Grand Central Storage


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Scene Title Grand Central Storage
Synopsis Kaylee stops by Grand Central Terminal to ask permission to store packages for her Santa Letters project. The safehouse operator also offers her an idea of his own. (A Ferrymen Christmas)
Date November 08, 2009

Grand Central Terminal

It's been a bit since she's been here, except in her recent nightmares. It's almost weird for her to step within the safe house and not see the flourishing plant life that filled Grand Central in her dreams. Her boots crunch softly, heralding her arrival through one of the many tunnels. Wearing jeans that are still smeared with paint and bundled in her winter gear, Kaylee makes her way into the Terminal. There is a flutter in her stomach and a tug of worry that Joseph will be there… her recent nightmares making it hard for her to want to see him, as just the thought makes her feel guilty.

The mural on the wall gets a brush of thin fingers and a small smile, relief that the blue paint doesn't ripple. She continues on looking for the caretakers of the place and hoping not to run into the Pastor just yet. She has a purpose for being here, an important one. "Robin?" She asks one of the people living there and follows their pointing finger.

Robin is just coming out of one of the many tunnels, his hair still wet from a recent shower. He's dust and paint free for what feels like the first time in days, between the work needed in the terminal and the Summer Meadows project he's been kept pretty messy.

It doesn't take him long to see the familiar tall blonde heading his way, so he shifts his course to meet her. "Hey there, it's good to see you again." He notes that she seems injury-free, even though the accident at Summer Meadows wasn't too long ago and adds, "even better to see you're all healed up."

"Hey Robin!" Kaylee offers enthusiastically with a grin. "And yeah.. " She lifts the foot in question and gives it a little wiggle. "Met a great doctor.. I dunno what he did… but I felt better faster. Still am not allowed to run though." She glances around a bit. "oseph around? Though I'm actually here to talk to you. I'd like to talk to you as one of the operators of Grand Central.. I have an idea, but I need use of your safehouse." There is a touch of mischief to her voice and smile.

"I haven't seen Joseph today at all, so I think he's out. I usually run in to him at least once if he's here." Robin arches an eyebrow at the tone of her voice, and grins in return. "Use the safehouse? Will it be for something I'm going to regret? — let me guess, you robbed a liquor store and want to have a wild holiday party."

Giving a small short laugh, Kaylee shakes her head and reassures him, "Nothing that bad." She motions him toward the kitchen area, "No… I've got something in mind though for Christmas." Another glance around to check for kids, the young blonde, moves to pull a chair out to sit at. "I'm sure you've heard that Santa is working some magic." She gives him a lop-sided smirk. "I.. put that out there. After the stuff that happened with the scarlet fever and seeing the conditions at Summer Meadow.. I think the Ferrymen should do something for all these kids."

Settling in the chair, she folds her hand and rests them on the table. "But… I need storage… and if it's one thing you all have. It's storage." Kaylee gives him a little knowing twitch of her brows and smirks. "And if it's one thing Grand Central has it's storage space for packages and clandestine meetings."

Robin follows her to the kitchen, helping himself to a drink and holding one up in offering to her. He snaps his fingers in mock disappointment when she denies the wild party idea, then gets a little more serious as she continues to explain her plot.

"I did hear about Santa and so did some of the kids here. They're pretty excited about it." He leans one hip against they counter as they talk. "Ahh, storage. We definitely have that, and you're more than welcome to use it." Shrugging, he continues. "I've got two rooms that would be perfect, I can add a lock to one and store the packages in there… and the other is big enough for a decent amount of people to meet in. When would all this start?"

"Water if you got it would be great." Kaylee gives him an appreciative look, reaching to take when it's offered. "Yeah, two rooms should be all we need. A lock on one would be fantastic. Luckily there won't be a whole lot of kids. I mean not few by any means.. but it shouldn't be too hard." She gives him a bright smile. "I'm hoping to get you and Joseph on board to help as well."

Grabbing a bottle of water from the small fridge, Robin hands it to her then goes back to leaning against the counter. "They kids are pretty good about staying out of the off limit areas, so we'll just make those rooms off limits as well." He pushes his hair back off his his face and grins, "Ah I see your cunning plan now, you want storage and helpers."

