try and give him a hug, it's a simple friendly hug. "Thanks, Adam.." She says honestly. "For listening, for helping… for trusting me. Nice to actually have someone who does." She pulls away and moves to leave. "Call me when you need me, I'm your go to girl."

Adam nods, "Alright. Be careful out there, Kaylee." and with that, he goes back to his paperwork.

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