He takes a sip of his drink then continues. "I can't speak for Jo, but I'm definitely in. I was trying to think of things to do for Terry, Neil's son, as it was, so this'll tie in perfectly. Think we should get a tree down here?"

Putting the bottle on the table, she reaches into her jacket and pulls out a plain white envelope and offers it to him. "I know you can't speak for Joseph.. So I wrote up something detailing my plans for you to give to him." She doesn't have to face him right away… until she can keep from feeling guilty around him. "And a tree would be great.. I'm going to encourage it for all the safe houses. And see if we can get inexpensive trees for the places in Summer Meadow that can't afford them." She smiles gently, "Helps build the excitement."

"You sir get to be the guardian of the stash." Kaylee comments lightly, "If you can make sure the kids here get their letters done.. That would be awsome.. Keep them in a safe spot. I'll be dragging people here one help organize a list of things asked for." Finally, she cracks open the bottle of water and takes a sip.

Robin takes the envelope with a nod and puts it in a pocket. "I'll show it to him as soon as I see him." He tilts his head to one side as he considers trees, "You know, I bet if we bought trees in bulk we could get them cheaper. And we can always store them here, like you said, we have plenty of room."

Rubbing his hands together, he grins much like a kid would, his tone teasing. "I get to be in charge of the presents? Alright, but if there's anything really cool I get to play with it first. — oh, I can make a mailbox for the letters. Nothing fancy but we've got enough scrap wood and paint that it shouldn't be hard to put one together."

"That… is not a bad idea on both counts. " Kaylee sounds impressed by his ideas. "And lights are so cheap now a days it shouldn't be too hard!" She sounds excited at this prospect, doing numbers in her head. "But where to buy them…. Joseph might know someone who knows where to get some. I mean.. Most tree lots are run my churches."

She scratches her cheek thoughtfully. "Well… I just stereotyped the poor Pastor." Kaylee chuckles dipping her head down.. "Anyhow.. I like that idea a lot. Especially if we can get plenty for Summer Meadows at a good price." Thoughtfully, she eyes the young man, one can almost hear the gears turning in her head, "How soon could you get that mailbox built? That's a damn good idea for out at the project.. give the kids there something exciting to watch."

Shrugging one shoulder, Rob says, "I could get it done in about an hour. If I prep the wood before hand, then roughly thirty minutes, plus the time to let the paint dry. It'd be a pretty simple box, just a square one with a hole in the top."

Finally moving away from the counter, Robin turns a chair around and sits, resting his folded arms along the back of it. "When would you want to do it?"

"As soon as humanly possible. We needed it a week ago.. but I only just thought of it." She sighs a bit and gives him a wary look. "I want to deliver the box to Summer Meadow tomorrow sometime, if you have the time." Kaylee half asks that as a question, brows lifting.

"I should add that question about the trees to my letter to Joseph.. Kaylee motions for the letter back with a smirk. "Got a pencil?"

Chuckling, Rob hands back the letter, and finds a pencil in that cup that everyone has in the kitchen somewhere, the one that's full of rubber bands and string and pencils. "I'm not terribly busy right now, at least not until later tonight, but I'll can it done before I head out."

"You are wonderful." Is murmured as she takes the pencil before Kaylee pulls the letter out. Unfolding it slowly, she glances over at Robin with that impish smile. "Hot date?" She asks, before she starts flipping through pages to the last one. "I've been meaning to ask how your Q&A about the evolved went."

The pencil starts scratching across the page, but Kaylee tilts her head a bit to show she's listening.

Robin grins widely, "Yeah, definitely a hot date." Even though he's just going to head to the bar and pour drinks, it still counts as a date in his mind… and that probably comes through loud and clear.

He drums his fingers on the table a few times then replies. "The talk went well. Really well. Enough so that I told him I'm with the Ferrymen. He didn't freak, so that's a plus."

The writing pauses and she glances up at him, "Really?" Kaylee grins, head coming up. "That's great news then. Has to be a huge relief for you, huh?" Her eyes drop to the letter again and reads over it, lips moving a bit. A nod and she starts tucking it away again. "Maybe I can meet him sometime huh?" She grins, arching a brow. "I'd say double date.. but I don't exactly have a guy to take along."

"Really." Robin grins. "He's come out to Summer Meadows once already, so you may see him there." The grin fades to a smile. "It was a huge relief, and I think he might actually be a good fit for the group, but I'm waiting a while before I even consider asking him." He flicks a little of his water at her when she mentions double dating, "You could have a guy to take along, I'm sure there a plenty that would jump at the chance. But, seeing as Buck runs a bar you can just drop by any time."

Kaylee chuckles offering the letter back again, "Maybe.. but… I dunno…." She gives a little roll of her eyes. "Seems like I've been too busy to even shop around." Of course it's a lame excuse, but what she gonna say? I like this guy.. but he's married? Such her mother's daughter… She gives a little sigh. "Bar, huh? I use to do tending before I came to stay with network. What bar?" She asks curiously, opening the water bottle again.

Taking the letter; Robin tucks it back into his pocket. "The place is called Desperado, and it's a gay bar with a mechanical bull named Breakback." He gives her a curious look, "Too busy, huh? …well I guess we all get that way." It sounds like an excuse to him, but he doesn't push at all, it's not in his nature really. "I do some tending myself there when the place gets busy. Its fun, you should definitely stop by one night.

Yeah.. well you know.. Summer Meadows.. and Mr. Bennet wants me to meet with this one guy, Maxwell. Represent the network.. Do the whole.. Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours kinda thing." She gives Robin a worried look, letting out a deep breath. "Kind of nervous about that." Leaning forward she rests arms on the table. "But yeah… I'll try to at least come by and meet this guy of yours." She studies Robin with a soft smile. "I'll be out of place, but hey… I doubt they will kick me out for liking guys."

Robin waves a hand a little, "It gets a decent mixed crowd, actually, but no, they won't kick you out, I'll deny them drinks if they try." He backs up the conversation a little, "What is it exactly that's got you nervous about all that?"

"About meeting Mr. Maxwell?" Kaylee asks, that worried look is back. "Becuase I'm playing go between for the Ferrymen and Mr. Maxwell's interests.. I have to try and get him to donate a lot ot the cause…" She gives a little huff and hangs her head down a bit. "I just so very much don't want to screw this up.. I've been working to make up for having been in Adam Monroe's gang.. This could be a big step towards trust."

"Ahh, got it. " Robin reaches over the table to squeeze her hand. "I think you'll do great, just pretend that he's already donated all the money and only the details are left to deal with." Shrugging slightly he adds, "As far as rebuilding trust, you've got to take it day by day. It'll come."

"Yeah.. I know.." Kaylee says with a sigh, pushing her chair back. "You coming out to the work site tomorrow? Or should I come by tomorrow to get the box?" Sliding to her feet she pushes the chair under again, the feet squealing slightly on the tiled floor. "It works either way really. I know I got yard care duty.. Eric will be just thrilled about raking leaves." Of course the way she says it, hints that he won't like it at all.

Standing as well, Robin replies. "I'll be out at the site most of the day, so you can grab it from me there. I'll do it first thing so it'll get dry." He laughs at the mention of leaf raking. "I'm so glad I can build shit, it keeps me from having to do chores like that."

Leaning over, Kaylee places a hand on his shoulder and gives it a gentle push, "Yeah yeah… tease my inability to use a hammer and nails!" Pulling her beanie out of her pocket, she tugs it on her head, "Thanks for your help, Robin. Your a life saver.. and make sure Joseph gets that letter.. so that he's got an idea of what's going on… See if you can poke him into helping. Since you'll see him before me. He has my phone number so he can call and let me know."

"Hammer? No, no, you need to learn how to use power tools." Robin grins brightly, "But don't worry, I'll still mock you." He pats the pocket with the letter in it, "I'll make sure he gets it, and you're more than welcome. Let me know if you think there's anything else I can do."

"I will do… Now.. I'm starting my long way home." Kaylee declares turning to leave. "Have a great date Robin! I'll see you tomorrow at the site."

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